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Late night fun

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One night late from work I needed to feel the touch of my wife
I was on my way home late one night after a long set at work; it had been two weeks since I had felt the smooth soft caress of my wife’s touch. I was feeling pretty horny and had promised her that I would not masturbate during the whole time I was gone.

As I got closer to home I could feel my cock twitch with anticipation of the night to come. Quietly entering the house I could hear the dog coming towards me in the dark. I reached down, gave her a stroke and continued down the stairs.
I had told my wife I was on my way home but it would be late and not wait up for me. She apparently had not because I could hear her breath in the quite house. As I got closer to our room I could feel the anticipation and started rubbing my cock through my pants, it getting harder as I got closer.

I could barely make out the silhouette of my wife, she had dressed herself in one of the revelling pieces of lingerie I had bought for her. She looked so sexy laying there, the light hitting her curving body just right, showing just parts of her to get me excited. As I undressed my cock was standing at full attention, it sprang out of my jeans. I crawled into bed, running my hands up her legs, just touching the fringe of her pussy as I made my way up her body.
I could feel her body twitch as I reached her full 34c sized breasts. She moaned with pleasure as she realized I had made it home safely, reaching down feeling the stiffness of my throbbing penis. Her warm touch felt so good after the long stretch at work.

I greedily grabbed her breast, rubbing her erect nipples between my fingers. She moaned in pleasure, my mouth covered her other breast in saliva as I rasped my pierced tongue over her hard nipple, biting slightly as I squeezed her other breast hard in my hand. Feeling her push her whole body into my hand, I slowly fucked her hand as she slide it up and down my shaft, pausing for just a moment at the head to tighten her grip.

I gasped as I slid down her body kissing every piece of bare skin. Slipping the lingerie off her body, I stopped and held her hands tight above her head, kissing her hard on her soft lips for the first time since I got home. Pulling the clothing off of her, I made my way down her silky body, feeling her arch with every touch of my mouth.

As I made my way down to her hot wet pussy I could feel her excitement as I slowed down. I felt her hand push my mouth right into her wetness as I slowly lapped at her juices. She moaned louder as I ran my tongue down her slit, sucking her pussy lips in deep, feeling her push hard against my face as I slipped two fingers into her hot hole.

I felt the full wetness of her as she started grinding her hips into my face and fingers. My fingers slid deeper in to her pussy, moving faster. She responded by thrusting harder into my face knowing that at this pace she would cum on my fingers anytime. I slowly slid a finger into her tight ass. We had just started trying this but she didn’t say no and ground my fingers harder in her pussy and ass. I sucked hard on her pussy feeling her convulse and in one swift movement I had my fingers deep in her body.

She winced a little but didn’t stop thrusting on my fingers as she let out a gasp, I could feel her pussy swell and release. She moaned,"I’m coming." Her juices ran down my fingers. I pulled my fingers out, tasting them in my mouth. Moving up her body, I slid the head of my throbbing penis into her wet pussy. She grabbed my ass and thrust me deep into her. I could feel her tightness surround my hard cock, I thrust hard and fast, feeling her hands on my ass pulling me in hard.

I pulled my hard dick out of her pussy, slid up her body grabbed her lush tits and with my cock still wet with her pussy juice, I pulled her tits tight together and rammed my wet cock between them. I fucked her and as I slid up she would lick the tip of my cock.

I shimmed up to her hot wet mouth to get her to blow me. She worked my cock like a pro. I felt my dick twitch as I got close to releasing my load in my wife’s mouth. She felt it also and pulled me deep into her. She played with my balls knowing what triggers my cum load. I tensed up as I got closer to coming. My hot jizz filled her mouth, she moaned with pleasure as I pumped my cock into her mouth.
I pulled out, cum running down her face. I quickly rammed my hard cock into her wet wanting pussy. I pumped hard and fast, feeling her pussy grab my cock with every thrust, forcing my cock harder and faster into her. Reaching down, sliding a finger in her ass, she tensed up immediately, her pussy throbbing around my cock. She pulled me in deep, kissing me hard, breathing heavy as she ground against me.

Thrusting one final time, she let out a loud scream. I could feel her orgasm all over my dick. Pulling out, I licked up every drop of her sweet nectar. She moaned with pleasure as I tongued her warm juicy slit, taking in the sweet smell of sex we had just had. Working my way back up her body, both covered in sweat, I lay down with her cuddled in my arms, exhausted, glad I made it home so I could fuck my wife before I had to head back out the next day.

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