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Letting Loose

Kelly stops holding back... She squirts and squirts!

Last night we had a small pool party at our place with some sexy couples that ended up way more wild than we anticipated.   The event evolved into an incredibly erotic, suck & fuck-fest… We did our first full swap!   However, what happened after everyone left was just as hot!

After everyone was gone, my husband and I were in the kitchen cleaning up the last of the party dishes. I was wearing my micro-bikini top and jean mini-skirt that wonderfully complimented my 34DD's and sexy curves of my 5'7", 120 pound frame. The thong bikini bottoms had long since been discarded that evening. Hubby was wearing his swim shorts and a short sleeve button-up shirt. Standing a few inches taller than me, his smooth, sexy chest was in clear view with his shirt unbuttoned.    I could catch glimpses of his pierced nipples.

We were discussing how Sara was an incredible squirter and how hot it was to see her squirt so much when I was fucking her with the strap-on. I told my husband that I had squirted once in high school, and that I was self-conscious about it happening again because I squirted so much that time that the enormous puddle became a source of ridicule from friends of my boyfriend at the time.

Gibson said, "Kelly, don't hold back! Squirting is incredibly erotic. I would love to make you squirt."

I replied, "Three or four fingers deep in me, pushing on my g-spot would do it. It has almost happened a few times before, but I held back each time."

Gibson stepped forward, put one hand on my hip and caressed my face with the other. He looked into my eyes lovingly, as he moved in for a soft kiss. His kiss was like electricity running through my body. A small tingling current at first, and then a jolt of excitement as the kisses became more passionate. I didn't think I had any energy left for more play; however, Gibson’s magic touch is all that it took... the juices started to flow. I knew then he was on a mission to make me squirt for the first time in our relationship and for the first time since that night in high school 12 years ago.

Gibson   left trails of soft kisses down my body from my lips to my navel as he moved to his knees. Once he got to his knees, he bunched my squirt around my waist and inserted 2 fingers into my re-soaked pussy.   I was surprised that was so wet again so fast.   Gibson fingered me for a couple minutes in that position while playing with my nipples and tits with his free hand that was raised up over his head. He had me pressed against the kitchen island, with my back arched slightly over it. Keeping his fingers buried deep in me, he stood up, cleared the island surface with his free hand reaching behind my back, and then lifted me up to the island laying me on my back.

He continued to finger me as he helped me get my legs up on the island, bare feet flat on the counter surface, knees up and spread. Gibson pushed down on my pelvis at the top of my pussy in a way that spread my pussy open from the top. He inserted a third finger and put just the right pressure on my g-spot. It was the sensation I needed, and I let loose. No more holding back for me. I began to squirt... just a little at first. The fluid filled his upturned hand and began to spill over onto the counter I was laying on.

Gibson's eyes lit up, and he said "Oh Kelly, don't hold back anymore. Let loose! This is the hottest thing you have ever done with me!"

With that, he inserted a fourth finger. He had his hand in my pussy up to the third knuckle. Only his thumb remained out of me. At that point, the flood began. I was squirting with each flex of his fingers against my g-spot. I was breathing heavy and moaning as loud as ever, and the squirting was endless.   Gibson continued to milk my g-spot. The squirt intensity and the amount of my hot juices were more than either of us expected. He was getting splattered by me, and my jean-skirt was soaked under from my juices that were flowing over the counter and onto the floor below.

I lifted my head to see Gibson pushing his shorts off with his free hand and kicking them to the side. He worked his shirt off one arm, and then removed his fingers long enough to get his shirt off the other arm. He stood naked at the end of the island, ready for more of my hot fluids to flow. When he put his four fingers deep in me again and pressed against my g-sport, two large squirts shot out, soaking his chest, the floor, and the counter surface.   I sat up and asked if he was ready to finish in the bedroom. His wide eyes, wider smile, and rock hard cock were just the answer I needed.

As I stood up, I could see a puddle that looked like a quart of fluid all over the kitchen.   Gibson soaked it up with a beach towel, and I stepped out of my drenched mini-skirt on my way to the bedroom. When I got there, I grabbed 3 towels, and laid them out of the bed to keep it dry from my re-discovered squirting abilities. Gibson was in the doorway by the time I had the towels ready. His cock was bobbing up and down from hustling up the stairs to me. I laid down on the towels, resting my head on a couple pillows. He closed the door behind him, and walked over to me quickly.

Gibson bent over, kissed me passionately, and then climbed on top me in a 69 position. He moved down too far for me to suck his cock because he wanted leverage to finger me, so I caressed his ass and held him tight against me feeling his cock rub between my DD's. He put three fingers in me and had me squirting again instantly. He kept up the action and added his fourth finger. My squirting was unstoppable.

I moaned to him, "Fuck me! I want your cock in me now!

Gibson turned, gave me that naughty, devious look that I love, and then positioned himself in front of my pussy, getting ready to hammer me in my favorite position. Gibson pushed his cock head into my sopping wet pussy, and lifted my legs up over my head. I was afraid I would be very loose after the four-fingered assault he gave me, but I wasn't.   My hubby was slowly pulling his cock back, almost out of my pussy, before slamming it all the way in with pounding force. I was cumming with each of thrust, and my pussy was squeezing his cock as tight as ever. He gradually increased the pace and was soon pounding me with fury. I was cumming and squirting and cumming and squirting. The wave of orgasms I was having was incredible. It was the hottest sex we had ever had.   When he was ready to finish, he pulled out of me, and stroked his cock over me, shooting cum all over my chest, belly, and pussy. Then he laid down on me, smearing his cum between us, and kissed me passionately.

Gibson softly spoke, "Kelly, that was the hottest experience I have ever had with you! Thank you for not holding back anymore."

Then he gently rolled off to get the shower ready for us. As his sexy ass walked away from the bed to the shower, I smiled to myself and thought about how much fun we are going to have making squirt puddles from now on.

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