Leah's Long Distance Surprise - Part One

By LeahLidocaine

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Leah and Nick Reconnect When She Surprises Him
I picked up my phone and was shocked to see a text from him. I wasn't sure if I'd hear from him at all... let alone so soon... After Nick left the state, moving 975 miles away; without seeing me as he had promised, I didn't put faith into him keeping in touch with me while he was away. But after a short 13 days of his departure, I got my first text from him. When I picked up my phone and saw his name, my heart dropped into my stomach, unsure of what it was going to say. I opened the text...

The message was a simple "Hey..." 

My mind flashed back a few weeks earlier when I stupidly drove through a snow storm to see him while he was plowing... I laid my heart on the line, only to find out he was leaving in less than a week. The conversation also had its upsides. Nick told me the feelings and emotions I felt weren't in my head, and I wasn't crazy... but that he felt the same way. He wanted to be with me, as much as I wanted to be with him. Just as luck would have it, the timing couldn't have been worse. He was set to leave in 6 days and nothing was going to change it... I crawled across the seat of his SUV and into his arms for what would be the last time for months...

After a week of talking, texting, and sending me picture of the beautiful scenery I was jealous he was living in, our conversations started to move from lovey-dovey to dirty talk. Apparently knowing I was almost a 1000 miles away was too much for my Marine and he started to trust me with his inner most dirty thoughts. He described a fantasy that I couldn't help but get turned on by. No guy I had ever been with was this open and secure to ever want to have this much fun and I was shocked. My pussy started throbbing and dripping as I received text after text filled with details of my Marine's desires.

After a few weeks of thinking about and masturbating to his fantasy, I decided to make it come true for him...

I saved up enough money to pay for enough gas to cover a 2000 mile road trip. I picked up extra shifts at the firehouse, and worked with some of my buddies on a few side jobs doing roofing and remodeling. I also took the necessary steps to find the object needed to turn my Marine on and make his cock stiffer and cum harder than he ever had.

The trip was an average 16 hours, 16 minutes. We got on the road at 0700. If we tried to drive straight through, we should get to the Forth Worth area around 2300... However, the trip took longer with all the fingering and blow-jobs that went on as we teased truckers and ended having to pull over to finish the job.

We pulled into town around 2Am, a few hours later than planned and pulled into the first hotel in sight. As we entered town, I saw the sign and couldn't help but notice the population only read 798. I giggled to myself, but my heart fell in love. The number looked perfect... I always hated the bustle of people and wished for everything my eyes peered over as we pulled into the motel.

The "Big Tex Motel" was an understatement. After checking in, it was clear to me that this place hadn't had a guest in months. The room smelled like dust, and the bed was covered in a worn, plaid-patterned comforter. The TV looked like it was from the 70's, and the Bible was sitting on the nightstand. I dropped my bag at the door and told him I was taking a shower.

I stepped into the bathroom, shutting the door behind me and flipping the light on. I started the shower, manipulating the old handle, trying to find a happy medium between scalding hot and freezing cold. I yanked off my combat boots, hearing the clatter as they dropped to the floor, and slipped out of my black Tripp brand bondage shorts. I pulled my camouflage tank-top off, dropping it on the floor and stared at myself in the mirror.

I was beat after the almost-20 hour drive. I unfastened my bra and pulled my panties off, adding them to the pile of clothes on the tile floor and stepping into the warmth of the water. I welcomed the feeling on my tired, dry skin. After 20 hours and 975+ miles in a topless Jeep, I felt dirty and wind burned.

I lathered my hair, and massaged the suds into my scalp. It felt good, and caused goosebumps to form on my skin under the steady stream of hot water. I rinsed and conditioned before I grabbed the wash-cloth and added a few squirts of shower gel. I soaped my entire body. My skin felt hot and slippery as I scrubbed the wash-cloth over my whole body. My mind wandered to thoughts of Nick, and trying to surprise him. I thought about how I was going to pull it off. Thoughts of him fucking me in the cornfields and taking me like it was the first time all over again run through my head... Before I knew that I was doing it, I had dropped the soapy cloth and felt my fingers trailing down my slick stomach and snake down towards my wet pussy.

Standing under the stream of water, I leaned against the wall as my hands starting working my clit and massaging my breasts. I thought about Nick, and the surprised look he was going to have on his face when he saw me get out of the Jeep. I thought about his hands wrapping around me, and lifting me in the air as his soft lips pressed hard into mine. His hands gripping my hair, and holding my face to his. I thought about the surprise I had planned for him, and how it was all going to go down...

Without realizing it, my heart was racing. I was gasping as my fingers flew over my clit, furiously rubbing until I felt a wave of tingles start to rush through my body. I felt my orgasm building and attempted to grab a hold of the tiled wall as it hit me, my fingers only slipping. My throat let out a soft moan, and I felt my legs start to shake and weaken. After I felt my orgasm subside and I after I caught my breath, I rinsed the dripping cum from my pussy and got out of the shower.

I was too tired to pull my pajama's out of my bag, so I wrapped the towel around my wet hair, and left the bathroom. He was already asleep and snoring softly, so I pulled the covers down and slipped into bed still moist and naked... I woke up to the smell of pot and a beam of light peeking through the window. He was sitting in bed watching TV and smoking a joint. When he noticed I woke up, he passed it to me. I took a pull and sat up. I exhaled the hit, and looked at the time on my phone. It was already 0930! I jumped out of bed and cursed him for not waking me sooner.

I put on my shortest pair of cut-off Daisy Dukes and pulled my Ariat's on. I pulled on a fresh white tank-top and forced my unruly curly hair into a set of pig-tail braids and topped off the outfit with one of my classic red bandannas. I threw on some natural make up and asked him how I looked.

"I got a boner..." he said with a devilish smile, "can we fuck before you leave?". He grabbed my hand, trying to pull me on the bed. I pulled my hand from his and told him to go to hell as I grabbed the keys and my purse. I opened the motel room door blew him a kiss as I slipped out the door.

Thirty minutes later, driving down the county road, I saw the sign to his family's farm. I pulled off to the side of the road to calm myself... I hadn't seen Nick in months... He had no clue I was here... What if he got mad that I came down? What if he wasn't home? What if he was with another girl? What if he didn't want to see me?

So many thoughts flooded my mind. I felt my pulse quicken and closed my eyes tightly, trying to calm myself down while pushing the negativity from my mind. I regained my composure and pulled the black Jeep back onto the road and turned down the driveway.

I estimated the dirt road to be at least a half a mile long, and as I drove further into the property, I saw fields of grain on both sides, spotted with horses and men riding tractors, none were him. I reached the end of the drive and a two-story farm-house popped into view with the cliché red barn back and to the right. I stopped the Jeep and turned off the engine. I opened the door and stepped out onto the dirt.

I heard voices coming from the barn and approached the open door. I peeked in and saw a man in his early 50's milking a cow and singing along to a country song I didn't recognize.

"Hello" I called into the barn. The man turned his head and looked at me.

"Hey there Lil' Missy. How can I help ya?" he said in a friendly voice.

"Uh... I'm looking for Nick... My name is Le-.."

I was interrupted by a loud laugh as the man stood up. He walked over to me and pulled me into a tight hug. I was caught off guard as he pulled me towards him, my nose filling with the scent of dirt, sweat and hard work on his clothes.

"So you're the girl my nephew keeps talking about! Good to see he has such good taste!"

The stranger let me go and I stared at his eyes in surprise. "He didn't tell us you were coming for a visit!" he boomed.

"Actually, he doesn't know I'm here" I stuttered. "I was hoping to surprise him."

"Well, I'm sure he will be! Right now he is in the south field running the tractor. I can take you to him if you'd like."

"That would be great!"

We climbed into an old rusty truck and he headed further down the dirt road that winded through his property. Five minutes later he pulled up next to a grain field and I saw him.

Nick was shirtless and sitting in the seat of a huge green John Deere tractor pulling circles around the field. His back was to the truck and hadn't noticed us pull up. I stepped out and thanked his uncle as he pulled the truck around and headed back the way we came. Before he pulled away, he told me to let Nick know he had the rest of the day off, and he laid his hand on the horn, pressing down for a few moments as he peeled away. Nick turned his head.

It seemed like slow motion as I watched his head turn in my direction. I saw the tractor come to a stop and I couldn't help but smile. He stood up and raised a hand to his forehead, shielding his eyes from the glare of the sun. I saw him rub his eyes and look again. I waved to him and stood there listening to my heart pound in my ears. I heard the engine cut off, and watched him jump down.

Nick darted through the grain field into the dirt road, about 75 feet in front of me. He stopped in his tracks, and I could see the color he had gained from being in the sun, and a crooked smile on his face. His arms looked thicker and his chest seemed bigger. The few months of farm work he had been doing showing on every inch of him, and fit him well. He took off towards me.

25 feet away, I couldn't stand still anymore, and started moving towards him. A foot away from me, and I jumped in his arms, wrapping my legs around his waist. His lips devoured mine as we touched for the first time. I felt the entire world dissolve around us as our tongues wrestled. His hands grabbed my ass and held me in the air as I felt my breath leave my lungs and what was left of the world, spin.

When I felt like my lungs were going to explode, Nick pulled away and looked at me. "Baby, I didn't know... What are you do..? I just..."

He stopped and shoved his face to mine once again. I felt his cock growing in his pants as he held me to him, and could tell he was already at full-mast. My pussy was wet and eager as well, and I knew the thoughts going through Nick's head were the same as mine.

I paused after I pulled away from his mouth. "I didn't know what to say, or how to say it... I just needed to see you" I stuttered shyly. I saw the look in his eyes. They were bright and happy. It was clear he was approving of my surprise visit.

"I missed you Leah."

Those were his only words as he pressed his mouth back to mine and started walking into the field. He carried me through the long stalks of grain, all the way to the tractor, and let me down. I sat on the foot rails of the tractor and looked up at him. He was standing in front of me with his hands on his hips , still speechless and unsure of what to say or do.

"I talked to you last night, and I didn't pick up on any of this....... I'm so glad your here."

I grabbed Nick's belt loops and pulled him to me, and reached my right hand around and placed it on his back, pushing him closer to me. I felt the sun on his skin, hot from hours of being cooked. His lips hit mine again, and I felt like I was on fire.

I pulled my mouth from his and stared at the button of his pants. It was right in front of my eyes and I had it open in seconds and his pants around his knees with his hard 9 inches waving in front of my lips.

I opened my mouth to take him in, and felt his cock-head land on my tongue. His head jerked back and he moaned at the first touch of my tongue. I slowly slid my tongue in circles around his head, and then took his full length down my throat and choked on his cock, just like he liked. I heard him groan loudly and felt him tense. I massaged my throat around his shaft, feeling the blood straining in the tissue and his cum bursting forth. After 3 months of dirty talk, the anticipation was too much, and he started shooting ribbons of cum down my throat, drowning me in his taste.

I did the best I could to catch every drop, but there was so much that I missed a few. Nick looked at me smiling as they dribbled down my chin. His hand reached out, and with a soft touch of his finger, wiped them from my face. He slid his finger to my lips and rubbed the cum around like it was lip-gloss. I sucked the rest from his finger and licked my lips.

"Fuck I missed you." he said between gasps of breath.

I wasn't done yet. I stood up on the foot rails, turning around and unbuttoning my shorts. I slid them off my ass, revealing that I wasn't wearing any panties. I bent over the seat of the tractor, and Nick already knew his que. I felt his tongue on my cunt, licking softly and savoring my juices for the first time in months. He joined his tongue with a finger and started to fuck my pussy, slipping another in to play with my clit.

His fingers felt so good inside me. It felt like he was pushing my organs into my throat, and hitting my g-spot perfectly. I pushed my ass out, pressing his face deeper into my dripping cunt, begging him to give me more. "My dirty girl wants more?" he mocked me... He slid a second finger into my pussy and spit on my asshole. Nick's finger slid into my asshole, making a small pop as he pushed past the opening. I screamed out in delight and pushed myself towards his hand.

"It feels so good. More baby?" I pleaded.

His force picked up and he was going at both my holes with a learned expertise of my body. I felt myself being pushed to the edge and the dirty whispers in my ear only added to the intensity building inside me. I felt myself begin to shake, and my box start to tighten and tingle. My juices were already dripping, and the world was blurry. I screamed as an orgasm hit me full on, and started to squirt waves of hot cum all over his hands.

Before I recovered, Nick pulled me off the tractor, and bent me over the tire. He wiped a handful of my own cum across my face before kissing me and licking a streak up my cheek. "God you taste to fucking good baby. I missed that."

Nick pushed himself against me, rubbing his cock up and down my ass crack, and pressing it between my cheeks. He grabbed himself, and pushed it to my pussy, teasing my clit with a few strokes. I held my breath as I felt him start to enter me. Every time he fucked me, no matter what, it always hurt the first few pumps. I moaned with a mix of pain and pleasure, feeling him adjust to my pussy.

A slow "Fuuuuuck" escaped his lips, and I felt his hands on my hips with a death grip as his body shook. It felt like he was going to explode inside me with just the one thrust, it had been so long. As I adjusted to his thick, hard cock stretching me open, I felt him pull out and reenter me. Suddenly, Nick was going full force; fucking me hard and making me scream. "You like that dirty girl? You missed my cock, didn't you?"

I tried my best to answer, but his cock ramming into me was taking up all of my attention. I couldn't catch a breath between my gasps and groans. Nick was like a jack hammer, pounding into me with more force than I fantasized about, and I was loving it. "Yes... I... missed... your...cock inside... me... " I sputtered finally. "More!"

My pussy erupted in cum as Nick thrusted into me. I felt juices drip down my legs, and felt myself close to another squirt session. Nick pulled out, and dropped to his knees, diving his face into my ass and shoving his tongue into my rear hole. His fingers went straight to my cunt and started slamming into me, manipulating my g-spot again, and forcing me to shower his face in lakes of cum.

I moaned hard as I felt myself drown his face and heard his groans as he swallowed my flowing nectar. My legs were shaking, and I felt like I was going to collapse. Nick stood up, and put his arms around me, holding me up and pressing against me. He kissed my neck until I quit shaking and stroked my cheeks with his rough hands.

Nick stood up and sat on the side of the tractor, and pulled me to him. I straddled him cowgirl on his lap, hugging his shoulders. His tan faced squinted back at me in the sunlight and smiled. He kissed me again, taking my breath away. His tongue pushed my lips apart and found mine, making the world spin.

After a few minutes of being lost, I pulled away and laid my head on Nick's shoulder, playfully biting and kissing him. His hands were running through my hair when he broke the silence. "I'm so glad your here. I couldn't think of a better surprise."

I pulled my head of his shoulder and looked into his eyes with an evil smile.

"You have no idea. Just wait until tonight."