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Finally, after months of chatting, text messaging nightly phone calls we will meet in person...
BY THE TIME THE CLOCK CHIMED FIVE O’CLOCK I was a bag of nerves waiting rather impatiently for my buzzer to ring. I must’ve cleaned up my tiny one-bedroom apartment countless times today in anticipation for this visit.

Finally, after months of chatting on MSN and text messaging and almost nightly phone calls we will meet in person. This weekend was his only chance of coming up here for a visit and I made damn sure to book it off at work. I received a call this morning when one of the other girls called in sick, but I told them I had plans this weekend and I couldn’t come in because I have a guest driving up for the weekend only. It was a flimsy excuse, but everyone at work knew my family and close friends were from out of town so when I say I have people driving up just for the weekend they knew that was my only chance to spend time with them.

Even though it was -15°C outside with a wind chill of -20°C and snow was blowing everywhere, I wore a V-necked halter dress that fell just above my knees. I debated on whether to wear something underneath or not, but in the end I figured I might as well not cover up the goodies because sooner or later the dress will come off anyway.

At exactly five-fifteen my buzzer went off. I skidded to a stop and counted one to three before answering. The sound of his voice – deep and gravelly – on the other side made my knees melt. I casually told him to come in and buzzed him in. My apartment was in the basement so from the main floor he only had a few flights to go and there he was. Within seconds I heard his casual knock on my door and again I mentally calmed myself before answering the door.

“Hi,” I greeted, my eyes taking in all of him that I’ve only just seen in person. Those grainy webcam shots didn’t do his person justice. He was tall and built given the wide breadth of his shoulders. He was wearing jeans and boots and a heavy jacket. He didn’t have a toque on and his whole face and ears were red from the bitter cold. “Come on in and warm up,” I invited and stepped aside to allow him inside.

“Thanks,” he smiled and crossed the threshold. He stopped soon after to remove his shoes while I closed and locked the door.

I was about to turn around and face him when I felt his big hulking presence up close behind me. Soon was I pulled in to his arms, one hand grabbing for my boobs through the V of my top while his other hand went straight under the hem of my dress and found my bared pussy that was now getting wetter and wetter. He gave my ample-sized boobs a firm squeeze, finding my nipple and pinching it too, making me gasp while he slid two fingers inside my wet pussy so hard that he almost lifted me off the floor.

“Oh yeah, baby, this is what I’ve fantasized about all the way here,” he whispered roughly in my ear while his hands and fingers continued their erotic molestation of my body.

I had to grab on to the wall for support as he continued to finger-fuck me right there on the doorway, nibbling on my ear while he made me cum for the first time. I slumped against him afterwards and he slowly pulled his fingers out of my cunt and brought it to my lips, making me suck them off.

“Good girl,” he murmured before he spun me around and claimed my mouth for that kiss I thought he was going to give me first before the orgasm, but I guess he had a way of saying hello and that was by making me cum first, which wasn’t really so damn bad.

I felt for his hardened cock pressing against his jeans. I gave it a squeeze before my fingers went busy and freed his straining cock. He moaned against my mouth when I released his dick from its prison. He pulled me closer and ground himself against me, poking me with his hard cock that was clasped in my hand.

“I want this baby in me,” I said against his lips.

He grinned wickedly and licked my upper lip. He broke our kiss and I thought he was gonna slip his cock inside my waiting cunt, but no, he had another surprise for me. He pushed me up against the wall, pushed my legs wide apart, lifted the hem of my dress and got down on his knees and began lapping at my still wet cunt.

Oh fuck, if that wasn’t heaven I dunno what else it was!

I was pinned against the wall while he rammed his tongue – and what a long tongue it was ala-Gene Simmons! – deep into my pussy, tongue-fucking me like a maniac and I was thrashing about wanting to scream, but I remembered we were still close to the door and people will most likely hear us if I started screaming, so I bit hard on my lip as he tongued me to yet another orgasm.

That was number two.

“Oh fuck, baby, that is sooooo good,” I moaned before collapsing down on the floor. I reached for his face and we began kissing again.

While our tongues were busy wrestling with one another, he pulled us back up to our feet and without breaking our kiss he lifted me deftly with my legs spread apart. I felt my back against the wall first then I felt the tip of his cock head at the entrance of my twice fucked pussy. I began to get excited as I knew what was to happen next. In one swift move he slipped his cock – all of him – inside my waiting pussy, burying himself to the hilt and filling me at last. He made a couple of pumping movements, in and out, in and out, while I was pressed against the wall before he began to move. I don’t know if he knew the layout of my house, but I guess he didn’t care. We walked past the hallway where the cabinet was and he kept on going straight to where the living room was. He paused at the threshold to pump in me some more then continued to move until he found my loveseat and slowly deposited me there, careful not to break our fucking connection.

“Baby, you have no idea…” he moaned after he broke off our kiss. “All those chats and phone sex…fuck, I never wanted you so bad,” he confessed.

I know exactly what he meant. Our chats were graphic and almost real-like. Even on the phone we both make each other cum one too many times a night, but it wasn’t enough.

“Then let’s make up for those times that we couldn’t fuck each other in person,” I encouraged him with a devilish grin.

“That’s exactly my plan for this weekend,” he promised. “By Monday you won’t be able to walk straight and every time you move you’ll remember my cock,” he paused and slid his pecker slowly out then pushed it back in, “doing this to you.”

“Promise?” I moaned.

“That’s a promise,” he confirmed.

“Good. Then I might call in sick Monday,” I teased before hooking my legs around his hips, pushing him deeper in me. “Fuck me, baby, I want you to blow your juice inside me like what you always say you would,” I demanded.

“No need to tell me twice, babe,” he grinned and began pumping me harder and faster. He reached over and cupped my breast, alternately squeezing one then the other while he continued to fuck me.

I felt him getting bigger as my pussy tightened around him. We were both about to cum, I knew it. I locked my feet behind him and helped push him harder while his hands were now both on my tits squeezing them as he exploded first then me. He was buried to the hilt inside me and I thought he’d pull out right away, but after he was done depositing his seed in me he began to move once again, his cock was slick with both our juices.

After about a few strokes of him I sat up and let him fall out of my pussy. He groaned his displeasure, but I quickly rectified that by taking his cum soaked dick inside my mouth and started to blow him. Soon he was moaning and reaching over behind me to finger my cunt and play with my ass hole. When he slipped two fingers inside my pussy and his thumb in my ass and started fingering both of my holes I greedily sucked him harder and faster, feeling his balls fill with his sperm once again. I didn’t stop what I was doing and neither did he. I sucked him until he blew another load into my mouth and he made me cum with his fingers. By this time we were both exhausted. I collapsed on the floor and he followed. He turned me away from him and spooned me. I don’t know how long we stayed like that, but we must’ve passed out for a few minutes because when I opened my eyes it was already dark and he was busy with my body once again.

Suffice to say he had to extend his supposed weekend stay until Monday and I called in sick to work Monday. We fucked each other like crazy up until he was about to leave Monday night to head back home. It was a three hour drive, but I made sure he had something to keep him occupied while he was driving back home and something to look forward to the next time we see each other…
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