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Long distance emails

True emails to my long distance lover.
Long distance relationships don’t always offer immediate gratification, but sometimes the delayed satisfaction can build desire. Here’s a little real-life communication that proves distance doesn’t dispel desire.

I met this guy online, and we immediately ‘clicked’. He lived in another state, very far from me. We started communicating by email leaving no questions unanswered. It seemed the perfect match. We finally met in person and the meeting exceeded both of our expectations. Not only were we compatible mentally and emotionally, the sex was fucking amazing! We met twice more, and in that time fell in love (and lust). The expense of travel and work schedules keep us from meeting as often as we would like, but modern technology and the wonder of email keep the fires burning.

While daily routine can be repetitive and boring as a topic of conversation, daily thoughts and fantasies are anything but boring.

She: I have to get to work a little early. Now to find something to occupy my time until then. Maybe painting? If I were with you I know exactly how I'd like to occupy my time.

He: Masturbate, it always great-lol.

She: I'd rather have the real thing. Fantasizing is good and all, but you, sir...well, nothing compares to the real thing. You are a fucking animal!!! Right now I'd like to squeeze under your desk, and crawl between your legs, take you in my mouth and suck your cock until you cum. I'll bet I could tire you out enough to make you sleep. I'm going to be a horny mess by the time I can see you again...

Much love (and lust)

He: Ah, now you’re talking love and lust, and I like that you think I am an animal! GROOOOOOWL !

She: My tiger! You keep me panting for more. How that's possible, I don't know, because you take me way beyond anything I've ever known and leave me fully sated. Purrrrr...

He: Love to make you pant. Ok, got to sign off and get in the shower. Want to join me? So I will have to sate you when you are here. Hope you have a good night, later masturbator.

She: Baby, you ALWAYS leave me sated!!! Now you on the other hand, you'd better build up that essence! I look forward to sating you (don't know if that's correct usage of the word, but it works)

He: Shake your ass! Bye and yes, I am taking liberal license on the use of the sate word. Cigar and liquor tonight yeah baby. I am restless and just in need of some nasty sex. Fuck me!

She: Baby, believe me, if I could be there I'd DEFINITELY fuck you right now! I have so much adrenalin in my system I'd wear you out! Wish I were with you right now. Love and miss you, baby! With a lot of lust thrown in for good measure.

Sometimes long distance sucks. Knowing that you have someone who loves you, who you love back, but you can’t be with them. Sometimes you get depressed. I was really depressed one day and missing my guy. No one wants to appear needy, but I needed him right then and told him so. His response only made me miss him more.

He: Be good, and you didn’t sound to down to me, you just need a good nasty fucking, bitch. Put on your heels, bend over and let me slam you. Then get on all fours and let me wrap my belt around your neck and pump that tight hot pussy from behind as I am pulling your head back with my belt, damn that makes me hard. Later my sexy bitch.

She: Mmmm...god you know how to fucking get me instantly horny and wet for you. I love it when you tell me what you like and how you like it. I want to fuck you right now, so hard and so good. Baby, you better watch out when I come visit you. Cause I am ready for you!!! Ready for you to take me and use me and be rough with me and then bring me back with those sweet, sweet kisses.
Guess I should hit the gym too to get ready for all this fucking you keep promising. I want to be tight and sexy for you.
Intensely lusting for you...

The worst part of long-distance relationships is alone time. When you have time to think about how much you miss them. When you know that there is someone out there who loves you as much as you love them and you can’t be with them.

She: Back on the couch watching marathon crime dramas. Can't keep from thinking of you, especially after that steamy email you sent this afternoon. Once again, you are keeping me in a constant state of arousal. Is this your devious plan to get some serious fucking when we see each other again? If so, it's working!

The thing about constantly thinking of someone is that they consume your thoughts. Sometimes this carries over into one’s dreams.

She: Dreamt about you again last night...mmm, mmm, mmm!

He: You forgot "good", as in mmm, mmm, good-ha. Bend over bitch, I want to grab your hips and slam my cock in you!

She: You did last night in my dream! And it was mmm, mmm, GREAT! Can't wait to get the real thing!!!
I love you baby, and I'm going to love taking your cock in my mouth, and in my throat, and in my warm wet pussy.
Mmm, mmm, good!!!!!!

Of course, there’s always the promise of seeing each other again.

He: You’ll probably be cold so bring/wear a heavy coat, maybe one dress. It will be dark by then so wear something easy access, because I plan on giving a quick fuck this time in the airport parking lot.

She: Love you, lusting hard for you and counting the days until I can feel your arms around me

He: Yes I am missing you baby and lusting for you. I want to feel you next to me, I want to make love to you, I want to have nasty porn star, x-rated sex with you.

She: I'm really ready to see you again. Yes, I want to fuck you senseless, but I really want just to be close to you. I miss being able to walk over and kiss your neck or the top of your head or rub your shoulders or put my arms around you. I miss you being there. I miss you. It's two months from today! One month down, two to go. Slowly, slowly it's getting closer.

He: Y es I want to be close to you too sweetie, but sometimes I just want my bitch to fuck senseless and make her cum again and again, and again, after she says she can’t anymore. Ummmm that turns me on to make you have orgasm after orgasm, who’s your rock star baby

She: You are my rock star, baby!!! You rock this girl's world!!! Your bitch is ready for a good fucking!!! You ready? 

Lust, lust, lust, lust.....

Even a mundane, routine day can become something sexy with the right suggestion.

She: Guess I should start getting ready for work.

Thinking of you (and sex with you!)

He: Have a good day, bend over and grab your ankles and think of me! Imagine how it feels; feel me on you and inside of you. Now go to work and shake it.

She: It's gonna be a bit difficult to work holding my ankles and imagining you fucking me hard, but I'll do my best...

He: Well think of me STIFF and like a little Caesar’s pizza, hot and ready for you.

She: Oh, and there's nothing little about it. Don't sell yourself short (so to speak)

He: Thanks baby, and I can’t wait to make you cum multiple times until you are delirious.

She: Don't think my first email went through. Just saying how I couldn’t wait to get you hard & keep you hard & fuck you hard. If that's all going on I can't help but cum multiple times. You sure know how to please your bitçh!
Now I'm off to make $$$. I'll be blushing with the nasty thoughts I'll be having of you.

He: Good you'll be red, nipples hard, and wet! Now bitch go make some coin. Bye

The only problem with infusing that mundane, routine day with sexual thoughts is missing the actual reality of having the object of your affection actually with you.

She: Wishing I were coming home to you. You've made me a horny mess! All of this sex talk has me walking around in a constant state of porn. Now I'm thinking of porn star sex with you. Damnit, will I ever get to see you again!?!?!
You have so completely captivated me!!! I am totally your bitch now. Mmmm...can't wait for you to use me however you want! Come fuck me, baby

He: Oh I plan to make you my sex slave and you will be used and used up, night .

She: Can't wait! I love you so much! And I lust for you so much!

Did I mention the graphic dreams?

She: My oh my, the dream I had about you last night!!!!!!! You had me bent over the bed with your belt around my neck and were spanking me and fucking me hard. I kept wanting to turn around, but you wouldn't let me. I just wanted to see your face. But oh my god it felt too good! I woke up to a HUGE orgasm!!!!!!!!!!! Wish it really would have been you, though.

He: That made me hot; yes you will get that for real. Have a good day at work humpalicious.

She: Can't wait for that dream to come true!
So my phone gives me words that I might want to use based on past messages I've sent. I can't tell you how many times it suggests dirty words from all of the nasty messages I've sent to you. Makes me smile.

He: Well you want to be a nasty porn star don’t you??

She: I want be YOUR nasty porn star!
I don't know if I've told you lately, but I really miss you! It's way too long until I can see you again! It's frustrating to have found you and feel the way I about you and not be able to spend time with you. :-(
Love & miss you, baby

He: Yes I understand, missing you also. Alright I am off to do errands and the gym, bye .

She: Gym, huh? Two tight bodies fucking like animals... Good visual.

He: Yes baby, riding, humping, drilling, slamming, sweating, and cuming, and cuming , and cuming, ‘till you’re almost unconscious. Y eah baby, can't wait! I love you. GROOOOOWL!

She: You turn me on so much!!! Mmm, baby, I want you right now!
Home now. Got off early. Wish I were getting off with you!
I love you!
Your sex kitten.
Ps. Le Purrrrrr!

Oh, did I mention phone sex? There’s nothing like having someone tell you exactly what they want to do to you and what they want you to do to them. And hearing your lover’s voice (when you know you can’t see them soon) is both a soothing balm and an incredible irritant.

She: It was great to hear your sexy voice last night. I love when I get to talk to you. Can't wait till I can talk to you in person, and hold you and kiss you and fuck you...I know I've said it all before, but damnit, I'm ready to be near you!

I can’t speak for anyone else, but fitness is important to me. I want to be healthy, but also I want to be fit and sexy for my lover. I keep him updated on my workouts and one day after an exceptionally hard workout…

He: You did an animal workout, can’t wait to feel that body-hmmmmmmm.

She: Yeah, I'm already sore from today's workout! I'm working hard to have a tight body for you to feel. I want your hands all over me; I know my hands are going to be all over you!!!!!

Some days it’s just all about the sex.

She: Wouldn't mind a quick break to give you a good with your fingers in my hair, guiding me, working you until you come in my throat.
I'll leave you with that visual...

He: Geez are you hungry or what? Didn’t you get lunch today? I guess a BJ would have come in handy to relax me last night, you turn me on baby.

She: You turn me on too, you sexy man!!! I'd love to be there to help you relax...any way I can...
Had farfalle with tomatoes and spicy peppers for lunch today. Yummy! That's not really what I'm hungry for, though. I'm so hungry for you, baby!!! We're going to be a hot mess for the first couple of days after I get there, aren't we?
Well, off to work I go
LUST, LUST, LUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! (And love too )

But always there’s the longing.

She: I'm going home...imagining you there waiting for and ready to fuck hard and long. Now I have to go home to an empty apartment.
Miss you baby!

No matter what, there’s always the ongoing playful sex talk to keep things hot and interesting.

She: I keep getting distracted somehow by thoughts of sex with you. Wonder how that happens? Could it be all of those hot emails you keep sending? Don't stop, I love the thoughts...keeps a smile on my face!!!

He: Oh yeah, don’t forget to drop your notepad and bend over for the guys only difference when you bend over for me make sure you are grabbing your ankles with your slacks around your ankles and get ready for some sausage. Ready to take my order ?

She: Now how am I supposed to work?!?!? You've gotten me all hot & bothered! Now just picture me bent over wearing nothing but thigh highs & high heels & you fucking me hard! Back atcha!
Thinking of you (and sex with you)
Your sex kitten. Love you. Just sayin'.

He: Yeah just sayin’, and layin ’.

Sometimes, however, playful banter just isn’t enough. Sometimes the distance between the two of you seems too great.

She: I really wanted you here to just hold me. Sometimes this confident, self-sufficient, independent girl just wants to be not so self-sufficient and not so independent. Normally, imagining your arms around me makes me smile; last night it made me feel lonely and empty. I just wanted you to be here to take care of me and make everything alright.

Fortunately, those lonely, needy times don’t last long.

She: Thinking about a little quickie. Maybe a little on the hood action...hard and fast. Hmmm, that should keep me going tonight!!!
Lustfully yours

It’s always nice to get positive feedback and reassurance too.

He: I want to live with a no drama, dick sucking, horny, mama. Know anyone?

She: I happen to have the perfect candidate for you! Wouldn't mind sucking that cock right now...wouldn't mind doing a lot of things with you right now. Love you, baby! And I promise no drama. Drama means stress, and I hate stress. Calm, routine, comfort and companionship. The only drama I want is fucking hot sex with you!

He: Excellent - I can handle that, love you.

But the key to keeping the passion alive is fantasy. If you can’t have the person there with you, you have to have them in your thoughts. Even a night out to dinner alone can become an evening for two.

She: Think I'll go out for dinner tonight, you know how I love to dress up! I can't put on a pair of thigh highs anymore without thinking of you. Used to be, I wore them because I hated pantyhose. Now, they conjure up images of hot sex with you. I like now much better!

She: Wish I had gone to dinner with you. I'm a little tipsy now, and alcohol makes me a little horny (ok, a lot horny). I'd love to come home with you, maybe reach over and take you in my hand on the drive home. Kiss you at the front door. The kiss gets a little overheated. We move inside and the kiss becomes nuclear hot. Our hands can't remain still, and we touch each other...all over. Your hand reaches under my skirt. You move my panties aside (my lacy Victoria's Secret sexy panties) and enter me with your fingers, bringing me to the first of many orgasms. I undo your pants, letting them drop to your ankles. You step out of them as I take you into my mouth. I fuck you with my mouth as you guide me, your fingers entwined in my hair, holding my head and abusing my throat. You cum, shooting straight down my throat. We kiss afterwards and move to the bedroom. After a little foreplay you're hard again and you grab my legs and pull me tight to you, entering me hard and fast. You fuck me deep and hard until I cum again, screaming and dragging my fingernails across your back. Lather, rinse, repeat, and I don't think I can take anymore. I'm hyper-sensitive and not sure I can stand another orgasm, but you won't take no as an answer. You continue fucking me, hard, until I cum again with an 'I don't care if the neighbors hear' scream, abusing your back with my fingernails, We fall asleep, exhausted, my body pressed hard against yours, your arms wrapped tightly around me. What a wonderful fantasy. I've never actually fantasized about the person I was with before. Must be great sex when reality is as good as fantasy.

Lusting hard for you.

He: That was hot baby, that is better than coffee this morning, I’m awake now and hard.

She: Glad you liked it, I certainly enjoyed imagining it. Can't wait until it's reality, not just fantasy! You make me so hot!!!!! I'm also glad that I could wake you up (in more ways than one) with that image this morning. I'll be your morning coffee any time.

Long distance relationships aren’t always easy, but an active fantasy life shared by both partners can keep passion burning. Ultimately, though, making it work comes down to the love two people have for each other.

She: Really miss you. Have I told you recently how in love with you I am?

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