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Last Night Changed It All

This is a story about a truly hot steamy shower

You’re the one in the shower, but I’m the one soaking wet!   I’m trying my best to be patient, but I don’t think I can wait for the water to stop! Closing my eyes and imagining the mingling water & soap cascading over your regal head, flowing down your sinuous neck, and over strong broad shoulders, running down the channel of your spine descending over your tight waist, firm athletic ass then between your powerful thighs and finally on down your muscular calves to your perfect toes.   I open my eyes and try to find some distraction from these thoughts simultaneously hoping to convince myself that at any second the water will go off and you’ll be standing in front of me with water glistening on your body like iridescent jewels permitting me to dry you off with my tongue. But, just my luck it seems like you’re prepared to take an extra long shower tonight.

I turn on the radio, to find disappointedly nothing but slow jams playing. All of which are so sexual I have to stop listening. At this time of night, every radio station assumes the lovers in every city are all wrapped up tight in each others arms, “baby making”.   Casually I pick up a novel flipping to a random page which coincidentally is the first of several pages of a steamy love scene in explicit detail. After skimming a few lewd lines I have to put the book down in a hurry before I begin to touch myself. That’s enough of that! Moving right along! I turn on the TV, surfing through commercial after inane commercial looking for anything to take my mind off of my inflamed pussy, thinking perhaps the history channel is “safe” it should be neutral territory, but within seconds a dark screen and a forbidding disclaimer “advising viewer discretion” appears followed by the program title “The history of sex” across the screen. Disbelieving my misfortune I turn off the TV and begin to put down the remote dejectedly but not before taking a second (or two) to evaluate its size, shape and possible merit as a tool to pleasure myself with. Oh, alright already! This is crazy I’m fiendin’ for the television remote now! Am I that deprived? This is clearly a rhetorical question because my whole body screams the answer loud & clear YES! YES! YES!   I dropped that remote like it was hot!


Finally I cannot take the waiting any more. Rising from the bed, pulling my silky camisole over my head and dropping my lacy panties to the floor, I hastily wrapped my hair into a careless loose chignon and strode as confidently as a panther into the steamy bathroom with resolve.   I thought quietly to myself “If you’re not coming out, I’m coming in!” Initially you don’t even seem to hear me enter but I don’t want to startle you so I rustle the shower curtain as I say your name, and enter your space one smooth shapely leg at a time. Your back is to me as the spray massages your wide muscular shoulders; I remove the bar of soap from the dish and begin smoothly creating a cluster of dense bubbles over your velvety skin. Starting at your neck I begin to lather your beautiful body massaging your shoulders and back, lingering over your perfect ass. I press my frame against yours, my breasts spreading over the surface of your back, molding myself to your silhouette. I wrap my arms around you; caressing the front of your body in concentric circles with my hands spreading the soap through the soft hair on your brawny chest, and on down your rippled stomach to your thick dick. Stroking the shaft with my slippery hands and surrounding you with thick suds I slide down kneeling behind you covering your curvaceous ass, powerful thighs, sculpted calves and those perfect toes I mentioned earlier with soap. I proceed back up rising to focus attention once more on your magnificent erection hugging your sexy body tightly and resting my face against your strong back.


You turn around slowly in my arms to look into my eyes with a pleased smile on your handsome face letting me know my attention is welcomed, stroking my cheek and the nape of my neck reaching behind my head to undo the knot of my hair letting it fall loosely at first then suddenly winding your fingers into my cascading mane seizing it assertively you pull my head back and kiss me so deeply and passionately that my breath is taken away. Your other hand ascends from my waist up to my chest, and resting your rugged palm over my wildly beating heart you push me easily backward toward the spray still holding a handful of my hair and kissing me fervently guiding me under the water wetting my hair and stroking my scalp with one hand while masterfully acquiring the bar of soap from my yielding grip commencing to lather me from my neck to my hips, massaging my heaving breasts, sliding your hands over my waist and belly outlining my curves, caressing my torso, rolling and kneading the supple flesh of my abundant backside pulling me close to you as your plum colored dick rests magnificently unrestrained now between us on your stomach aiming toward my caramel colored cleavage.


Releasing the bar of soap and letting it fall into the water at our feet you reach between my thighs palming the mound of my sex gently spreading my pussy apart teasing my clit and bathing your fingers in my arousal. My knees were already weak and this only makes it harder for me to stand. I move my arms up and around your broad neck for support locking my fingers together pulling you closer to me; you wrap one muscular arm all the way around me enfolding me, my body swaying slightly against the rhythm of your hand between my legs. Your nearness filling my space as lacy cobwebs of bubbles join our bodies together and your cheek lightly brushes mine while you lean in talking low in my ear you command me authoritatively to “turn around sexy.”


Obediently turning my back to you, flattered by the brazen way you speak to me I rest my head on your shoulder as your hands glide through the soap with ease fondling my swelling breasts, caressing my belly and opening my thighs for access. I feel your erect cock against my back and your hand positioning the rigid limb below my round ass pumping the length of your dick between my moist labia withdrawing deliciously slowly and advancing forward with deliberate restraint allowing me to feel each furrow and contour until the swollen ridge of the throbbing head magnetically probes slightly into my aching tight pink pussy.   Though I cannot see your face in this position I am aware that you love heightening the tension in my body as you keep your hand over my navel pressing my pelvis into your groin manipulating the gyrations of my hips   so I can’t drive the swollen red-purple   head any further into my waiting depths, than you will allow. Instead you penetrate me with care, taking shallow advances stroking me with absolute self-control knowing I want you deeper and deeper inside me. You keep up the teasing, and begin to massage my neck, shoulders and back sensuously, suggestively squeezing my waist, moving your hand over my rump playfully slapping the plump flesh. Slowly withdrawing from me you kneel down and recover the bar of soap proceeding to lather down each of my pretty legs to my dainty French pedicure toes.


I can barely stand the suspense by this time as you nonchalantly proceed to your task forcing me to accept the pressure rapidly intensifying in my belly from restless sexual energy.   I am so ready for you to finally ravage my accommodating body that verging on frustrated tears I can’t resist begging for your attention.   “Please do it to me now, don’t make me wait anymore.”   With one gracefully agile move still kneeling before me as the water spills over my shoulders you kiss my navel, inserting your tongue into the tiny depression.   Kissing my waist you linger over the sensitive areas of my hipbones sucking and biting gently the slight protrusions slowly and reverently.   Gently you lift my leg over your shoulder and bury your sexy head between my butterscotch thighs, cupping my ass in your large sensitive hands; a sigh escapes me as your soft full lips meet mine. Chills run down my body despite the steamy sultry air as you kiss and nuzzle my delicate flesh.  


Exceptionally smoothly you replace your stiff tongue with nimble fingers applying the perfect pressure to my swollen little knob. I rock my hips toward you as you finger fuck my very wet pussy, finding my G Spot with expertise simultaneously tracing circles over my clit with your tongue making me loose all sense of self consciousness as I fondle my breasts, my eyes close and I abandon myself to the intense pleasure nearing orgasm and on the edge eruption you rallied up inconceivable strength to hold my trembling thighs open while my back arching perfectly convex causes me to thrust my chest out under the running water exposing my hard nipples to the   warm stream until in the midst of orgasmic ecstasy I am overcome with fervor and passion and my legs refuse to support me.   Gently you ease out from beneath my leg and prop my satisfied but weak frame up by hugging my hips resting your handsome face tenderly on my stomach as I descend slowly through your embrace beside you into the shallow water down to my knees until we are face to face.


Instantly pulling my hips toward you with your arm around my waist, and one hand on my shoulder with a domineering push and a husky command “bend over!” you have me on my hands and knees. Authoritatively you bury your face in my pussy from behind giving me over to new waves of delight. My excitement combined with the water coursing down my back and between my legs sends me to another plateau of pleasure. I close my eyes and open my senses.   Moaning, breathy shallow cries of elation issue from my heaving chest and I begin to cum hard again. Yet you stop abruptly and aiming your thick dick directly at my silken hole you grab me forcefully ramming me onto your stiff shaft until you penetrate me completely. The slippery wetness of my body couldn’t dislocate the possessive grip of your hands on my hips.   I'd waited for this moment. A feeling of pleasure-pain overcomes me as you push forcefully into my sweet delicate flesh, shoving into me faster & harder.   I round my ass and arch my back to try to take the size of your bigger wider dick contrasting your fingers & tongue previously inside me.


Passionately you speak my name softly to me through jagged breaths causing my drenched box to tighten at the deep sound of your voice sending white sticky cum trickling out of my contracting pussy sliding down your cock. Then as if it is possible that you could plunge yourself inside me anymore you reach forward covering my petite back with your masculine physique resting your weight upon me, seizing my shoulders and using the momentum of my whole body to thrust deeper. I am helpless to resist and though my pussy is full to capacity sheathed around each generous inch of your thick hard dick, from side to side and top to bottom hot and dense like molten metal until my ass rests snugly against your strong thighs. I accept the pounding and brace myself our urgent need to release the pent up desire we feel.  


You dominate me with an uncompromising rhythm. In...out... In out...In out. In. In. In. In...   Aggressively punishing my pussy delivering with all your strength each penetration deeper than the last but I won't complain.   I want you badly. Throughout I move against the luscious roughness of your stroke you while we writhe together in a struggle for relief and satisfaction, your breaths are coming heavily rough & uneven, finally you are ready to deliver, pumping especially pleasurable long strokes into my pussy I take all you have and I can feel your torso and legs constrict in a tight muscular grip of relief as you expend all of your essence from reserves deep inside. A stream of gushing warm fluid fills me while you moan and call out my name amid another stream of sweet nothings as in a trance. With this we lay together under the water spent and satiated.


Momentarily after my weakness wears off I find the strength to turn off the water and reach for our towels.   We stand up together slowly and though you were not trying to be striking or sensual I couldn't help but stare you as you run your hands over your magnificent profile removing the water from your eyes, while I wring the water from my hair and wrap my towel around my breasts snugly preparing to step out of the bath tub. Standing in front of me barechested, swathed in a thick towel around your firm waist gallantly extending your hand to me helping me step carefully over the barrier and onto the plush rug you spontaneously lift me effortlessly into the air as though I were weightless before my toes could even sink into the deep pile and carry me into our bedroom laying me down on the cool fresh sheets with steady self-assured ease.


Standing upright, rising back to your full striking height all abundant muscles, full dark eyebrows, smooth skin, sexy body, deeply set soulful brown eyes, lustrous smile, and shapely sensual lips you sit down beside me and open my towel, staring down at me desirously an appreciatively appraising smile across your gorgeous face as you reach into the nightstand and produce a bottle of massage oil. Your smile is contagious. I watch with rapt attention as you pour the oil into your hands rubbing the emulsion together in your palms, your muscular forearms, biceps and shoulders flexing and contracting with each movement. Affectionately you begin to apply the oil to my skin the fragrance of which smells fresh, enticing and edible.


Your hands slide along my shoulders, around to my breasts, pausing to massage them, fondling the cocoa bronze nipples of each between your fingers briefly before you descend upon me to consume each warm mound between your succulent lips, licking my cleavage and biting gently the crest of each breast sliding your tongue in the valley between; my hand impulsively travels to the back of your bowed head encouraging you to continue. You move upward toward my mouth kissing my lips admiringly & biting gently the fleshy curvature of my lower lip.   Our tongues connect entwine and glide smoothly together.


Tenderly stoking your tongue up and down my body from my neck to my navel, concentrating on making sure that no inch of my silky skin is overlooked, you roll me over to my stomach and straddle my waist with your athletic thighs, still wearing your towel your generous cock sweeps along my lower back as you sit on my plentiful ass which bears your weight easily and drizzle a cool stream of oil from my shoulders to the cleft of my “pretty round brown” the oil trickles down my inner thighs, leaning over me stretching upward to whisper nasty things breathily in my ear nuzzling the small soft space behind, then closing in to taste the soft flesh of my earlobe   your hands begin to roam an anointed a path rubbing the sweet smelling oil languidly in circles sensuously over my sinuous back.  


Removing your towel to expose a healthy erection, playfully spanking my ass with your big dick as your hand casually curves over my ass and slips between my legs prying them gently apart, you reach above my head with your free hand and retrieve a pillow that you insert under my stomach raising my hips on an incline.   Satisfied with everything as you wanted and prepared to do me again, you rise onto your knees and slowly introduced my blushing pussy to your black licorice shaft, pre cum glistening at the tip, your manhood shines like chrome when you enter me and withdraw.   Moaning tenderly with pleasure I back my treasure up to you and impale myself deeply as you push forward into me and purge your wildly erotic thoughts openly.


The oil still glistening on my skin covers your chest and offers enough lubrication for you to effortlessly wrap your delicious body around me warm and comfortable like the middle of summer.   H olding my ample curves pulling me toward you rhythmically stoking me deeply, satisfyingly, turning me into a heaving pile of writhing shameless desire beneath you,   I try to be quiet but I can’t contain my passion, I beg for more and my cries rise to a climax rushing from my heaving chest as you fuck me with purpose and determination. Our radiant bodies pitched bucked and rocked to synchronized ecstasy in multiplicity. M y body shuddered so hard and so long that I was not sure if I was having one orgasm or many. There was a moment of such concentrated release that as you ejaculated deep inside of me and I spasmed in orgasmic satisfaction I astonished myself managing to call your name.


We were coming down from our tandem orgasms still attached together your thick dick wedged in my constricted pussy falling finally into deep renewing sleep. Having no need for the remote control after all I snuggle up to the warmth of your body and replay the incredible, fantastic and amazing scenarios between us in my mind until I can have the real thing again.

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