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Late Night Visitor

Madison's boyfriend returns home, and they reconnect.
I was watching TV that night, it had been a normal day, just as plain as the recent days before. I remember that I was tired, falling asleep right there on the couch, and ready to call it a night.

The television light flickered throughout the much too large house, or at least it felt too large with just me in it. As the television lights filled the room, I heard a slight knocking on the front door. Naturally, I felt nervous for a moment.

I mean, it was 1:00 in the morning. And there wasn't anyone that I was expecting.

I pushed the throw blanket off of my bare legs, and tugged my very large t-shirt down a bit over my black sleep shorts. My bare feet touched the plush carpet, and then the cold hard wood floor as I neared the front door. The person knocked again, a bit louder this time. I silently cursed myself as I remembered that I didn't have a peep hole in the door. I tried to peer through the glass block surrounding the door, but it was much too dark and distorted through the glass to be able to make anything out other than a figure. My fingers flick the porch light on, and I crack the door open, peering out.

My jaw slacks as I see the tall man In front of me, and my entire body feels a familiar need to be close to him.

In that moment, I couldn't have been more shocked. He looked hesitant, but I saw the familiar light in his eyes. I didn't know if I should smile or cry, I hadn't been sure I'd ever see him again, yet here he was.

I tug the door completely open, the cold air biting against my skin. I'm still not sure if he's really here in front of me, so I just stare up at him.

"Hi." He whispers, his green eyes seemingly glowing in the dim porch light.

"Hi." I whisper back, surprised that my voice comes out steady. His face changes as I speak, and he begins to smile.

Without hesitation he steps into the house, lugging a bag I hadn't even noticed he was carrying. I step backwards as he comes in, and he throws his bag down near the staircase, his long arm reaching back to close the front door, and I vaguely remember hearing him lock it.

Before I have a chance to say or do anything, his hands are on my sides. I look up at him, and his lips crash against mine, we both let out a long moan, and it seems to spur us both on even more. He walks us backwards until my back is pressed against the wall.

"I love you." his voice is steady, but it comes out more like a moan. He sounds pained with need, and I understand exactly what he's feeling.

"I love you too."

Our breathing is heavy, and he puts his hands under my thighs, pulling my legs up around his waist which I happily oblige to. His hands roam up my back, and through my hair, using the wall to support me. I shiver as his large hands move along my thighs and run along the seam of my thin black shorts.

He pulls back and kisses along my neck, down my shoulder as I run my hands through his hair, and along his shoulders. Our heavy pants come out together, surrounding us, and echoing throughout the large hallway. 

He kisses back up my neck, stopping by my ear. My hands rest around his neck, and one of his on my thigh, the other on the wall next to my head.

"You're wearing my shirt." He pants, his voice coming out as a husky growl. I see the half smirk on his lips as he looks down at my lips, licking his own.

"Mhm." I make a noise of agreement, and nod my head slowly. His face breaks out into a full grin, and his lips are on mine again.

I smile against his lips, still in slight shock at the situation.

Our kissing quickly escalates, and it's not long until my hands are underneath his shirt, urging him to pull it off. He leans back, and quickly tugs it off with one arm. We're soon to press our lips against each others again.

He puts his hand underneath my-or should I say his- shirt, and I lift my hands above my head, allowing him to tug it off. He throws it down onto the floor, not taking his eyes off of my face.

I waste no time, reaching in between our bodies to unbuckle his jeans, already able to feel him through them. He lets out a deep moan, and kisses my lips more fervently.

He pulls back, nipping at my lips, and pressing quick kisses on them.

"Where can we go?" he asks, his voice deep and quiet in the dim hallway, looking over towards the living room.

"No." I shake my head, pulling him closer against my nearly naked body.

I ignore the slight pain in my back, from being against the wall.

"Right here...please." I pant out, so full of lust.

His green eyes bore into mine, before a smile comes across his lips, and he quickly presses them against mine.

His hands grip my thighs, and unwrap them from his waist. I look up at him, remembering just how much taller he is than me. He places my feet on the ground, having to lean down to keep kissing me. His hands hook in my black shorts, and he quickly tugs them down my legs. I moan, reaching my arms around his neck. I step out of my shorts, and he suddenly pulls my panties down too.

Before I can react, he puts his hands behind my knees again, wrapping my legs around his waist.

I reach down, and tug off his jeans, he quickly helps me take them off, pulling his boxers with them.

 I gasp, taking in his body. I've seen him nude before, but it's been so long. My memory doesn't do him justice.

He continues to kiss down my neck, and them suddenly, he reaches back and unclips my bra. I toss my head back as he quickly tugs the straps down my arms. I hiss through my teeth at the sudden feeling of cool air on my chest, but his hands quickly cover me. The feeling of my chest encased in his large warm hands is like nothing else.

There's no longer anything slow about our actions, everything is quick and needy and passionate.

Suddenly he pulls back, looking into my eyes. He lifts me higher on the wall, and I feel him pressing against my opening. We look into each others eyes and I push down, urging him to keep going. I feel him enter me slowly, stretching and eliciting a moan from my lips. He groans as he pushes the rest of the way into me.

"Oh fuck, Madison." He groans underneath his breath and closes his eyes.

I toss my head back against the wall, adjusting to his size inside of me, stretching me to my limit. It feels so good, but at the same time, so strange. I'm so very filled with him, and In this moment, it hits me how much I've missed this. I feel so connected to him, and I look up into his eyes, to see him staring intently at me, lust in his eyes.

He hasn't begun to move inside of me yet, giving me a minute to adjust, and I feel growing passion inside of me. When we make eye contact, he can tell that I'm ready, and he slowly starts to thrust into me.

I moan quietly, pressing my lips into the crook of his neck as my body moves up and down against the wall. My legs tighten around his waist, and he starts to move faster groaning out as I lean back, using the wall for support.

I see my heaving chest, bouncing with each of his thrusts, and this seems to egg him on. His lips crash against mine, hungrily connecting with each other.

"Don't stop." I groan, putting my hands on his shoulders and meeting his thrusts.

The mix of all of these sensations has my body trembling, and my nails dig into his back as I feel myself clench around him. I let out a moan mixed with a whimper, as I reach my height of pleasure.

His hips continue to grind against mine, he closes his eyes as I tighten on him, making it harder for him to push into me. His thrusts slow and he groans out as my climax causes his. He thrusts into me a few more times as I feel him cum into me, eliciting another soft moan from me . He leans down, and nibbles on my collar bone.

We stay that way for a few minutes, just catching our breath. His head in the crook of my neck, and an arm next to my head on the wall.

My thigh muscles are shaking from holding myself to him for so long, and my hands on his back are trembling. He's still inside of me and his hand is moving up and down the outside of my thigh. I'm still dazed from our actions just a moment before. I lean forward and place a soft kiss on his shoulder.

This seems to bring him back to reality, and he pulls his head back to look into my eyes.

"Where's your bedroom?" He whispers.

"Upstairs." I reply.

He looks at the stairs behind him, and wraps his arms around my torso, pulling me closer to him. I let out a soft laugh as he starts to walk up the stairs, carrying me. I tighten my legs around his waist, clutching his back for dear life.

He easily finds my room, and tosses me onto the bed. I laugh as I bounce a little, and he's quick to plop onto the bed next to me. He grins, and pulls my naked body close to his. His hand goes underneath the duvet pulling it over our slightly sweaty bodies.

His big arm wraps around my small waist, pulling my back flush against him. His breath dancing along my neck comforts me, making me feel suddenly sleepy.

"Sweet dreams, Madds." His words are the last thing I hear before drifting asleep. I drift off with thoughts of what we'll do in the morning when I wake.

That night, I slept better than I had in a long time.

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