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Laundry Day at the Country House

The sun had barely risen over the horizon when Marie entered through the gates of her employer's country house. Her employer wouldn't wake for several more hours, but Marie needed to be there in time to have the fires lit, breakfast made, and the myriad of other chores begun before starting the day's real work of managing the property.

Normally, she would have the help of the other servants to ease the burden of managing an estate, but as this was her master's retreat from the world of the rich and famous, it was up to her and her alone, as the master's favorite servant, to care for the rich man's property.

Mr. Julian Roth was a prosperous woman, having made his fortune in the importing of fine silks for use in the clothing industry. He had little in the way of direct business sense, but had an instinctive knowledge of fine fabrics and a way of predicting and responding to ever-changing fashions that made him successful. He had never married, and it was rumored that he preferred the feel of a silk shirt to the caresses of a woman, but those who knew him, as Marie did, knew that Julian was far from being the careless socialite he pretended to be.

After the fires were lit in their grates, Marie visited the henhouse. The birds clucked sleepily at her as she pulled the eggs from underneath them, and placed them in a basket. She visited the garden, checking over all the plants, and pulled up some green onions. Their sharp smell mingled with the rank odor of the henhouse, and the smell of the woodsmoke on her clothes. The earthiness of it made her feel oddly sensual, and she paused for a moment to revel in the feel of the morning, with the cool dew and the warm sun on her bare arms and neck. She took a few deep breaths, wishing she could simply sit and enjoy the solitude, but her employer's breakfast could not be late, and there was still laundry to be started.

The early morning chill of the kitchen was cut somewhat by the small fire burning cheerfully in the grate, and Marie began to feed it in preparation for boiling the washing water. As she slowly built up a bed of coals over the next hour or so, she began to wash the vegetables from garden and root cellar, and brought up some bread and a knob of butter from the pantry. She chopped the green onions, again savoring their sharp smell against the warm woodsmoke, and scrambled them into the eggs along with some well-aged cheese. Just as the coals had built up enough to boil water over, she made some coffee, to be served in her master's favorite china cup, and toasted some bread and a bit of bacon over the fire. Before placing his breakfast on a silver tray to be served to him upon waking, she hauled her laundry kettle over the fire and built it up, so that the water would heat while she was away.

"Mr. Roth, your breakfast is ready," she called softly as she opened the door to her employer's room. She set the tray on a table near his bed, and began to lay out his breakfast as he began to stir.

"Good morning, Marie," he said as he sat up in his bed. He slept shirtless, but never bothered to cover up for her as he did the other servants. "How are you today?"

"Fine, sir. Thank you for asking. It's a beautiful day. The garden is in full bloom and it seems likely to stay cool, should you wish to take a walk this afternoon. Herr Schonberg has left a message asking if you would like to ride up to the village today and have a drink with him. Should I respond with a time?"

Marie's back was turned as she poured his coffee, and as Julian watched her move, he felt a familiar sensation between his legs. He had often thought Marie was beautiful, but somehow, as she doted on him this morning as she had done every morning, he felt absolutely paralyzed by want.

"No, Marie, I don't feel much like going out today, but thank you. I must confess that I have very little idea how you manage to run this house all by yourself, and I would very much like to learn. May I watch you today as you go about your chores?"

Marie handed Julian his coffee cup, feeling rather confused. "Sir, it's not all that fascinating. Today's laundry day, naught but hot water and sweat. And I'll be wearing nothing but my shift, sir, so there's decency to consider." All the same, she was rather excited by the idea of her employer seeing her, arms deep in suds, wearing her loose cotton underdress, which hugged her large breasts and fell loosely about her knees. Mr. Roth was a handsome man, and she had long dreamed about what he must look like without his clothes. Professionalism demanded she not pursue this desire, but she was going to take any chance she could get to be able to share his bed.

"All the same Marie, I must insist. In fact, I think I'll take my breakfast down to the kitchen and watch you while I eat. Oh no," he added as Marie bent to pick up the tray, "I can carry this myself. God knows I do little enough real work anymore."

In the kitchen, the water was nearing its proper temperature. Marie took the laundry, collected the night before, and the box of soap flakes, and began to take off her overclothes. This was partly to protect the freshly starched fabric from the hot water, and partly to keep her cool in the heat of the laundry. She didn't ask her employer to avert his eyes, knowing that as her employer he could look at her if he damn well pleased, and she was pleasantly surprised to see that he stared at her the entire time. He seemed impressed to see her pull the massive laundry kettle off the fire and onto the hearth, and watched her intently as she scrubbed each article with care, inspecting the fabric for wear and stains.

His cock twitched when her hand slipped and water splashed onto the breast of her underdress, making it transparent and revealing the swollen nipples and large areolae underneath.

Marie was too intent on her work to notice that her right breast was fully visible, or that her skirt had slipped up her thigh when she knelt down to rub some soap into a particularly stubborn stain. She didn't see how her employer admired the strength of her muscles as she rubbed the fabric clean, or how her ass stood out so perfectly against the material of the clinging white dress. It was only when her work was done and she rose, tired and wet, to drink some water, that she noticed her employer, wearing an expression of animal lust and not-so subtly stroking his cock underneath his pants. There was a small stain of what was presumably precum on the material.

"Sir," said Marie, voice quavering with sudden want. "I can't help but notice you've got a small stain on your pants. Perhaps you should take them off so I can wash them?"

"Only if you take off that soaking wet dress, Marie. It could do with a wash as well."

Marie peeled off her sopping dress and threw it to the floor. Her body was well-built and strong, and her nicely furred pussy stood out well between powerful thighs.

"With your permission, sir, I think we should move to the bedroom."

In Mr. Roth's beautiful four-poster bed, Marie removed her employer's pants. His cock was a comfortable length, and stood up solid and proud between his legs, with a shining bead of precum on the surface. She knelt to lick it up, savoring his taste. She wrapped her lips around the shaft and took it deep into her mouth, taking him in and out, while her employer made little noises of pleasure. She licked his tip and kissed it, and massaged his firm balls. From the urgency with which he was fucking her mouth, and the swollen size of his testicles, he hadn't cum in days. Despite how good he tasted, she forced herself to come up and kiss his mouth.

He was a frantic kisser, urgently pressing his lips against hers, biting her lips and earlobes, kissing the side of her neck as Marie whimpered.

"I've wanted you so long," he whispered, brushing back the hair from her eyes, and looking into them. He bent his head down and took her soft, large breast into his mouth, caressing the already-hard nipple with his tongue. He ran his hands up and down her body, gripping and squeezing handfuls of her flesh as he went. He guided her onto the bed and laid her down gently on his pillow. His cock brushed against her thigh, and pressed between her lips.

Marie moaned and pushed her hips into him as he aligned himself to go inside her, and filled her up with his manhood. He pushed into her, and pulled out ever so slightly before pushing even deeper into her. In and out, in and out, bodies moving together. Marie could smell the coffee on his breath, mingling again with the scent of green onions and her master's own scent, and the smell of her own pussy. She gripped his shoulders, feeling how perfectly he filled her, his big head rubbing against her g-spot, her nipples brushed against his chest, overwhelmed by the sensation of her pleasure.

Julian was panting, struggling to keep from cumming as her tight pussy gripped his cock. She began bucking against him, faster and faster, until she could stand the feeling no longer. She arched, screaming out a little as she came, and fell back on the mattress, breathing hard. Julian stroked in and out of her a few times, before pulling out and cumming across her bush. Marie held him close, petting his hair as he sleepily muttered,

"I think I may have to extend my holiday."

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