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Little Beach ch 1

Little Beach where one can enjoy the sun and friendship of the other nudist”.
My name is Genevieve, but you can call me Ginny. I’m fifty-seven years old and live in a small town in Ohio. Right now, I am going through some real rough times right now, most of it is due to the removal of my left breast, due to breast cancer. Everything is healed, and I have a clean bill of health now. However, the depression that goes with is bad enough, but I had to deal with one moody husband as well. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rodney dearly, but there are times, when I wish I could go somewhere, alone. However, where would I go since it was the middle of winter? I needed a warm, sunny place, I could go, to not only renew my spirit, but get fucked, and feel totally satisfied as a woman. I grumbled, “Hell who wants to fuck a one breasted female. “ I thought for a moment, then one such location came to mind, it was one of Hawaii’s white beaches. I can even see my best friend David joining me; he doesn’t mind what has happened to me as he still says I am sexy and beautiful. I wondered if his wife would mind me borrowing for a while.

Here it is four p.m. and I am sitting in front of my computer, trying to recover from the angry assault Rodney just gave me. He goes flying off at the handle so easily, this time; it was because I did not make the coffee strong enough for him. Good grief, next time he’ll complain it’s too strong, there is no pleasing that man. I know his behavior is due to his mood disorder, and I am trying to ignore it, and work through it, but for some reason, I could not.
He left an hour ago, to go to his favorite pub, and have a few drinks with his buddies. I am angry, bored, and horny as hell. I threw my hands up in the air, and yelled, “Fuck it, I am tired of this damn dog and pony show!”

I wanted to be somewhere warm, with the tropical sun tanning my nude body. I had no problem with nudity, because I still think I’m sexy, warm and inviting. As I sat here glaring at the computer screen, I began daydreaming about a sunny destination. A place to boost my spirits; maybe I could even find a real man there, one that is not hung up on a woman’s looks. Oh God, it would be so nice to feel naughty, kinky, and be totally satisfied by someone other than my husband.

All of a sudden it dawned on me; I’d secretly been saving for a trip to Hawaii, a little something to surprise hubby with on our anniversary. However, when I mention going on vacation, he grumbled and growled like I bit him on the ass. “Damn it Ginny, it’s not enough I have to look at your deformed body here at home. I will be damned it I am going anywhere; especially the beach with a one-breasted woman, it’s disgusting.” So, I saw no reason why I could not plan the lil-getaway trip anyways.
I quickly grabbed the newspaper, as I recalled seeing an ad for a special Hawaii vacation package from the local travel agency. I thumbed through the Sunday Times and spotted it. I could spend four days and nights in Maui for a fraction of what it usually cost.

I looked at the clock; it read 5 p.m. So I picked up the phone and quickly dialed the number, hoping it wasn’t too late.

When someone answered, I gave a sigh of relief. “Hello, this is Genevieve Baxter; do you still have the vacation package for Maui, Hawaii? Oh good, book me the trip.”

The woman at the agency then explained the details of the package. “Maui is great to visit this time of the year, and I everyone I have booked to go there, love it. The trip leaves at 8:45 am, on November 27th and returns at 8pm, December 1st. Airfare, hotel room and a rental car are included in this package. How many shall I write down are going?”

I giggled aloud and told her, “Oh it’s just me honey. I need to get away from here for a while.” However, only I knew I would be emailing David later today because I know he would jump at the chance to join me for some sexy fun.

After that, she took down the rest of my credentials along with my email address. She then told me, “Mrs. Baxter, your packets for the trip should arrive by midday tomorrow, if it doesn’t come through by the next morning, give us a call.”

I excitedly replied, “Okay, thanks for everything, goodbye.” I almost dropped the phone, as I was so excited about getting away. I ran to the bedroom saying, “Maui, here I come!”

I then emailed David about the trip, praying that he could join me. It did not take long for him to answer me. He told me he would be delighted to join me, after all he had to go to Hawaii, on business that week. He added his wife could not join him this time, and has already booked a flight and would be there before me. You see David accepts me like I am, as I have not changed just had one breast removed. I was so excited I could not think straight.

I sat on the sofa thinking for over an hour trying to decide what to tell hubby. I decided to just tell him I had to get away for a while, hoping he would understand. Following that, I made a list of things I was going to pack, and items I would need to buy for the trip. The last article of clothing I looked for was my swimsuit.

At first I sat there on the bed and cried. I wondered how I would look in it with just one breast. I then thought of David’s eyes when he saw me in it. Goose bumps appeared on my skin, and sweat rolled down the middle of my back, and I quivered from head to toe. I looked around to make sure I was still home alone, and shrieked, “David’s going to love this hot pink with black dots suit. I bet it won’t stay on long!”

The next morning I went shopping, and found everything I needed. I returned home and finished packing before hubby even realized I was gone; he was still sleeping off his hangover.

I was excited and raring to go; all I needed now was the informational packet from the agency. I thought the packet would never arrive. When it finally did, I almost passed out from anticipation. After calming down, I printed out the information, then went into the living room, and sat down on the sofa. I rifled through it and was so excited about my secretly planned sexual encounter that I wanted to strip and masturbate right then and there. Except hubby was up, and he would probably say something rude and obnoxious, as he was never spontaneous.

I laid the papers on the coffee table, and went into the kitchen, to make myself a cup of tea. I returned to the sofa, sat down, took a sip of my drink, and fantasized about the island’s blue sky, white sandy beaches and tropical palm trees, and wished I was there already. It was then I noticed the brightly colored font that upon closer inspection, read, “Visit ‘Little Beach’ while in Maui. A nude beach where one can enjoy the sun and friendship of the other nudist”.

It made me think of the many times hubby and I went to those kinds of places and fuck our brains out. My mouth went dry, and I began to become aroused, thinking about what might happen if I went to that nude beach while I was in Hawaii. I trembled with anticipation, and looked around to make sure hubby was out of earshot, and squealed, “Oh my God, I just know David will take me to that nude beach!”

I almost bit my tongue and pissed my panties, when Rodney stuck his head around the corner of the bedroom and asked, “Were you saying something to me honey?” Talking and acting like nothing had happened yesterday, and everything was peachy-keen. I decided since he was in a cheerful mood, to tell him about my trip.

I gulped, and chose my words carefully. “No dear, I was merely thinking out loud about a trip I decided to take. I think I need to get away from you, this house, and think things through for a while, if you don’t mind?” As if I really cared, at this point I no longer cared; I was determined to go anyway.

He came further into the room, until he was about two feet from me, crossed his arms on his chest, gave me a look that could melt ice and bellowed. “Well whooped-de-do, the lil lady wants to get away from things. Are you insinuating that I am the cause of your troubles, or that I am fat, boring, and a grouch?”

I tried my damndest not to laugh, and agree, but replied, “Well we have been arguing a lot. Honey, I think I just need to give you some space. Besides, I have not been anywhere since my surgery, and it will do me good to get away. After all, I know you won’t mind having me gone, after all you can play poker all night with the boys.”

The look on his face told me; here it comes again, his controlling, aggressive, abusive response. He glared at me and growled, “Your damn right bitch, it’s about time you learned who is boss in this house!”

I moved my head as if I was looking for something in the newspaper and muttered under my breath. “Boss hog, you mean, you inconsiderate asshole.” However I did not say anything more in response. I just kept it to myself. Responding would only cause more anger anyways.

All through supper he scowled at me, about anything and everything. I just ignored it, but my mind screamed, ‘Go on asshole criticize all you want, because tomorrow I am out of here, for some sun, fun, and sex!’
That night, he did the usual, kissed me goodnight, and nothing else. It was his usual behavior since my breast was gone, he just could not stand to look at me. However he did suggest that he wasn’t going to have sex with me, because I needed to get a good night's rest, after all I had to get up early the next morning for my trip.

I replied, “Aw how thoughtful of you honey, good night.” While under my breath I hissed, “What’s the matter; does a one-breasted woman make you cock shrivel, or can’t you even get the ole prick up anymore darling?” I don’t know what made me think this night would be any different than the others. I could tell he had something to drink before coming to bed because the alcohol on his breath almost made me gag. I decided not to complain, just turned over and went to sleep.

I dreamt of tropical beaches, David’s nude body, lying next to me, and a midnight rendezvous’ under a starlit sky. As the warm ocean waves caressed the shore, this tall dark handsome male, was touching every inch of me. I woke up, with my gown pulled up to my neck, and rock hard nipple and a drenched pussy. As for Rodney he was still asleep and snoring.

I got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for the trip. I turned the shower on, so he could not hear me. I looked at myself in the mirror laughed, and squealed “Ole lady, you are still sexy as ever, and you need to be fucked by David!”

I was showered, dressed, and was ready to go before Rodney even batted and eyelash. He must have had a double, of whatever he drank before coming to bed, because it knocked the idiot out. I leaned over, kissed him on the lips and told him, “Goodbye.” I then left an itinerary of my trip on the refrigerator, so he would know where I was, in case he needed to reach me.

Before I knew it, it was 8:45 in the morning, and I was boarding, Continental Airlines flight 5757 to Maui-Kahului. It was going to be a long trip lasting almost twenty-four hours, and I would arrive at my destination at 9:37a.m., the following morning. It was worth it though; I needed to get away from the cold weather, and cold husband at home.

I arrived there exhausted, after an easy flight, right on schedule. After checking through customs, I was greeted by a Hawaiian woman, who placed a ring of flowers around my neck. She announced, “Aloha,” I thanked her, and then looked around for the information desk.

Once locating it, I walked over and inquired where I would find the shuttle that could be taking me to the Sheraton Maui Resort. The woman politely smiled, pointed and replied, “It’s out that door to your left. You can recognize it by its bright yellow, blue and green colors. When you get there, show the driver your credentials and he will then assist you with your luggage, and take you to your hotel.”

I thanked her and made my way outside to the shuttle. I couldn’t miss it, because it was the only brightly colored bus there. In front of it stood a man, holding a card with my name on it. I greeted him, and showed him some identification. Afterwards he gathered my luggage and escorted me on to the bus. In about forty minutes, I was at my hotel.

The hotel and the surrounding area offered a wonderfully enchanting view of the island that was even more beautiful than the pictures in the brochure. I walked inside and as I checked in, and a bellboy assisted me with my luggage.

We headed up the elevator towards room 442. I opened the door, and he followed me with my suitcases. I tipped him, told him thanks, and he left. . After that, I locked the door, kicked off my shoes, walked over opened the sliding glass doors, and stepped out on the balcony. Oh, my, God, the view took my breath away, it was better than the pictures in the brochure. I could see the white sandy beach, stretching for miles on either side of the hotel. White sails dotted the blue waters, and a few sunbathers were scattered along its shore. I made a mental note to check it out later as I needed a nap.

Since the bed was right by the window, I laid down. The serenading sounds of the waves hitting the beach lulled me to sleep. When I awoke, it was well past lunch time. I rubbed my eyes, searched for the room service brochure and then ordered me a light lunch, with a peach flavored tea. It then dawned on me that I had not checked to see if David had arrived, because we had planned to take separate flights.

I rang the desk and asked, “Has David Richardson arrive yet?” I then paused, and they informed me he did. “Good, can you ring his room for me?”

I quivered from head to toe with anticipation, and when I heard his deep sexy voice say, “Hello,” I nearly fell off the bed.

“Hi David, it’s Ginny. How was your trip baby?”

“Hiya sexy. It was fine, except all I could think of was your nude sexy body, lying next to me, and I ended up jacking off in the restroom twice.”

“Aww you poor baby, do you need some of Ginny’s TLC; tender, loving cunt?”

“Oooh fuck yes baby! I love it when you talk dirty! Let’s meet on the beach in about an hour, it will be cooler and we can go for a stroll.”

“Mmm, sounds so exciting, walking on the sandy with you, as the warm rays of Hawaii caress our bodies.”

“It does, doesn’t it? How would you like me to come by your room around four p. m. and pick you up?”

“Why don’t we meet in the lobby, because I know darn well that if you come here, we’d never make it to the beach?”

“Okay, Goodbye, see you in the lobby later doll.”

I bid him goodbye, then begin to unpack. After that I took a shower to freshen up. Once done, I dried off, applied sunscreen, and a minimal amount of makeup. I then put on a short set that accentuated every curve of my body. The top has a built in bra, and I can place the fake breast in onside so I don’t look lopsided. Come to think of it, I think I will go commando. I looked at my watch and noticed it was almost time to meet David. I checked myself in the mirror, then grabbed my purse, a hat, and headed to the lobby.

I took the elevator down to the lobby and there stood David waiting for me. He was wearing a typical Hawaiian style shirt, cutoffs, sandals, and carrying a blanket, along with a small tote, plus a noticeable bulge in his pants.

I greeted him with a kiss. “Hi David, it looks like you’re more than ready to head for the beach.”

He kisses me back, with enough passion to curl both our toes. “Hello sweetheart. How are you doll, you look beautiful. I am more excited about what happens when we get to the beach. Don’t ask what we are going to do, because it’s a surprise.” We headed out the door to the beach. It was then that we noticed a brightly colored sign that directed hotel guests to their private beach. Next to that was a sign which read; “Visit Little Beach” A private area you must pay to enter, it’s a clothing optional area; enter at your own risk.” We laughed, blushed, and headed toward the hotel beach.

Soon the warm sun and cool ocean breeze made me feel relaxed. I watched the people on the beach. I couldn’t help but notice a young couple, probably on their honeymoon, frolicking and caressing each other. It made me remember the times when my husband and I walked hand in hand, along a similar nude beach. One encounter stuck out in my mind, was when we found a secluded spot to make love in the middle of the afternoon.

I trembled with desire, feeling my nipple and clit swell and throb, and tears swell up in my eyes. Oh how I wanted David to take me away from it all, and make me feel like a sexy-hot woman again.

I sighed, looked at David and asked, “Doesn’t this beach make you feel young, sexy an alive?”

“Yeah, makes me want to find a secluded spot, and fuck your socks off!”

I giggled, blushed and replied, “I’m not wearing any socks!”

He winked and escorted me over to some palm trees, an area off the main trail, which looked kind of secluded from prying eyes.

David handed me one end of the blanket, and we laid it on the sand. He pulled me close, kissed me hard, and spoke in a sexy tone. “Lay down on the blanket love. Let me take your mind off your troubles.”

I smiled seductively, and purred, “Well you may have heard the phrase, “Calgon, take me away---David take me away!”

He ran his fingers across my one nipple, which was already beginning to swell. He rolled it between a thumb and forefinger until it was a taunt, erect, and straining the fabric of my top. I leaned into him and moaned in delight. As I drooled, and panted, he helped me remove my clothing.

“Ginny, if you don’t mind me saying so, you’re still one hell of a sexy woman to me, even with one breast.”
Tears came to my eyes and rolled down my cheeks, and he kissed them away. Before I could say anything, he started caressing the inner folds of my pussy in search of my sensitive clit. I gasped and trembled hard when his fingers touched it. The more he rubbed it, the more my body responded; it wasn’t long until I was breathless, and shaking all over with an impending climax.

He continued to tantalize my body, with one hand still on my nipple as the other slid inside my hole, finger-fucking it deep, and hard.

I closed my eyes, raised my hips off the blanket and squealed, “Make me cum darling! Then fuck me, deep and hard, and fill me with your sweet cum!”

I shuttered as I climaxed like a freight train out of control, and screamed, “Oh God, fuck me!”

He couldn’t resist a sweet temptation like that, and quickly removed his clothing. Oh my god, his cock was more ready. He moved between my legs, grabbed his dick and slid it into my drenched vagina. He began fucking me, with long, deep thrusts. I bit my lip, shook all over, as we both climaxed.

Afterwards I lay snuggled in his arms and uttered, “Ooooh David you really know how to push a gals buttons!”

He smirked and asked, “Well did I take you away from your problems?”

“What problems,” I giggled.

My tummy rumbled loud enough for David to hear it. “Sounds like you’re hungry. Where shall we go to eat?”

“I saw this cute beach-side restaurant, just perfect for dining and watching the sun set.”

“Yeah, I noticed it on the way down to the beach. Why don’t we get dressed and go there, since it’s out in the open, I’m sure no one will notice we just fucked. However, I do have some towellets so we can freshen up a bit. ”

“Who cares if they do, it was time for me to have some of my own hot-exciting fun!”

We dressed, and headed to the restaurant. Dinner was exciting, as we watched the sun set, and chatted briefly about our sexual encounter. In the back of my mind, I made a note to call Rodney, and say I was having a good time. I then wondered if I would tell him about David. Well let me put it this way, if he asked, I would not lie, and I don’t care if he understands.

After dinner, I could not keep my eyes open. I yawned, “Sorry I’ve been having a bit of jet-lag.”

David escorted me back to my room, and asked to come inside. I invited him in, and he pulled me into his arms, and kissed me passionately. “Why don’t I order some wine for us honey, then we drink it while we relax on the balcony.”

“David, I don’t think I need any wine, I am sleepy enough as it is.”

“Ginny, let's have one glass, okay? If you doze off, I will take care of you.”

I agreed to one drink, and he ordered some dry wine. After it arrived, he poured two glasses and handed me one. We then walked out onto the balcony, and sat in the comfortable lounge chairs and gazed up at the starry sky. I sipped my drink, listened to the waves hitting the beach, and wondered what tomorrow will bring. The cool night breeze and calming sounds of the water made me start to doze off.

The next thing I knew David was tapping my shoulder and whispering, “Ginny, my love, I think you need to go to bed, because you were falling asleep. I think I will let you be tonight so you can rest up from the flight. We can start our tour of the island when you feel up to it.” He helped me up, and walked me to the door, kissed me long and hard, and then bid me adieu.

I changed into my nightgown and went to bed. That night I dreamt of Hawaiian luaus, romantic walks along the beach, along with hot-lust filled night of wild sex and passion, with a man, I met on the beach.

I awoke the next day, with the cool breeze of the ocean caressing my face. I did not want to get out of bed, as jet-lag still had me in its grip. I called David, and explained things to him and he offered to come join me. I told him if he did, I would not get any rest. He told me to take it easy and he would call and check on me later. After all he could take care of his business while I rested. We bid each other farewell. I then ordered room service, for breakfast.
I also thought about sight seeing, verses the nude beach. What if the people on that beach were like my ex-husband? Would their taunting, whispers, and stares at my one breasted figure keep me away? I decided just to spend some time sightseeing, until I could muster the nerve to just go the nude beach.

David called around 2 p.m. and asked if I felt like going to dinner with him. I told him I did not feel like going out to dinner but he could join me on the balcony of the room for dinner. He accepted, and soon we were enjoying a delicious meal on the veranda. We talked like old friends throughout the meal and it was delightful to have someone actually carry on a decent conversation with me. Afterwards, we kissed, caressed, gazed at the stars, and then ended up making out on the bed. We made love for a few hours, and fell asleep in each others arms. Another great pleasure which I had not done for eons.

The next morning I woke up and discovered David was not in bed with me. I thought he might have gone to the bathroom. I moved, and it was then I saw the note and a red rose on the pillow next to me. “I had a wonderful time darling, but needed to go back to my room, just in case my wife called. By the way I will be tied up in business meetings all day, so enjoy yourself, and doll, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

I understood completely, thought for a bit then chirped, “Ole lady, it's now or never to go to that nude beach!”

So I donned a pair of casual shorts a loose t-shirt, and went commando. After that grabbed my beach towel, sun blocker, shades, bottled water, and placed them in a tote, before heading out toward Little Beach. Once I got there, I paid the fee to spend the day at the nude beach. The attendant gave me a pamphlet which outlined the rules. He then directed me to the bungalow where I could change, adding that lockers were available where I could put my things.

After that he handed me a key to the locker on a chain, gave me the once over, licked his lips and smiled. “Enjoy your time at Little Beach.”

I walked over to the bungalow, changed, and place my clothing in the locker. I hesitated, and then whispered, “It’s now or never, just do it baby.” I grabbed my tote, walked cautiously out the door, and expected everyone to stare, taunted, and tease me over my naked torso, and missing breast.

To my surprise the people around me were open, warm and quite friendly. No one really seemed to notice or ask about my missing breast. However, by the end of that day my heart sank, as I was sure, I’d meet a tall handsome man. One not too embarrassed to with me, and would treat her like a queen for the day. I laughed at that remark as I thought to myself, ‘Oh hell who am I kidding, I want one who’d fuck the daylights out of me and make me feel like a real woman again!’

I did meet a lot of nice people my age. We talked about everything from gourmet cooking to sailing. As the sun began to set it was time for the beach to close. A woman, on my left named Martha asked, “Hey Ginny, will you be back tomorrow. I sure hope so; you’re a wonderful person to talk to.”

I smiled, and replied, “Sure, I’ll be back tomorrow.” I then leaned over to her, winked, chuckled and confessed, “Maybe I will find a tall handsome man here tomorrow, lord knows I need one.”

She laughed out loud and suggested, “Well if you do honey, ask him if he has a brother? I need a man too.”

That evening we had dinner once again on my balcony. David put his arms around me, kissed me softly and looked into my eyes, and asked, “Did you know you are my best friend darling? I have a bit of bad news to tell you.” It was then I knew something was wrong.

It was then he told me his wife had called earlier and he was needed at home. He apologized that he could not stay the rest of the week as we planned, but he would be flying back to the mainland that night. I put my hand in his and told him, not to worry, because family comes first. In addition, I had a great time with him, and just email me when he gets home. Besides I had three more days to spend on the beautiful island. He kissed me goodbye. I spent the rest of the evening gazing at the stars and finishing the bottle of wine.

That night as I lay there in bed, and began to think aloud. What if I came all that way, enjoyed the sun kissed island and never had any sexy fun except with what I had with David? I cried myself to sleep. My dreams were not filled with hot-wild nights of making love, but with visions of spending the rest of my life alone, without sex.

I awoke the next morning feeling depressed. I wanted to crawl into the nearest corner and just cry the day away. I shook my head and gave myself a little pep talk. “Ok woman, it’s time to quit wallowing in self pity, get out in the sunshine, and enjoy yourself; with or without a dang man!” I then decided to make the best of things and just have fun, no matter what. I ordered breakfast and ate it on the balcony. The fixed my hair, applied enough make-up to be alluring, put on a white sundress with bikini panties underneath and once again headed toward Little Beach.

Once there, I saw Martha, sitting in the sandy area near the trees. She waved and shouted, “Hey, glad you could make it. Come on down.”

I smiled at her waved and begin walking towards her. I pulled up a chair, smiled mischievously and asked, “Anything exciting happening today?”

The woman on the other side of me spoke up and said, “Pull up a chair honey, get comfy, and help up size up the men. This is more fun, than watching midget mud-wrestling.” I hated playing games like that. However, I didn’t want to hurt anyone's feelings, so I got a chair, and set it off to the side of the group.

I looked in the opposite way than they were. I spotted him, a man who looked about my age, walking towards me. I ogled him, trying to watch him nonchalantly. The closer he got, the more my skin began to crawl with desire. I ran my tongue across my lips, felt my nipple swell, and pussy tingle. I didn’t want the others to hear me so I muttered under my breath, “Mmm, tall, gray haired and, handsome.” It was then that our eyes met. I shivered all over and told myself, “Oooooh honey, you look good enough to eat.”

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