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Late for the Lesson

Tutor obsessed with his hot student reveals more than he intended
She was late. Again. Alex looked down at his standardized testing books sprawled across his desk and sighed. Zoe was smart, and he enjoyed teaching her, but punctuality was not a strong point. He could never really stay upset when she arrived, though, flashing that smile that made him melt.

He also couldn’t get enough of her cute, innocent face framed by long strawberry blond hair, and a toned, tight body that he tried to keep himself from staring at during their lessons. She probably noticed though. How could she not, when her short skirt hiked up her smooth white thighs like that, leaving Alex to trail off in the middle of his sentences on a regular basis. Or just last week, when she got excited about a solution to a math problem, and leaned in and pressed her firm breasts against his arm to scribble down some numbers. He had gotten so hard, and couldn’t even get up when she left or she would have seen his erection right away. In fact he was starting to get hard just thinking back to that day…

Nope! Not going there, Alex thought to himself. Very aware of how things could turn out with a teenage student still in school – legal, yes, but…fraught. He had to block his attraction out a bit to keep it professional, as best he could, at least. As a result, Alex had the most tortured, erotic dreams starring Zoe every night. Sliding that skirt down, pulling those damp panties aside to finger her young, smooth pussy…

That’s enough! Alex had to catch himself again, as he found his hand trailing over his hardening cock while he daydreamed.

Alex was so busy trying to keep his own libido in check that he didn’t even see the way Zoe stared at him as he guided her through a reading passage, or got lost in the sound of his deep, soothing baritone voice, which she found so sexy.

Alex looked at the clock. Forty-five minutes, and she hadn’t responded to any of his texts. He even checked Facebook to see if he could get any clues from Zoe’s profile. When he did, he couldn’t help but click through a few of her pictures. She had a few up from last summer, poolside in her hot little red bikini. Alex felt himself start to get harder still, feeling slightly guilty that he was checking out his sexy student like this. But he was unable to look away. With a few hours before his next student, Alex allowed himself to drift into fantasy. He imagined himself and Zoe, playfully splashing one another in the pool at night. He would wrap his toned arms around her and pull her in close while his hard cock pressed against her ass. She would let a soft moan escape and Alex would reach his hands to her breasts, freeing them from her bikini, tweaking her rose-pink nipples and --

Okay, fuck it, I have got to get off, Alex thought, resigned. He had been so busy over the last few days he had a hair-trigger erection that needed relief. He opened up his pants to release his now fully rock hard cock. He licked his palm and began stroking, moaning with pleasure at the warm wet sensation. Feeling a little silly at the desk littered with educational materials, he decided to take things to the bedroom.

He grabbed his laptop and hurried over, throwing the computer down onto the mattress. He then slid his pants off and stripped off his shirt as well. Alex loved stroking his cock in the nude, taking his time with his self-pleasure and fantasy.

Then, with Zoe’s picture still up onscreen, he pulled up one of his favorite porno videos of late, a hot teacher/student video that got him off every time. Alex had never even consciously thought about it, but the girl in the video bore a close resemblance to Zoe.

Rock hard cock in hand, Alex began stroking in earnest as the “teacher” bent the student over his desk, sliding down her panties, and rubbing her pussy from behind.

“Oh yes,” Alex said to himself. “Let me feel how wet you are.”

Alex moaned softly as he ran his hand up and down his thick shaft, slick with his spit and pre-cum that was now leaking freely from the tip of his cock.


Zoe pulled her red MINI up to a screeching stop outside Alex’s apartment—late again for her tutoring session. She had left her phone back at her house in a rush, so didn't even have a way to contact him. He wasn't going to like this, since it was now the third time in a row. Besides, what would she say, Sry! Just fantasizing about u while playing with my pussy, b there soon, k? —which was exactly what she had been doing while she lost track of time.

She smoothed out her hair in the rear-view mirror. As had become standard for these lessons, she had worn a skirt even shorter than the one before, along with a form-fitting top that pulled tight against her B-cup breasts. Alex was charismatic, a great teacher, but he was incredibly cute as well, and she discovered she got a huge thrill out of teasing him with increasingly inappropriate outfits.

Lastly, with a deep breath, she slid her panties down to her feet, slipping them off. They were already damp as she placed them in the glove box. She briefly ran a finger over her slit, already wet with anticipation, shuddering as she did. Why am I so horny today? My god.

The truth was, she didn't need the lessons. Zoe was smart and, having skipped a grade, on the verge of graduating. She was almost definitely Ivy-bound, already scoring close to perfect on the test and practically flying through advanced placement courses. Her parents had insisted, however, so she agreed several weeks ago to see Alex, the 27-year-old son of one of her dad’s close friends – but just once.

When she showed up for her first lesson, the two clicked right away. Alex was impressed by Zoe’s intelligence and confidence. He was able to connect with her despite the age difference, much to her surprise. They had a good time. Zoe was actually learning some new things, and it didn't hurt that he had model-hot features, long, surfer-blond hair, and a body toned to perfection over years of competitive swimming. But the real hook came near the end of their first lesson, when she thought she saw Alex staring at her thighs peaking out from her plaid skirt. At first Zoe dismissed the thought. But then, ever the sharp student, she tried an experiment, shifting her legs so that her skirt began riding up. She found that every time she did this, Alex would trail off mid-sentence, taking a moment to find his place.

She felt a flush of warmth knowing this hot older guy was checking her out while they were discussing quadratic equations and logic puzzles. There was just something deliciously naughty about it. Once she got home from the first lesson, she promptly announced to her parents that she’d go for that perfect score after all, with Alex’s help. They were delighted, and so was she.

After that, Zoe began escalating during each lesson, ever so slowly. Last week Alex showed her a different way to approach one of the hardest graphing problems on the test. Zoe was genuinely excited at the discovery, but she also used the opportunity to lean into Alex, drawing on his page while her breasts pressed into his arm. Zoe acted as though she was oblivious, but loved how Alex turned bright red, shifting in his seat (but not moving away from the contact) while Zoe kept pressing, moving slightly to feel the friction on her nipples. When she pulled away they were clearly standing at attention, and her panties were soaked. She couldn't help but also notice Alex’s bulge outlined through his pants. He didn't get up to see her out that day, and she knew exactly why. She was so turned on she had started fingering herself on the drive home that day, and had to pull over to bring herself to orgasm.

Today Zoe planned on topping last week. She was nervous as she got out of her car and made her way up to Alex’s place. Not exactly sure what she was going to do, but buzzing with anticipation all the same. She was still a virgin, but mostly because she had been underwhelmed by the guys her age. Would she fuck Alex? She had fantasized about it, sure, but never considered it a real possibility. One thing was certain though: she was having a blast teasing him relentlessly.

She got up to the door and knocked – no doorbell on this condo. There was no answer. Odd – his car was definitely parked outside. She knocked again, but still nothing. He was probably taking a nap or out on a walk or something. All that build-up for this! So disappointing…

As she was about to leave, she thought she maybe heard some mumbling from inside – perhaps even multiple voices? Very strange, Zoe thought. She stood there for another moment, raised her hand to knock one more time. She stopped herself though, and decided to try the door. Her heart skipped a beat when it actually opened.

Once inside, she confirmed that she did hear voices…but was that the sound of…sex noises, too— coming from around the corner, apparently from…Alex’s bedroom? Without hesitation, her mind jumped to images of Alex fucking some other eager student, maybe two, one eagerly kissing him while another sucked off his engorged cock. Her heart fluttered with jealousy, but at the same time she felt her pussy tingle and her chest flush.

No way he’s got two chicks in there…he’s not some kind of…sex ninja! As she came to her senses it dawned on her – that bastard’s watching porn! Probably jerking off…he totally forgot about our lesson!

Zoe was upset for a split second, and then overwhelmingly curious. She had never seen a guy…do that before. She had only in the last year discovered the joys of masturbation, almost on accident when she was taking a shower at her friend’s house. The detachable head managed to find its way to her clit, opening up a world of pleasure. She never looked back, and quickly figured out at least a dozen ways to bring herself to orgasm – which was now part of her nightly ritual. Among the fantasies that had come to her while she played with herself was catching a hot guy – well, lately the hot guy was Alex – off guard while he pumping his cock, lost in ecstasy. Then riding him for all he was worth. She became even wetter at the possibility now before her.

Zoe tip-toed around the living room to the hallway. The door to Alex’s bedroom at the end of the hall was tantalizingly open just a crack. Zoe inched closer, stepping as quietly as possible. She could now peak inside. Alex’s bed faced away from the door, so all she could see was the back of Alex’s head and…his laptop. She drew in a sharp breath as she saw what was on the screen, still half-blocked. A video was playing…a man had a teen girl bent over the desk and he was fucking her senseless. The actress’s red hair and similar shaped body was not lost on her. She shifted her perspective to reveal more of the left side of the screen, which had the photo—of her! In a bikini!

Zoe gasped and grew weak in the knees. What she heard next made her heart jump in her throat.

“Mmm yeah Zoe you little dirty slut, you like it when I fuck you like that?” Oh my god, it was Alex. Her tutor was lying on his bed, masturbating to porn plus a bikini pic of Zoe, and was clearly fantasizing about fucking her—saying exactly what he wanted to do!

With no panties, wetness was positively dripping down the inside of Zoe’s legs. She tugged at her short skirt, bringing it up even more over her bare thighs. She shifted her view once again to see more of what was going on, and was rewarded with a breathtaking sight: Alex with his thick, gorgeous cock in hand, his abs rippling and his toes curling. It looked positively massive to Zoe, and she was mesmerized as his engorged mushroom head dipped into and then reemerged from his fist.

Zoe wanted to savor this moment. Her hand went straight to her pussy, fingering her clit as she watched Alex deeply lost in his fantasy—now her fantasy. All kinds of wicked thoughts came to her. She knew she could have him in the palm of her hand—literally, if she wanted to. But she waited a moment, listening to the filthy things coming out of him, and loving every second of it.

“Oh yes you dirty little girl, you just can’t wait to suck this big cock can’t you?” Alex said breathlessly.

The girl on screen was sure enough now giving the teacher a hot blow job, enthusiastically sucking his cock and making delicious wet popping sounds with her mouth while the teacher groaned in his encouragement.

Zoe was now softly moaning herself, trying to stay quiet. But she wanted more. She was ready. First she had to let him know she was watching. But, she didn't want to scare him away, or make him lose that hot hard-on he was stroking. Then it came to her. She smiled to herself.


Alex was close to cumming, lost in a frenzy, saying every filthy phrase that came to his mind. He was so ready to explode all over his chest. He focused once more on Zoe’s picture, imagining her lying back while he fucked her.

Then he heard it.

The door creaked open, and he was beside himself as he saw Zoe. Naked. An unmistakable lustful look in her eyes.

“Sorry I’m late,” Zoe said, simply.

“Zoe, you’re…” Alex trailed off as he tried to grasp what was going on. He watched her, his mouth dry, taking in her smooth, milky white body, her pink upturned nipples and hairless pussy, slightly flushed. He could have stared forever. But Zoe broke the silence.

“The truth is, Alex, you’ve got me so turned on right now, I couldn't help myself,” she said. “But I want you to keep going. I want to watch you for a bit, while you watch me. Then when you’re ready, I want you to fuck me like that girl on your screen, and tell me all those dirty things.”

Alex simply closed his laptop screen. A hot feeling of lust came over him as he began to take over the situation. “Sit down,” he said, motioning to a lounge chair in the corner of the room.

Zoe obeyed.

“Spread your legs,” he continued. And she did.

“Now finger your clit for me while you imagine how fucking good this cock is going to feel inside of you,” he declared, now stroking himself slowly up and down.

Zoe began teasing her wet slit as well, and for a moment the room was filled with hot, wet sounds of the two pleasuring themselves to one another, every now and then punctuated by a gasp for breath, and Alex’s commands to spread her legs more and put one, then two fingers inside. Zoe was lost in the pleasure, happy to be his slutty student. As Zoe’s moaning grew louder, Alex encouraged her.

“That’s it, cum for me baby. Cum for your teacher. Then let me fuck you raw,” Alex said with authority that surprised even him.

As Alex finished this sentence, Zoe’s orgasm took over, and she shuddered while sitting in the chair, a puddle of wetness gathering under her pussy.

“Now come over here, and sit on my cock,” Alex demanded. Zoe made a slow, sexy dance out of it, crawling up onto the bed, and in one smooth motion, giving a teasing lick from Alex’s balls to the tip of his cock head.

Finally she reached him, and her pussy was so wet and open at this point that she slid easily onto him, gyrating her hips as she did. Alex bit teasingly at her nipples, twisting and sucking them into his mouth, lightly grazing them.

“Oh fuck yes, you’re so tight and wet, Zoe,” Alex gasped as he started fucking her harder and harder. Zoe yelped at each thrust, managing to moan out between breaths, “Fuck. Me. Harder.”

Zoe couldn’t believe how each thrust only made her want more, more, more, till she went tipping over the edge, again and again.

“Oh god oh god oh god Alex,” she screamed. “I’m coming so fucking hard!”

Alex moaned to match her volume. Then he pulled out, flipped her over onto her stomach like a rag doll, and slipped back into her pussy from behind. He gently pulled her hair back, and whispered in Zoe’s ear, “You want me to cum inside you, you dirty little schoolgirl?”

“Yyyessss…” escaped Zoe’s lips. God she was so turned on by this that she could have passed out.

Alex thrust his hardest yet, and she could feel his hot load emptying inside her. Alex screamed with sweet release, coming over and over, pumping his cock until he collapsed against her ass, giving her a tight embrace, then rolling over.

“Oh my fucking god,” Alex said finally after a long beat. He smiled at Zoe.

Zoe laughed. “Oh my fucking god indeed,” she said as Alex’s cum dripped out of her red and swollen pussy. “I should be late more often.”

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