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Lifting Hannah's skirt

Jogging and a tight skirt lead to bliss

I had just come in from running when my girlfriend, Hannah, arrived. She had on a short pleated schoolgirl skirt and a simple white blouse. I love skirts, especially the rear view, and Hannah is tall and can, in my opinion, really hang a skirt from her hips. My penis was already a bit hard from the shapely female sights I had seen during my run and because my running shorts hid nothing, I needed to make a quick exit.

"Hi, I need a shower, I just got back from running," I said as I turned toward the bedroom and a much needed shower. I was covered in sweat from my run and it was hot in the house. I stripped off my shirt as I walked away.

"How far did you run?" Hannah asked as she followed me into the bedroom. She swished her black hair out of her face with one hand and gazed at my body.

"About four miles."

"That explains why your body is so sweaty." She smiled as she started to unbutton her blouse. I watched her chest closely as her white bra came into view and felt a stir in my running shorts. She finished unbuttoning her blouse and hiked it free from her skirt. She tossed it onto the floor and stood before me in a white bra and her pleated skirt.

"You also seem to be excited about something," she said noting my tented running shorts, "I wonder what it is?"

"Well, other than seeing your bra," I said, "I ran behind a cute girl who was wearing a spandex running skirt. You know how I'm a sucker for a nice rear view." Hannah liked to talk and so did I.

"Oh," she pouted as she unsnapped her bra and threw it on the floor, "I thought you were a breast man." Her breasts were small but full and her dark nipples were a stark contrast from her smooth pale skin. She cupped her breasts and pushed them together with a puzzled look on her face. "These don't do anything for you?"

This caused my penis to become fully erect and pain to erupt in my groin. My running shorts were designed to support my balls during a run, not to contain my fully erect penis. I groaned and shifted my hips to try and reposition my penis without using my hand. "I can safely say they do, but I still admire a nice rear view especially when a girl is walking or running."

She released her breasts and they responded with a tantalizing jiggle as they fell back into place. The pressure in my shorts increased again. She put her hands on her hips and stared at my groin.

"Well let me see, slide those shorts off before you rip through the front."

I slid my shorts down to my ankles and my erect penis popped out into view. Beads of sweat ran down my chest, groin, and legs. We both looked at my penis for a moment.

"Well, tell me about the girl in spandex who placed you in such a 'hard' state."

"She was running along the river with a whole group of girls. But she caught my eye due to the running skirt. It was blue and tight. She was tall and athletic looking, with short blond hair. The other girls were probably cute as well, but she was the one who caught my eye."

Hannah smiled. "Or her ass caught your eye, to be precise."

"Well, yes, that's true."

"So, let me guess, my boyfriend was a total pervert and followed these nubile girls up and down and all around."

"No, actually they went another way and I just kept to my route, but I enjoyed the view while it lasted."

Hanna turned around and bent slightly giving me a clear view of her skirt-covered rear. "Well," she said, "I guess restraint like that deserves a small reward. But tell me why the girl with the spandex skirt? If you tell me maybe you'll get a better reward." She bent over a bit more and started to hike her skirt up with both hands. She also turned slightly so I got a glimpse of one dangling breast, its erect nipple pointing toward the floor.

"There is something about a skirt which frames a girl perfectly, it's erotic to me," I answered a bit distracted by her dangling and ever-so-slightly moving breast. "The sway as she moves highlights her ass and really draws my attention."

Hannah slid her skirt up a few inches. "So did you want to ravish this running blond girl? Tell me how you would do it if you could."

"Well, yes, I would slowly feel her body for a long time and then take off the running skirt and enter her from behind. But a running skirt is not as good as a normal skirt."

Her skirt slid up another few inches but not enough for me to spot her panties. My penis ached. "Why is that? Wouldn't spending yourself into that cute blond girl be a perfect release for your condition?"

"Yes, it would, but she wouldn't be able to keep her skirt on while we did it. Those spandex skirts have built in panties so I couldn't, you know, penetrate. I'd want to feel the fabric while I was inside her, touch it and her body as I reached orgasm."

She slid her skirt up again and swayed her ass from side to side. This created a lovely swish of her skirt and I could just see a hint of her white thong stretched over the curve of her labia. In addition to the wonderful hint of panties she was showing me, her visible breast jiggled enticingly. "This makes no sense to me. You'd just cum in her, skirt on or no skirt on. One orgasm isn't better than any other for you is it?"

"Oh yes, it would be better my way. I can show you if you want me to. Unlike the blond girl you have the right kind of skirt on."

"It seems I do, maybe..." she said as she slowly slid the thong she was wearing down her legs. She turned and faced my naked body, her nipples were fully erect and her thong was puddled around her ankles. She pouted her lips. "You are so sweaty, you'll make me dirty."

"I might, if I slide that skirt up and take you from behind till I'm spent, then you are likely to get dirty and wet from my sweaty body. Were you looking at sweaty boys today, is that why you undressed in front of me before I took a shower? Do you want a sweaty man?"

She knelt down in front of me, my penis pointing right at her face, and gazed up at me. "Yes, I saw some soccer players on the way over playing shirts versus skins," she paused. "Even your penis is sweaty."

Ignoring her observation, I asked, "Did their sweaty male bodies make you wet?"

She smiled. "Oh, yes, very wet. I'd better clean this off, because you are not putting this sweaty thing inside me." She gently put a hand on my abdomen and engulfed my penis in her mouth. She licked my entire shaft up and down twice, then licked both my balls. Miraculously, I didn't orgasm. She moved her head away from my groin and stood up. She pressed her body into mine and kissed me hard and passionately. We made out for several minutes, her breasts became wet with my perspiration and my aching penis probed blindly at the front of her skirt.

Hannah pushed me away and crawled onto the bed on all fours. Her dangling breasts moved as she crawled and her skirt swayed. "Now I'm ready for you to show me how great it is for you with my skirt on."

I crawled on the bed after her and moved up to her rear. I slid her skirt up her ass to expose her pussy. Carefully, I prodded my penis against her labia to ensure she was wet enough to accept me. She was; I slowly I pushed my penis into her vagina until my abdomen met her soft rear. I gripped her hips and began to slowly slide my penis in and out of her. "I guess those soccer players did make you wet." The movement caused her skirt to slide down her ass and bunch up around the top of my thrusting penis. I enjoyed the feel of the soft fabric on my abdomen. I thrust slowly planning to enjoy a long fuck while I caressed her skin and the fabric of her skirt. Hannah, however, had other plans.

"You're fucking my pussy but you're probably thinking about that cute blond girl and her skirt covered ass. What a naughty, naughty boyfriend you are." She paused as I grunted and increased my pace. "How soft and warm her skin would feel as you caressed her breasts. How nice her ass would look as she slid her skirt off for your pleasure. How delightfully tight her pussy would be as you entered her and..."

She didn't get any farther because I grunted loudly and thrust my penis into her as hard as I could. My whole body convulsed painfully in orgasm. My penis tried to expel every drop of cum I had inside me. I could feel the liquid pulse up and out of my shaft again and again. Each pulse was painful in its volume. My body's sole focus was to keep my abdomen pushed as hard up against her ass as possible so that my penis ejaculated deep inside her vagina. It ached, it pulsed, it was painful, it was wonderful.

Spent, I slid out my penis and collapsed onto my back on the bed. My breathing was hard and my penis still twitched rhythmically, a bead of cum dripping from its tip.

Hannah turned and kissed me. "Ten thrusts? I think that's a record. Wow, that blond girl's skirt must have been something." She leaned down and took my dripping and flaccid penis in her mouth. After a few moments of attention it was erect again, spent, but erect.

"Now its my turn." She lifted her skirt and mounted my shaft. Letting her skirt fall around my abdomen, she began to ride me. She slowly worked her way toward orgasm. At first, my penis didn't even feel her movements, but slowly, watching her breasts bounce and the concentration on her beautiful face, feeling returned. As she neared orgasm, I shot my second load deep inside her vagina. My convulsions must have put her over the top, as she soon climaxed and collapsed on top of me.

For several moments our labored breathing was the only sound in the room.

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