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Last Wives Club -- 6 -- A Favor Received

Our heroine hears her best friend's opinion of her husband's sexual performance.
"Too many married women don't realize what kind of animal they are living with, Cath. The treat their men like mules when, most of the time, their men are more like jackasses. And hopefully part of the time, they're like thoroughbred race horses, or at least good wagon pullers."

I don't know where Kyra gained her knowledge of beasts of burden, but since she had way more expertise with men than me, I was all ears.

"You can dangle a carrot on the end of stick in front of a mule, and he'll walk toward that carrot until he drops from exhaustion. Men are not like that for long. Like donkeys and horses, they will leave the path you want them to be on, because they grasp the concept of futility. You can keep them on the path by using sticks and carrots, but not in the same way. If they're doing what you want them to do, you give them the carrot. If they're not doing what you want them to do, you beat them with the stick.

"You have to be a careful judge of what's required. Too few carrots and too many sticks will land you beside the road with a pile of old rotten carrots and a broken stick. Too many carrots and too few sticks and you'll end up beside the road with no carrots and a perfectly good stick that will scare away any replacement. With men, you need a good balance."

I knew there was a point to this analogy, but I wasn't sure just what it was. "What's the point of this, Kyra?"

"I think you're smart enough that it will become obvious when I tell you what happened between me and your husband."

"Oh, so you've... it's happened already?"

"I didn't want to keep my bestie waiting, Cath. I care too much about you."

Considering that she was lying naked in bed with me, with her head in the crook of my arm, her face pressed against my bare breast and one hand casually rubbing my pubic mound, it wasn't hard to believe that she cared about me. But considering that she was going to tell me about an attempt to fuck my husband, there was room for concern.

We were at a resort in rural Minnesota. Other than to hear her story, I'm not really sure why she invited me along, but I was glad she did. I appreciated the break from my routine. Supposedly, we would take a fly fishing class the next day. I don't know why, but she had always done oddball things like that, and it wasn't the first time I had done them with her. We'd had a nice dinner, split a bottle of wine, and crawled under the covers together.

My husband and I had passed through the same airport hours earlier. He was returning from a business trip, while I was catching a flight to Minneapolis to join Kyra for the weekend. Of course, that's not the story that he heard. My cover story was that I was attending a Society of Women Engineers social retreat where we would hear some motivational speakers. I don't think he believed me. The trip was too sudden and too unplanned. He would be stuck taking care of the kids for the weekend. But he knew better than to complain, and now that I was hearing that he'd had a encounter with Kyra, maybe he had reason to be extra forgiving of me, or maybe Kyra did this to just to mess with his head.

I'll try to tell this story as she related it to me.

Kyra used her club resources to stalk Dan. She learned through her researchers that he would soon be in Lansing, Michigan, on a routine business trip. She secured a copy of his travel itinerary and saw an opportunity to 'encounter' him as he checked in at his hotel. She booked a room there and got in early. It wasn't hard to 'happen to bump into him' as he checked in. She inquired about his dinner plans and informed him that she was travelling alone, and that she wasn't familiar with the local restaurants. I knew that was a lie, because she routinely visits all the local state capitals, I assume on club business, and dines at the finest places in each. But, to use a fishing analogy, that was how she dangled the bait.

Of course he offered to have dinner with her. They met at the agreed time and he complimented her on her beauty. She had dressed in a fashion that she knew would convey her intent. The flirty relationship that they had always had was evident, even though neither spouse was present to provide an excuse for not letting it escalate. Dinner lead to an invitation from Dan to have a nightcap in the hotel bar. Of course she accepted. That was how she set the hook.

"Dan, I hope you're not going to make me go to bed lonely. I know that you haven't always been faithful to Cath, and this seems like the perfect opportunity to take our obvious mutual attraction to the next level."

"She told you about my... mistakes?"

"Of course. We are best buds, you know."

"And yet you would...?"

"Dan, we're both adults here. Your mistake was in choosing women who don't care if they hurt her, or you for that matter. One thing you can be sure of is that I have no intent to hurt her. And one thing that we both know is that you will cheat again with someone. Why not someone who has a reason they wouldn't want Cath to find out?"

"Kyra, this is making too much sense. I have to admit that I've always wanted to... I've always been attracted to you. Do you really think we can get away with it?"

"I won't tell, if you won't tell. How's she going to find out? You haven't done anything to spill the beans yet, have you?"

"No, I didn't mention you when I called her earlier."

"Well then it's settled. My room or yours."

That was how she reeled him in.

Dan chose her room. It could be argued that that was the last real choice he made, until Kyra was done with him. When he entered the room behind her and closed the door, he turned to find her dress already sliding down her body. She was standing there in nothing but black holdup stockings and heels. He raised his hands up to hug her, and she stepped backwards out of her dress, stopping him cold.

"Let me be clear, Dan. I want sex. Not a romance. Not a future with you. Not kissing. Not hugging. I want hot monkey sex."

He was stunned, but he liked what he was looking at. She could see the bulge that had already grown in his pants. She didn't expect much. She knew from her talks with me that he was not particularly well endowed, compared to her husband. She didn't care. She knew things that I didn't know about men.

She stepped forward and pushed his suit jacket from his shoulders. She removed his tie. She unbuttoned his shirt and leaned over to kiss and lick his nipples. He raised his hands again, but she pushed them back down by his sides, saying only, "Let me fully enjoy being with a tall man." Her husband was only 5' 10", barely one inch taller than her. At a svelte 6' 4" and every bit as handsome as Benedict, in her opinion, Dan is an exceptional catch.

Kyra ran her hands up his abs and across his pecs, brushing his nipples. As she pushed his shirt off his shoulders, she squeezed his deltoids, biceps and triceps and found them to be as firm as she had hoped they would be. Just touching them was causing her nipples to stiffen in anticipation of the evening. I knew that she was telling me all of this so that I would be seeing my husband from another woman's point of view. It was working. I was getting quite wet from her words and from the gentle rubbing of my clit.

She dropped her hands to his belt and unbuckled it. The bulge in his pleated trousers had become even more impressive. She pulled the zipper tab down and let his trousers slip down his legs. After two last licks of his nipples, she dropped to her knees in front of his bulge.

Pulling his boxers down caused his cock to spring up at her face. It wasn't small. It wasn't as large as Benedict's, but it was a better size for sucking. It was sticking straight out and looked hard enough to poke a hole in a brick wall. She licked the tip and it throbbed in response. She smiled, knowing this blowjob would be quick. She placed her hands on his hips and plunged her mouth down on his cock, rubbing her tongue back and forth on the underside.

"Gah! God, Kyra that feels wonderful."

She withdrew and then licked along the shaft all the way to his balls. She sucked them as she stroked his shaft with one hand. Her other hand slipped between his thighs and reached up to caress his firm buttocks, causing a low moan to slip from him.

She returned her mouth to the dark purple helmet of his glans and sucked it in. She stroked his shaft, pumping it faster and faster until she felt it pulse. Not long now, she thought.

Dan tried to warn her, "I'm going to come!" But she only stroked faster. His cock erupted warm ropes of cum into her mouth. The first blast hitting her square at the back of her throat.

"Mmmmm. Mmmmm. Mmmm." She sucked it all in and swallowed it as his legs grew shaky. She kept sucking until it started to shrink and then stood to look him in the eyes.

"I'm so sorry, Kyra. I tried to warn you."

"You have nothing to be sorry for, stud. That was just what I needed."

"But now it's all soft. It won't be good for anything."

"Don't be silly, Dan. The night is young and I'm sure we can think of things to do in the meantime. How about you crawl into bed while I pour us a drink."

Dan did as she suggested, removing his shoes and socks before he crawled under the top sheet. She mixed orange juice and vodka from the room's small bar into two cups and handed a refreshing screwdriver to him. She sipped hers, set it on the nightstand and slipped under the sheet beside him, keeping her heels and stockings on. She lifted the sheet so he could see her body.

"See anything that looks delicious?"

Dan took the hint. "Everything looks delicious and I'm starving. May I?"

Kyra threw the sheet off, raised her arms above her head and said, "Indulge yourself."

She had landed my husband with almost no fight. He did all the things that I liked, licking and sucking her nipples, rolling her over and scratching and massaging her back, butt and legs. He rolled her onto her back again and spread her legs. She looked into his eyes, then down at her pussy then back into his eyes. She smiled. He licked his lips and returned the smile.

I almost couldn't bear to hear this part. It had been a long time since he had licked my pussy, probably since the last time I had sucked his cock. I had enjoyed the orgasms he could produce with just his tongue, but I never swallowed his cum. I thought of blowjobs as foreplay, and once he came, I thought he was useless for the rest of the night. Kyra was teaching me a lesson about carrots.

Kyra said that he was clearly very dedicated to pleasing a woman orally, and that Benedict was not half as good. She said I should consider myself lucky to have a man who would do that for a woman. She came twice and then noticed the first sign that his cock was returning to life. She pushed him onto his back and crawled on top of him, rubbing her pussy against his growing shaft. When it was hard enough, she mounted him cowgirl style.

"Cowgirl style?"

"Woman on top, sitting up so he can see and play with boobs. You don't even have to ask him to. His hands just go up and do it. Sitting like that gets hard on the legs after a while, but that's why we have personal trainers."

She fucked him as he fondled her breasts. When her legs got sore, she switched to reverse cowgirl for a bit, exposing her asshole to his view. Then she got up in the doggie position and rubbed her clit with her fingers.

"Fuck me, Dan."

He fondled her nipples first, then her ass. Then he grabbed her hips and thrust his cock into her. He lasted about three minutes before he came again. Her third orgasm of the evening happened just after his. My first orgasm of the evening happened just after she described how good it felt to hear him coming. He hadn't called her a whore or a cunt or a bitch. He had treated her with respect, compassion, and deference. In her opinion, she had great sex with my husband.

"Not the best sex I've ever had, but we all have our unique preferences. This is just my humble opinion, Cath, but I don't think you should write him off as sexually inept. You just need to rethink your signals."

I looked into her eyes and saw the playful smile.

"Oh god, Kyra. How could I have fucked such a good thing up?"

She looked a me with alarm and said, "No, Cath. You didn't fuck anything up. That wasn't the point of telling you this. Communication breakdowns between spouses are never only one person's fault. The best way to think of it is that, together, a fucked-up result occurred. You wanted to know if he's inept. I don't think so. I think he's probably just learned what's futile, and doesn't know what to do about it.

"Look at what I did. The blowjob was obviously a carrot. Then I showed him my body and laid my arms back. I wasn't blocking access to anything. Then when the time was right, I just looked down at my pussy and smiled. He was all over it. My pussy hasn't been licked that well by a guy in years.

"It's all about communication, and I'm guessing you're not real good about that. How long has it been since you offered him a BJ?"

"I'm not sure that I've ever 'offered' him one, Kyra."

"It's real easy, Cath. Just say, 'May I suck your cock?' Then when you're done, lay back with you arms above your head. Let him go to town on your body."

"It seems too simple, Ky. I'm not optimistic."

"Honestly, Cath. I think the problem was two inexperienced people got lost together. Maybe religious upbringing added some complications. But maybe you should experience a few more men, or maybe a lot more. Get used to offering and become less demanding. You'll have to change some and Dan will have to change some, but maybe you have to cause those changes."

"Um, the idea of other men sounds interesting. Maybe he's been getting more experience and maybe I need to. You mentioned that you could help me find safe men?"

"Yes. It's something that the club can do for our sisters. I've been hesitant to tell you about it, because you weren't ready for it. But I'll keep my eyes open for a good opportunity."

"Good. There's just one thing left to do." I crawled down the bed to her legs and tried to pry them open.

"Cath, you don't have to do that."

I affected my most withering nun persona. "Miss Kyra Kenady, you must be a remarkably slow learner. Unless you don't want your pussy licked, I strongly recommend that you shut the fuck up."

Kyra caught on quickly. It was how I would tell her, when we were still in college, that she was being too serious. She spread her legs and let me in.

"I'm sorry, Sister Cate. I bow to the authority of the Church."

I gave her pussy a lick and said, "Smart girl, you've saved yourself from a bare-assed spanking."

"Oh. Well if I'd known the punishment would be so fun..."

I licked. It was almost a full day since his cock had been inside her, but I still had to show her that the hurt from knowing that he was with her was minor, and that I understood how precious she was.

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