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London Part 2

I’m over to her in a flash. But before I plunge my rock hard cock into that gushing pussy I need to taste it. I start from her ass hole, rimming her before stick it fully in. She gasps and thrusts her ass further back. I then slip my tongue out and slide it down to the gap between her ass hole and her pussy hole. I keep it there for a few seconds, just flicking it to see how she reacts. She’s loving every minute as lets out small gasps of air and quiet moans.

However, she wants my tongue in her cunt and bucks her ass further into the air so my tongue is now in the wettest twat I have ever seen. I lightly bite on her outer lips, then her inner lips. She loves this and again lets out small moans. I can not resist any longer as I bury my tongue in her pussy. She smells and tastes absolutely amazing. I go deeper and deeper, then start flicking it about.

I can sense she’s about to cum so start going quicker. Her pussy clenches against my tongue as she starts to orgasm again. I lap every centiliter of her pussy juice up. Then I descend even further downwards, to where I’m at my best, her swollen clit. I latch onto it and start flicking hard and fast. Almost immediately Lucy tenses up again and another massive orgasm sweeps through her.

I do not stop and to my surprise she cum’s again! This was the first time this has happened; one orgasm straight after another. She is screaming at the top of her lungs now, breathing so quick and heavy. She is gyrating her hips so her pussy and her juices are spreading all over my face.

"Fuck me, NOW!" she screams half way through her orgasm.

I could stay in between her legs all day everyday, that’s how much I love her pussy, but I know its time to stick my pre-cum covered, fully erect cock in that soaking wet hole. I give the whole length of her pussy one last lick and stand behind her with my cock at her entrance.

Usually Lucy would grind her ass on my dick for a while before me penetrating her. But at this moment in time, she was like a sex-starved slut who hadn’t had a dick inside her for weeks. She grabs my throbbing cock immediately and plunges it into her pussy. We both let out a gasp as my dick hits the back of her pussy. I start to fuck her hard and quick. She is moaning all the time, so loud I think the people down stairs will hear us, but I don’t care, I'm in heaven.

I lean down and start to squeeze her massive tits that are swaying to and fro with our rhythm. I take her nipples in both my fore fingers and thumbs and pinch them to the point I know she loves. She lets out a yelp. Keeping one hand on her nipples I slowly bring my other one down to her clit. I know it will be swollen and she will be close to cumming once again. I start to rub it with my two fingers.

This pushes her over the edge and she seems to be fucking me even quicker. Her hands are clenching the bed sheets and now her head is buried in the pillow, due to her being so loud! Her juices seem to just squirt out of her tight cock filled cunt.

After she comes down from her high, I slip my dick out and lay on the bed. My dick is covered in her juices and standing fully erect. Lucy licks all her juices from my cock and smiles so seductively. ‘How do you want me baby?’ she says in a sexy voice.

I know exactly how I want her and turn her round into the reverse cow girls. My dick dick disappears no problem into her warm hole. I start to fuck her like my life depends on it now, gripping her hips and she slips up and down my mammoth rod. I love how I can see her dick filled pussy as well as her sweet ass hole.

I fondle it a little and again she lets out a gasp. I love the sound it makes when her ass hits my stomach and thighs. I couldn’t ask for a better way of fucking. After about 5 minutes of ecstasy, my balls start to tingle and I know its time. She also sense it and stands on her feet and takes full control.

Up and down my shaft she goes as I get closer and closer to cumming. With one last slap of her ass on my stomach I spurt several loads of cum deep in her pussy. The sound of our juices mixing together fill the room as I grip Lucy’s hips and her pussy milks my the last of my spunk from my cock.

My now semi hard cock slips from her cum filled cunt and lucy now stands and heads towards the bathroom. I watch as her hips sway and her ass jiggles slightly. She gets to the door and looks down. A concoction of my cum and her cum seem to be dribbling down her leg. She uses her finger to spoon up the cum. As she does she turns round.

"What a good start to the evening. Cant wait to see what the rest of it brings," she seductively says.

My eyes widen. She winks at me and puts her cum covered finger in her mouth before disappearing into the bathroom.

To be continued?

Again constructive criticism would be appreciated.

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