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Learning Swinging From Another Couple

Us Air Force Female Lieutenant Further Adventures Swinging In England
Most have read my two other posts on swinging and I’ve promised to write more about my experiences. If you read the first story, you know that my biggest worry was what my husband would think afterward. As it turned out my fears never materialized, we decided to go for it again. This story is the next hurdle we had to cross: watching each other with another person. To remind everyone, my husband and I were both US Air Force officers stationed in England in the 1980s.


We had met another couple named Desmond and Imelda at the first party and stayed in touch with them. They were a mix-matched couple in that thirty-five-year old Desmond was very well built, large muscular man who worked in construction and the wife was very small, dark hair, dark eyes, very small breasts, and was almost mousy in appearance.

She certainly wasn’t a great beauty and at best I’d say she was a bit plain. Thirty-four-year old Imelda also seemed very reserved and shy, not someone you’d expect to be involved in swinging. On the other hand, the husband Desmond was very outgoing and quite “American” in his attitude. There was no “reserved Englishman” in his personality. As I said, I had met them at the first party and though we didn’t swap with them I did like them both very much and Imelda was very helpful in answering my questions.

Therefore, when I received an invitation to dinner at their home I wasn’t surprised but I was wondering if they expected it to end in an intimate encounter. I think Imelda wanted to put my mind at ease when she said that she and her husband weren’t expecting anything except a nice time with friends.

The next Saturday my husband and I drove to their home in Ely. Homes in England are nothing like they are in America where we generally have large homes with large backyards and a two-car garage. Not so In England. Desmond (or Des as he liked to be called) and Imelda lived in an attached two story two bedroom home with a sliver of a backyard. It was nice and cozy inside as they had a fire going. We relaxed a bit and then had a dinner of roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and roasted potatoes, a very English dinner.

Afterwards, we went into the living room and talked by the fire. I was surprised that the topic of swinging came up from Imelda who asked my husband what he thought of it all. That led to a somewhat frank discussion as we listened to their experiences in the swinging world. I was amazed at the boldness of Imelda since she still gave the impression of being a very shy woman. I think she was very shy at heart but her experiences in the swinging world had opened her up quite a bit. Des mentioned that they were planning on having a baby next year and were going to give up swinging very soon in order to concentrate on Imelda getting pregnant.

That was a bit of a shocker to me, as I never even thought about pregnancy and swinging before. At that moment, I realized that we could very well be their last swinging encounter for some time, if not forever.

We did some more talking and we eventually all agreed to a sexual encounter. Des and Imelda asked us about our rules and we told them and then they said that they prefer same room swapping which meant that all four of us would be in the same room during actual sex. I was a bit taken back by that, as I didn’t know if I was ready to see my husband in the arms of another woman. Out of sight out of mind I thought. My husband looked at me wondering if I was going to say our code word to put a stop to it all but I didn’t. There other rule was no oral sex, which was fine with me. They felt that was way too intimate except with each other.

To my surprise, we didn’t rush up to the bedroom but continued to sit by the fir and talk. Des and Imelda did begin to display some public affection for each other but nothing too steamy. I was embarrassed to do the same with my husband but decided I could at least hold his hand. I was getting very nervous about this all. I wasn’t sure if I wanted my own husband seeing me being intimate with Des.

The anticipation was getting to me and I almost put a halt to it all. I guess Imelda sense that and succeeding in calming me before inviting us upstairs. My husband and I followed them into their master bedroom, which had two double beds (one was obviously there temporarily from the other bedroom). Imelda seemed to take the lead, asked us to sit down and relax, and assured us that we would go at my pace. Des and Imelda sat on the bed on the opposite side and continued to kiss for a few moments until Des began to massage her shoulders. My husband looked at me in a lost way but then asked if I wanted a massage to which I quickly agreed. I took off my shoes, lay on the bed, and waited for my husband’s hands to perform their magic.

Over the next half hour, our clothing slowly came off but were not totally naked. It was when Imelda boldly unhooked her bra and then stepped out of her panties that I decided to do the same. Both husbands soon followed and suddenly there were four naked people in the bedroom ready for sex. I was taken aback by how much pubic hair Imelda had. This was the 1980s and pubic hair wasn’t shaved off - but this was a lot of hair. Her breasts were very small but overall she had a cute appearance. Des on the other hand was a muscular man with a very thick penis. I was dreading trying to get that thing inside of me and hoped that it wasn’t going to hurt too much.

We stayed with our own partners at first until Imelda took my hand and asked if we could switch. The look Imelda gave me was one of reassurance and calmness so I agreed and Des moved over to me while my husband went over to Imelda.

The massaging soon turned into foreplay and I was really enjoying myself though I did keep looking at my husband and Imelda to see how they were progressing. I was getting nervous as I really didn’t want to have sex in front of my husband and I also didn’t particularly want to see my husband with another woman.

Again, Imelda came to the rescue and seemed to know what I was thinking because she told me that the first time she saw Des with another woman she was a bit shocked at first but she quickly got over it and has been enjoying it ever sense. She said that we can stop anytime but encouraged me to go on. I decided to do it and then sat back and relaxed so I could enjoy myself.

I was very stimulated with the foreplay Des was giving me and was ready for him to enter me. Though he didn’t give me oral he did stimulate my clitoris with his fingers and it felt good, very good. I then heard a loud moaning sound coming from Imelda and realized that she was having an orgasm through my husband’s finger stimulation of her clitoris also.

Des’ magic fingers soon gave me my own wonderful orgasm which made me so relaxed and uncaring about my worries. That was probably a good thing because at that very moment I saw my husband, the man of my dreams, the future father of my children, my protector, slip on a condom and mount Imelda. I was actually turned on instead of being horrified as I watched my husband’s penis disappeared into the body of Imelda.

Des had been watching also and was smiling at his wife. Des then turned to me and asked if I was ready. I told him I was and he too slipped on a condom that had been strategically placed on the bed stand without me seeing it. He began rubbing my breasts and waited for him to mount me.

I asked Des to enter me slowly as I’d never had someone so thick inside of me before. He said that he would and then he spread my legs, got on top of me, and entered me. I was surprised by the feeling. There was pain and pleasure at the same time for a few moments until the pain unfortunately took over. True to his word, Des entered me very slowly and when he was inside me all the way he stopped to let me get used to him. The pain slowly went away and I soon adjusted somewhat to his size, wrapped my legs around his waist and told him he could begin moving.

Intercourse lasted for perhaps a half an hour in various positions so as not to tire the men out. My husband came first and I looked at them both at the very moment my husband was making his release and Imelda’s eyes were shut tight, her head tilted back and she made a gurgling sound.

I knew that I wasn’t going to have an orgasm today. Des was just too big and there was still pain. I told Des this and asked him to come inside me. Des picked up his pace and I was suddenly surprised at the pleasurable feeling that was beginning to build up inside me. I almost regretted telling Des to come but it was too late. I felt him pulsating and knew he was done.

We relaxed and then went to join our own partners and then talked for awhile. As we talked, I noticed Des’ penis was starting to grow and he smiled and asked us in the most polite English accent, “Do you mind?” I told him of course not and watched as Des and Imelda began to have sex. I was very turned on by this and looked at my husband to see if he could manage another round. Thankfully at twenty-eight, his body was able to manage and I was able to get that much needed orgasm from him.

We were exhausted when we got home late that night and we decided not to talk about it until the next day. When we did finally talk, I confessed that I wasn’t bothered at all at the sight of him with another woman while my husband said that after he was done he watched me and Des and couldn’t believe the excitement he felt at seeing me with another man. We knew then that we had both crossed a big hurdle and that in the future we could pretty much do anything.

P.S. True to their word, Des and Imelda stopped swinging and waited a few months before they tried getting pregnant (to make sure that the child truly belonged to Des). Six-months later Imelda conceived and later had a boy.

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