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First Attempt
As I sit on the train, I cant not help but think what this trip will bring. I have not seen my long term girlfriend in over a month so I have that funny feeling you get in your stomach before you have something important to do. We are meeting in London for a night out and staying overnight at quite a posh hotel five minutes walk to Oxford street.

I am a student, studying sports science at university. I have always been involved in sports and over the last year, been hitting the gym hard at least five times a week. I am a 5”10inches, fit, lean, nineteen year old. My girlfriend is the same age, but at least three or four inches smaller, with a body to die for. She is definitely not skinny like the catwalk models, but very slim, with curves in all the right places. I have never seen such a perfect ass in all my nineteen years of living, it’s a perfect shape and quite firm. To top it off she has 30G boobs…enough said!

Anyway, as I sit on the train thinking about the girl of my dreams, my dick starts to twitch. I wouldn’t say I've got the longest dick in the world at seven and a half inches but it's nearly as thick as my wrist. I try to think about something else by looking out the window but by then it was semi erect. Seeing people walking up and down the aisle, I quickly cover my groin with my jumper.

As I get to the station, I see my girlfriend, Lucy, standing on the platform. It’s a warm day so she is wearing leggings and a half cut top that stops just before her belly button. I step out onto the platform and as I do she spots and starts to run towards me. Even with a large shopping bag she runs and jumps on me, planting a kiss on my lips quite aggressively. I kiss her back and soon find ourselves in a full blown French kiss. My tongue exploring her mouth as hers explores mine. I place her feet to the floor and slowly move my hands to that firm ass, without breaking the kiss. I squeeze hard as a quiet gasp leaves her mouth. All I want to do is rip those clothes off and fuck her right there and then, but there’s several police men about so would probably get arrested, which would then mean no fucking at all!

We break the kiss and stroll hand in hand out of the station towards the hotel. We start talking about work, university, family etc and general chit chat. We arrive outside the hotel and I suggest we go get a few drinks from a corner shop to get the night off to a good start. She says she wants to get rid of her big bag so I should go and she would get the room. I agree and we go our separate ways.

I get the drinks and just as I step into the hotel I get a text with the floor and room number so I head to the lift. I arrive on the floor and walk towards the room. I knock two times and wait. I hear a slow walk towards the door and it opens…

There standing before me is my girlfriend in crotchless panties with a garter belt and stockings, no bra and in high heels! The world around me seems to stop as I look from the top of her head, with her hair all curly, down to the innocent but cheeky smile on her face. Then onto those amazingly large breast that do not sag but just sit perfectly on her chest. Lower still to her flat stomach leading to the very sensual stockings and suspender set. I can just make out that her pussy is fully shaven, which I love. The stockings make her legs look irresistibly smooth and the high heels makes them look even longer. An instant erection is an understatement. My cock was so hard so quick, blink and you would have missed it grow!

She grabs me by the top, pulls me into the room, up against the wall and closes the door. She immediately pulls my shorts off and goes to work on my solid cock. She licks the tip with her tongue slowly and sensually. This send shivers up my spine. She then licks slowly down the entire length of my member, to my ball and slips one in my mouth, then back to the tip. She does this several times, alternating on each side and each ball. I am in heaven.

Suddenly she seems to get a bit of urgency and slips my whole penis into her mouth. She gags a little and comes back up for some air. She does not stop and is now bobbing her head with intent. She wants to make me cum! I have no problem with that and grab to the top of her head and start to fuck her mouth! With each thrust of my hips, my testicles slap against her chin.

I’m so close to squirting my hot salty cum in her mouth and she senses that. She takes my cock out of her mouth with a loud ‘POP’. It goes straight to her luscious tits and starts to wank me off with those. Every time my dick gets to the top, it slips into her mouth.

I can not hold it for any longer and finally shoot my loud just as it leaves Lucy’s cleavage! I have never come so much, one… two… three… four streams of it! Lucy takes two lots in her mouth and swallows. The rest ends up on her face and tits.

I slope down onto the floor and watch as Lucy seductively crawls over to the bed. I can see her wet cunt lips peeking through her panties. She looks back and licks her lips. She climbs onto the bed and gets into the famous 'face down, ass up' position. My flaccid cock awakens. Lucy reaches round and starts to play with her wet pussy. She pulls apart her outer lips and lets me see deep inside that red, moist fanny. This is the first time she has ever played with herself in front of me, and my dick is not long at full mast. This is a new experience for both of us and we're loving it!

I stroke my now rock hard cock slowly and watch intently as she rubs around her wet hole. She does this for at least thirty seconds, as if teaching me how to please her; as if I didn't already know. But watching her middle finger pumping vigorously and hard, in and out of her tight hole, and listening to her loud gasps, I don't care anything. Within seconds she's cumming hard! She screams loud, calling out my name repeatedly.

"Come and fuck me hard, Mitch!" she screams.

To Be Continued?

Let me know what you think. Constructive criticism would be appreciated.

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