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Layla's Escape

Layla wants to escape her small town but is not sure how

It was Saturday night; the night usually reserved for their most erotic and exotic sexual adventures. They had gone out to their favorite local bar the previous night, as was their habit, where they drank and danced the night away. By the time they got home it was early morning. They pretty much passed out and just fell in bed. This had pretty much been their weekend habit for the eighteen months they had been living together.

Life in their small town, Stuttsville, did not offer much except work—if you could find it at all. Drinking, sex and sleeping were the biggest enjoyments most of the folks had.

Layla and BillyBob had grown up in Stuttsville, a town of a few thousand at most. After graduating from high school she could not wait to get out of her parents' house. She loved them dearly but being married to each other and also to Jesus had put a major crimp in her desired lifestyle.

She had lost her virginity at her high school, just after she passed her sixteenth birthday. It opened her eyes, mind and body to what she had long suspected was a wonderful world. Her parents did not see it that way, that was the crimp.

She worked as a counter girl at the local Mini Mart, ringing up purchases from every person that stopped by—gas to milk, beer, cigarettes and condoms. The pay was lousy, but she knew she was lucky to have a job in this pitiful town. It was so lousy that she could not afford to move out of her family home.

The big employer was the Mill, as everyone called it; it really was the Stockbridge - Masters Wood Products Manufacturing Company. They took raw logs and turned them into every wood product imaginable. There were semi-trucks running through town at all hours of the day and night, seven days a week, carrying trees in and the finished product out. This is where BillyBob worked.

She had dated different guys, including Billy, and had her lust-filled sexual encounters, but they were in pickup up trucks - the town’s favorite vehicle - or other handy but unsatisfactory places. She wanted her place, her bed, her’s to do as she pleased for as long as she pleased.

As the months wore on, she realized that she was seemingly going to be trapped in Stuttsville for her life. BillyBob had been asking her to move in with him somewhere, but she had not pursued it until this realization fully set in. He was the best of the lot she had been dating. Definitely not her dream guy and someone she could not see being married to, but he was tolerable to be with and the best of the lot in sexual pleasuring. So after making it clear that it would be an arrangement of convenience, not an exclusive relationship, she told him to see what he could find that they could afford on their combined measly wages.

A few days after Layla told him she would live with him, he took her to the “perfect house”. It was three blocks off main street on a lot that was mostly dirt with a few weeds meant to pass as grass. Made out of wood, probably sometime in the early 1900's, it was what most people would call a shack—a ramshackle one. At least none of the windows were broken and the roof didn’t leak. It had some furniture, old dilapidated furniture, but it was more than they had.

One of the two bedrooms was empty and the other had a flimsy dresser and a double bed. The thin mattress had blue and white stripes and was covered with so many sex stains that they had all merged into a central multi-colored one. It laid on rusty open springs.  A broken down couch, a few chairs and a table in the living-dining area made up the rest of the furniture.

She wandered through it, floors creaking with every step, as Billy extolled its virtues. Although disappointed, she realized it was probably the best they could do with their limited income, especially if they wanted to have enough left to eat decent and have some fun nights out. They moved in that week.

From that time ‘til the present they lived life as best as they could. Their sex life had gotten even better with time and both of them also had their outside interests that they partook of whenever they felt like it. BillyBob was perfectly happy. He had a woman to come home to or at least she was available most of the time. Beer, pot when they could afford it, and sex was all he needed to be fulfilled. Layla was getting tired of the whole scene. She was not in love with Billy, but the sex was very fulfilling. She knew there had to be something better, but where and how to find it—that was the big question.

It was Saturday night, time for their wild and crazy sex night. She had done her shift at the Mart and come home to wash away the day’s crud so she would be fresh for Billy. Hearing the squeal of his rusty old pickup truck’s brakes, she knew he was home, probably with a twelve pack. She walked out of the bedroom, wearing only a thong and an unbuttoned sheer blouse, wanting to give Billy something to lust after. The front door opened and in walked Billy and another guy.

She made no attempt to cover herself but said, “What the fuck Billy? Who is that?”

“Its Randy. You remember him, right? Its probably the big scar and his missing eye that threw ya. Don’t pay any attention to that, its from his motorcycle accident.”

“Well... Yeah, I guess... But still what the fuck is he doin’ here?”

“Ah well I sort of told him that you would fuck him—“

“What?” she yelled. “Are you crazy? I can barely look at him. No offense Randy.”

“Listen, it would be big favor and a charitable act. He hasn’t had sex since the accident—“

“I can see why!”

“And he got his younger sister to fuck me so I sort of owe him... I thought maybe we could sorta do a threesome kind of thing...”

“Jesus! How old is the sister?”

“She just turned sixteen and loves to fuck. She is nothing like you of course, but it was just the thrill of it all.”

“BillyBob you are a crazy mother fucker. You bring One Eye in here and want me to fuck him cuz you feel sorry for him and he helped you fuck his sister. This is supposed to be our night!”

“I know, I know, but how about the threesome idea? That could be kinda fun for you... maybe...”

Layla just stared at the two of them. This brought her life into focus. Living in crappy Stuttsville and her somewhat significant other brings home a one-eyed, disfigured guy for her to fuck as payback for his sister, and a pity fuck to boot. She was at the end of her rope. Desperate times called for desperate measures.

“Billy give us a couple beers. You sit out here and drink the rest. Randy and I are going in the bedroom. You can drink and think about the sex you are missing until you pass out. Have fun!

“Come on Randy,” she said as she pulled him into the bedroom and slammed the door. There was no mistaking the snapping of the lock. Billy was not coming in.

Layla gave Randy the time of his life. The bedsprings seemed to be constantly squeaking. Her screams and squeals of delight were mixed with Randy’s howls of bliss. A few times Billy knocked on the door and begged for admittance, but Layla just told him to drink his sorrows away and take care of his needs alone.

Hours later the house was quiet. Randy was breathing slow and deep. BillyBob was snoring on the couch, empty beer cans strewn all around him. Layla gathered up what money she could find in the house, put on a pair of denim shorts and a tank top, packed her one old battered suitcase with her few belongings and headed out the door. It was only a few blocks to Main Street, the road all the trucks used to come and go from the mill.

At Main she walked north, waiting for the sound of a truck. The sun was just beginning to show as she got to the edge of town and she heard the deep rumble of a big diesel truck. Turning and sitting on her suitcase, she stuck out her thumb in the universal sign that asked for a ride.

She heard the air brakes hiss and saw the truck begin to slow as it passed her. Another hundred feet or so and it had stopped. She ran up to the passenger side, climbed up on the running board and looked inside. The driver was an oldish man with three or four days of white beard covering his face.

“Where are you headed, darling?”

“Just outta here. Up to the Interstate and then I think east. I just can’t stand this place any longer.”

“Well I can get you to the Interstate, but I’m headed west from there. If that’s good with you, open the door and hop in.”

“Great!” she said as she pulled open the door and got in. “Thanks mister. I really appreciate the ride.”

“Its my pleasure to have the company of such a beautiful young lady,” he said as he ran through the gears getting the truck rolling north. The two points of her nipples emphasized her braless boobs and her super short shorts revealed her perfectly formed legs. He drove slower than normal to make this vision last as long as possible.

“You sure you don’t want to go west?” he asked hopefully. “I am headed to California. The truck has a sleeping area behind you where we could rest when I have to stop. All the meals would be on me.”

She smiled, knowing exactly what was on his mind. “Thanks for the offer, but I want to head for Atlanta, maybe Orlando or Miami. I have heard good things about them.”

They chit-chatted as they headed up the road. She learned his name was Carl, that he was fifty-five and a widower with no kids. A lonely guy driving the byways of the country just trying to make that next destination. She liked him. He did not say or do anything lecherous as they rolled north.

Soon the Interstate was in sight. “Hey Carl, pull off in that big gas station. I really appreciate this and you are a gentleman. I want to thank you.”

“Ah, well okay. No thanks are needed, I enjoyed talking with you.”

“I know that, Carl. That is why I want to do this.”

She climbed between the seats into the sleeper area and removed her tank top before he had parked. His eyes seemed to bulge as his brain got the full impact of her full, pert boobs.

“Get your pants off and lay down. Let Layla take care of you.”

“Oh my Lord, is this really happening? Layla, I didn’t—“

“I know. That is why I am doing this. Now enjoy.”

She positioned herself so he could play with her while she sucked him. He was hard before she started and did not take long to finish. She thought it must have been awhile since he had experienced this delight.

“Oh, Layla, you have made my day, probably my week or month. I sure wish I was younger and could offer you what you need. I will never forget you. You be careful hitchin’ and just be careful in general. Not everyone has honorable motives.”

She kissed him, pulled on her shirt and gathered her suitcase.  Hopping out, she waved goodby and headed back to the on ramp to go east. Once there she sat on her case and again put her thumb out. Several cars stopped for her but after talking to the drivers, all male, she passed on their ride offers. Then a shiny new Mustang stopped. The woman driving asked Layla where she was going when she looked in the open window. Layla briefly explained her destination plans.

“Well I’m headed to Atlanta, and I’d love some company so hop in. Throw your suitcase in the back.”

Layla immediately got good vibes. She opened the door, tossed her case in the back and sat in the bucket seat, sighing in relief at having found an apparently good ride to one of the places she wanted to go. She learned that the driver was Delilah and that she was headed back to Atlanta after visiting her mother for a week.

As the cruise control took them down the highway, they began to learn about each other. Layla was the most forthcoming, telling Delilah about her crappy life and how she hoped to improve her situation by going to a big city. The how was the big question. It was clear her only real qualification was operating a cash register.

Delilah had not let much out about herself except that she was twenty four and a college graduate that had not found much success in her field of anthropology. After seeing how open and somewhat innocent Layla was, she began to feel a certain empathy and compassion for her and her situation. They listened to CD’s as they talked about guys, sex, and life in general.

The hours rolled by as they kept heading east. Delilah had said that they would need to stop for the night, as Atlanta was just too far to make it in one day. Around dinner time they spotted a sign for a Motel Seven coming up. The exit also had several restaurants, so they decided to make that their night stop.

They registered and got a room with one king bed. They had both decided that was plenty big. Unsaid by both was a feeling of attraction, one that Layla had never really felt before but one that was familiar to Delilah. After putting their bags in the room, they went to the Italian place for dinner. After diving into the bottle of wine they ordered, Delilah finally opened up and told Layla about her circumstances; she worked as a stripper in a club just outside the Atlanta city limits.

Layla was taken by surprise. Here was a girl not much older than her with a college degree who was working as a stripper. It was just about the last thing she expected to hear. Then Delilah went into more detail about the club and how it all worked. She revealed a six figure income for doing what was first desperation and now something she loved.

This all began to sound really good to Layla. Sex had been the one big love in her life so far, and to get paid so much for dancing naked... She wanted in and quizzed Delilah more about the possibilities for her. Delilah elaborated further, explaining about the lap dances and the things that went on in the Champagne Room in the back of the club. At this point in her life Layla had no problem with trading sex for tips. After all, she thought, she had been giving it away for free to Billy Bob and others; why not do what she enjoyed and make money at the same time.

They talked more as they finished the dinner and wine, then headed back to the motel. Delilah said that she liked to sleep nude and hoped that was okay with Layla.

“Fine with me,” Layla said. “I always slept that way back home. BillyBob liked to see me and be able to snuggle up for some nookie whenever he felt like it.”

“He must have been something. It sounds like you really liked him in spite of other things...”

“Well he was about the best guy in town, and I am not sure that is sayin’ much. He never mistreated me and we shared our money so it was okay, but all in all it was just existing day to day, week to week. Smokin’ a joint was a big deal, due to our money situation. I knew there had to be something better, and it looks like I found it!”

“I think maybe you have. Let’s shower and hit the bed.”

They both stripped and took turns getting squeaky clean. They also mentally checked each other out. They were very close in size: around 34-C boobs, about 5', 5" tall and probably around 115 pounds. Layla had long blond hair and Delilah had long brown highlighted hair.

Once the lights were out and they were both in bed, Delilah reached over and gently caressed Layla’s back. She responded by twisting and rubbing her body on the bed. Never having experienced a woman’s touch before, she was enjoying Delilah’s soft, tender caress. Soon she turned on her back and Delilah moved closer. Her caressing now roamed from her boobs to her pussy. Layla reached up and pulled her to her lips; the kiss was magic.

“Oh god, Delilah, that is so good! I had no idea... I think I am dripping. I know I am quivering with need. Do more. Please do more. I love your touch,” she whispered.

Pulling back the covers, Delilah moved between her legs as Layla parted them for her. Once her tongue touched her, Layla moaned from the heat and ecstasy running through her. It went on and on, the thrill building until suddenly the orgasm hit her.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!” she shouted as she squirmed against Delilah’s mouth. “My god, my god, I love it!”

Delilah knew just when to get off her sensitive clit and let her calm down. After a minute of two Layla pulled her up for a long, fervent kiss and then rolled her over. She proceeded to kiss down Delilah’s body, stopping at her nipples to give them lavish attention. Then it was on for her first venture with another woman’s pussy.

She ran her tongue from bottom to top, taking in her juice and lightly flicking her clit. Delilah responded with her own moaning. Layla put her lips on her and pushed her tongue in her tunnel. They both were in their own heaven: Layla from this first experience tasting and bring pleasure to another woman and Delilah from receiving pleasure she had experienced on a number of occasions.

Soon it was Delilah’s turn. “Yes, yes lover! You’re perfect. Keep it up, I am so close. Yes, now! Oh shit, shit! Damn, Layla,” she shouted, “you’re a natural.”

Delilah had to push Layla off her clit. It had quickly become so sensitive and Layla was so enthusiastic. They came together for an impassioned kiss and then rolled onto their backs, both panting from their ardor and appetite for each other.

“Oh, Delilah, I had wondered about this from time to time but had no idea it was this good! I hope this is the beginning of a great friendship. I am so lucky you stopped to pick me up.”

“I think we are both lucky. If you want, when we get to Atlanta you can stay with me and we will see how things go. I think you will be a hit at the club, and we could possibly be great roommates.”

They spent a bit more time talking, caressing and kissing before they fell asleep in each other’s arms. In the morning Delilah woke to the tender attention Layla was giving her nipples. She pulled her up close and this time they used their fingers to first tease and then bring each other to orgasm. The two new friends had a wonderful start to their day.

~~0~~ Three Months Later ~~0~~

The driving beat of the dance music was reverberating in Layla’s ears as she straddled the man, rubbing her bare, damp pussy back and forth on his crotch. The unmistakable feeling of his hard cock being stroked by her back and forth movement was quite evident. He reached for her bare tits swinging just inches from his face. She let him touch them briefly before, “Oh baby that feels so good but its not allowed in the big room. Sorry, but no touching in here.”

“Journey, you are so damn sexy. I want you so damn bad. Just a few more feels, pleaseee.”

“Oh baby, I wish I could, you feel so good also, but they watch so close. You don’t want me to get fired do you?”

“No, no but I just want you so bad.”

“Baby, we could go in the Champagne Room in the back. We can do anything there, if the tip is right. Just buy a bottle at the bar and we can go back.”

“Oh god yes! I’ll do anything to be will you. You mean fully with you? Deeply with you?”

“I’m yours back there baby. It is only fifty to get past security, and then the better you are to me the better I am to you.”

“Okay, Journey; it’s a good thing I got paid today. I love your name. Are you going to take me on a journey, Journey?”

“The best journey you ever had baby, the absolute best. Squeeze my tit to see how hot I am for you. Oh yes baby, yes! I can’t wait!”

Five hundred dollars later he had had his journey and Layla was back on stage doing the splits, showing herself to every man that had a view. They were at the edge of the stage waving fives, tens, twenties and one guy with a hundred. She selected him for the up close and personal show. The hundred was in her garter and her glistening pussy was inches from his open mouth.

“Want a lap dance, baby? This is my last dance on stage.”

“This ain’t my first rodeo. I want you in the Champagne Room. What’s your name?”

“Journey, baby, and that’s just what I want to give you.”

“Yeehaw Journey! Git that sexy ass down here and let’s git it on. My stallion’s throbbing girl.”

He was her last for the night. After they were finished she went in the back to change, count her money and pay the house its cut. She was going to walk out with over two thousand; it had been a good night. Delilah, who had also gotten off shift, walked in just after her; they both tried to work the same shift as much as possible. She had also counted her money, just short of two thousand. They changed into jeans and tee shirts, ready to walk out the back door.

“Layla you are a real natural at this, like a duck to water. Never expected this life did you? The girl from Stuttsville. BillyBob would shit a brick if he walked in and saw you now.”

“BillyBob couldn’t afford the first drink. He’s probably fuckin Randy’s sister and happy as a pig in shit.”

They both started laughing as they hugged and kissed.

“Let’s head home, wash away the detritus of this place and see what fun we can have.”

“I thought you’d never ask. Did I mention I love you, Delilah?”

“Not this evening I don’t think,” she said, flashing a big grin. They joined hands and strolled to Layla's gleaming new Miata.






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