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Leanne - An Innocent Massage!

A pain in the shoulder and an innocent massage leads to more... much more!
Leanne is a stunning slim girl with medium length brown hair and the most amazing brown eyes! Today she's wearing a shortish black dress (just above the knees) and black tights. Her hair is up and tied back revealing a very sensual neckline.

Leanne is an absolutely beautiful girl... intelligent, caring, funny plus the sort you would NEVER tire of being with and one that you'd fall madly in love with and want to keep and protect forever... a gorgeous smile and an infectious laugh... they don't get much better than this!

The workshop finishes and Leanne stays behind for a chat. Whilst chatting Leanne suddenly grimaces in pain, her shoulders hurt. I offer to massage them to ease the pain. As I gently massage her the pain eases. "Don't stop... Keep going" she tells me. She let's out little moans of encouragement as I continue, slowly edging further down her front. I slide her dress and bra straps off her shoulders - and she doesn't stop me.

I continue to massage her shoulders and neck, my fingers reaching further down her chest. My fingers softly touch the very top of her small fleshy mounds as her dress and bra drop down to her waist.

With her breasts exposed, Leanne just giggles quietly and again tells me not to stop there. She leans her head back and rests it on my rapidly growing bulge. I know she can feel my erection on the back of her head - she pushes her head back against me, allowing me to see her beautiful breasts and erect nipples.

This time I slide my hands down further and over her breasts, dragging my hands back again over her nipples. My hands go down again and this time I gently roll her nipples between my thumb and finger. Leanne moans again to encourage me.

I stop and bend down to kiss her gently on the lips, her hand moves around my neck pulling me closer and the kiss turns into a more prolonged one. I kiss, lick and blow slowly on her neck. The scent of her perfume is driving my desire. I ask her to stand up and her dress drops to the floor along with her bra.

"Lay down on your back on the table" I tell Leanne. She does as she's told and I begin to massage her again standing at the side, massaging her shoulders, chest and tummy. Each time I move my hands closer to the top of her black knickers - until eventually I run my finger inside and to the very edge of her pussy. I can feel the heat. Her breathing increases and as I massage her there her hand finds its way up to my bulging trousers and begins to rub my hard cock through them. At the same time I slip my middle finger all the way inside her knickers and down her wet slit.

As I stroke her slit, with my other hand I undo my trousers and pull my shorts down. My hard cock springs out and Leanne turns her head to face it. Her pretty mouth opens and I slowly offer myself to her and guide my member in. So hot and wet as Leanne slowly begins to suck on my cock whilst I continue to massage her wet pussy.
Her quiet moans turn to groans and grunts, muffled by my cock in her warm moist mouth as my finger rubs her clit, flicking it from side to side. Her tongue licks the end of my cock before her mouth envelops it again.

I move round to the other end of the table and pull her towards me. She wraps her legs around me as I hold onto her hips and nuzzle the end of my cock up to her perfectly shaved slit. I slowly push forward and my shaft parts her lips - the heat and the tightness of her gripping me feels amazing. All the way in, I hold myself there and we both savour the feeling.

I withdraw from her and allow her pussy to close again before very slowly sliding in to her again. I begin a steady rythmn of slipping in and out of her tight cunt and rub her clit with my thumb. With no cock in her mouth to stifle her groans, Leanne bites her finger in a vain attempt to silence herself.

Picking up speed I continue to fuck her as she pulls herself up on her elbows to watch my cock slide in and out, her pussy gripping me so tight, her big brown eyes sparkle with pleasure.

I enter Leanne again and hold myself inside her. Sliding my hands underneath her I lift her up and carry her, impaled on me to a soft chair... I sit her down and hold each of her legs by the ankles, above my shoulders. Pushing her legs towards her she looks at me with those stunning brown eyes in anticipation. I don't disappoint...

I fuck her harder now as we grunt together. Thrust after thrust into her as Leanne looks into my eyes, urging me on. I can't hold on any longer - I pull out and she immediately leans forward with a willing mouth. I finally cum, shooting hot white jets all over her face and mouth. She eagerly swallows and gently takes me into her mouth and licks me clean.

(I'm new to this, so comments welcome!)

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