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Limo and a picnic

She had a surprise for him
Ring, ring, rang the phone. I open my eyes, look at the clock and think, "Who would be calling me at 8:00am on a Sunday."

I roll over and decide to let my machine answer the phone. "Get your lazy ass out of bed, and pick up the phone," I hear you say.

I jump up and reach for the phone. "Hi, I didn't think it would be you."

"Get in the shower and be dressed by 9:00am," you tell me. "We are going out for lunch and you will be there in an hour."

Let's see, its 8:00 AM. It only takes me 15 minutes to get ready so I get back into bed. I close my eyes and take my cock in my hand, starting to rub it. I think of the last time we were together, and how we made hot sweaty love on the hood of my car, after a night of partying. I was getting harder by the second. I remembered how sexy you looked in that short black skirt, and how excited you were when I had you bent over the car and I was sliding in an out of your wet pussy. My right hand moves faster, like yours did that night. My breathing gets faster, as I relive in my mind, the way you took me in your mouth on the train but had to stop before I could explode, when we came to the station. I let go of myself. Now was not the time for release. I want you to be there when it happens.

I get out of bed and go into the kitchen to put some coffee on so it will be ready when I get out of the shower. I go into the bathroom and turn the hot water on in the shower. I brush my teeth, and shave, so I will be nice and smooth for you. I get in the shower; the hot water feels so good as it pounds down on my chest. I grab the soap and start to lather up. Every inch of me must be clean. I never know where your tongue will end up. The thought of your tongue, moving around my body, stirs life back into my softening dick. I give it a few strokes, and massage my balls, making sure they are ready for you, if and when the time comes. I reach for the shampoo and do my hair.

Five minutes later, I am dried off and heading back to my room to get dressed. I stop in the kitchen to get my coffee and a day old donut, and then continue on. I take my first look at the day outside, so I can figure out what to wear. There is blue sky as far as I can see and it's already hot outside. This will be a great day. I open my drawer and pick my purple satin briefs to wear. I love the way they feel, and hope you do, too. I pick my navy blue golf shirt, and tan Dockers, to finish my wardrobe. I turn on sports center, to see what games I will be missing today, and finish my coffee. I hear the doorbell ring, so I turn off the TV, put my coffee mug in the sink and go to the front door.

I open the front door and I can't believe my eyes. The early morning sun, rising behind you, silhouettes your lovely body. You have on the sexiest sundress I have ever seen. It's a light peacock blue embroidered dress with spaghetti straps, and slits on both sides. Your open toed shoes show off your toes, painted the same color as the dress. Before I can even say hello, you jump into my arms and give me a long wet kiss. I run my hands down your back, and take a hold of your tight ass and pull you close to me.

You grind yourself against me and say, "Feels like you missed me, and it's only been two days."

I try to close the front door and pull you inside, but you stop me and say, "I have plans, and they don't include getting naked just yet."

You take me by the hand and lead me out of the house as I close the door.

"Where is your car? I don't see it. All I see are mine and my neighbors' cars and a limo."

We walk up to the limo; you open the door, and wave me in. I am in a state of shock as I get in to the back seat of the car. You get in next to me and tell the driver to head out. I look around and want to ask you a question, but you lean over and kiss me. You start to nibble on my lower lip, and run your hand along my leg. I bite at your tongue, as you move it deep into my mouth.

I reach up to take a breast in my hand, but you back away laughing and saying, "Slow down big guy, we have all day."

You lean over and push a button and the sunroof starts to move back, exposing the clear blue sky as we zoom down the highway.

"Where are we going?" I ask.

"You will see, just relax and let me do everything."

I see a large ice bucket with a bottle of champagne in it, and a jar of orange juice, and think to myself "a mimosa would be great right now". As if you were reading my mind, you get the glasses and make two, perfect mimosas. At the other side of the compartment, I notice a large picnic basket, I ask what's in it, and you say never mind, you will find out soon enough.

All of a sudden the limo begins to slow down, and then comes to a complete stop. I look out the window and notice we are stopped on the freeway, along with all the other cars. I stand up through the sunroof to see what the problem is. About 150 yards ahead there is an accident in the two right lanes. All the traffic is slowly moving to the left single lane. I look down at you and ask for my drink and if you want to look at the accident.

You say, "No, I have something else to look at."

With that you hand me my drink and I look at the twisted cars. The next thing I know, I feel my belt being undone, and my zipper being pulled down. I start to move back down on to the seat, but you stop me. "Just watch the traffic and let me be." I look ahead at the accident as you pull my pants down to my ankles. "These are new," you tell me, as you start to rub my cock through my briefs.

I start to grow very rapidly as you run your hands up and down my shaft. My knees get a little weak, as you pull down my underwear as well. My dick is pointing straight up as you start to lick it, from the base, slowly to the tip. When you get to the tip, you take it all the way down to the base, and my pubic hair tickles your nose. You suck me slowly as you lift your head off of my shaft. I love the way it feels; your mouth is the best. Your head moves down, as you slowly run your tongue down to the base of my shaft and you start to gently lick my balls. It feels so good. I close my eyes and down the rest of my drink in one gulp. You put your arms around me, grab my ass, and begin to roll my nuts around with your tongue. Your soft hand moves up and down my shaft, sometimes holding hard, sometimes so soft, I can hardly feel your touch. My body starts to move on its own, needing to be touched.

I use my left arm to support myself on the roof of the car, and run my right hand through your hair, as you continue to pleasure me. Your mouth and tongue in constant motion, licking, sucking, nibbling on my enlarged cock. The limo starts to move, as the traffic is starting to move. Following the rules of most limousine companies, of not being able to stand while the car is moving, you release me from your grip and I sit down on the soft leather seat. You take the glass from my hand and fill it up and hand it back to me.

"Thanks, I need this," I almost shout.

You sit next to me, pick up your drink, taking a sip and say, "We should arrive at our destination in about 45 minutes now that we have started moving again."

"Where are we going?" I ask.

"You will see, you will see."

I feel sort of funny, just sitting they're talking with my pants around my feet, so I put the drink down and start to pull up my pants. You stop me by saying, "Hey, who told you, you can put them back on? As a matter of fact, I want you naked. Take off everything. I am no where near finished with you yet."

I lean forward and take off my shoes and socks, and kick my pants across the cabin, as you pull my shirt off over my head. Once I am naked, you move over and sit on my lap and put your arm around my neck. I start to unbutton your thin sundress, one by one, kissing your neck as I go. When I get to your waist, I am thrilled to find the cutest pair of high cut lacy blue panties, with a damp spot soaking through. I am so excited, I almost rip the rest of the buttons off so I can get you naked as fast as I can. When I have you totally unbuttoned you move around so you can slide the dress off, and toss it in the corner, with my pants. You straddle me, and bury my head between your tits. My lips start to explore your warm flesh, your perfume turning me on even more, my hard cock pressing into your thigh as you move around on my lap. I lick my way up your neck, and start to nibble on your throat.

I reach down between our bodies and try and take my cock in my hand so I can slip it in to you. You say, "Not yet," and reach back over the seat to grab something I cannot see. I take your left nipple in my mouth and roll it around with my tongue. You try to pull away but I don't want to let go of it. You lean back and tell me to close my eyes and like always, I follow your instructions. A chill goes through my body as I feel something cold on my nipples. But it's only cold for a second. All of a sudden they start to heat up, and when you blow on them, a fire goes through my body. You lean forward and start to slowly lick my hard nipple. I have never felt any thing like it. I can't even catch my breath as I pull your head on to my chest with one hand and grab your tight butt with my other. I move my body around hoping beyond hope that my cock will find its way into you.

You release my nipple and lick your way up my neck, over my chin and slip your tongue into my open mouth. I close my lips and take your tongue between my teeth and won't let go. I look out the window and notice we are no longer on the freeway. Now we are winding our way up hill, and all I can see are trees.

I think it's my turn to take over; I have let you have your way all morning. I lift you up off of my lap, turn your body so your butt is resting on my lap. I start to bite your shoulder at the base of your neck, and work my way towards your right ear, leaving a wet trail as I go. My hands roam up your waist over your stomach and I take both of your tits in my hands and start to rub my palms over your nipples. After a few moments they are so very hard, and I take them between my thumb and forefinger and start to pull them gently away from your body.

"My cock is waiting for your touch," I whisper in your ear. "Take it, and put it in your tight, wet pussy."

I hear you giggle, as you shake your head no. "If you want to fuck me, you do it."

Your legs are outside of mine, and my cock is pointing straight up, and resting against your lips. I pull your hair back so I can bite the side of your neck. I reach down between your legs and take my cock in my hand and bend it back a bit, so I can slide it between your soaking wet lips. You lean forward just enough so that my cock pops right in to you. You gasp as you lean back and grind your pussy on to me. I am now buried all the way inside you. I take hold of your throat, as my tongue pays special attention to your neck and ear.

You start to play with your tits, just like I was only seconds before, pulling them, twisting them and massaging them. The middle finger of my hand slides over your clit, and I rub it. Your entire body, shakes when I touch it and you press your body harder on to me. I move it around and around, first left to right, then up and down, never using the same motion twice.

All of a sudden, the limo slows down and moves along a dirt road, the bouncing motion does the work for me. You are bouncing on top of me to the rhythm of the car over the rough road. I hold on to your waist, to keep my cock buried inside you. You reach down and start to play with my balls, and I tell you that it's time for me to cum. I am ready to erupt, and fill you with my white hot cum. Your ass is bouncing up and down on me. I grab you by the shoulders and force you down on to me, with all my might. When I am only seconds away from shooting, we feel the car slow down and roll to a complete stop.

At that point, you tell me to stop as you lean forward and pull yourself off my hard cock and fall to the floor landing on your knees. I ask what you're doing, and you reply, "We have to put our clothes on now. We are here."

You grab my pants and shirt and toss them to me, then pick your dress up of the floor and put it on. Badly needing a drink, I pick the champagne bottle out of the ice bucket, and guzzle down the last few ounces shoving the empty bottle back in the ice. You open the door of the limo and as you get out, you ask me to hand you the picnic basket. I try and open it up, to look inside, but you snatch it away, and head out the door. Before you get out, I grab your ass, and think, "Cool, she didn't put her panties back on."

We get out of the limo and I see a grass field about 20 by 40 yards, with trees and bushes around the perimeter. There is no sign of life, only the sound of some birds chirping from the trees. I glance over at the limo to look at the driver, but the windows are tinted and I can't see inside. You take me by the hand and we walk out to the middle of the field. You set the basket down and pull out a large soft blanket asking me to spread it out. I unfold it, grab the corners and toss it in the air, letting it settle on to the ground, all spread out.

You walk over to me and hug me around the waist as we kiss, soft, long and tender. The flames of desire that were just settling down a moment ago start to burn again. The hard bulge in my pants pushes into your stomach, and you are happy that it is still there. I lean back on to the ground, and pull you down on top of me. Your neck is so inviting, I start to lick it and try to bite it. You pull away, lean over and say it's time for us to have a bite to eat. Food is the last thing on my mind right now, but I will do what ever you say.

You hand me a bottle of red wine and corkscrew and say, "We can't drink it until you open it, so get to it."

After you hear the pop of the cork, you hand me two glasses and I fill them both up. In the meantime, you pulled out a loaf of sliced garlic French bread and a plate of salami & cheese and set it down between us. We toast to a beautiful day, and take a sip of the excellent wine. I set my glass down as you look up to the sky watching the clouds, slowly moving east. I make us both a sandwich, hand you yours as I lean back and look up at the sky along side you.

"You sure picked a great day for a surprise picnic, darling," I tell you between sips of wine.

"That is why I decided to get the limo," you tell me. "If the weather was bad, we could have had an indoor picnic."

I finish my sandwich, drain my wineglass, and refill yours and then mine. After a few sips, I set my wineglass on the ground, take yours from your hand and set it next to mine. I lean over and kiss you, our tongues slowly swirling in each others mouth. My left arm slides under your neck as I get close to you. I use my free hand and begin to slowly unbutton your dress as we continue to kiss. When I get down to your bellybutton, I rub it with my middle finger and make you squirm. After a few seconds, I drag my fingertips along your stomach, until I am between your breasts. My hand finds it way up to your left nipple and I start to twist it between my thumb and forefinger. You moan and try to bite my tongue. I snatch my tongue out of your mouth and start to lick your chin and work my way down your throat, sucking on your skin the entire time.

I take my arm out from under you and pull my shirt off and roll it up and put it under your head, like a pillow. I put my right leg over your waist, so I am now straddling you, my legs on both sides of your waist. I put my hands on both sides of your head for support and lean down and take your right nipple in my mouth and gently suck on it. I lick it over and over. I twirl it around with my tongue. I suck as much of your flesh in to my mouth as I can, my teeth brushing over your hard nipple. I let go of your nipple and jump over to the other one and start all over, licking, sucking, biting and nibbling.

"Two can play this game," you laughingly say and reach up and start to play with both of my nipples.

Your touch sets off a shock wave that starts at my nipples and shoots through my body and ends at my dick, making it as hard as ever. You can see the bulge in my pants so you reach down and start to rub it from the outside. I stop licking your tit and lean down and offer my nipple to you. I need to feel your lips on my body. Your soft tongue flicks at my hard nipple and I love it. There is nothing like it, the waves of pleasure that your touch sends through my body feels like an electric shock. You pull down the zipper on my pants and release my rock hard cock, inch by inch. When it is all the way free, you grab it and start running your hand up and down, all the while, sucking on one of my nipples.

I have never been naked out of doors before, and I think its time. I stand up and kick my shoes off and take off my pants and toss them on the ground. I hand you your wine glass and kneel in front of you, so I can finish unbuttoning your dress. I want you naked too. After I undo the last button, you lean forward and take your arms out of the dress and lay back down. I love the way your skin looks, the sun shining in your eyes, and glistening off the sweat on your body. I lift your right leg up to my mouth and kiss it. I start at your knee, kiss you inch by inch. I slowly work my way up your thigh. After what seems like forever, I get to your pussy, the lips are wet and glassy. I look up at your face, and see that you have both nipples in your hands, the empty wineglass having been tossed off to the side. I rub my tongue up your crack, from the base to your clit and give it one, long, slow lick. Now my lips continue down your other thigh kissing your soft skin. I hear a wet squishy sound and look back up your body and see that you have two fingers buried deep inside your cunt. Your eyes are closed and your other hand is pulling your nipple, one, then the other. You beg me to lick your pussy, you tell me how much you love my tongue, how you want it deep inside you.

"One second," I say. "Don't stop what you are doing and keep your eyes closed."

I reach over and take a look in the picnic basket to see what else you packed. A second bottle of wine, another tray of cold cuts and paper bag is all I see. I look for the corkscrew, find it, and open the second bottle of wine. Glancing over at you, I see that you are lost in pleasure. Your eyes closed tight, your chest is heaving and you have both hands working on your pussy. Three fingers of one hand inside and the other fingers rubbing your clit with all your might.

I smile and think to my self, "FUCK, she is having such a good time. I better get back down there or she won't need me any more."

I look inside the paper bag, and see a 10-inch pink vibrator. I wonder why she brought this. Who cares, but I am sure glad she did. I set it down on the side of the basket as I get back between your legs.

"Don't open your eyes. Just stop moving your hands please," I say out loud.

You don't hear me and continue to play with your dripping pussy. I set the wine bottle down next to your body and grab both your hands with mine to stop you. You bolt up with your eyes wide open and give me a horny look and say, "EAT ME, LICK ME NOW BABY or let go of my hands."

You don't need to tell me twice so I lower my head on to your cunt and start to explore it with my tongue. You grab me by the head and force my face in to you. "Yes, yes, yes," you moan. "Suck me hard; lick me fast, like only you can!!!"

My tongue is deep inside your pussy and my nose is rubbing your clit. I need some air, so I try and lift my head, but you keep pressing me down. When I start to cough, you realize what's going on and let go of my head. I pop my head up and gasp for air, your sweet juice dripping down my chin. After a few deep breaths, I pick up the wine bottle, move my mouth close to your pussy and start to pour the wine down over your skin, just inches above your lips. Your body jumps as you feel the cool liquid flowing over your skin. The wine trickles down between your lips and in to my mouth, it is wide open and waiting to taste the mixture of the wine and your natural flavor. As soon as the wine is gone, I pour some more over you and lick every drop off every inch of you.

I want to suck your cock, NOW, feed it to me," you say between deep breaths.

I move my body around so we are in the classic 69 position, my legs on each side of your head, my swollen dick, inches from your face. You take my balls in one hand and fondle them gently, and my hardness in the other and rub it all over your face, up your chin, over your lips, along your nose and finally into your mouth. My tongue starts at your navel, and slowly moves down over your skin, licking up the last traces of wine. Your mouth is so tight. Your tongue is so smooth as you run it all over my cock head. You can feel the cum in my balls waiting to be released. At this point you don't care where it ends up, at the back of your throat, deep in your pussy, or shooting all over your tits. All you know is you want to make me CUM and have it end up on or in your body.

When my lips suck on your clit, your body shakes and I hear your muffled moan escape your cock filled mouth. You let go of my balls and cock and grab my ass and pull my body down on to yours, so my dick is as far inside your mouth as it can get. I use my pelvis and thrust into you over and over as fast as I can. My lips are sucking yours in to my mouth. I am licking, sucking or gently biting every inch of your swollen pink pussy. I slide my hands under your ass and pull your body to mine as I devour you. You let my cock out of your mouth as you scream in orgasm, not wanting to take a bite out of me. Hearing you cum, gets me even more excited and I increase my actions. After you catch your breath, you take me back in your mouth and start to slowly suck my cock again.

I need to give my mouth a few moments rest, so I pick up the vibrator and turn it on. I set it to the lowest speed, and position it in front of your lips. It is so slow I hope you don't hear the buzzing. At the same time my tongue touches your clit, I slide the vibrator between your soaking lips. Again my cock falls out of your mouth as you arch your back and gasp out loud. "YESSSSS, you found my toy!!!!"

Your hands roam over my body, touching any part of me you can. I hear you gasping for air, as I turn the throbbing vibrator up a notch. I take my mouth away from your pussy and move the head of the vibrator on to your clit and turn it up a little more. Now, I run it up and down along your slit, letting no more than one inch of it slide between your lips. My elbows are a little sore, so I pull your favorite toy out of you and twist it to full power and ram it all the way in to your willing cunt and let go of it.

Just as you try to take my cock back in to your mouth, I move my body away from you and lay down along your right side. I reach my left hand under your neck and over your shoulder and take your left tit in my hand and start to massage it, running my palm over your thimble like, hard nipple. I take your right breast in my mouth, my tongue flicking it around and around. My right hand finds the vibrator buzzing away inside you and I pull it out of you, and bring it up to your left breast and run the vibrating tip over your nipple. Your ass starts to move around as you grab my head and force it down on to your breasts. After a minute of vibrating your nipple, I push the toy in to your flesh and move it inch by inch down your stomach, past your belly button, over your bare pubic region, and back in to your drenched pussy. I start to fuck you with it, ramming it all the way inside, and pulling it almost all the way out. I do this over and over and over until you scream out my name as another orgasm rips through your body.

"Fuck me, fuck me now," you scream. "I need your balls slapping my ass!!!"

I pick you up effortlessly and put you on your knees. I get on my knees behind you and bite your back just above your waist. I reach down between your legs and slide my right thumb inside your dripping hole. I start to fuck you as hard as I can with it. Your body shakes, as my thumb touches parts of you that the vibrator or straight cock cannot reach. I cannot hold my cum inside me any more. I need to bury my cock deep inside and let myself go. I pull my thumb out of you and lick it clean, before moving my cock between your legs.

"Please, please, FUCK ME, NOW," you beg.

I take my cock in my hand and bring it up to your lips. As soon as you feel it splitting them, you thrust back with all the force you can muster, nearly knocking me off of you. I want to go slow and make this last, but with all the playing and teasing we have been doing, I know I won't last very long at all. I think to myself, the sooner I cum, the sooner we will be able to go at it again, maybe on the ride home. I grab you around the waist, and fuck you. I fuck you hard. I fuck you as fast as I can get my cock to move. You are so wet and slippery, there is hardly any friction as I pull all the way out of you and slam back in to you, so my balls do slap your ass, like you wanted. I can feel my cum in my balls moving around, looking for the shaft that it will shoot up and out of. I am going to explode any second now, so I reach around your waist and finger your clit. You move your ass back as I thrust forward, pounding, pounding away at each other. Your pussy is like a faucet, your sweet juice running down our legs and on to the blanket.

I can feel the cum moving, so I let go of your clit and grab you tightly around your legs. My hard dick starts to erupt like Mt. Helens. Spurt after spurt of my CUM rips through my cock and goes deep into your pussy. As a deep moan escapes my lips, you yell my name as you CUM, too. Is that an earthquake I feel, or is it just us? Both of our bodies shake out of control, as wave after of wave of pleasure vibrates through and through. I feel your body weaken as your knees give out and you fall on to your stomach, with my body still on top of yours. I do the best I can to keep from squashing you beneath me, as I gasp for air. After a few minutes, I try to roll off your body, but you stop me, saying how much you like the way I feel there. I can only wonder if the ride home will be as much fun as the trip here.

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