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Library Check-out

Study session at the library
This was my very first story...

It was the proverbial dark and stormy night. Not wanting to get stuck in my dorm room with my wannabe redneck roommate and his classic country music, I escaped to the library. I took the elevator up to the 4th floor.

The top floor of the library is quiet and usually deserted at night. I’m doing research for an advanced level history course and I don’t need distractions. I dropped my backpack on the table and pulled out the chair. I saw her as I was spreading out my notes.

She was directly in front of me, about twenty feet away. She was in one of those lounge areas with a sofa and chairs around a small coffee table. We make quick eye contact, and I’m the first one to look away. She has blonde hair with just a touch of brown and it is long enough to hit her shoulders. She is wearing a white pleated mini-skirt, a light green shirt, and sandals with straps that go up to the calves of her legs.

I can forget concentrating on my research. She’s all I can focus on now. I look up at her and see that she has gone back to reading the paperback in her lap. I can’t help but stare. She’s gorgeous, but not in the sense of covergirl beauty. This girl is cute and just exudes the sexiness of the girl next door. Her skin has the glow of someone familiar with the kiss of the sun but she clearly doesn’t overdo it.

I have no idea of how long I’ve been staring, but I know it must have been a few minutes because as my eyes travel up her body to her face, I realize she has caught me looking. My face turns red and I’m clearly embarrassed, but she gives me a knowing smile and turns back to her book. I shuffle my papers and attempt to concentrate on my research. I succeed at this for about 10 minutes.

When I finally look up again, I see that she has changed positions. She is laying on her back with her knees up and the book resting against her thighs. Her head is resting on the arm of the sofa. I take this time to admire her legs. Her hands hold up her mini skirt as she reads the book, but it is still falling gently toward her thighs. I don’t have a shoe fetish, but I think sandals are very sexy, and the high ankle strap kinds are my favorite. The straps on her sandals wrap up her calves, accenting her legs.

I realize that the way she is laying down, I could probably get a very nice shot of her legs if I was to walk by. I pick up some of my notes and, looking deep in thought, I walk past her on a mission of serious historical research. It takes all of my will power not to look her way as I pass her. I quickly return with a book having nothing to do with my topic.

As I near the sofa, my heart begins to beat loudly in my chest. I do a quick glance as I pass and I am rewarded with a glimpse of smooth, flawless exposed skin. I only look for a second, but that’s all it took for me to see from her toes to her soft, white inner thigh. I see just a blur of white panties, enough to know it’s there, but not enough to know too much. She glances up at me as I entered her vision but I’m already moving back to my seat. Mission accomplished, I settle down, pretending to shuffle papers and the book I picked up. I hear her moving. I slowly look up. She has raised up into a sitting position. She carefully adjusts her skirt, pulling the hem down toward her knees. Just as I was thinking that the show is over, she puts her feet onto the coffee table and raises her knees again, balancing the book on her thighs. I can’t believe it. The skirt is pressed tight to the top of her legs, but has fallen loose underneath. I have an unhindered view of the back of her thighs. I can easily see the lower part of her buttcheeks. She has to be wearing thong panties or something very high cut, because I see bare skin!

This is getting out of control, and I have to carefully adjust myself in my pants. I don’t know if she is aware of the affect she is having on me. This goes on for about twenty minutes. I shift back and forth from my studies to her. All this time the storm outside has grown worse, but I’ve barely noticed it.

Suddenly, there’s a flash of lightning and a loud clap of thunder. She gives a little shriek and sits up straight looking at me.

“I guess we’re a little too close to the storm being up this high,” I say to her.

She smiles and says, “Yeah, I think you might be right. I’m Lisa.”

“I’m Andy,” I reply with a smile. “Nice to meet you, Lisa.”

She gives me a quick grin and says, “I like it up here because no one ever comes up and I can read.”

“Yeah, that’s why I come up here too. I’ve never noticed you here before, though,” I replied.

She gave me a knowing smile and said, “Well, I guess you’ve noticed me now.”

Oh man, I could feel my face turning red but she only giggled and smiled at my embarrassment. “I’m glad you’re here,” she said. “On a night like this, this place gets a little creepy.”

No sooner did she say that than another flash of lightning lit up the windows. The lights dimmed, flickered twice, and went out.

“Andy?” she asked softly. “I’m still here,” I told her, “give the generator a minute or two to on.”

Another flash of lightning fills the room and I see her standing up with a worried look on her face. “Can I come sit with you?” she asks.

“No, stay there and I’ll come to you,” I reply.

I completely forget about my notes and books and slowly work my way over to her. “Shit!” I exclaim as my shin meets the coffee table.

“You okay?” she asks concerned.

“Yeah, nothing hurt but my manly ego” I reply and she laughs.

“Here,” she says as she reaches out to me in the darkness.

I feel her fingertips touch my shoulder, and then her hand moves to my back to direct me toward her. Her hand is warm and I feel the soft heat through my shirt. This sounds like a classic cliché’ but as she pulls me around the coffee table to her, we end up very close to each other. She pulls me closer and leans into me with her head on my chest. She has to be able to hear my heart pounding.

I awkwardly put my arms around her and say, “Hey, it’s going to be okay. The lights should come on any minute now.”

“I know,” she says, “but this is nice.”

I pull her tightly to me. My left hand moves to her upper back and my right hand slips lower to the curve just above the top of her skirt. Where her shirt has risen a little, there is a gap above the skirt and I touch bare skin. It’s like an electric shock running through me.

She lifts her head from my chest. Another flash of lightning fills the darkness and I see her looking up at me. Her left hand slides up to the back of my neck and pulls my head to hers. Even in the darkness of the room, I close my eyes as we kiss.

It’s a gentle kiss, just a quick peck. A breath, and another kiss. She tastes like sweet ripe strawberries, soft and delicious all at the same time. Her lips part and her tongue darts out to meet mine for just a second. We break and pull our heads back a little, and of course, that’s when the lights come back on brightly.

Our eyes take a moment to adjust to the brightness. In a sense of mutual awareness as to what we were doing, we quickly break apart. In the light, and closer now, I see that she is gorgeous. Her lips are pink with just a slight hint of lipstick. Her eyes are blue and her skin is flawless. She is looking back at me and I’d love to know what she is thinking.

“You want to pack it in?” I nervously ask her, breaking the tension.

“Yeah, I guess we’d better. I wouldn’t want to get stuck in this place,” she replies.

She bends down to pick up her paperback and I can’t help but watch as her skirt rises up her thighs a little. She stands, turns to me and smiles the sweetest smile I’ve seen in months.

“Want to go get some coffee?” I ask.

“Sure,” she replies with a twinkle in her eyse.

I turn and go to my table to gather my stuff. She follows me and stands next to the table, waiting for me to get my things together. She asks about my research and I think she sincerely is interested. I grab my backpack by a strap and carry it as we head to the elevators.

I push the down button and we stand in front of the elevator doors. The doors open and I step aside, allowing her in first. I follow her inside, and we both turn to the front as the doors close. I reach over and push the first floor button.

The elevator begins to descend. Lisa suddenly reaches over and hits the stop button. The elevator jerks to a stop somewhere between the second and third floor. I look at her with questions in my eyes.

She moves to me and says, “I really don’t want any coffee, but I do want this!” She grabs me again by the back of the neck and pulls my face down to hers. She pushes me against the wall and begins kissing me furiously.

After a minute of this, I push her away from me. “Now hold on a minute,” I say while trying to catch my breath. “What exactly is going on here?” I ask her.

“Haven’t you ever just wanted to do something crazy?” she says, “Here we are alone in the elevator, stopped between floors. They should be sending someone soon to see if we are okay.”

She crosses her arms, reaches down and grabs the bottom of her shirt and pulls it over her head. No bra. She shakes her hair away from her face and looks at me, blue eyes sparkling.

“Well?” she asks.

I’m totally breathless and speechless. I open my mouth but nothing comes out. She laughs at me. Her breasts are perfect. I can’t stress that enough. They are exquisite. They are just enough to fill the palm of my hands and that’s all I want. Her breasts are lightly tanned and topped with light pink areola and nipples, just beginning to harden under my intense gaze. Her hair falls just above the nipples, making her so extremely sexy.

She takes a small step backwards and, still looking at me, she hooks her thumbs into her skirt and slides it off, taking her panties with it. I’m standing fully clothed in front of a naked woman, in a stopped elevator, in the university library.

Her nude body is flawless. The hair down below is a soft blonde/brown mix, cut back enough for a bikini, but with just enough hair to hide those private parts from a stranger in an elevator. She smiles at me, crooks her finger in front of her face, and urges me forward.

I step to her and she rises on tiptoes to kiss me. My hands go straight to the soft curves of her ass and pull her to me. We kiss once softly and then furiously. I slip my mouth away from hers and slide my lips down her neck, nibbling softly. She closes her eyes and points her face upwards as I work my way around her neck.

Without warning, she suddenly pushes me away from her. She reaches over and pushes the stop button and the elevator immediately begins moving. She stands still for just a moment, as if daring the doors to open. She gives me another quick look, with a smirk on her face, then rushes into her skirt and shirt. Just before the doors open, she reaches over and stuffs her panties down the front of my pants. Her fingers lightly graze over my aching stiff cock as she does this.

“Mmmmmmm” she whispers, “did I cause that?”

Again, I’m speechless. The doors open and she steps out, completely composed, as I stand suffering with a confined erection. She smiles at me as she exits the elevator. I quickly move to follow her.

It’s still raining, so the lobby of the library is full of students waiting out the storm. I stand behind her, not wanting to let her get away, and also so no one will notice the bulge in my pants. The panties she so quickly stuffed in my pants are adding to the package.

She turns to me, still smiling mischievously, and says, “Well, I guess the coffee will have to wait a little longer. Let’s go find a place to sit down.”

We walk around looking for a sofa but everyone has the same idea. We finally find a couple of chairs across from each other in a short hallway near the library’s main offices.

“This looks comfortable,” I say sarcastically, looking at the straight back wooden chairs.

I drop my backpack on the floor and sit down. She slides into the chair across from me. She glances down at my crotch and says, “Don’t you need to make some adjustments?” I glance around. Since we are in this little hallway, we are out of direct eye contact with everyone in the lobby. I reach down and make some much-needed correction of my very stiff cock. I look up at her and she is still smiling.

“So, how long does it stay like that?” she asks.

“As long as I have physical or visual stimulation to keep it that way,” I reply.

She thinks about that for a second or two, and then replies, “Well, I can’t help with the physical part right now, but how’s this for visual?”

She is sitting directly across from me. She pulls her left leg up, knee to her chest, putting her foot in the chair. The movement causes her skirt to rise up, of course. It looks completely innocent to the occasional passerby, but not for someone sitting across from her. I am now staring at her exposed pussy. The light cover of hair that prevented my view in the elevator is now not a factor. The lips of her sex are swollen and pink. She slides her right hand down and it passes over the lips. She looks at me, and then slowly the slides her hand up and down. With each pass of her hand, her middle finger slowly extends inward, separating the lips. I’m four feet away, but I can see the moisture glistening on her those soft pink lips. I am so hard. This girl is crazy.

“Lisa,” I ask, “what are you trying to do to me?”

“I’m not doing anything to you, I’m doing it to me” she replies.

I cannot take this teasing anymore. I stand up and walk to her. I grab her by the shoulders and pull her into a standing position. She is looking up and into my eyes. I slowly reach down, grab her right hand, the one she has been touching herself with, and bring her fingers to my lips.

I kiss each fingertip lightly and then suck the middle finger into my mouth, tasting her. I don’t know how to describe it other than that she tastes clean. Clean and fresh and I’ve got to have more.

I glance around the little hallway we are in. There are four office doors here. One I know goes to the circulation desk. The other two have lights on and I can see movement through the frosted glass. The fourth one is darkened.

I pull her with me as I walk to the darkened door. I try the knob and it turns. I slowly open the door. It’s empty. It’s apparently the main librarian’s office but it obviously isn’t in use this late at night. I pull Lisa inside and close the door. There isn’t a lock.

There is just enough light coming in from the hallway to illuminate the room. I turn to look at Lisa. She has a questioning look on her face.

“Take off your clothes,” I tell her.

She pauses. She’s not in control this time, so she’s a little unsure of herself.

“Take off your clothes,” I growl at her.

She jumps at this new tone. I walk toward her and take her chin in my right hand. I nudge her face up until she is staring at my eyes.

“Lisa, take off all of your clothes and do it right now.” I say.

I kiss her lightly and step back. She disrobes, this time removing the skirt first. She is standing naked in front of me, wearing nothing but the sexy sandals. I step forward and take her skirt and shirt away from her. I toss them across the room.

“We don’t need these right now, “ I tell her.

I pick her up and place her, standing, in the swivel desk chair. Now she is looking down at me wondering where this is going to go. I slowly turn the chair around, taking the opportunity to look at her body as it moves in front of me. Again, she is flawless.

“You’re absolutely beautiful, do you know that?” I tell her. My hands roam all over her as I turn her around on her pedestal.

I pick her up again and set her down on top of the librarian’s desk. I then sit down in the chair, so that I’m level with her belly. I reach forward, and gently nudge her knees, pushing her legs apart.

I softly kiss the inside of her left thigh, just above the knee. Then I do the same to her right. I put each of her feet onto the arms of the chair and I slowly move my head forward until my nose brushes into her pubic hair. I extend my tongue until it just lightly touches her swollen, wet lips. She jumps just a little, like she was shocked. I slowly lick from the bottom of her lips to the top. Once, twice, on the third time, she moans and her hands go to the back of my head, slowly stroking my hair.

Taking my head into both of her hands, she directs my tongue where she wants it to go.

“Right there,” she murmurs, “keep it going.”

My tongue is focused now on her clit, licking the little nubbin back and forth. Lisa approves of my method, although it is a little clumsy. She soon she reaches the point of no return.

“Unnnnnnnh, unnnnh. Faster, faster, don’t stop, don’t stop,” she grunts out in a whisper.

I feel her body tense. She rises up from the desk and her entire body erupts into an explosion. Massive waves of pleasure rush through her body as she convulses. She clamps her thighs tight around my head, crushing me into her. My tongue, now still, is pressed tightly against her clit. She shudders violently as waves of pleasure wash over her body. She eventually relaxes her thighs, and releases her death grip on the back of my head.

“I need you inside me,” she pleads, “I need you inside me. Come on, stick it in me.”.

I stand up, undo my pants and slide them and my underwear to my ankles. She doesn’t allow me to waste time by stepping out of them. She reaches down between my legs, grabs my cock and pulls me to her.

She puts the head of my cock between her swollen lips, and nudges it up and down, moistening the head. The movement of my cock against her clit causes her to shudder once again.

Operating on some deep, hidden, instinct, she wraps her legs around me, her ankles pushing into my ass and pulls me in. She is so wet and so hot it almost burns. I slide in an inch and she releases her grip.

“C’mon,” she growls, “push it in!”

She is tight, and it takes a little effort, but soon I am deep inside of her. It’s all I can do to hold myself inside her without coming.

“Lisa,” I whisper in her ear, “I’m deep inside of you. I’ve taken my hard cock and slipped it inside of you.”

I lean back a little and say, “Look at us. Look down. Look at my cock as it disappears inside of you.”

She glances down and moans, “It looks so good. It feels so good. Stick it in me hard. Fuck me.”

I give her long, slow strokes, absorbing the intensity of the moment. After a few minutes of this I pull out completely. She looks up with confusion on her face.

“Stand up. Turn around,” I order, “turn around and bend over the desk.”

Lisa turns around and bends over onto the top of the desk. I’m looking at her gorgeous backside. I reach down to caress her cheeks as I move into position. She raises her ass in the air, and turns slightly to look at me. For me, that is the most erotic position of all. She is so hot and wet that I easily slip inside. I feel her squeeze my cock as I begin thrusting slowly. She reaches down between her legs and touches her fingers to where we are joined together, feeling me and I enter her. She reaches further back and grazes my balls with her fingernails. I nearly lose it right there. I stop for a minute to regain control.

I slowly begin moving again. She puts her hands back on the desk, bracing herself to my thrusts. I reach around her belly to touch her clitoris with my finger. I’m able to keep a slow thrusting motion as I do this and the combination of my cock and my finger on her clit soon sends her into the throes of another orgasm. As soon as she stops quivering, I start slamming away at her. I don’t last too long before I’m shooting off inside of her. She clenches me, milking every drop as I give one, two, three final thrusts inside of her. I collapse onto her back, pushing her into the desktop. She loses her breath for a moment from my weight. I recover enough to stand up. She takes in a deep breath.

As I slide out of her, she stands up and turns to me. She reaches up and pulls me down and we kiss. We just stand there and hold each other for a few minutes, her cheek against my chest.

“Your heart is pounding,” she says with a smile. “I can’t imagine why it’s doing that,” I smile back, still breathing heavily.

 She finally breaks away with a sigh and we both get dressed. I admire her body once again as she walks around the room looking for her clothes that I tossed away. She puts her hand on the doorknob, pauses, and turning to me she says, “You know, if you’d move out of your dorm and get an apartment, we wouldn’t have to sneak around like this.”

“True, but I think we’d still do it anyway,” I reply.

“Yeah, we sure would,“ she says as she opens the door.

She looks back in and whispers, “You can bring my panties back tomorrow.”

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