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Lessons in pleasure 2

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My second lesson in pleasure
After my first pleasure lesson, I was hungry for more so the following week I suggested we get together again. As you can imagine he was more than happy to oblige, so we arranged for me to spend Sunday afternoon at his house. I was under strict instructions what to wear and how to prepare myself. I couldn’t believe how nervous I was as I got ready. I must have spent an hour in the shower, carefully washing myself inside and out.

I arrived as planned and he opened the door and immediately pulled me to him kissing me passionately. My breath was taken away with the fierceness of his kiss, but it had the desired effect as I realised I was getting moist.

"How much do you trust me" he asked, "completely why?" I replied. “I thought you may like to try a little bit of bondage and S&M”

I was shocked. Being very inexperienced I had only been exposed to the commercial stuff and the prospect of being trussed up like a turkey, gagged and helpless did not appeal at all, but then again a week ago, anal sex was on my never going there list of things to be avoided at all costs.

So apprehensively I said yes. We talked about what he would do and we decided that I would be completely submissive, lightly bound and blindfolded and we agreed on a safe word of 'biscuit' that would be my stop word, because saying no would be part of the play.

He led me upstairs and ordered me to undress, which I did. First I unbuttoned my blouse and then as instructed allowed it to fall open, my breasts exposed, because he had said I was not to wear a bra.

He lent in and brushed his beard against the sensitive darker skin around my nipples, the harshness bringing them up to attention. Then he kissed them, his soft warm lips surrounding them in contrast to his sharp teeth, forcing them into hard peaks. I knew then I would let this man do anything to me.

I continued to follow his instructions and unfastened my skirt, let it drop to my ankles, and then slid my panties down. Then I ran my fingers down my thighs and to my groin. He had told me that I should show him my willing pussy so I used my fingers to pull my lips up and open. He said nothing just looked and nodded.

I removed my fingers and he tutted, "only when I say so" he chastised me, and meekly I reached back down pulling my lips as wide as I could, the tightness across my clits hood a new sensation of tingling pain mixed with pleasure.

He knelt before me and licked across my clit pushing his thumb straight into me. I was not really ready and still fairly dry so gasped at the rough entry. He almost lifted me off my feet as he pulled his hand up, his thumb acting as a hook. Then it was gone and I was left standing, my pussy still held wide open and my cheeks red as I blushed.

He returned and produced a black scarf, wrapping it around my head, blindfolding me. My induction was about to begin in earnest.

I was aware of his hands on my arms and I followed obediently as he spun me around. Then he pushed me and I fell backwards gasping in surprise, as it turned out, onto the bed.

On your back" he demanded, "legs wide, shown me the inside of your pussy". I did my best using a finger from each hand to stretch my opening as wide as I could, hoping I was doing it right.

My heart was racing. I was in total blackness, wondering what he would have me do next. I didn't have to wait long before I could feel something hard and cold push its way past my fingers into my pussy and out again. Then I felt his hands under my knees as he lifted my legs up, pushing them out to the side and opening my hips wide.

The next thing I was aware of, was hands on my wrists and cuffs being put on. The material was soft and comforting against my skin, but then my arms were pulled together and hoisted high above my head where they stayed, anchored to what, I had no idea. Next I felt cuffs go round my ankles and they too were secured leaving me almost doubled over, my sex high in the air exposed for all the world to see.

I anticipated his gentle mouth licking my tender spots, so was shocked instead to feel sharp stings as he slapped my pussy with an open hand. "Oww no" I cried out, only to be slapped harder, my clit, pussy and ass stinging each time his hand landed. I could feel the heat rising and knew that my skin would be glowing and yet still he carried on.

Should I use the word? How much could I take? But very soon the slaps took on an erotic pleasure of their own. In my mind I deserved this for being such a dirty slut. Then I felt fingers pulling me apart again as he spread my lips and cheeks.

He licked from my clit to ass while holding me so wide I thought I would tear. My whole sex was on fire after the beating he had dished out. But he wouldn't enter me, as much as I begged for my pussy to be filled. He just licked and slapped alternating fleeting pain with pleasure until I almost passed out.

Eventually he tired of abusing me and I was aware he had left only to return moments later and pour cold liquid all over me.

I was next aware of fingers sliding all across me, in and out of my pussy and ass with no rhythm that I could follow. He became more persistent putting 2 and 3 fingers into me pulling against both tight holes and occasionally slapping across my oversensitive skin. I was just an object for him to play with and he was enjoying teasing me. My shoulders were beginning to ache and all I could think about was him fucking me and making me cum, but that didn't seem to be in his agenda.

Then I felt something hard against my pussy, it wasn't warm like skin but it wasn't as hard or cold as whatever he had used on me earlier. It didn't really matter what it was, because as he pushed it deep into me I pushed back up to take it. I heard him tut again and then felt a sharp stinging across my ass. Fuck that hurt. I realised he was actually whipping me, but at the same time my pussy was contracting pleasurably around whatever it was he was pounding into me.

I was so confused. The sting from the whip in stark contrast to the pleasure that radiated in my pussy. The whipping stopped and I could feel the warm wetness of his wet tongue trace over the heat that burned where the whip had landed.

I was completely at his mercy and wanted to be used, but was too shy to ask for what I really wanted, his tongue delicately rimming my ass while he carried on fucking my pussy with that dildo.

Instead I got his cock, hard and ready pushing into my tight bottom. This time he didn't wait for me to relax he just barged in and out, the lube and my juices allowing him free access to do whatever he wanted.

I could hardly breathe and as my heartbeat hammered away in my chest, I screamed out for him to stop, then, remembered, "biscuit" I gasped. And this beautiful man did exactly that. Leaving me writhing against my restraints, cum pumping out of me like tears of ecstasy.

I felt my wrist restraints coming off and immediately stretched out to allow my shoulders to relax. Then his hands moved around my head as he took off the blindfold and kissed my eyelids gently, soft butterfly kisses all over my face and neck. Then tenderly he kissed my mouth, his hands soft against my body stroking and caressing every bit of me, I was melting, under his attention.

Was this really the same man who had trussed me up and forced himself and god only knows what into me only minutes earlier.

He continued to hold me and then as I slowly opened my eyes he asked me if I was ready to make love. I answered with a deep kiss and he moved into me easily, his cock finding its way straight into my pussy and then using long, smooth and very slow strokes we rocked into each other.

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