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Let It Snow

Tags: sexy, snow
When the snow piles up, at least you have an excuse to stay late...
"I don't think you can leave anytime soon, Alyson," Michael smirked, "the snow is nearly covering my door."

"But I need to get home!" I protested.

My boyfriend walked over to me from the window and wrapped his arms around my waist. "Baby, it's cold outside," he murmured, lightly kissing my neck.

"My dad will be worried, and it's Christmas Eve, and I need to visit my grandma!" I whined.

His kisses raised goosebumps all around my body and I stroked Michael's almond colored hair.

"Are you cold?" he asked.

"Yes. Freezing."

"I know a way we can make it warmer." He smirked.

"Just until the snow is gone." I sighed.

Michael smiled in victory and kissed me. I kissed him back and traced circles on his chest with my nails. We walked off towards the bedroom.

I unbuttoned Michael's jeans and pulled them down, throwing them unceremoniously away. I could see his delicious cock forming a tent in his boxers. Slowly inching them away, I felt my pussy secrete juice onto my panties.

Michael groaned when I touched his six-inch erection, and increased his volume when I slowly inserted his hard dick into my mouth.

He tried to pull off my shirt, but I stopped him and said, "I stay on one condition."

Michael raised his eyebrows.

"I'm in control the whole time." I pushed him onto the bed and resumed sucking on his beautiful cock. I moaned to show him he wasn't the only one being pleasured.

As I sucked, I used my hands to play with his balls, which tightened; I knew he was cumming. I stopped sucking and sat up on the bed. "No one cums until I want them to," I stated. He pleaded me with his eyes, but I shook my head and lay down again.

This time I engulfed his entire dick in my mouth. I started to gag; he started to moan. He almost came again, so I slapped him playfully and kissed his cock, then slowly made me way up to his chest. I trailed kisses back down again, stopping right in front of his cock.

He groaned. "Stop teasing..."

He shut his eyes and I stopped kissing him. I lay back on the bed.

Spreading my legs, I displayed my glistening pussy to him and he started to fondle it with his tongue. I moaned loudly; his tongue was skilled at making me feel good. He inserted two fingers and started to pump them, slowly at first, but then sped up, all the while licking my clit. It sent waves of pleasure through my body. I started to vibrate, but shakily told him to stop.

"I... want you... inside," I breathed.

He nodded and thrust his rock hard dick into my soaking wet pussy. I screamed something like, "Miiikkkkuuuullooohhhh!"

He pumped his thick cock in rhythm with my hips, as we lay there on his bed in a cold house, but emanating so much heat it didn't matter.

My pussy was throbbing. I wanted to go forever.

Michael's eyes were closed and his breaths were becoming fast. I started to come over the edge, and we both came at the same time, screaming.

He looked out the bedroom window and muttered, "Snow stopped."

I smiled coyly and replied, "Let it snow...."

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