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Loneliness Leads To Spontaneity Leads To Fun

The outfit she had hidden away did more than she expected on a night out.
Emma sat in her small living room on her favourite chair curled up in a red blanket wearing her favourite oversized t-shirt and black cycling shorts. The TV remote was on her left and an empty bottle of white on the table to her right. She drained the last bit from her glass and slammed it down onto the table with the bottle.

“Bastards,” she cursed to no one in particular. In her twenty-five years of life she had never felt so damn lonely.

It was a Saturday night and most of her friends were out drinking or having dinner with their boyfriends or girlfriends. She moved away from her family when she was twenty-one hoping to lead a more exciting life. Instead it was even more boring. Everyone she knew had a partner and she hated going out with them she just felt like moron being the odd one out. It was lonely and depressing.

She’d been single for about two years. She thought she met the guy of her dreams (whatever that is) when she was twenty. They got it off really quickly and six months after he completely freaked her out by proposing. She never thought she would ever get married and she certainly wasn’t ready at that young age. After a year of trying to persuade her and she finally said yes. Two weeks later she came home to find him in bed with one of her work colleagues. She threw him out, literally and the ex friend pretty much followed him. She’s hasn’t seen either of them since but had been told about three months ago they were married and now expecting a baby.

“Fucking twat,” she cursed again as she thought about it. She’d been on dates, had one-night stands and what not but she hadn’t found anyone that she connected with. Her closest friends had even set her up on dates with their partner’s friends but none of them worked out. She’d always had trouble with guys, not because she was a bad person or because she was picky it was nothing like that. She just always seemed to get cheated on. This was now the fourth time it had happened and she wasn’t prepared to go through that again.

Emma stared at her empty bottle of wine then looked at the time on her phone. Eight thirty.

“Fuck it.” She threw her blanket on the floor, turned the TV off and ran to her bathroom. She stripped off her clothes and jumped under the shower. After a quick wash, she stormed into her room. Emma was on a mission. Her friends would still be out and she was going to go meet them.

She attacked her wardrobe and clothes were flying everywhere. Then she spotted it. The little red number she had bought about two months ago but hadn’t had the privilege of wearing yet. She grinned while taking it off the rack and dug out her favourite and highest pair of black heels from the bottom of her wardrobe.



Emma stepped out of the taxi and paid the driver. He gave her a wink as he drove away and all she could do was grin. She knew she looked hot and it excited her. She had taken extra time and care with her hair which now fell it beautiful loose curls travelling to the middle of her back and she had done the same with her make up. She only ever liked natural but tonight she added some smokiness to her eyes and matched her dress with her bright red lipstick. The dress hugged her curves in all the right places and although it was a little on the short side, she felt sexy yet sophisticated.

Emma text her best friend Eloise saying she was just outside and would be there in a minute. Eloise was out with her partner Connor, Leanne another friend of theirs and her partner Andrew. Emma’s phone beeped. It was Eloise telling her they were on the left in a booth.

Emma entered the bar and looked around. She saw Leanne’s fiery red hair immediately and made her way over.

As she walked she could feel eyes on her body and it made her tingle. All she could do was grin. As she reached the table Eloise and Leanne both wolf whistled at the sight of their best friend.

“Holy shit,” she heard both the boys say.

“Damn, if I wasn’t straight I would be pouncing on you.” Eloise winked at Emma which made her giggle more then got up to greet her. “Hey baby girl. Here’s your wine!” Eloise handed her the glass full of pink liquid. “What’s the occasion?”

Emma giggled more while shaking her head. She took a sip of wine and kissed Leanne on both cheeks and waved at the boys. She moved around so she was sat next to Eloise and facing the door. She couldn’t stop grinning.

“Looking good babe!” Andrew said.

“Yeah, damn good,” Connor also chirped in.

“You boys!” Leanne said while lightly slapping Andrew on his chest. “Anything with a fine pair of legs, ass and gorgeous cleavage and you’re all over them!”

“Thanks Lee!” Emma grinned. Leanne blew her a kiss.

“You look gorgeous, sweetie.”

Emma had a secret crush on Leanne, ever since they first met she thought she was gorgeous.

“Seriously though, what’s the occasion?” Eloise said as she wrapped an arm around Emma’s waist. They were more than best friends they were sisters.

“I just wanted to get dressed up. Can you blame a girl?” Emma took another sip of her wine while eyeing her friends.

“No! So we shall drink to that!” Eloise raised her glass followed by Emma then Leanne.



After about an hour in the bar the boys decided they were going to go down the road to play some pool. They agreed to meet up back there at about one so they could all get a taxi home. As soon as they left Leanne and Eloise bombarded Emma with questions. How did she style her hair? Why did she decide to come out after saying no earlier? Blah blah blah.

Emma told them the truth that she was lonely and bored and wanted to see her friends. She was genuinely glad she decided to come out it was nice to spend time with her girls.

They finished the bottle of wine and Emma decided something stronger was in order. She grabbed her purse out her bag and went to the bar. Eloise soon followed saying that Emma might need a hand.

“What are we drinking then?” Eloise cocked an eyebrow at her best friend.

“Well, I’m on margaritas, you’re on pina coladas and I know Lee loves her cosmopolitans!” Emma grinned.

“This is why we love you!” Eloise said before kissing her friend on the cheek.

“I love you too babe.” Emma kissed her back.

As they ordered the drinks Emma felt like she was being watched and it was creeping her out a little. It didn’t feel like a flirtatious stare it was as if someone was watching her every movement.

“Oh my god,” Eloise suddenly blurted out. Emma turned to see her and she was staring.

“What?” Emma said, frowning at her friend.

“Fittest guy ever totally checking you out.” Eloise’s eyes didn’t move from the direction they were looking which meant he must be pretty damn fine. Slowly Emma turned around following her friend’s gaze. Then their eyes locked.

Emma felt her heart jump and butterflies started flapping about in her belly. He wasn’t fit he was fucking gorgeous.

Very tall about six foot 5, dark hair, bright blue eyes, the fullest most perfectly shaped lips, square jawline, broad shoulders, big arms and beautiful hands. Emma had a crazy thing about hands and his were prefect. She could only see his top half but he was wearing a white V-neck tee shirt, which clung to his body perfectly outlining his shapely body and a light blue-checkered shirt on top, which was open. He wasn’t a body builder or anything like that but she guessed he played a fair bit of sport. Oh he was beautiful.

“Excuse me, that’s twelve fifty please.” The girl behind the bar knocked on the table getting her attention.

“S-s-sorry,” Emma stammered and fumbled about trying to open her purse. She grabbed a twenty and practically shoved it in the girls face. “So sorry!”

The girl shook her head and went over to the till. Once Emma received her change she closed her purse and looked back in the direction she had seen him. He was gone. Her heart dropped to her stomach. She hadn’t felt anything like that for a long time.

“You ok?” Eloise laughed.

“I can’t even think straight.” Emma grabbed her drink and followed Eloise back to the table. Once they sat down Emma finally managed to come back to earth. “Oh my god he was fucking hot!”

Eloise laughed and Leanne just stared at her.

“Who was? Or is?” Leanne said.

“This guy at the bar was totally checking Emma out,” Eloise said between sips of her drink. “We’ll point him out if we see him again.” Emma nodded in approval as she sipped her margarita.

The bar was getting busier and it was reaching eleven. The dance floor was pretty empty except for a few really drunk people trying to pull off moves. Suddenly the girl’s favourite song came on. Luckily they were right next to the dance floor so they left their drinks and bags and raced to dance. They stood in a tiny circle really close to each other. They all swayed their hips and moved to the music. One part of the song dropped and as it did all three went down to the floor then back up. Eloise and Leanne cheered Emma as she went down they both had said she was the best dancer. Emma could feel the alcohol running through her body and she felt so relaxed. She just let go.

Andrew and Connor appeared out of nowhere and grabbed their girls and they started to grind against each other as the song changed to a sexy R&B number. Emma smiled and made hand motions to show she was going to get her drink.

She sat down at the edge of her table and grabbed her drink. The dance floor was filling up now and she was getting a little too drunk.

“Can I ask you for a dance?” The deep voice close to her made Emma jump and she nearly spilt her drink. The guy came into view and he gasped. It was him!

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you!”

Emma laughed. “No, no it’s fine.” She smiled at him.

He smiled back and Emma nearly melted into a puddle.

“I’m Nick.”


Nick extended his hand towards this beautiful creature in front of him. She blushed a little and gently placed her small hand in his.

“Emma.” She smiled. God she was gorgeous.

“Shall we?” Nick went to help her out of the chair.

“Um, sure.” She stood up and met his eyes. She had the most sparkling blue eyes he had ever seen. He smiled down at her and led her to the dance floor.

The song was upbeat and sexy. He saw her drop and he indulgently watched that glorious ass of hers rise back up. It made his cock twitch. She was one sexy little thing.

Her hips stared moving against his leg and he joined her. He placed his hands on her hips and she placed hers on his shoulders. She was just looking at him he could see admiration in his eyes and also wonder. He smiled and she smiled back. It was a big, beautiful smile it made his heart flutter. There was something about Emma he could tell.

“You look gorgeous.” He leaned in and whispered in his ear and she giggled. When he pulled away she was blushing. It was the cutest thing.

“Thank you. So are you,” she said above the music. Nick just smiled at her. Suddenly the song changed and it turned into a slower beat. He moved his hands around her waist to her back. Her arms moved up and around his neck. She fitted him perfectly.

The danced slowly together just looking into each others eyes, he moved his head a little closer so there noses were touching. She giggled again which made him smile more. The he just caught some movement underneath her nose and he looked down to see her biting her lip. His cock stirred and he groaned. It was the sexiest thing he had seen. His mouth went straight to hers and they met in a passionate, breathtaking kiss.

Both of their tongues darted out to explore and taste each other. Nick couldn't remember when he had kissed someone like this. He had been single for about eight months after breaking up with his fiancé. He was getting lonely and he couldn’t resist this gorgeous woman who was locked onto his lips.

He felt her push herself closer to him. Her breasts pressed to his chest. He could feel his cock start to stir and their tongues kept up their sensual dance. He broke off and moved his kisses down her jawline to her ear and neck. He gently bit her lobe and she sighed. He smiled and gently brought his kisses down her neck, licking and sucking.

Nick had completely forgot where he was as he carried on kissing Emma. Her skin was so soft and she was so responsive to his kisses. She really was beautiful.

“I love your kisses,” Emma murmured in Nick’s ear then gently bit his lobe. He was completely taken a back and moved to look at her gorgeous face. She smiled and he couldn’t help but smile back.

“I want you, Emma,” he said before gently kissing her forehead.

“I want you too,” she whispered.

It was all the confirmation he needed. Nick took her hand and led her to the table where he told her to get her things and go say bye to her friends. She came back to him five minutes later with a small, shy smile on her face. She was so cute. He took her hand again and led her out of the bar and towards the taxi rank.

“Do you live far away?” Emma asked as Nick opened the door to the car for her. She slid in and he got in behind her giving the driver his address.

“It’s only about a five minute drive.” He put his seatbelt on and leaned in to kiss Emma again. Taking the back of her head in his hand he pulled her closer. They couldn’t get enough of each other it was something neither of them had felt for a long time.

Suddenly the car stopped and the driver announced the price. Nick broke away from Emma and climbed out the car to pay the driver. He then opened Emma’s door and helped her out. He took her hand and led her up the little walkway to his house.

His house was nothing special but it was cosy and warm and he had a big double bed, which he knew he had to see Emma laying naked on. His cock twitched just thinking about it.

He unlocked the door and let her inside. Emma took off her shoes and jacket while Nicki took off his. As soon as they were done they flew to each other their mouths crashing together.

He reached down to her ass and gave it a slow, sensual squeeze. He then reached down further, picked her up and Emma wrapped her legs around his waist. He turned and pushed her up against a wall, trapping her. He pushed himself against her so his crotch was touching hers. His cock swelled more as he did this and he knew she would be able to feel him.

Their kisses became more urgent and Emma started to grind against Nick. They both began moaning into each others mouths, their breath becoming heavier. Nick broke the kiss and moved away from the wall and placed Emma back on the floor. He reached around for the zipper to her dress, undid it and let it fall to the floor. What he saw as the dress fell stunned him and his cock began straining in his jeans.

Her black lace bra fit her tits perfectly they looked stunning, her matching lace panties also fitted her figure beautifully. He grabbed her shoulders and spun her around so he could view her ass. Both her big, full cheeks trapped the thin material from her panties. It was a delicious sight.

Nick ran his hand down Emma’s soft back to her bra strap, which he quickly removed with his fingers. She moaned as he reached round to pull the bra away from her body letting it fall to the floor with her dress. His hands then found their way to her tits. He squeezed them softly then pulled her back so her body was flush against his. Emma’s head lolled to back resting on Nick’s chest as he pinched and pulled her nipples making them harder then they already were. Her hands moved up to his head and she locked them around his neck. He softly kissed her neck and she moaned.

“I need you inside me,” she whispered.

Nick bit the area he was kissing and sucked a little. As she gasped in pleasure he reached down, picked her up and carried her up the stairs towards his room.


Emma grabbed Nick’s head as they reached his room so she could kiss him. She loved the feel of his lips against hers, they were so soft but urgent. He needed her just as much as she needed him.

He gently placed her on the bed and she reached up to push his shirt off, and his t-shirt then followed. She wanted to taste every inch of him. He leaned down to kiss her again but this time Emma quickly broke away moving to his neck placing soft, light kisses on it. She then worked her way down his chest licking and sucking until she reached the waistband of his jeans. She slowly began to rub her hand over the bulge in his jeans as she kissed his happy trail. He groaned and she smiled.

Emma slowly undid his belt then buttons and zipper pulling his jeans down to his ankles and his boxers quickly followed. He was huge.

Emma gasped at the size of his cock it was definitely the biggest she had ever had. It was about 8 inches long and extremely thick. She stared at it for a while in awe and when she looked up Nick was smirking. She smiled back at him and wrapped her hand around his length. Nick’s smirk changed as she started to stroke him. His head fell back with his mouth open she took this opportunity to surprise him. She held his cock up and began licking his balls while stroking him. She heard him groan and this sent tingles straight to her clit. She was already extremely aroused and she needed his cock inside her badly.

She worked up his shaft licking and kissing it. When she reached his tip she slowly twirled her tongue around him and took him into her mouth. He groaned again as she took him deeper. His hands moved to the back of her head as he guided her down his cock. He tasted so good and she wanted more. She pushed harder and his cock slipped to the back of her throat he grunted then began to slowly pull out and push back in fucking her face.


She was damn good at sucking his cock.

“You like this baby?” she asked before taking him so deep again it felt so good he knew he wouldn’t last much longer like this. He nodded his approval before pulling out her mouth and pushed her down to the bed.

“I wont much last much longer with your mouth like that baby. I want your pussy.” Nick lightly ran his fingers over her panties, which were absolutely soaked. She moaned when he made contact with her clit.

He pulled then material aside and ran a finger up her dripping slit. Her pussy was beautifully shaven and looked so tight. He licked his lips at the thought of fucking it.

He leaned down and gently flicked her clit with his tongue. Emma’s back arched and she moaned loudly. She was going to go off like a rocket. Nick continued gently licking and kissing while rubbing at her entrance with two fingers. She was so wet.

He slowly entered his fingers and quickly found her g-spot. He rubbed it gently and her hips lifted off the bed. With his free hand he lifted it over her stomach to keep her pinned down. He kept licking her clit while stroking her spot.

“Oh that feels so good!” Emma moaned. Nick’s cock throbbed as she said this he needed to fuck her badly.

Nick looked up to see Emma playing with her nipples it was enough he withdrew his fingers and lifted them up to her mouth so she could taste herself. Emma took Nick’s fingers eagerly and sucked them clean.

“Is that good my sweet Emma?” He bit his lip and she moaned her approval.

He pulled his fingers out her mouth and placed them on one of her tits as he slowly rubbed his cock over her slit.


She knew he was teasing her but she couldn’t take anymore.

“Please Nick!” She moaned.

Without a word he slammed straight into her. Emma’s back arched and she screamed in pleasure. God this is what she needed. His tongue and fingers felt good but this was all that could satisfy her hunger.

His hands squeezed her tits while he slowly slid in and out of her. It was beautiful torture she needed so much more.

“Faster Nick.” She moaned.

He thrust hard inside her, and she moaned loudly. His cock filled her perfectly, and he was hitting the right spot every time. She knew she would be cumming in no time.

“Please Nick!” She moaned again. He finally picked up the pace and thrust hard and fast into her tight hole.

Emma threw her head back as she enjoyed the pleasure he was giving her. Her tits were bouncing as he fucked her and played with her nipples. She hadn’t been fucked like this for so long.

One of his hands left her nipple and found her clit. Her back arched and her hips bucked as his thumb made contact. He rubbed once, twice then three times.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” Emma’s hips thrust upwards to meet Nick’s “Oh god, please don’t stop.”

“Cum for me baby. Cum all over my hard cock.” Nick rubbed her clit faster and thrust faster into her.

She exploded with a loud scream. Her body stiffened and she began moaning uncontrollably as her pussy clenched around Nick’s cock but he wasn’t giving in. He was still pounding her hard.

When Emma came down from her high Nick pulled out and lay down on the bed next to her.

“Come here, baby,” he whispered taking hold of her hand.

Emma got up and he guided her to straddle him. He held his cock up and she slowly impaled herself on his hard length. God he was so deep.

She began lifting herself off him and then back down. The orgasm had worn her out and she struggled to fuck him but she just managed. He could see her struggling and so he pulled her down to him wrapping his arms around her back. He kissed her softly and held her down as he began to thrust his hips upwards hard fucking her.

Her pussy felt so tight he wasn’t going to last long at all but he continued to fuck her hard and fast. She was moaning loudly against his ear and it was making him fuck her faster. He wanted her to cum again she needed to cum again.

He bit down on her shoulder and she screamed.

“Fuck!” Se buried her face into his neck. “I’m gonna cum again baby.”

“Yesss.” He hissed. “I’m cumming with you gorgeous.”

He pounded her pussy even harder and he felt her pussy contract.

“OH MY GOD!” Emma screamed.

“Fuck you’re so tight.” Nick felt Emma’s juices running down his cock and onto his balls. It was enough to push him over the edge and he began to squirt his hot cum deep inside her.

She felt so full, and feeling him cum inside her only made her orgasm last longer. This was the best fuck she had had in a long, long time.

Once they both came down from their high’s Emma rolled off Nick and went down to clean up his cock. She licked up every last bit of cum that escaped her pussy.

“Ooh, good girl.” He smiled at her as she came back up to kiss him.

They shared a moment together just staring into each other’s eyes.

“You’re so beautiful,” he murmured then kissed her forehead.

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