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Layla Calls

All he wanted was night of masturbation - he got much more

A Series of Short Stories


Jenni Gee


I almost leap out of the chair at the sound of the door chime; who the hell can this be?

Stuffing my cock back into my pants and the Playboy magazine under the cushions I make for the door.

"Hi ya Mark, Nichole in?" It’s Layla one of my wife’s many female friends.

I’m sure that Nichole had told her friends that she would be away for a week.

"Erm... well..." I stuttered

"Don’t I get to come in?" Layla looks past me into the living room. "You got a girl in here?" she giggles.

Pushing past me, looking as if she hopes she has caught me with a strange female.

Before I can remind her that my wife is away Layla plants her ass in the chair by the fire, throws her bag on the floor and pulls out her mobile phone.

"Shall I call Nikki and tell her I caught you wanking?"

I coloured up. "Who? What makes you think....?" I began.

"Wanking?" she laughed. "Your red face, the dirty mag not quite hidden, the bulge in your pants?"

"Fuck!" I mumble under my breath.

"God you look so guilty, Mark! How long has she been gone? Two days?"

Layla’s pure white teeth had that just-been-cleaned-and-mouth-washed look as she laughed out loud. Too loud! What if the neighbours should hear and tell Nichole I had a woman here?

I shrugged my shoulders, what could I say? Why the hell couldn’t she have come later when I had got the frustration out of my system?

"Well then?"

"Well what?" I reply

"Drinky-poos?" she insisted.

Oh shit, Layla cannot handle her booze! Many a time Nikki has dragged her back after a girls’ night out, tipped me out of a warm bed to sleep on the sofa while she and Layla share our bed.

Now I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t. If I don’t offer she will tell Nikki that I was unfriendly, if I do she will get plastered and I will have to either take her home or let her take our bed.

Take her home and she may be sick and choke, or tell Nikki I was at her place and got her drunk. If she stays here she will tell Nikki that I plied her with drinks, got her drunk and tried to fuck her!

All I wanted was a horny wank-filled night. Fucking women!

Layla is just thirty years old, two years younger than my wife, and four years my junior and is single. Her hair is never the same colour for long so I have no idea of its true colour; it’s been a long-standing joke that if I want to know that I will have to look in her panties. She almost wets herself laughing when she says... "and Mark that is only in your wildest dreams". At that point Nikki usually gives me that – don’t even think of going down that route – look. It don’t stop me from feeling the old man wriggle in my pants though.

This lady is unusually tall compared to most that I am acquainted with – 5’ 10”; Nikki is 5’ 5”. Not as slender as Nikki, more rounded but with no fat that I have noticed when we have shuffled around the dance floor. Great tits; Nichole says they are real! My wife tells me a lots about her friends, particularly when she is extra horny, knowing that little snippets like that make me horny too.

"You would like Layla," she said one time, "wears sussy-hose; panty hose that have no panties but hold up as suspenders". I just nodded and said oh, knowing that to show too much interest may have repercussions later. Nichole believes that as a married woman she should show a modicum of decorum except in bed.

"What poison do you fancy?" I ask Layla

"Oh, a can of that crap you drink will do Mark, I don’t want to get pissed." She giggles again.

I get the cans out of the kitchen fridge and when I return to the living room Layla is lying back in the chair scrutinising my Playboy. Her legs are parted slightly and I try to see up her dress, but the lighting is too low.

"God, I see what attracts you men to these porn mags! But you know they are not really like these pics don’t you?"


"Silly! They are air-brushed! No one has skin as flawless as this." Layla holds up the centre-fold. "Mark, you are an idiot if you don’t accept that. Look at this one’s pussy mound..."

My heart skips a beat and John Thomas raises his head and takes notice in my pants.

"... not a goose bump, not a razor nick..." her left eyebrow arches upward.

"Yes but..." I stammer,"she probably waxes."

"You seen Nikki’s choochie after she has waxed," Layla looks up, "have you?"

"Well she... erm... does it in the bathroom." I am feeling that I am in awful trouble and that my wife is going to jump into the room and say... "caught you, you cheating bastard".

"Oh my dear god Mark! You have never seen a freshly waxed pussy! You think it looks like this?" Her finger traces the girl’s mound in a way that has my cock up and panting. Shit! Now what do I do? Layla will see the bulge in my pants. But if she does she says nothing but sits thinking.

She gets out of the chair, takes my hand and pulls me behind her to the stairs.

"Hey! Wait a minute now, what you going to ..."

"Silly man, come on, you need educating... never seen a waxed pussy... oh my god!" She laughs derisively.

"Layla if this is some kind of honey trap I don’t think it’s funny." I pull her to a stop and glare into her green eyes.

Layla’s eyes narrow, her mouth thins, she thinks a moment then throws back her head and screams out laughing. "Nikki would kill me, before she killed you, if she had any idea about this," she laughed.

Still giggling, she pulls me to the bathroom, and with a knowledge born of many stays at our house finds my wife’s waxing kit.

"Drop your pants honey, you are about to see a freshly waxed cock!"

"No way! Don’t you even think about... "

"Oh you great baby! It only hurts for a while! Come on!"

"NO!" I turn to leave the bathroom.

"Ok, ok!" She lets out an exaggerated sigh."It will have to be mine."

"But, wait, no, erm... well..." This is getting way out of hand. 

Layla drops the dress to the floor in one deft movement and for the first time I see her almost naked body. My cock almost bursts out of my pants. She is incredible. A white bra barely covers small but firm breasts; she wears no panties, only suspenders holding up stockings that reach up to the top of her thighs. Her pussy mound is covered in fine red hair. Red! Her eyes meet mine.

"So, now you know, Mark, yes, I’m ginger!" Her laugh tells me that she is thoroughly enjoying this.

Bloody hell, I am desperate to rub my cock, but at this moment I think better of it.

Layla sits on the edge of the bath then on the loo, she looks around. "where does Nikki do this? Wait! You wouldn’t know would you?"

I am hating this but loving it; hating the fact that she is laughing at me but loving the unexpected situation.

"Bed!" cries Layla, and scoots off to the bedroom. "Get me water!"

"Noo! The bed will get wet!"

"Shut up big baby, be a man, get the water and I may let you help wax me." She gave me a sultry look and licked her lips before throwing back her head in laughter. "Hot water, mind!"

In for a penny in for a ... an end to my marriage and the removal of my nads if Nichole ever finds out!

Layla does whatever it is women do to wax their pussies, and I watch enthralled. I just couldn’t resist an occasional rub of my cock through my jeans.

The sound of every zzzzzip as she ripped off the waxing made me flinch and my eyes water. Her poor pussy and mound ended up bright red.

"Ok, that’s it, now for the after care..." she paused... "well? After care Mark! Christ, don’t you know anything?"

"What after....?"

Layla held up a bottle. "Massage please," she demanded.

"Erm... me?"

She looks around the room with exaggerated head movements."See anyone else here?""

"Well, no." Incredibly I actually look around the room too. 

"Well then," Layla held out her hand and gave me a patronising smile, "come and do as you’re told! No wait!"

Oh fuck! She is only teasing me. I know I am going to cum in my pants before too long.

"Baby? That bulge is going to burst your pants, release it! Get the big boy out, I want to see if Nikki has been lying to us."

So Nichole, my wife who would have me believe is a prude, has been talking!

My mouth opens to say this had better go no further but the look of pleading on her face, her near naked body and that red, inviting pussy stops me. I release the top button of my jeans, slowly. Layla licks her lips. I ease the zip down an inch then pull it up again.

"Oh you tease! Show me big boy or I’ll scream." Her left eyebrow arches upward again and I am positive that she means it.

The zip is not fully down but my cock leaps out and points at the ceiling.

"Oh of course, you’re commando because you were stroking that big hardness before I interrupted." She motions me nearer. "Jeez us! Mark, Nikki was right, you are big!"

Her hand reaches out, the index finger touches just above my scrotum and so slowly slides up the underside of my cock. "Oh my, my, I am going to be a very lucky girl tonight."

Now it’s my turn to take charge! "Oh no my girl, you can look, you can want but this mister isn’t yours to play with."

Eyes narrowed, lips pouted and then she grinned evilly. "I'm telling Nichole that you got me drunk and screwed me in her bed!"

"Oh really? That you came in the house when you knew she was away? And that I forced you to wax your own pussy?" My turn to raise an eyebrow.

"Oh god Mark, that’s not fair, she would kill me!"

"Tell me why you came here when you knew I’d be here alone!"

Layla’s hand moved to her still red pussy. "Oooh, it’s Nikki’s fault, she boasts about how big you are and how good you are in the sack! I wanted to be sure she wasn’t lying".

Slowly her middle finger begins to caress her cleft, dipping down just enough to press on her clitoris.

My cock twitches.

Wetting a finger she rubs it around my exposed glans; my cock leaps. With one deft movement her hand encompasses the girth and pulls me nearer to the bed.

"Uh, uh, not so fast".

"Oh what now? Look Mark I want you, I want that cock!" A little shy girl looks spreads over her face and she pouts. "Don’t you want my little ole ginger pussy?"

I had heard a whisper that Layla would never perform fellatio. Any of her chosen partners would be given carte-blanche but for two things; fellatio and anal sex of any kind.

"Then Nichole hasn’t told you that I only perform to order if everything is right." I move as to zip up again. 

She looks at me quizzically and thinks. "Um, no, I don’t think soooo... oh, wait, you mean..." Layla pulls my cock closer and stares at it. "You want me to..."

I nod.

"... to give you a blow job?" My cock is almost ripped from its roots as she pulls it to within millimetres of her face, "Kiss it?"

I shake my head.

"Suck it?" she feigns a look of disgust. 

I nod. "And..." I begin.

"Till you cum? I have to swallow your...." her eyes open wide.

"Fuck you Mark! I am so horny for you!" Her pale brown-painted lips part, and oh so slowly begin to encompass my cock as she pulls it slowly into her mouth. Now her tongue begins to lap around the head and she sucks gently. Layla raises her eyes to mine and I see a devilish twinkle there. Still with our eyes locked together she pulls my cock from her mouth. "Fuck you Mark, I haven’t done this since I was a teen, but one never forgets how!"

Layla had not forgotten how! She remembered more than my wife ever knew... I hope!

I am reasonable lucky to have a dick of good proportions, no need to itemise, but suffice to say that I have compliments from males and females; I hasten to add that I am not gay!

Layla pulled me onto the bed laid me on my back and proceeded to give the most wondrous BJ ever! Deep throat was no problem; I had to pull her off once, fearful that she had stopped breathing. When I could hold out no longer I signalled my rapidly approaching orgasm. Holding me deep while sucking hard, her finger at the base of my cock, urged me on.

I was shocked at the sound I made as I came; never before had I made more than a grunt.

Her eyes tell me that she is well satisfied with her own performance too.

I close my eyes and relax on the sheet; until that is I am pushed off the bed.

"Hey, piggy! Come on, my turn!"

I feign innocence of her demand. "What? We’re finished."

"Oh Mark baby, we haven’t started yet." She points lewdly to her crotch, "Choochie wants after care."

I grin and pushing her back onto the sheets I grab a foot and insert a toe in my mouth and lick between her toes.

"Oh my gosh, nooo, stop! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, how did you know that I adore that?"

I look at her and give her a knowing wink.

"Never! Nikki? She tells you.........? Oh fuck, the little shit!"

I pulled a pillow under her ass. "She told you that too?" she giggled. I nodded.

I was to find out that Layla held back a few things on what she told my wife of her activities, and oh boy, could she fuck.

© Jenni Gee

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