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Long Day at Work Part 2

Sorry it's been so long guys, hope you enjoy
I had my legs opened and my freshly shaven pussy open to him. Without much pause he laid down on the bed and stuck his head between my legs. He started slowly and passionately kissing my pussy, with gently licks thrown in. "MMMMM baby" I moaned.

"MMMhhhmmmm" he hummed and giggled a bit.

He then started to stick his tongue into my now wet pussy and tickle my clit. Once he started doing that I started to get convulsions throughout my body. I started to shift around a lot and my leg began to shake.

"oooohoho ye-hes!" I said almost seeming like i'm crying from joy.

Robby kept at it for a while, then started to give me a little finger play. He took his right index finger and started to tickle my cunt. He likes to say "tickle tickle tickle" in a playful way when he does it too. He started to swirl it all around, making hot noises while doing it.

"So warm baby" Robby said.

"I've been hot for you all day sweetie" I said.

He then formed his finger into a hook and started to tickle me some more. That really hit the spot as I really started to maon and got tears in my eyes. As I got louder, he got faster and faster until I started to shake violently. He took this as my cue and quickly pulled out his finger. Just as it came out I squirted all over his face and his work clothes.

"Damn baby!!" he said.

"Fuck yeah" I yelled with excitement.

After 30 seconds or so to regain my composure and catch my breath, I sat up and pulled on his tie. I pulled it off and put it down. I then unbuttoned his now soaked shirt and pulled it open, revealing his slightly hairy and tight chest. I began to kiss his chest and his abs, licking his sweat off. Then I made my way to his nipples and sucked on them. I kissed them and then nibbled on them.

"Yes baby bite my nipples. I like it rough" he said.

I did that for a while then he lowered his head to my face and liked my cheek. He then turned my head so I could kiss him. We licked each others tongue a bit and I started to taste his saliva again. After a little making out I pushed him backwards onto the bed. As he lied there with his shirt open and a big smile on his face, he noticed he had a massive hard on through his dress pants. I got up from the bed and picked up his leg. I untied his shoe and threw it off, and then the next one. Then I proceeded to take off his socks. When I had his bare feet I started to massage them a bit.

"My baby had such a long day at work huh?" I said with a pouty little girl voice.

"Oh yeah baby, a lot of walking too" he said

I knew he didn't walk all that much as he was at his desk all day, but I let him get away with it anyway.

I grabbed the top of his feet with my fingers and rubbed the heel and sole with my thumbs in a nice circular motion. He loved this. Then I leaned in and stuck my tongue in between his toes. He really loved this too. With his leg in the air by my face, I reached my other hand down to his bulge and started to squeeze it.

"Someone's getting happier" I said.

"Fuck yeah Stacy you're amazing!" Robby said.

I sucked on all ten fingers while playing with his crotch. When I was done with his feet, I dropped them down and laid my body on top of his legs. I laid my head sideways on his crotch and started to rub my hands up and down his legs. As I did this, I started to rub my face around on his cock.

"MMMMM" he said.

"Take your shirt off baby" I said.

He sat up with my head still in his crotch and threw the shirt onto the floor. Then I pushed his torso back down to the bed. I ran my hands up his legs to his waistband and grabbed his belt. I slowly unbuckled it, whipping myself playfully in the face with it. Once I threw the belt onto the floor, I turned my face into his crotch and started to rub my nose in it. I sniffed it a little too. It was slightly ripe with sweat and man stink, which turned me on.

I unbuttoned his fly and unzipped his pants. His dick was so hard that I struggled with the zipper. Once I got them opened, I sat up and pulled his pants off. He had on gray boxerbriefs. His cock was aching to get out of them, as it was poking to the side. At the tip, I could see a tiny wet stain of precum. I moved my face down back into his crotch and licked the precum.

"MMM baby you taste good tonight" I said.

I grabbed his cock through his underwear and started to slide my hand along the outline. His underwear did his cock great justice and I could clearly see the beautiful form of it. After a lot of teasing I finally grabbed the waistband and pulled his undies off, making his dick fling after it's escape. It was so hard and veiny. It was beautiful. I then grabbed it and started to play with it. I stroked it for a little while, and then got silly with it. I grabbed the base and started to swing it around. It wasn't as flexible as usual as he was so hard. Then I pretended it was the clutch of a stick shift and started to "switch gears".

"Quit messing around Stacy and suck my dick already!" Robby said.

"You're no fun" I said playfully.

With that, I moved my head closer to his manhood and opened my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and gently fluttered his dick with it. Then I started to kiss the head, then down the shaft, and to the base. I licked his balls a little while I was down there. I then moved my head back up to the tip of his cock and started to suck it. I moved my head up and down. As I did this, I started to run my tongue in a swirling motion around the head of his dick. Then I started going faster, throwing in gentle moans during every bob.

"Yes baby just like that" he said.

"Mmmhhhmm" I hummed.

I continued doing this, pursing my lips to mimic a tight pussy. I then started to use my hand and started to stroke his cock as I sucked it. I got even kinkier still when I took my other hand and used it to play with his balls. This was quite challenging choreography, as i've perfected my technique with a lot of previous guys. I then took my finger moved it along his asshole. I felt it tighten a little at first but then it slowly relaxed. Once it opened up a little, I slowly started to stick my finger up his rectum and give it a playful tickle, nothing hardcore or anything. He'll never admit it but I know he'd love to experiment with dildos and vibrators.

While I was sucking him he took his hand and grabbed my ass. I turned my body a little sideways so he could caress it some more. He made his way up to my asshole and started ti finger it, just as I was doing for him. He then started to spank me a little. First lightly and playfully, but then hard and rough.

"{spank} Whose my little horny little slut {spank}" he said as he hit me.

"I am baby" I said with a little girl voice.

He spanked me quite a bit more, as I was still sucking his cock.

"Give me that ass who dirty little slut, I wanna fuck it now!" Robby said.

"Yes baby" I replied.

I then pushed his cock out of my mouth with my tongue and moved my body away from his. He got up onto his knees and positioned himself with his hard cock facing my ass. He then pushed my face down into the sheets. I was there lying with my head down and my ass up for Robby, in anticipation for the hardcore assfucking I was about to receive.

To be Continued
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