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London calling

The commute from Heathrow to London was an everyday occurrence for some onthe subway. For others, like Kristin, it was their first. Kristin had landed at Heathrow a few hours earlier and had steadily made her way to the underground. She had a hotel booked before her trip to Europe and she would be staying for just a single evening before her adventure began. At first, the train was relatively empty. A couple seats were taken with business men who had just arrived from abroad, and other seats occupied by the typical tourist. A few people stood, relaxed as the sway of the train moved them from side to side. One man in particular stood out.

He was slender, athletic and dressed impeccably in what could only have been a tailored suit. His deliberately smoothly shaven head only added to his stature. He had the air of a man who had accomplished much, the air of a man who knew what he wanted… and took it. His newspaper in his hand was doubled over so that he could read it and still steady himself with his free hand against one of the uprights. His movements were deliberate, there was no wasted effort.

At each stop towards London a steady throng of people added their weight to the carriage, and slowly Kristin was pushed further and further into the train. She listened to her iPod, listened to a bit of Disturbed, a bit of NIN.

Kristin was dressed in a pair of snug fitting jeans, and an invitingly tight blouse. Her curves were perfect, and although she would not admit it, they were a renaissance artists dream of the perfect figure. Not full… not in the least. A slender waist accentuated by perfectly arched back, gorgeous hips and indulgent breasts that were not afraid of a little light. This month her hair had a rusty hue, and her eyes were all the more piercing for it.

A sudden jolt of the train broke Kristin from her musical daydream. She looked around and realized that the train had become considerably busier since she had last taken stock. In fact there was very little room for anymore passengers. With people pushing from all sides, Kristin became a little uncomfortable. This was not something she was used to, and certainly not something she had been expecting. At each stop a couple people would get off, but more than a couple would throw themselves into the mayhem, usually just as the door was closing. This resulted in an ever increasing squeeze deeper in the carriage.

A brief graze of her right breast startled her. It had been so sudden and definitely so unexpected she half squeaked. She turned as much as the crushing masses would allow her to, to see who, or what it had been. There was no one thing that was immediately apparent, and she put it down to sheer anguish at the crowds.

A moment later a hand… and it was a hand, touched her arse. It was light, brief… but certainly not brief enough. It had lingered a moment longer than an accidental touch. Krisitn didn’t move, she was in shock. But what shocked her more was the little tingle that had run down her spine. It was THAT tingle. Her curiosity at the indiscretion made her crane her neck a little further in the search of the perpetrator. There he was, the slender athletic man from earlier in her trip. He made eye contact and gave a short but warm smile. Kristin immediately felt the warmth between her legs, she felt the glow of excitement rush through her body.

Although she had never done anything like this before, the fact that she was overseas, in this situation made her a little more daring. The next time the train jolted she pushed backwards, towards the smiling oaf. Her hand pushed back simultaneously and as “luck” would have it she managed to nudge his crotch. Now it was his turn to make an audible acknowledgement that something has taken him by surprise. It may have been a slight grunt.

The game was afoot. Each time the carriage moved a little sharper, the man would pinch, touch or fondle Kristin’s butt. In between each pinch, touch or fondle Kristin would graze, rub or squeeze back. At each return to his nether region, she noticed that his package was becoming a little larger. “Fuck, that must be uncomfortable” she thought. The feeling would definitely be mutual. Kristin had an aching, a deep throbbing yearning for release. And it was growing, with each touch, with each thought, with each sensation, the ache was growing. She needed a release, desperately. She was becoming more emblazoned with each passing moment. Running a hand over her own breast, down her stomach. Pushing her mound against her case. At Euston station she gave up. She took one long look at the source of her torture and left the train, swallowed by the throng of people mulling about their business, completely oblivious of her discomfort.

Slowly, as she walked the feelings began to fade. She had just about recovered completely when she felt the heated gaze of someone following her. She risked a peak and noticed him following her, absolute lust in his eyes. The ache in her pussy returned immediately, almost debilitating her. She stumbled, only just managing to recover. Kristin fumbled for her map, and found her hotel. It was but a short walk. She bee-lined for the hotel. Almost running. She could feel him behind her, now only a couple paces back.

At the hotel entrance she walked through to reception and managed to check in with little fuss, and asked for a second door card. Kristin turned, momentarily panicked as she struggled to find him. But he was there, lounging against the foyer wall, rather non-chalantly. She was absolutely driven, the thoughts clear in her mind, she knew what she wanted. The elevators were on the other side of the foyer, and as she passed her mystery man, she passed him a key card and a none too subtle lick of the lips. By the time Kristin got into the room, the heat in her pussy was unbearable. She stripped off her top, and began unfastening the buttons to her designer jeans when the door opened. The mystery man walked straight in, closed the door and without a word kissed Kristen deeply. Their tongues danced in and out of each others mouths, desperate for the sensations that pulsed through their bodies. His hands made their way behind her back and with surprising ease removed the clasp restraining Kristin’s gorgeous breasts. He traced a hand down her chest while her hands struggled to remove his shirt. The frustration was tangible. This was not happening fast enough. Kristin ripped the shirt open, pulled it from his back and again kissed him deeply, her tongue pushing deeper into his mouth. He picked her up, gently yet with purpose and carried her to the bedroom. He didn’t lie her down, but instead pushed her face first against the wall. He ran his hands down her naked back, to her jeans and pulled them down, revealing a soaked pair of lacy panties. She could smell her scent. She didn’t think she had eve been this wet in her life. His tongue licked its way up the inside of her thigh, all the way to those panties. He tugged softly and helped her step out of the last bit of clothing she had on. She tried to turn around, get a look at this stranger that was about to fuck her, but he pushed her back, running a hand down her side and the other between her gorgeous arse cheeks. He slid his hand between her cheeks, his finger finding the wetness of her slit. He began massaging gently, gliding a finger in between her pussy lips, slowly pushing a little harder, a little deeper. His other hand made its way around Kristin chest, brushing her breasts, tracing her stomach muscles and then resting agonizingly against her clit. It was so swollen that the light brush of his hand almost made her cum. She moaned audibly. This was too much, she needed some release, anything. He began to massage her clit from the front, and pushed a finger deep into her pussy. Kristin bucked, it was too much. But he was strong, supporting her weight with his legs and his arms. He starting moving faster, a little harder. Kristins breathing became ragged, she was nearing the point of no return. And then he stopped.

Kristin almost burst into tears. But it was temporary. He had removed the balance of hs clothing and turned her around. Lifting one leg he moved into her. His cock slowly gliding into her slit. He pushed up with his calves, penetrating deeply. Then he lowered again, almost removing his cock completely. Kristin had had enough of this. Lust filled her every sense. She wanted to fuck, she needed to fuck she had to fuck. She grabbed him closer and let her legs go from beneath her. He had no choice but to let his cock push deep inside her pussy. She began a rhythmic “bounce” which he took to instantly. His cock filled her in and out with each movement. She dropped a hand to her clit and rubbed it furiously, feeling the pressure building from deep within. Finally she climaxed, screaming, clawing his back. The orgasm was so intense she could feel her pussy clamping hard against his cock. He let out a grunt, a moan and then sagged to his knees. They lay in each others arms while they caught their breathe. Kristin’s juices dripped from her pussy, mixed with a thick rich cream of cum. They awkwardly got to their feet, he grabbed his clothes and got dressed in silence while Kristin lay on the bed coming down from her high. With one last look he turned for the door… and left. 

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