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Lingerie shopping had never been so much fun

I love wearing sexy underwear; it always gets me in the mood for a good fucking...



One day I was out shopping with my boyfriend.   I wanted to get some sexy lingerie for Valentines Day and I needed his opinion.   As we looked around the lingerie department of a large store I saw a very sexy red and black velvet bustier with a pair of tiny thongs.   My boyfriends eyes lit up when he saw it so I went to the changing room to try it on whilst he waited outside.  


As I hooked up the fasteners at the back I began to feel quite horny.   I love wearing sexy underwear; it always gets me in the mood for a good fucking.   I took off my knickers and pulled the small black and red thong over the small black hair of my pussy.   I had already bought some black fishnet stockings so I thought I try on the whole outfit together.   As I slipped the stockings up my slim thighs and fastened the clips from my bustier to the top of the fishnets I could feel my clit tingling.   I looked at myself in the mirror, my 32DD boobs looked massive is the tight red and black material.   I started to get wet as I turned round and looked at the suspenders holding up the sexy stockings, which were pulled tight over my pert arse.


I had the sudden urge to fuck my boyfriend right there in the changing room, but I knew there was probably a shop assistant outside the cubicle right now.   Regardless I knew he would want to see me dressed up like this and I loved the thought of him having to wait in line at the till with a stonking hard on!   So I opened the door to give him a quick flash.   As I did this I saw that the shop assistant has gone so before my bloke knew what was happening I grabbed his t-shirt and pulled him into the cubicle.  


I pushed him against the wall and stepped back so he could get a good look at me.   “Fuck me you look sexy, I’m getting a right hard on”, he said as his eyes moved up and down my scantily clad body.   I could see his cock getting hard in his jeans.   I knew we had to be quick so I got on my knees in front of him and unbuttoned his jeans.   His fat cock sprang easily from his jeans; already his cock was dripping.   I licked up the juices as his hands went behind my head and pushed the tip of his fat cock into my warm, wet mouth.   As he pushed his cock deeper into my mouth I could feel it touching the back of my throat.   He thrust it in and out of my slippery mouth slowly at first then faster and faster until I was gagging as the big head of his dick banged against the back of my throat.  


As I sucked away I let my fingers slip down to my pussy.   I moved the material of the thong to one side and felt my outer lips.   They were slick with my juices and I knew I needed to feel his big cock inside the wet walls of my pussy right now.   I took his dick out of my mouth, stood up and turned round so my back was facing him and we were both facing the large mirror in the changing room cubicle.   I bent over and whispered “Now fuck me has hard and fast as you can from behind”.   Staring at me in the mirror, my boyfriend moved closer behind me and slid two fingers over my swollen clit and between my pussy lips.   “Fuck your so wet” he said breathlessly as he took hold of his cock and slid it into my soaking pussy from behind.   I could feel his dick sinking in all the way up to his balls, filling up my small, tight pussy.   He took a couple of long slow strokes, which made my clit tingle madly.   Then he started banging me faster and faster, I stuck my arse up as far as I could and his cock thrust even deeper inside me.


I wanted to moan loudly but what if someone heard us?   I tried to keep in my cries of pleasure as he clamped both hands on my waist and fucked me harder and harder.   He was so deep inside me it hurt a little but I didn’t want him to stop. Suddenly my pussy got even wetter and I knew I was close to coming, which was amazing as we’d only been fucking for a few minutes, god I couldn’t believe how horny I was!   I moaned as quietly as I could for him to fuck me harder.   As he did I felt my whole body explode as I came onto his fat cock.   At the same time I felt my boyfriend come deep inside me.   I could feel his cock pumping his hot juices deep inside my pussy.  


He slid out his glistening dick slowly and I felt my whole body tingle with pleasure.   He slowly wanked his still rock hard cock as he watched me slip out of the stockings and bustier and get dressed.   Then he put it back in his jeans and we stepped casually out of the changing rooms, only to be faced with the shop assistant!   “Are they good for you?”   She said, looking accusingly at the both of us like we were naughty school children.   Before I could say anything my boyfriend said “Yes I reckon they do the trick thanks” as I snuck past her, red faced but smirking all the same.


Now anytime I go lingerie shopping I always take my boyfriend and look forward to some hot changing room action and pray we don’t get caught!

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