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Long Arm of Discipline-Part 11

Clothes are so over-rated!
The next morning, I woke up to a beautiful sunrise. Still completely naked, I got out of bed and opened the heavy curtain to let in the new daylight.I looked out the window admiring the nearly empty beach with the sunrise over the ocean.

“Wow!” I whispered a little too loudly.

“Good morning.” Liu said. I could see that he was barely out of sleep as he lay on his back with the bed covers wrapped tightly around his waist.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.” I said playfully as I walked towards him. “I was just looking at the sunrise.”

“Where are your clothes, Kait?” He asked a little startled.

“I’m not wearing any.”

“That’s obvious.” He said as he pulled the digital clock towards him.

“It’s only 6:45 get some more sleep.” He said as he tapped my side of the bed.

“I’m not tired.”

“Well, close the drapes then.” I bit my lip and closed the drapes most of the way. He closed his eyes, ready to drift off to sleep again. I crawled in bed next to him and reached under the covers, touching his cock. His eyes opened quickly.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“What does it feel like?”

“You’re touching my dick.”

“Are you complaining/?”

“Hell no, I’m not complaining.” He smiled as I stroked it.

“Will you let me suck it, please?” I whispered to him as I felt a quick throb of my clit. It seemed like only a second passed before he removed the covers from his waist, exposing his semi-hard cock. I knelt down on the bed near his waist as I took it in my mouth and slowly sucked it, teasing the tip with my tongue.Not even twelve hours earlier, we fucked on the balcony. Now, I wanted him even more as I licked under the shaft of his cock. I could still smell the musty scent of sex from the night before, as his cock grew harder inside my mouth. I closed my mouth around his dick as I felt it in the back of my throat. I devoured him with intensity and passion as I rubbed my clit that was begging for this man’s touch

“You’re a fuckin’ whore.” He said as he watched me suck his cock. He loved talking dirty to me and I loved it when he did.

“I’m your whore.” I reminded him. I could not get enough of his cock. I held on to his waist and sucked him with a near desperation.A knock at the door interrupted us. “Room Service” announced the man on the other side. Liu pointed to the bathroom and I hurried in, as he put on his pants and tee shirt.I could hear Liu and the man talking in the living area, as I smelled the bacon and egg breakfast he ordered the night before. I thought it would be funny if I walked out of the bathroom. Considering that I was wearing only my necklace, I wanted to see if I could get a rise (literally) out of them. I smiled as I turned the doorknob and left the bathroom. I walked towards them, pretending to be oblivious to my full nudity. When the waiter saw me, he stood frozen for a moment and swallowed hard. He blushed as he gave me a short, but intense once over of my body.I could see his nametag. His name was Alfonso. He was in no rush to leave and I was having fun watching his discomfort.

“Oh great, breakfast is here!” I said as I removed the metal cover from the scrambled eggs.

“It looks really good.” I said to Alfonso who smiled and nodded. Liu looked at me, completely taken back by what I was doing. I could feel Alfonso’s eyes on me and I could see Liu’s face turn red, but for a completely different reason.

“That will be all, sir. Thank you.” Liu said as he escorted Alfonso to the door.

“Aren’t you going to give him a tip?” I asked my very angry boyfriend.

“He already got his tip when you came out here. What the fuck is wrong with you, Kait?” He yelled as he locked the door front door.

“Did you see the look on that guy’s face?” I giggled.

“Yeah, that wasn’t funny. So now you’re showing your little twat to wait-staff?”

“I probably gave him something to think about for the rest of the day”. I said as I took a plate off the serving table.

“I’m going to give you something to think about!” Liu said angrily.He didn’t even touch me, yet I was already turned on.

“Get over here!” He ordered as he removed his belt.I felt the hot, sweet wetness of my pussy as my clit begged for him. I loved to be disciplined by him.

“Bend over the arm rest of the couch!” He ordered.I straddled the armrest, rubbing my cunt against it. Spreading my legs wide, I gave him a full view of my now vulnerable ass and pussy. He wasted no time using his belt on me. I gave a short yelp of pain, as I moaned in pleasure. Each whack of the belt was harder than the one before it. I needed to rub my cunt so badly, but the best I could do was to press it against the hardness of the couch. He timed each strike consistently, so I knew when it was coming. I stiffened my body in preparation for the next lash. I was nearing that faded line between pleasure and pain.

I didn’t know how many lashes he gave me and truthfully, I didn’t care. He put down his belt and tugged at my hair as he spread my legs wide. He knelt down and licked my pussy, dividing my lips and tongue fucking me. I grabbed the armrest of the couch as I pressed my pussy and ass into his face. I was completely at his mercy as he licked me into an incredible sexual frenzy. Liu motioned me off the couch and put me on the floor down on all fours. He spread my ass cheeks.

“Are you going to fuck me?” I asked

“Not yet, just relax.” He said with a gentle tone. I felt his lips on my ass at first, and then on my pussy. He licked between my lips, teasing my clit before sucking it. Then he stared to lick my asshole and I quickly pulled away.

“Settle down.” He said soothingly. “You’ll like this”

“It feels weird.” I said, not being able to think of any other word

“It’s ok…you’re going to like this a lot.” He re-assured me.

He put the tip of his tongue on my asshole and gently licked it. I was uncomfortable with it at first, but I slowly began to enjoy it. The tip of his tongue probed my asshole and I was feeling a different kind of pleasure. I allowed myself to relax and enjoy it. Now I knew why he loved it so much when I did it to him. He slipped his hand between my legs as I rubbed my pussy against it. His licking sounds and my soft moans broke the silence in the room.He opened my pussy lips exposing my sensitive, throbbing clit. He sucked it like a nipple as I felt the impending orgasm. I grabbed my tits tightly and squeezed them together as I pressed my pussy against his mouth. I screamed into the carpet as the powerful throbs of orgasm had me nearly convulsing in pleasure.

Liu quickly pulled off his pants and shirt. His cock was fully erect. I squatted over his face as he lay on his back and he ate my ass and pussy. I sucked his cock and fingered his asshole, burying my face deep in his inner thighs. If there was ever a moment that I needed him to fuck me, it was now.He put me on my back and spread my legs wide as he fucked my pussy. I loved watching his expression as he fucked me. I grabbed my breasts in pleasure as he looked down, watching his cock thrust into my pussy. It turned me on even more when he watched us fuck.

“You like this?” He asked softly as he held my legs up.

“Oh God, yes. I love it!” I moaned as I rubbed my clit. I felt beads of his sweat drip on my body. His expression looked pained as he let out a gasp and his body stiffened up. I clenched my pussy lips tight around his cock as I felt his cum shoot inside me. His warm cum coated the inside of my pussy as I pressed my finger against my swollen clit. He stayed inside me and leaned forward as I put my hands on his shoulders. When he pulled out, I eagerly licked his cock, tasting his cum and my pussy juice. We hugged on the floor for a few minutes before I got up and went to the serving table.

“Uh oh, breakfast is cold.” I said as he put his pants and shirt back on.

“We’ll just put the food in the cheap-ass microwave they have.” He said as he zipped his pants.

“Keep your clothes off; you don’t have to be modest. I just saw you naked a few minutes ago.” I said smiling.

“It’s ok.” He blushed, showing a seldom seen boyish grin.

“If I can go around naked, then so can you.” I reminded him.

“We’ll see.” He said as he put his hand on my red ass. By this time, he seemed more interested in the food. The morning was nearly over and we were just sitting down to breakfast. I was already looking forward to our next fuck.

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