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Leann and Andy

Leann and Andy still having great sex after 12 years

We finally have a night without the children, so we decide to go see a movie. When we get out by ourselves we cant keep our hands off of each other. This night you wear a nice, loose fitting dress with a sexy lace black thong. The dress has a low cut top and every time you bend over I can see your C cup breasts being held back by your sexy half cup silk bra. Just the thought of you in your sexy lingerie makes me hot to the point that I want to skip the movie and have wild sex in the car.

We stop in the parking lot of the theater. I put the car in park and gently slide my hand up your inner thigh as I kiss you before we go inside. We go inside the theater and sit in the back row. It isn't often that we have a night without the kids so we cant keep our hands off of each other. 

As the movie starts I slide my hand up your inner thigh and gently touch your thong, feeling your wetness through the fabric. You run your hand up my leg and slowly unzip my shorts to rub on my semi erect penis. I rub on your thong increasing the wetness until the movie ends.

As the movie ends we quickly go back to the car and head toward the house to finish our love making. While driving down the road I feel your hand on my crotch as you unzip my shorts again and gently pull my cock out of my shorts. I adjust in my seat to allow you to pull my manhood out in the open. You start off gently rubbing it and soon you go down on me, taking me fully into your mouth. As you suck on me I start getting close. I am moaning loudly and you can feel my cock starting to swell in your mouth. You know I am close so you stop to keep me from cumming in your mouth. You then pull up your skirt and remove your dripping wet thong and touch yourself. It drives me crazy! 

We get home and quickly get inside leaving a trail of clothes all the way to the bedroom. By the time we get to the bedroom we are both completely naked. You lay down on the bed and say to me,"I want you to stroke your cock for me."

I take my cock in my hand and slowly stroke it, letting you watch. I see you begin to touch yourself and you rub your clit which turns me on even more. After your juices have covered your pussy you say, "I need your cock inside me right now!"

I position myself between your legs and can feel the moisture of your soaking wet pussy on the end of my cock. I slowly slide my 8 inch cock into your tight, completely shaven pussy, making you moan louder. I begin to pump my member inside you until I feel you tighten up on me. I hear your moans get louder. "Oh Andy, don't stop! I love feeling you inside me!"

"I am cumming!" As you orgasm I release my hot load into your dripping pussy. 

As we continue to hold each other I want to see if I can make you cum again. I begin to kiss and suck your hard nipples, I massage your breasts and kiss your neck. I then move my way down your stomach and begin cleaning your pussy with my tongue. I lick your clit as I move my hand between your legs. I gently press two fingers deep inside you while I continue to stimulate your clit with my tongue. I allow my pinky to slide between your butt cheeks to put pressure on your butt hole. You are so wet that my entire face is covered with your juices while I continue to eat you out. I love licking your pussy and fingering you as I know exactly which spots can make you cum. 

I roll you over so that you're on top of me and we are in the 69 position. I can feel you getting close as you grind your dripping wet lips onto my tongue, getting max tongue penetration. I then feel you start licking my dick as you play with my balls. Your fingernails lightly scratch under my balls as you know that drives me crazy. You then start sucking my cock taking it in one inch at a time. Eventually, I feel you take me all the way into your mouth, my orgasm starts to build as you suck on me harder. I push my fingers deep inside you allowing my pinky to put pressure on your butt hole. You are so wet that my pinky slides in a little as my index finger hits your G spot sending you into an extreme orgasm where you grind on my face and squeeze my cock with your hand.

As you continue to grind through your orgasm you stroke me hard causing me to cum on your face and chest. I moan loudly, "Oh my god, Baby, that's it, don't stop!"

After we both come down from our sexual high I clean up my cum from your face and chest and we lay together as we fall asleep naked and ready for round two in the morning.

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