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Late Night Treat

"Thank you for joining me....... finally!"

"I'm sorry I'm late darling, I have had a rough day at work."

"Maybe I can loosen you up a bit."

"Mmmmmm, that sounds good. Maybe I can give you a little treat later on."

That sounded even better.

I got up and loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, the smell of his aftershave was stirring a fire within me. He wrapped his arms around me and placed his hands on my ass. I was wearing a short skirt a tight low cut vest and no panties.

It was a hot and humid night and I had beads of sweat running from my neck down between my breasts. He kissed my lips softly and then moved down to my breasts, licking where the sweat had run down. He let out a low groan and pushed his groin against my thigh. I could feel his perfect erection and wanted more of it. There's plenty of time for that I thought.

I lifted my head and kissed along his square jaw line, he moved into me and kissed me passionately, hard and strong lips pressed against mine, bruising them with his love. We hadn't moved from the spot where we stood, not wanting to break this connection that was getting stronger for fear that it would not come back.

I had made him a romantic dinner, which was now getting cold. I didn't care, this is where I wanted to be. We broke from our embrace and moved over to the settee, I removed his shirt and his sock' s and laid him down on his back. I wanted him to feel deserved of this attention. I un-buckled his belt and pulled down his zip, I released his erection which was standing proud and stiff and removed his boxer shorts.

My tongue circled his balls, the blood was rushing to the head of his cock. It was swollen with desire. I trailed saliva up his shaft and covered his end with my juicy thick lips. He was looking into my eye' s, his love going through me. I followed my lips down the length of his cock tasting the salty taste of his pre-cum, my pussy throbbing, needing to be touched, licked, sucked, fucked.

I sucked and licked and wanked his cock, fondling his balls as I did this. My lips moving up and down his shaft, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. I wanted his cum in my mouth, I wanted it over my breasts and in my pussy. Call me greedy but I cant get enough. He started thrusting his hips in time with my lips moving up and down his cock, a sign that he was close. With the sound of his deep voice groaning and grunting I could feel my pussy juice start to run down my thighs. It felt as if I could cum with no touch at all.

He thrusted his hips faster and I sucked his cock harder, his thick cum filled my mouth. Spunk dribbled out of my mouth and down my chin, dripping onto my juicy cleavage. I milked the last drop of cum from him and kissed his thighs.

He got up from the settee and bundled me into his arms, he carried me into our bedroom and placed me onto the bed. He removed my vest and sucked my nipples gently, removing my skirt whilst doing so. We lay there a hive of emotion, love and sexual energy. My nipples felt harder than they had ever felt before, with every lick and nibble my pussy would respond jolting me back to reality.

He noticed this and started making his way down to my waiting pussy, he spread my lips wide and licked from my hole up to my clit. As he did this he let out a gratified moan, he inserted a finger into my pussy and put it up to my mouth for me to taste. It was so good I wanted to be down there with him. He was rubbing his face all over my pussy getting his face wet with my juices. He then concentrated on my clit, he knew me so well! I was bucking and trashing ready to explode. I felt him start to pay attention to my anus. He used my pussy cream to lubricate my tight sphincter.

He fucked my ass with his finger whilst chewing on my open pussy. With his other hand he started to fuck my pussy with two fingers. I was ready, ready to gush all over his face. It was getting intense my hole was squelching with every thrust of his fingers, my orgasm took over me and I lost all control. I squirted my cum onto him and his face, he moved up my body the heat between us still leaving me wanting more. I kissed him and licked my juice off of his face.

He was hard again and we weren't finished.   

He turned me onto my front with my ass in the air, he began to eat my ass, spreading my cheeks so he could get more. He was rubbing my clit vigorously and feasting on what I had to offer. He spat on my anus and fingered it once more, he inserted his cock deep, hard and strong. The stretch felt so good, he began to spank me whilst he fucked my dirty little asshole. He watched as he entered me, his cock sliding in and out. I rubbed my pussy starting to feel another orgasm building.

He fucked faster, I rubbed my clit harder. He then pulled his cock out of my ass, turned me around and positioned me on my knees. He wanked his cock hard and fast and shot his hot love juice over my face. I savoured every drop that was being given to me. I continued to rub my clit knowing my orgasm wasn't far away. He sucked on my nipples which brought my orgasm to come crashing down on me.

We were wet with sweat, spunk and my cum. We were glowing with euphoria and knew we will spend the rest of the night doing it over and over again.




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