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Little Mami. Part 1

Mami has to face the reality of her love life, and finds real love in a new man.
Lil Mami was looking super Hot as ever. She had on her Baby Phat skin tight Black jeans on to accentuate her thick thighs curves, and that big round butt of hers. She also had on a nice low cut hot pink slinky blouse to shows off her size C cup boobies. Under all this she was sporting her hot Latina self in new set of matching hot pink Victoria Secret thong that kinda just lost it's self in between those thick round butt cheeks of hers, and the push up bra that made her nice and firm boobies just pop out. Since Mami is only 5 ft tall, to make herself look a bit taller she was wearing a new pair of black shinny 4 inch heeled, open toed Manolo shoes. With her waist long jet black hair flowing as shinny and silky smooth as ever. she dabbed on her favorite perfume Coco Chanel just behind her ears, on her wrists, and in between her boobies. She hurriedly put on a touch of black mascara, eyeliner and lined her thick lips red before she added her red lipstick. Mami put on her big thick gold hoop earrings, her Gold chain necklace with a Diamond crucifix on it. In her nose she has a small diamond chip nose stud and on her wrists she puts on all these solid gold bangles. Her papi chulo bought her. along with her Gold Bulova ladies watch.

As she looks at her self in the mirror one last time. she says to her self Damn I look fine as ever, and sighs deeply "Ayi" thinking about her Papi chulo, and how much she misses him. she hopes to find him at the club tonight like they had planned earlier in the day. When she arrived at "Adobo's Tequila lounge" in Indianapolis. This hot big muscular bouncer opened the door for her to come in. He mumbled under his breath in his thick Dominican accent "Damn Lil Mami you got it going on tonight." She just looks at him and says shyly Gracias as she struts in the club entrances and stops to show her VIP card to the hostess. The hostess Myra shows Mami to her reserved table in the far left corner alcove. Mami likes this spot because, when she's alone waiting for her Papi to arrive. She can sit and see the whole clubs goings and comings.

As soon as Mami is seated she scans the club looking for her friends Maria, and Jenifer. Those two Locas are over at the bar trying to catch some free drinks off these guys they're flirting with. The music is booming and the people are dancing and spinning round in front of her table. She sees the waitress Kimberly coming over with her favorite drink a Strawberry Raspberry Margarita. Mami beams with a sweet smile as soon as Kimberly reaches the table, Mami says Hola Kimberly whats up chica? Kimberly looks down at Mami and says see that gentleman over there at the bar in the suit. Mami discretely looks over at the bar and sees the man Kimberly is talking about. He was a tall dark handsome man in a nice black pinstripe Hugo Boss suite. He sure did stand out in this crowd. He asked me to bring you, your favorite drink and he asked me your name. I told him that everybody calls you Mami. I know how much you like our special Margaritas so I made you this one, and Kimberly hands Mami her margarita.

Mami looks over at him discretely as she drinks her margarita. He has turned to look straight at her. His smile is so seductive. She notices he is not a regular here. Everyone else comes to the lounge kind of casual but nicely dressed, and here he is in a tailored suite.

Out the corner of her eye she sees the lounges Manager Rafael. Rafael comes flouncing over to Mami, with his hand stretched asking her to dance. Mami tells him to wait a minute so she can finish her drink and for the next song to start. Rafael leans down and kisses Mami on the cheek and says, you looking Chula to night Mami. She can not resist dancing with Rafael. Besides being the lounges Manager Rafael also is a dance instructor. She knows he wont make her look like a fool when dancing with him. There are some guys that think they can dance, but all they do is look like fools stepping on a girls toes as they dance with you. Not Rafael he can twirl you and glide you as if you were floating on air. The only problem is Rafael always gets a boner dancing with me. Since we dance so close grinding as if we are one together on the dance floor. He and I just love the Bachata to dance to. Bachata is one of the most Erotic style of Latin music there is to dance to if you have the right partner.

When the Music starts we are in the middle of the empty dance floor. Looking at each other teasingly as we come together and press our bodies so tight that not even a piece of paper could come between us. We are the perfect dance partners. The people in the lounge just stand and watch us as if we are preforming for them. My short legs mount his legs as I sway and grind my thick hips slowly to the rhythm of the music on his thigh, as he holds me tightly to him. His right hand holds my left hand tightly as his left hand and arm squeezes my tiny waist to him. As we dance to the music of the musical group Extreme. Dancing like this always makes me so hot and wet. Even though I am just friends with Rafael he knows how to make me grind and moan as we dance like this. I just wish that my Papi chulo was the one I was grinding with right now and not Rafael. Rafael tosses me into a spin and we separate as I dance alone seductively teasing him. I come out of a new solo spin and I toss my head from side to side and I sensually rub my hands up and down my fine tight body. I sway my hips seductively as if humping the air to the musics rhythm. Thrusting like this accentuates my need for more than just this dance my hot wet pussy need some release and my nipples are so taught and pointy needing to be sucked and pinched hard. When Rafael grabs me again he pulls me in from behind and commences to grind on my big thick butt, As the back of his hand traces the form of body with the tips of his fingers he lightly caresses my tight belly and hips making me tremble at his touch and gasp for air. Rafael whispers in my ear, where is your Papi chulo tonight Mami? He has left you here in this den of wolves all by yourself? I snidely answer. He will be here no worries. He had something to do late at work and he will be here shortly. Rafael can not stand Carlos my Papi chulo. Ever since I started dating Carlos, Rafael is jealous. I have told Rafael to me he is just a friend and a great dance partner nothing else.

When the song is almost over I see the new guy watching me dance with eyes of full lust. Licking his lips as if I am some sweet coco nut flavored desert he is dying to have. Finally the song is over and Rafael and I bow at all the applause's. Rafael escorts me back to my VIP table, my Papi has this table on reserve for us always. I wave over Kimberly, and I ask her for some napkins and a bottle of water. When Kimberly is on her way back to the bar. The new guy stops her and tells her He has what I need. I look up at him with a shy smile when he introduces himself as. Emanuel Cabrera, esquire at your services Senorita. Mami blushes and shyly looks away.

Emanuel hands Mami a bottle of Fiji water and his embossed handkerchief. Mami takes the water and says Gracias, you didn't have to. I just ordered myself something. Emanuel smiles down at her. As she takes his handkerchief and dabs at the beads of sweat on her face, she can smell his cologne on his handkerchief. That woodsy smell of Bulgaria mens cologne Made her heart skip a beat in her chest. Mami Loved a good smelling and well groomed man. Emanuel politely asks if he may have a seat next to her. Mami shyly looks at him with a big smile and says of course you may.

Mami asks Emanuel. Senior you are new in town? Emanuel says to Mami, Please call me Emanuel. He responds to her question. Yes I have just moved her from Puerto Rico. Mami looks up into his dark eyes. Thinking Oh my God his eyes are like pools of black liquid hot and sexy. Mami snaps her eyes away and scans the room again looking for her Papi chulo. He still hasn't arrived it is past midnight when she looks at her watch and sighs deeply. Emanuel asks if she is waiting for someone? She responds that yes she is waiting for Carlos her boyfriend.

Mami asks Emanuel why did you move here to Indianapolis. Emanuel tells her his Law firm is expanding and offered him a position here in their new office as head of all their state side clients. Emanuel also stated that the offer was too good to pass up so here he was. Emanuel lightly touches her hand, when he asks her how she learned to dance like that? Mami is surprised by the surge of electricity that ignites in her hand and course's through her body when Emanuel touched her. Not even her Papi chulo had ever made her feel like that when he touched her. Mami responded just from many years of enjoying dancing and the rhythm takes over her body and soul like if she is hypnotised. Emanuel quietly chuckles at her response. Emanuel told her that she had him hypnotised to her dancing tonight.

Mami is worried about Carlos and why he is so late meeting her. Is something wrong or has something happen to her Papi? Ayi she sighs loudly in anguish. Emanuel looks at her with concern and asks her is something wrong? Her response is a sad and worried nod of her head, with eyes glistening with tears. She tells him Carlos is very late like never before. Emanuel reaches out his large hand and covers her little petite hand. when he does this an electrical shock again surges through her arm, body, and straight to her little hot soaking wet pussy. Mami snatches away her hand and moans a little moan at the heat surge in her bodies core for this tall dark handsome man she barely knows. Emanuel smiles at her and asks forgiveness for his forwardness. Mami tels him it is alright that he has done nothing wrong to her. Mami is so shocked at her feelings of pure lust and need for this Emanuel Cabrera.

When Emanuel hears that they are playing a Victor Manuel, Salsa song. He stands and shrugs out of his suit jacket and he extends his hand in an unspoken invitation to Mami to dance with him. She reluctantly looks one last time around the lounge for Carlos and he is no where in sight. She accepts his hand as he leads her to the dance floor he swoops her into a tight embrace. As the music rhythm takes over her in a sensual sway of her body.

Emanuel can barely control his urges to swoop her up in a long passionate kiss. In his mind he is devouring her inch by every succulent inch. His tongue caressing and teasing her ample breast and licking his way back up and around her neck consuming her with his passion. he is thinking how can this man of hers, this Carlos even think of leaving this succulent woman here all alone. Emanuel twirls Mami around because if he doesn't put some distance between them he will not be responsible for his actions of lust for this beautiful woman. Mami hears his breathing quicken and his moan as he watches her dance with him. He feels her pull herself tighter to him and she innocently asks what is wrong are you feeling ill? Emanuel blushes and says no I am fine. I just haven't danced or felt like this in a long time. His mind is still racing to thoughts of her in his bed with his sheets cascading over her voluptuous body, Of him spooning her curves to his body after a night of pure blissful love making. Snap out of it Emanuel tells him self she is another mans woman.

Mami is lost in her own thoughts as well she imagines herself riding this tall Dark handsome Emanuel Cabrera Esq. in his leather desk chair. with his office door locked as she pretends she is his naughty secretary. Oh how she would ride him like a race horse jockey in the Kentucky Derby in her fantasy. She is sitting on his lap almost naked with only her skirt around her waist as she rides his massive hard cock. bouncing and thrusting her hips as Emanuel sucks and pinches her breast her head tossed back as she lets out a loud moan. Ayi she said out loud when she realizes she has moaned just now thinking of him, and he heard her moan and he must know she is fantasizing about him. She fakes a cramp and excuses her self and leaves him on the dance floor and heads to the ladies room. Mami looks at her self in the mirror in her dismal. she is flushed and she can feel her panties are soaking wet with lust and need to be with this man. Oh God what is going on in her mind now she can not be doing this. She has her Papi chulo Carlos who she Loves with all her heart. She tells herself that Carlos is the only man for her and she Loves him dearly. Looking again in the mirror the old Cuban lady bathroom attendant asks, Mami what is wrong for you tonight? The old woman asks in heavy Cuban accent. MI Reina que pasa? {My queen what is wrong with you?} Mami looks at the old woman. As she answers Nada {nothing} Tomasa nada {nothing}. The old woman reaches out to Mami and hugs her and asks is there some problemo with Carlos. Mami shakes her head No to Tomasa Nada {nothing} is wrong Tomasa. Mi Regina {my queen} something is bothering you tonight Tell Tomasa what is wrong. Mami shakes her head no and just turns and walks out into the hallway and bumps into Emanuel. She looks up into his eyes with a look of uh oh not you again. Emanuel asks her is she is alright? Mami nods her head yes and puts her head back down and speed walks back to her table.

At the table Mami is searching the lounge for Kimberly to order herself a good drink. Mami can't wait and decides to just go up to the bar her self and get what she wants. even though she knows Carlos has always told her not to be at the bar it makes a woman look bad he says if she is up at the bar herself or as if she doesn't have a man. Mami walks over to the bar and yells out over the Mob of people to Jose the bartender and waves him over and as she stands up on her tippy toes and leans over the bar so that Jose the bartender can hear her. Some fool feels Mami's big booty up. Mami snaps around and ask who is the fool who is gonna lose his hand tonight? When she said that like five men backed up away from this one cholo Mexican thug who thought he had his game on. Mami squared him up and ask him you know who I am? Poking his chest with her long red nails, Feeling me up like I am yours to touch. Mami tells him Piendjo {asshole} Please! Get out of my face and Mami turns a hauls back and Bitch slaps that Cholo for all his moneys worth. When he realizes Mami had slapped him he raises his hand to slap her, Carlos grabs him and tells him that is my woman, you about to hit the other cholos split and left there friend there cause everybody knows that Carlos doesn't play around. Especially not with his precious Mami.

Carlos looks a little angry at Mami and asks her what have I told you, in a low almost whisper, Mi Amor { my Love } I don't want you up at the bar cause these fools don't know how to respect you. That is why I tell you Mami no going up to the bar Please Mami how many times do I need to repeat myself. Mami looks down at the floor like a little girl and says OK Papi I am sorry just I needed a drink. I couldn't find Kimberly so I came up here. Carlos pulls her close and softly pulls her face up by her chin so he can lightly place a kiss on her sweet lips, and tells her in her ear "Mami please return to the table and I will bring you a drink after I have a talk with this cholo". Mami turns and smiles at Carlos and says "OK Papi I will wait for you at our table".

Mami is waiting for him at their table. Her breath is labored with lust for her Papi chulo. Mami slid he hand down her hot body lightly passes over her breasts and she arches her back at the image in her mind that it is Carlos hand and not her own caressing her. she whimpers lowly to her self. She straightens her back when she sees Emanuel coming back towards her. Mami's heart skips a beat at the sight of this tall dark man, Emanuel Cabrera he is so different and such a gentleman. A shear streak of panic over whelms her when she also sees her Papi coming with two drinks in his hands. Both men reach the table at the same time. Mami has a look of OK what do I do and say now. So she introduces her Papi chulo Carlos to the new Man.

Carlos is a total gentleman inviting him to sit with them. When Mami tells Carlos she had just met El Senior Emanuel Cabrera Esq. and that he is new here to Indy. Mami tells Carlos that Emanuel also is a Puerto Rican like they are. Carlos smiles and shakes hands with Emanuel and asks him so buddy where are you from on the island? Emanuel answers him, I am from Vega Alta. Carlos beams with pride and tells Emanuel, I am from Rio Piedras, I lived in the casario El Vista Hermosa Carlos tells Emanuel. They start to immediately talk about the islands politics and the crime rate that is just so outrageously high.

Mami just sits back and takes in the sight of these two totally different men. Wondering how great it would be to have them both making Love to her at the same time. This is a fantasy that Mami has kept secret from her beloved Carlos out of fear that he would think she was a whore or some freak. Cause Hispanic men can be so macho, chauvinistic, and judgemental. Mami is in her own world listening to the music and in a trance state as the guys talk about everything and anything. Mami thinks how wonderful it would be to have them both kissing her and caressing her at the same time. But that they as men can never touch each other as lovers they can only serve her. She knows she wants all their attention on her pleasuring her. She thinks Emanuel looks like he would be more than willing to go down on her, lick her for all she is worth. Making her cum in his mouth as she thrust those thick voluptuous hips of hers on him while he licks and sucks on her juicy pussy lips and clit. While Carlos is letting her give him a good blow like she knows she can. Licking and flicking at his massive hard cock getting it good and wet. So then she can plunge almost all of his 10 inches into her mouth as she deep throats him. Mami stops and wonders how big and dark is Emanuel's cock? Oh how she dreams of having a real man pleasure her and making her cum for him and him licking her clean."Ummmmm" Mami purrs. what an image that would be to have this dark sexy man in between her thighs licking and sucking on her hot wet cunt till she nearly passes out from her huge multiple orgasms he has given her. As she thrusts and quivers moaning as she pulls him closer to her hot cunt grabbing his head and grinding for all she is worth.

Carlos looks over at Mami with a look of adoration and need for that tight little pussy she has. He thinks about taking her up stairs to that private little corner he and she found last week. Where they can have another fuck session with her naked body pressed up against the huge glass window as he is fucking her from behind. He remembers how he pulled her by her hair and how with his other hand he was rubbing her clit to make sure he and his woman cum together. As he fucks her from behind with long hard thrusts in and out with his 10 inch's long cock and 4 inch thick around hard brown cock banging her tight pussy up against the glass window. As they look out on downtown Indianapolis circle city. No one even notices that they are doing anything there in the corner. While they are hidden behind the heavy brocade curtains. No one even notices they are missing from the lounge. It excites him to have her naked for all to see her in the window as he fucks her from behind. If only the people walking by on the sidewalk down below were to look up as they passed by or the people in the building across the street to look over they could see all of her naked voluptuous body as he fucks he so good. This knowledge makes Carlos looses his concentration and rubs his now hardening cock as he licks his lips looking dead at Mami wanting her now in that little corner window upstairs. But he is talking to Emanuel, he wonders what would Emanuel think if he saw how he fucked Mami in their hidden spot. Carlos likes the idea of being watched it is a secret fantasy of his to be watched as he fucks Mami.

Emanuel is thinking how lucky this guy Carlos is, and how Carlos doesn't see the true beauty Mami is. Emanuel wished he could have Mami So that he could make passionate Love to her on a bed strewn with rose petals and the only light in the room would be that of candle light. Romance her the way a real woman needs to be loved. Dress her in the finest of everything. Above all Love her. Emanuel was thinking about how perfectly he and Mami had fit together as they were dancing tonight she fit him like a glove to his body. Oh and the heat that emanated off her little voluptuous body as they danced. Not forgetting that electrical surge that he knows surged threw him as it flowed threw her also. It has to be that she is his soul mate. He asks Carlos how long you and Mami been Married?

Carlos snaps out of his trance and looks over at his Mami chula and back at Carlos and shakes his head no we aren't married. I am just figuring things out still. Carlos tells Emanuel, who knows man, where or what this life will bring me? I want my options open.

Emanuel takes a long look at this fool sitting across from him and shakes his head thinking how dumb is this poor bastard to think that there could be anything better than this beautiful woman sitting here with them. Emanuel looks over at Mami and takes a long look at her to absorb her beauty. Emanuel knows he has to have this woman for himself. He knows he is in Love with her. He can feel it deep down in his heart. Knowing that he is the man to give Mami all her desires, his Love, all of his passion, and His love for her. She has no idea how special she is or how absolutely sweet and innocent she is. Oh how he knows she has to be his. Emanuel knows that like Mami, there is no other woman that can ignite his passion as she has tonight. so innocently with just a touch of their hands. He starts thinking and planning how he is going to win her over and make her his wife.

Mami looks at her Carlos and realizes what he just said. Mami does a mental "What The Fuck?" Did Carlos just say that there could be someone out there better than her? As if she was some old Toyota Corolla he was ready to trade in for a newer model car. She pouts but quickly changes her face so he doesn't realize she understood exactly what he said about her. Mami starts to think and listen more to Carlos talking to Emanuel.

Carlos tells Emanuel yea me and Mami have been together since she was 17 years old. I got her well trained now to do as I expect her to. She doesn't even know how I got her trained cause she doesn't know no better or know no other man but me. When I get home she got my stuff ready, my clothes set out so I can go out with my cousins and homeboys, my bath ready for me, and my food hot and served. That's how it is at my house with my Mami as my own little servant. She too dumb to realize it. Carlos boasts off. Emanuel can that woman do her thing in bed too just as I have shown her to please me and pleasure me. Hell it is so good I just fall right asleep spent. no questions asked. she has me set so why mess a good thing up getting tied down to her in marriage.

Emanuel looks at Mami through his peripheral vision. So Carlos doesn't realise he is looking at his woman. His heart just aches for her now more than before. Emanuel makes a mental secret promise to her that he will take her away from this misery that she must be living in not being loved or cared for as he knows he could do for her. That he will one day soon she will be his to Love forever as she so deserves to be Loved.

Mami sits in shock at what she has just heard her Papi chulo say about her. Mami's world comes tumbling down around her. As her heart is shattered into a million pieces. Mami excuses herself to go to the ladies room before the tears that are welled up in her eyes start to flow down her cheeks. Emanuel stands and pulls out her chair so she may go. Mami gives Carlos this look of pure confusion and disgust. On her way to the ladies room she sees Kimberly and asks Kimberly to please bring her a double of Jameson Irish whiskey to her in the bathroom, She gives Kimberly a 20 dollar bill she tells her to please do not tell Carlos, and to please hurry.

Inside the ladies room she acts as if nothing has happened, so the old Cuban woman Tomasa doesn't notice. Everybody always talks about how the old woman has her visions and how she tells things that is going to happen before they do. Mami hurries to the free bathroom stall and takes a quick tinkle. When exits the stall to wash her hands. Mami walks right into Tomasa. Tomasa looks her right in the eyes and tells Mami "open your eyes my child and see the truth of your reality". Mami takes a step back and moves over to the sink and washes her hands as she looks in the mirror Tomasa tells her again "open them eyes child". Mami gets creped out and rushes out the bathroom.

Just as Kimberly rounds the corner with Mami's drink. Mami snatches up her Jameson Irish whiskey and downs it in one gulp. She takes a deep breath, wow! That burnt more than she expected it to. Kimberly looks at Mami and asks her whats up Chica? What has gotten you all shook up tonight? You look like you done saw the devil. Mami responds to Kimberly I think I have been looking at him dead in the face all this time and never realized it till just now. Kimberly grabs Mami by the arm and pushes her through the swinging kitchen doors of the lounge so she can talk to her but she sees that Mami just looses it and the tears start to flow and she can't even talk from all the hysteria of her crying.

Mami rushes back out the kitchen doors and she runs right out of the lounge. When Mami is passing by the bouncers at the front entrance. The big Dominican Bouncer is the one who sees she is crying. He follows her outside since they are supposed to escort the women that arrive alone to their cars in the parking garage of the club. When they are all alone outside in the cool wind of spring he calls out to her Mami please wait. Whats wrong chula wait for me? Please you gonna make me loose my job if I don't escort you to your car. He finally catches up to her. He grabs her by the elbow and turns her to him. He asks her did someone hurt you inside? She shakes her head no! He asks her if she needs a taxi or is her car in the parking garage. She nods yes to her car being in the parking garage. Mami is looking down at the sidewalk. The Dominican bouncer says, "Mami how can I help you if you wont tell me whats wrong chula?" She just shakes her head still looking down at the sidewalk. He gently places his big hand cupped under chin and lifts her chin so he can look into her eyes with his left hand he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small packet of tissues to wipe her face with. Mami sniffles and swats his hand away from her face. She tells him, "Mind your own business." She snaps at him. As he says WOW!!! Mami I just don't want to see ya crying out here all alone. The bouncer notices that Mami has had one too many to drink and tells her that he can not let her drive like this. He tries to pull her closer to him in a hug or to cop a feel of her. She gets irate with him and yells for him to leave her alone and not to touch her. When all of the sudden she sees Emanuel coming up the sidewalk towards her. Emanuel demands that the bouncer take his hands off her. Emanuel asks Mami are you alright? Emanuel places him self between Mami and the bouncer. I asked you to leave the Lady alone. The bouncer tells Emanuel that he is only trying to do his job keeping her safe and the clubs reputation. Emanuel tells the bouncer you were trying to take advantage of her. She told you to leave her alone.

Emanuel turns Mami around and away from the bouncer with one hand on the small of her back and his other hand holding her left hand as he guides her to his Jaguar that is parked in front of the Lounge. Emanuel is a total gentleman he opens the car door for her to slide in to his car. Mami is still all teary eyed and upset from what all she heard Carlos say about her. She quickly looks in the sun visors mirror to check her makeup before Emanuel gets in behind the wheel. Mami looks over at Emanuel and asks him. "How did you know where to find me?" Emanuel tenderly looks into her eyes and said. " I saw how hurt you were at Carlos comments towards you."I had been worried looking for you." When all the sudden I saw you run out of the lounge. I had to find you and make sure that you were alright. I apologise Mami I didn't know what my prying would lead to this. I just figured the two of you were married was all. I meant no harm.

Mami looks into his dark sexy eyes and says it's OK. I guess it is time that I realized the truth about my life and it's reality. Mami is lost in Emanuel's lustful look. She is so attracted to him. He is the Epiphany of the perfect man He is respectful. He seems to be every bit of a romantic. with just his mannerism and from the way he addresses her. she can tell how he is. Oh how her heart races just thinking of him holding her hand and kissing her ever so gently as he caresses her body. Oh how she has desired to be taken away by a very romantic man that will always love her, and treat her as his queen.she realizes that she is sighing and changes her position in the seat so she is facing the window so that Emanuel doesn't see her lust for him. Emanuel reaches for her hand to hold it and tenderly asks where shall we go so we can talk and you can calm down. Are you hungry Mami? I could use some coffee Emanuel says. asking but Mami you are going to have to help me I do not know of any 24 hour coffee shops here in Indy. Mami looks over at him and smiles and says well Emanuel there really are no 24 hour coffee shops here. we could go to A waffle house or Ihop here in circle city I have not seen anything 24 hours so we need to go out side of the loop to find something. Mami feels so at ease with Emanuel she knows that he will not harm her. Mami looks at him with a serious look on her face and asks don't you have GPS or am I your GPS? and she starts to giggle.

Mami feels so at ease with Emanuel as they drive down Washington street heading west to the 465 loop. She tells him turn here and head north to the 38th street exit there are a couple places that might be still open.she smiles at him and sees that he still is holding her hand in his big hand. Emanuel pulls her hand to his lips and lightly kisses the back of her hand this sends shivers up and down her spine. Mami has to look away out the window so that Emanuel does not see he lustful eyes and her need for him. Emanuel spots the exit for 38th street and turns off the exit and asks which way Mami? Mami spots the IHOP and tells him to make a left and to immediately make right. in the IHOP Emanuel request a secluded table away from the people that are there. when they are seated Emanuel orders them both Coffee and asks Mami if she wants anything to eat. Mami tells him that she had better not eat anything and that she doesn't feel to great. The drinks she had tonight did not seem to have settled with her. Mami thanks Emanuel for coming to her rescue outside the lounge with the bouncer. She admits that he was scaring her when he had her in his grip pulling her to him. Emanuel reaches over to her and holds her hand again, as he gently caresses the back of he hand with his thumb he looks her straight into her eyes and says I will never allow anyone to ever hurt you again Mami. Emanuel smiles at her and playfully asks her " OK Mami I think it is time that I know your real name?" Mami sheepishly smiles at him and tells him in an almost whisper. "My real name is Mary" she shy fully looks away as if she was embarrassed of her name. Emanuel looks at her and lifts her hand and kisses her hand and tells her " It is a pleasure to meet you Mary." Mami gasps and says please call me Mami I like Mami better and she gives him this big smile.

They conversed for what seems like hours when they realize that the sun was coming up and Emanuel looks at Mami and says I think it is time to take you home. Mami looks at him shocked as she realizes that she can not return home now Carlos will be there and she is afraid to in front him. she panics and tells Emanuel I can not go home now. Mami is in total panic now and starts questioning herself what to do where to go " Oh my God!" what do I do now I can not go home now God only knows what Carlos will do to me now. She gets up in a hurry and rushes out of the IHOP and starts to pace the sidewalk talking to herself thinking aloud. where to go. Damn it! she exclaimed. Emanuel came outside after settling the bill. He comes up to Mami and wraps her in his suite Jacket and looks down at her as he pulls her in close to just hold her giving her reassurance that she is going to be fine and he will not let anything happen to her. Mami looks up at Emanuel as tears come down her cheeks and she sniffles as she says to Emanuel I have no place to go. I have no family here only Carlos. My friends are his friends and family. I am screwed she says. I can not go home.

Emanuel lifts her chin with his hand as he looks down in her eyes and tells her. I meant it is time to take you to my place. I know you can not return home to the life you have been living with Carlos. I could not stand to know you had returned to that misery and hell. Mami backs up from him and looks at him puzzled. She asks him "What kind of woman does he think she is?" Emanuel looks at her and says. "You are a very respectable woman." I am not saying come home with me for a one night stand. I mean come home with me stay with me in my home you can have a separate bedroom for yourself. Mami I do not want to force you into anything you do not want. But Mami I know from the moment we touched hands tonight that I was in Love with you! I have never felt so sure of anything in my whole life as I am about you. Mami starts to pace the sidewalk again and talking to herself knowing she has no other alternative but to accept his invitation to stay in his home. Mami looks up into Emanuel's big dark lustful eyes and says on one condition will I go home with you. Emanuel says anything for you Mami. you name it. I will stay in a separate bedroom till I can find a place to live or decide to stay with you. and you have to give me space to think things through. I will need to find away to get my things from Carlos apartment. Emanuel looks down at Mami and kisses her on the top of her head as he holds her in a tight embrace. Mami we will figure this out no worries "Mi Amorcita". { my little Love}. Mami takes a big whimpering sigh as she holds Emanuel tight in his safe embrace.

Emanuel drives them to his home on the North side. Mami had fallen asleep on the way there and woke up when she felt the brisk air from the open window as Emanuel was maneuvering his entry key card to open the gate to his exclusive gated community. Mami sits up and stretches looking in awe at the huge homes that are in this community they are like nothing she has ever seen before. Emanuel reaches over and takes her hand in his and says we are almost home sleepy head. Mami asks him you live in here? He laughs and says yes we do it is now your home also. She takes a deep breath as she keeps looking as they drive home. when he takes a final turn down a long drive he looks at her and says this is your new home Mami. Mami looks and blinks as if she is seeing things. His home is a huge Brick colonel home sitting on a hill it is so enormous with its long open porch and white pillars in the front. It must be at least three stories high. Emanuel pulls up the circular drive and parks under the house on the left in his hidden garage. Mami is still speechless as the garage doors close. Emanuel gets out and walks around to her side and opens the car door for Mami. He takes her by her hand and guides her into his home. The house is decorated as if it is out of a country living magazine. "Oh my" she says to Emanuel. your home is gorgeous. Emanuel pulls her to him and says "This is your home now if you want it to be." Mami looks around her as they are standing there holding each other. Mami asks him if she may use the bathroom to freshen up some. Emanuel tells her she may do as she pleases and does not have to ask for anything here it is all for her. He shows her to the upstairs bathroom with the adjoining bedroom all decorated in a light buttercup yellow with butterfly curtains and bedspread and even the bathroom matches in butterflies.

Mami looks around as she strips off her clothes, to take a quick shower to rid the nights smells of stale cigarettes and booze from the lounge. Mami finds a lovely rose scented shower lotion and hair shampoo. Oh My the shower is one of those glass and marble shower rooms with the water jet heads all around the shower. ummmm Mami exclaims as she turns on the warm water jets hitting her from all angles. Oh how she so needed this warm massaging shower to rid her worries. Mami begins to lather up and rub her body with the scrubby and rose shower lotion as she does this she imagines that it is Emanuel bathing her. she rubs her breast and feels how hard her stiff her nipples are, and the need they have to be sucked on as she rubs them in a circular motion. Making herself ever so hot and she moves her other hand slowly lower down her body wishing it was Emanuel touching her. As she finds her way to her hot needy pussy she backs up against the glass wall of the shower to hold herself up. As she begins to finger herself. Oh how wet and slick are her puffy pussy lips needing to be licked and sucked on and her clit is protruding ever so stiff. Mami starts fingering herself in a circular motion and then back and forth side to side alternating in this tantalizing motions on and over her puffy pussy lips moaning as she quivers from her Orgasm Mami has to sit down in the shower as she sucomes to a more ravishing orgasm that quakes her whole body. In her mind she knows she has never cum like this before this morning and she knows it is her mind fantasizing for Emanuel. For his caresses and his Love for her. Mami calms down after her Orgasm and finishes her shower as she is rinsing her hair she hears a knock on her bathroom door. she yells out "I will be out in a minute almost finished".

Mami wraps herself in the huge yellow bath sheet she found in a basket and a smaller towel to dry her hair with. When she opens the door it is Emanuel smiling at her looking at how beautiful she is. He has been leaning against the wall waiting for her to come out. he also has bathed and is now in some black shorts and a undershirt that shows off his well built body. Emanuel smiles and hands her some of his shorts and T shirts and says you can wear these till we get your things from Carlos apartment. Mami takes them and thanks him. Emanuel tells her no need to thank me. meet me down stairs in the kitchen he tells her as he walks away. when Mami reaches the kitchen she smells breakfast fried yellow plantains and steak cooked in bell peppers and onions with scrambled eggs on the side. Oh Mami takes in the smell of home and lets out a big sigh and when she sees who is cooking breakfast she is amazed that it is Emanuel. Mami asks you can cook too? Emanuel turns to see her standing there in his clothes and wet hair. He gives her a big smile thinking how hard it is going to be to keep his hands off of her. until she makes up her mind of what she wants. Emanuel answers her and says yes I can cook too when needed. He told her that he had sent the maid away for the day so that they could have quality time together to get to know each other better. Mami looks at him in a surprised way. Emanuel asks her to please get the juices from the fridge that there is passion fruit juice or orange pineapple mixed juice to get which ever one she wanted while he served up their breakfast. On the table was place settings for two. fresh fruit in a bowl and a carafe of strong black coffee and some boiled cream for coffee in a smaller carafe. Emanuel serves her plate and tells her eat up. I know you are hungry because I am starving. Mami asks you did all of this for us? Emanuel laughs yes Mi Amorcita {my little Love} all for you. He reaches over and holds her hand and winks at her and says now eat before it gets cold. I will do the dishes when we are finished Mami says. Emanuel shakes his head no the dishwasher will do them. I will just place them in it. We can rest and talk more. I want to know everything about you Mami, Emanuel says to her. Mami looks at him and nods yes as she is eating......... To be continued.

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