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Long Day Off

"Please baby?" Marisa whimpered. She was aching with need, having waited her entire day off for her boyfriend to come home. She'd done nothing but fantasize about how badly she wanted him inside of her. He stood in front of her while she was on all fours on the edge of the bed, smirking slightly, his hands resting agonizingly calmly on his zipper.

"Please what, Marisa?" he taunted, one hand reaching around and caressing her dripping pussy slowly with one finger through her panties.

"Please let me suck your fucking cock," she moaned, wiggling against his hand and cupping the bulge in his pants.

He groaned and allowed her to unzip his pants and pull them down, freeing his hard manhood. She wrapped her hands around it and lovingly kissed the tip of it while he stepped hastily out of his jeans. Marisa smiled before licking his length and then deepthroating him.

"Fuck, baby," he moaned, thrusting into her mouth and gagging her. He loved hearing and feeling her gag on his dick.

"Oh god, fuck my throat, Jeremy," she gasped wildly.

He grunted, knowing he wouldn't last long like this. He pulled her off of him, ignoring her look of disappointment, and threw her onto her back on the bed. He straddled her face and slid his cock into her open mouth, bracing his hands on the headboard and slowly started to fuck her mouth.

She moaned loudly around him, and he paused, breathing heavily. Marisa clawed softly at his chest, trying to encourage him to continue. Jeremy looked down at her and thrust a few more times before pulling out of her mouth. He crawled down to kneel between her legs, hooking one of them over each of his shoulders. He kept his face just above her pussy, looking up over her heaving breasts. "Do you want to cum, baby?" he asked her deviously.

Marisa nodded quickly, grabbing his hair.

"I asked you a question," Jeremy said, placing his finger at her entrance teasingly.

She arched her back in a desperate attempt to bring him closer. "Yes, Jeremy, please make me cum, baby. I want to cum for you."

He smiled and slipped a finger inside her, while placing his lips around her swollen clit. She cried out sharply, spreading her legs further and fondling her breasts. Jeremy continued to to fuck her slowly with one finger, then two, and finally with a third. He massaged her g spot and rapidly licked her clit while watching the expression of intense pleasure on her face.

"Oh, Jer, I'm going to cum," she almost screamed.

Jeremy moaned into her while finger fucking her faster until she spasmed around him, panting and grabbing his hair. He licked his lips and made his way up her body until his cock was positioned at her entrance and his face was right against hers.

They were panting against each other; he put his hand against the side of her face, holding it close while he savagely thrust all the way into her, causing them both to cry out in unison.

"Fuck, Marisa, you're so tight, baby," he whispered, his eyes tightly shut.

She wrapped her legs around him and clenched her muscles, squeezing his cock in response, earning another hard thrust from him. She squealed as his cock hit her cervix, gripping his muscled back.

"Fuck me harder, Jer!" she demanded, slamming her hips against him. He couldn't help but give her what she wanted. He roughly pumped in and out of her incredibly tight pussy, then added one of his fingers as well, rubbing her to an orgasm.

"Cum inside me, baby, I want your cum so badly, Jeremy!" Marisa cried out, sending him over the edge.

He growled and shoved deeply inside of her as he exploded with her pussy squeezing him like a vice, then collapsed on top of her sweaty, beautiful body.

He looked up at her blissful face, kissing her lips.

"I love you, babe," she whispered wearily before passing out under him.

Jeremy smiled and rolled over to sleep.

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