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Little Black Dress

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The allure of a little black dress
I, like every woman, have a little black dress. A dress designed specifically to accentuate my look and to draw in the unsuspecting man. My little black dress is silk with a sweetheart neckline that curves over my breasts and allows the onlooker a teasing glance at the tops of my breasts. It’s floor length with spaghetti straps and fitted snugly but not so tight as to reveal all the details of what lies underneath. Finally, it has a scoop back that goes down to my lower back and pinches the material in a little bustle.

This is the dress that I am wearing as I stand here in front of you.

With my eyes closed and gently biting my bottom lip, I sway to the music that is filling the room. I cross my arms and slide my hands up to my shoulders, stopping briefly when my fingers touch the thin spaghetti straps. As I let the music flow into my body and start seducing me, I slowly start my seduction of you and slide these thin straps over the smooth skin of my shoulders and let them slide onto my arms. My dress starts to fall from my body, caressing my skin as it shifts downward. The material holds firmly around my breasts and resists, resists letting you see me. 

Dragging the backs of my fingers down the center of my chest between my breasts, the friction of my fingers against the silky material causes my dress to start to drop. Dropping slowly down my breasts until I’m exposed to you, exposed to your gaze. My little black dress drops to my hips and clings there, clinging to the tender skin of my hips and protecting me from your eyes. 

The swaying of my hips to the music causes the silk to slightly move, revealing more and more of my body. I continue to drag my fingers down, down between my breasts to my stomach and finally touching my dress. My fingers slide between the delicate material of my dress and the tender skin of my lower stomach and continue down over my hairless pubic area, stopping between my thighs. Feeling the warmth of my body with my fingertip, I let one of my fingers slide between my pussy lips. 

My dress finally surrenders and drops gently to the floor and exposes my body to you, as well as exposing the view of my finger between my legs. Bringing my finger up to my mouth, I slowly suck on my finger while opening my eyes to look at you.

Stepping out of my dress, I walk toward you. You are sitting in the big oversized chair here in the living room of my apartment. I stop between your spread thighs and spread my legs just wide enough for you to see my womanhood. I slowly start to kneel between your thighs, letting my hands touch your knees as I ease my naked body to the floor.

Sliding my hands up your thighs, I look into your eyes and give you a devilish little smile. My hands come together over your swollen groin and I give you a gentle caress but continue on their path to your belt. Grasping your belt, I pull back on the leather and unhook it from the cold metal pin. I release my hold on the hard leather strap to allow your pants to loosen. My fingers find the button of your pants and I work the material over the button and continue to your zipper and slide it down. 

Sliding my hands up to your hips, I grasp the waist of your pants and start to ease your pants down, down over your hips, thighs, knees and to your ankles. Free from the restraints of your pants, your penis falls against your stomach, fully erect.

Looking into your eyes, I lean forward toward your groin. Pressing my lips against the base of your shaft, I start leaving wet kisses all the way up to the tip. Slipping my tongue out of my mouth, I start to trace a line down your shaft with my tongue, leaving a wet trail of saliva on you. Using my finger, I tip it into the pre-cum on your stomach and rub it around on your penis tip, leaving a nice moist sheen. I pull your penis toward my lips and place an innocent kiss just under the tip and suck the soft skin into my mouth.

With my eyes fixed on your penis tip, I part my lips and bring my mouth to a point just fractions away from your tip. Pursing my lips, I give you a gentle kiss. Parting my lips, I now slide the skin of my lips down the tip of your penis, slowly taking you into my mouth. My tongue swirling around your tip, tasting the pre-cum I rubbed onto you earlier. I continue to the rim of your tip and stop there. Slowly, I slide my lips up and down against your rim, grasping you with my lips each time I lift my head and sucking you each time I slide my head down.

Holding my lips to your penis, I start to slide you into my mouth, slowly taking you deeper and deeper.I fill my mouth with your penis, feeling your shaft sliding on my tongue and the tip pressing against the back of my mouth. Closing my eyes, I rhythmically start to slide my lips up and down your shaft. I try to take more and more of you each time, trying to take all of you in my mouth. I feel the softness of your skin with my lips, feeling your penis tip against my cheeks and feeling your tip pressing deep into my mouth each time. I taste the saltiness of your pre-cum each time I draw my lips to the tip. My hands are on your hips and only my mouth on your penis. Using only my mouth, I try to pleasure you.

I feel your hand touch and you gently lift up on my chin. You touch is leading me up from my knees, up to your waiting kiss. Your hands drop to my hips and turn me around between your legs. With my legs mostly closed, I feel your hands pulling me down onto your lap. I reach around behind me and take your penis in my hand and position you to enter my body. I feel your penis touch the opening of my pussy and the heat of your body transfers to me.

Your hands are pulling me down, down onto your penis tip. Your penis tip is pressing against me and trying to spread my pussy to allow you to enter me. My body resists ever so slightly. Your hands continue to pull me down onto you and you start to enter me, causing me to gasp as you penetrate me.

My pussy is spreading and opening up to your penis, allowing you into my body. My wet pussy wraps around your penis. Your hands are firmly on my hips, holding me and guiding my body up and down. Guiding me all the way down so my bottom comes in contact with your hips and then lifting me up.

I squeeze you with my pussy each time I slide down onto you. I flex my pussy muscles to hold you firmly inside me and relax when I feel you lifting me up. The air seems to be pushed from my lungs every time you are in me, causing a moan to escape from my lips. 

I am holding the arms of the chair, pushing myself up and down in unison with your hands on my hips. A constant purr is escaping from me. My body is starting to quiver. All my muscles twitching with an electric tingle. 

You rise from the chair and never break the bond we have, staying in me and holding me to the wall. Your hips are slapping against my bottom with each deep thrust. My breasts and face are pressed against the wall. Your hands are squeezing my hips. You are aggressively thrusting into me. I am squeezing your penis as hard as I can, trying to hold you in me. My legs are shaking with the starting of my climax. 

You thrust deep into me and stop. I pull my hips to you and hold me tight to you. Your head rests on my back, your chest and stomach against me and your cum starting to pulse into me. Your moans are filling my ears as I feel your last thrusts into me. Your cum is entering my body and filling me. Your hot breath is on my back.

Your penis is deep in me but is starting to soften. It softens and starts to withdraw from me and slips out of me, causing me to gasp. Your cum starts to escape from my body, coating my pussy lips and inner thighs. Cupping my hand between my legs, I turn around and kiss you. I turn and walk to the bedroom for more of our evening fun.

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