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Nina is electrified by a new lover
Nina had worn the maxi dress in anticipation that it would be Zach who would be sliding it off her. She had laid in bed that morning, her fingers sliding over her moist slit in anticipation. In typical fashion, Zach had called at the last minute to say he was going biking with some buddies of his. She had been pissed and disappointed and not just a little hurt. Zach was such a typical child!

Nina had wandered through the farmers’ market alone, her blonde hair flowing behind her. Eyes had turned to admire the figure in the sexy, tight-fitting dress. She had ignored the attention until her eyes met with his. He had smiled, coyly. She had noticed him following her and stopped suddenly, pretending to admire a piece of fruit. He was well-dressed, but unkempt - the clothes were expensive and well-tailored but the striped shirt was unpressed and his pants, long since unfolded, were creased. She could not help but notice the bulge in his pants.

“You should try some,” he had said in an accent that thrilled her ears. He had produced a small but sharp knife from his pocket and sliced a piece of peach. He had held it in front of her lips, and she had licked the fruit off the dull end of the blade, holding him with her eyes until she swallowed and smiled. It was the hottest thing any man had ever done for her and she knew her panties would have been soaked, had she been wearing any.

“Good, eh? May I buy you some?”

They had spent a few hours like this, Rex feeding her samples from the various stands, buying them for her when she approved and getting to know each other. He had been born in East Africa to an Indian father and an English mother and raised in London, which accounted for his darkly handsome looks and his charming accent.

“We’ll make a picnic,” Rex had said and they’d filled the basket he’d purchased for her with fruits and tomatoes, cheeses and French bread. He had noticed a wine store and left her sitting in the shade with the basket while he went inside. He had emerged with a bottle bag.

“We can’t have a picnic without wine,” he had said, kissing her on the cheek as he rejoined her. The kiss sent a tingle through her. He had turned to look up at the sky.

“It doesn’t look as though the weather will cooperate,” he had said as if revealing a confidence.

“Perhaps we should have the picnic at your hotel,” Nina had smiled.

She watched the storm move in from the balcony of Rex’s room. He popped the cork on the champagne and reached around her to hand it to her. The clouds rolled over the mountains to the west and settled in the valley.

“Cheers,” he said and she turned to meet his eyes. Their glasses met as thunder rolled. She smiled and took a sip. He kissed her. The wine melded with the juices of his mouth tasted amazing and she felt the juices flow between her legs as they had so many times that afternoon.

A bolt of lightning struck and startled her. They broke off the kiss and stared into the storm, his right arm tight around her waist, his body pressed against her. The thunderclap startled her again and he held her closer, the heat of his body sheltering her against the rising cold and damp. She felt his tongue on the bare nape of her neck and it was as though she had been struck by lighting - so light, so warm, so sensuous. She turned her face over her shoulder slightly and he took her chin in his hand, his tongue probing her mouth deeply and greedily.

She arched her back and pressed against him, her hips gyrating slowly. She felt his hands firmly on her hips, felt him begin to lift the dress up. She reached back and rubbed his cock through his pants. She felt the wind on her ass and puss as he pulled the dress up to her waste, but rather than whipping out his cock and fucking her, which she wanted very badly, he broke off the kiss and moved down her body, kneeling behind her.

As the rain came, he pulled her toward his face and licked her cleanly shaven pussy, plunging his tongue in and out of her tight little hole and teasing her swollen clit with his fingers. She spread her feet wider to accept the pleasure, feeling the breath of his nostrils on her asshole. It was too much. Her body was as electrified as the air around them and she needed a grounding rod.

She pulled away and faced him. He slipped the dress slowly over her head, revealing her shapely form against the dark of the storm clouds. Her nipples ached and grew hard with the breeze, rain and anticipation. She walked over to the lounge chair and laid down on it, gently stroking her glistening slit. She smiled up at him.

He pulled off his shirt, revealing the hard body she had felt against her before. He pulled his pants down and his cock sprang free. He lowered himself onto her, the heat and bulk of his muscled body protecting her from the storm. She grabbed his cock, thick and hot her hands, and guided him in, the head piercing her lips and plowing into her deeply, the full length and girth of his rod filling her. She moaned.

He began to pump slowly, powerfully. She thrust up to meet him, desiring him to fuck her harder and faster. He understood the unspoken command and his cock plunged in and out of her cunt furiously. Nina spread her legs wide to receive him. She had never been fucked so hard. She was no longer meeting his thrusts but laying prostrate to them, accepting the thrusts in and out of her little hole.

As the storm raged, rain dripped off his face and fell onto hers she opened her mouth to taste the water that had mixed with the heady scent of his body. She began to tense and pulled his hard chest against her breast, his mouth hard on hers. Her tight cunt held his cock inside her now, his cock moving inside her faster than ever, mini-thrusts that penetrated her very being, electrifying every part of her body.

She gasped as he penetrated her more deeply than she had ever been penetrated and held there, the ecstasy cascading over her body as another bolt of lightning flashed behind him. His cock pulsed tumultuously and injected its juice into her her. He held there as she rode the wave of electricity moving through her body. It was the combination of their orgasms, his cock still pulsing, her pussy throbbing and electrified. She had never been so completely filled and she giggled with post-orgasmic sensitivity as his cum ran over her asshole.

Rex withdrew slowly and took her by the hand. He led her into the bathroom and they took a long shower together, warming up from the weather. He bathed her gently, adoringly, with soap and a soft sponge.As he dried her off with the soft, over-sized towel he asked “What were you planning to do today?

“Let’s just say my plans involved a boy, not a man,” Nina smiled.

“Are you ready for that picnic now?”

Nina smiled at him, looking down at the cock that had just given her so much pleasure. She moved closer to him and took his cock in her hand.

“I’m still hungry,” she smiled, “but not for lunch.”

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