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Alecia misbehaves in class, Blane teaches her a lesson
Blane closed his eyes, letting the warm sun bathe his face. He kept his eyes closed for a moment, a bit longer than a standard blink. Sighing, he opened his eyes and made his way back to the classroom.

It was five minutes to 8 and the students had yet to arrive. He sat down at desk, opened up his bag, and pulled out the tests for the morning.

Just then, the students started filling in.

"Hi Mr. Stone."

Blane looked up from his desk. Smiled his hellos, causing causing more than one of the girls to blush. Had it not been stubble grazing his face, he might have passed for a student himself.

The bell rang. Blane stood up. He wasn't a tall man, but his presents filled the room.

"Good morning." His voice was soft and serene.

He stopped momentarily, his eyes settling on the petite blond sitting in the front desk. She curled one of her pony tails around her finger while stooping to pull up a leg warmer that had slipped.

His eyes flicked over her plaid skirt and pig tails. Clearing his throat he regained his composure. He turned his attention to his tests and began handing them out.

The class groaned in protest. He laughed, causing the small lines around his eyes to crinkle slightly. He returned to his desk sitting in the chair.

He returned his attention to the blonde. He knew who she was. Alecia Martin. She met his gaze, green eyes dancing. Slowly she crossed, uncrossed, then recrossed her legs. A smile curled on the tips of her lips.

Blane sucked in his breath and his cock twitched in his pants. She was wearing no underwear. And she knew he was looking at her.

Blane shuffled some papers on his desk. Opened up his lesson planner, making notes here and there.

He looked up to the sound of plastic unwrapping.

She was un wrapping a lollipop. She looked directly at him and slowly wrapped her lips around it, looked back at her test, pulling it out with a loud pop.

"Alecia." he said sternly. She looked up at him doe eyed. "Put it away. You know I don't allow candy in my classroom." He turned back to his book.

She glared at him, returning to her test.

Pop. She pulled the sucker out again. Blane gave her a hard look.

She slipped it in her mouth again and slurped on it loudly.

Other students were starting to laugh now.

Blane closed his book and stood up. He walked over to Alecia, grabbing the lollipop from her.

She giggled in protest, tugging her pony tail again.

Blane's eyes were on fire. Fireworks of grey, and gold, intertwined with green.

"See me aft class.". He said quietly. He hadn't raised his voice, but the class instantly hushed.

Alecia slumped in her chair and returned to her test, as Blane returned to his desk.

Students turned in their tests and soon were headed to the next class.

Alecia to go as well.

"Sit down." Blane called out from his desk. He didn't look up from his book, only gestured with his hand.

Alecia sat down, crossing her arms in a defiant pout.

Blane made his way towards her, brandishing the lollipop in his hand.

"Now.." he said, eyeing her up and down. Her pouty lips framed by blond pony tails. Plaid skirt, that he had not forgotten, held no underwear underneath. " What am I going to do with you?" She looked up at him. Her eyes were wide, feigning innocence.

" I know.." he said. His eyes were glowing and his voice held the promise of action. "Since you like to eat candy in my class so much..."

He slowly slipped the lollipop in her mouth. She let out a small moan against it. He rose his brows, smiling, and making his way back to the desk. "I'm going to have you sit there. And I'm going to watch you suck on that lollipop."

Alecia gasped. Instantly she was wet. Slowly she slipped the lollipop in her mouth. Pulled it out. Ran her tongue around it, and slipped it in her mouth again.

Blane nodded his approval. He watched her for awhile. Enjoying the way her mouth circled the candy.

"Come here."he said.

Dropping the lollipop, she did. He began unbuttoning his pants. "Now Alecia, since you enjoy sucking on things."

Alecia smiled sinking to her knees. She pulled his pants down and released his very hard cock out.

She smiled covering his head with her mouth. Then slowly pushed her mouth around his entire length.

He grabbed one of her pigtails. He was breathing hard now. He gripped her shoulder and rested his hand on her head, stroking it.

She shook her head against him, pulling him out of her mouth. She licked up and down his cock and the circled his head again with her tongue. Then she returned her mouth to him, picking up the pace.

"Yes..."he groaned, gripping her head and slim shoulders. He pulled her closer feeling the back of her throat. He groaned again as she swallowed him down her throat.

Blane was about to cum. But he couldn't have that. Not yet. He still remembered what wasn't under that skirt.

"Ok. Get up." he said, trying to maintain his composure. He was a little breathless. 

"You liked that. Didn't you?" He eyed her suspiciously.

"Yes."she squeaked out. Cheeks darkened with desire.

Quickly Blane grabbed Alecia. Turned her around. Pushed her up against the desk. He bent her over placing his fingers inside her very wet cunt. Smiling to himself he pushed his cock into her.

She cried out in surprise and pleasure.

He put a hand over her mouth in a attempt to quiet her. He drove into her hard and fast. She bucked against him. Her moans were muffled against his hands, but her body was shaking as she started to orgasem. He continued to drive into her and when he was don he had her go to her knees again.

She looked up at him and opened her mouth.

He jacked himself off before his cum shot across her cheeks and in her mouth.

Alecia's eyes were sparkle in as she wiped her face and licked her lips.

Blane was a little out of breath as he buttoned his pants. "You're free to go now." he said stiffly. "Now I hope you understand what will happen if I catch you eating candy in my class again."

"I understand Mr. Stone." she said meekly. But her eyes were glowing deliciously.

The next day Blane was delivering a lecture for the students.

He heard the crinkling of plastic.

Alecia looked directly at him and inserted a red lollipop in her pouty lips.

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