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Long Distance No More

Meeting a good friend, Ace87
The paper I had been faithfully doodling upon during my flight was shaking within my tightly clenched hands. My whole body felt clammy, my breath was an eternal struggle, and my legs were like jelly. I had no sense of right and wrong, and I really didn't understand why I was here. All I knew, was that somehow, someway, I had given in. I had jumped on a flight, and now I was coming to meet him. Him...

Him being someone I had fairly recently acquired as a friend. It's rather humorous really that we became friends, something about me struck a chord in him. Either it was my odd music likes, or the fact I proclaim that I'm great with internet sex... I'm assuming it's the latter. Because you see, he is the "king" of cyber sex and wished to take me on. Although he went at it from a different angle than many of the lads on this website. He tried to become my friend, and so he did. That's how I found myself here, stumbling into an airport, packed with people I did not know.

My crystal blue eyes were wide as I scanned the room frantically, anxiety welling up within me. This was not like me, meeting someone I had met online was risky enough as it was. Let alone somebody I had met on an... adult, website. This wasn't something I could not do. My fiancee would be home in a few days, and I just knew in my heart I had to do this before I chickened out. Therefore I did, and found myself standing there. The thoughts rushing through my minds at an inhuman pace.

Then I saw him, my hot twilight asian look alike. For some reason I could spot him right away, the gentle curves of his face. His brightly shining smile, I knew that was him. He had not yet seen me, and for this I was thankful. He COULDN'T see me. I was scared for him to, and I was ready to run, I had my back turned when I could suddenly feel his eyes locked on me. I don't know how I knew, but I just did. The goosebumps rose on my skin, I choked on my own breath, and I was scared stiff. I could not move, I could not breathe, nor could I look around. It all stopped in that moment.


His voice filled my ears, clouded my mind, and any last chance to make correct judgments had left me in that fleeting moment. He took over me, and I had to have him. I turned to face him and erupted into a smile, running into his arms. The feel of his limbs laced tightly around me, the feel of his warm torso tightly pressed against mine, and his breath alongside my ear caused chills to fill my spine. Something inside me was alight with flames, and I needed more. Holding his body closer to mine I lightly dug my nails into his skin, begging silently to make the embrace tighter.

"Oh, Kris..."

His name left my lips as if it was heaven to whisper his name while he was there in front of me. I was struggling to breathe, forgetting what it was like to have a heartbeat. Everything was gone in my mind, everything except this wonderful man holding me within his grasp. An innocent and playful affair, a slowly brewing love had been forming between us for what seemed like forever, and now that I found myself wrapped up in his warmth, something inside was finally complete.

I could feel him pulling away from the embrace and oddly felt my heart breaking. A quiet whimper left my lips, and I prayed he didn't hear it. The cocky smirk on his lips quickly tipped me off that he had in fact heard it. I rolled my eyes, still rooted in the thoughts that I had to prove to him that I was a better seducer, prowess. His hand slid down my arm, slowly lacing our fingers together. I couldn't help but giggle quietly, pleased with the way my hand felt nestled within his strong grasp. Leaning into his side I followed his lead, not once questioning him. I had complete trust in him, and as we slid into the taxi I was not scared about the events that were to come.

It was slightly awkward, but you know what? The first time you meet anyone that you've talked to before is awkward. I had an idea though on how to fix the tense air. Tightening my grasp on his hand I slowly leaned into him, pressing my lips against his neck lightly. I could hear him gasp quietly, my own cocky grin took over. It was my turn to get a reaction out of him.

Carefully I slid my teeth over the skin, flicking my tongue over the areas I left reddened before sucking mercilessly. As the intensity increased my movements became faster. The taste of his skin was beyond comprehension, but it was like an aphrodisiac. All I wanted was more, and more. I was craving him, his body, everything that he was. I was so lost in my own addiction to him that I barely recognized the way he had tilted his head to allow me more access, the way his breathing pattern had completely changed, or the growing bulge that was just inches from my hand.

We finally reached our destination, I pulled away regretfully. It was like he was a drug, and I was already feeling a crash from the loss of his taste on my lips. I dutifully followed him, neither of us saying much. The silence felt like the weight of the world, because I knew we were both thinking of one thing.


It was a burning desire in both of us and that much was obvious. Even if someone didn't see the large erections hidden beneath his clothing, or the way I squirmed with every step I took. I knew it was visible in our chemistry. The way every time our arms brushed we both flinched slightly, the way our breathing was a mix of shallow and fast. The air around us was filled with the electric volts of sexual arousal. It was all coming on fast, to a climactic meeting of cock and pussy. In a short, short while, as he slowly pushed the door open.

He welcomed me in and I took his offer, looking around dazed. it was sort of like dejavu, I felt like I had been here before even if I obviously hadn't. The clicking of the door seemed to echo around the room, and that sealed the deal. I turned to face him, and saw an immediate change. His eyes were filled with lust. I don't know who made the first move, but in a flash we were locked in an embrace.

His lips were forcefully pressed against mine, and I hungrily pressed back. It was a war of dominance, a fight for pride, the chance to finally come out on top. I guess we would never come to an agreement that both of us had our strengths and weaknesses in the bedroom. I tangled my fingers in his dark curly locks as I kissed, silently accepting his tongue into my mouth. I moaned quietly as his tongue ran over mine, quickly exploring every crevice within my mouth. I began sucking on his tongue, desperately wishing that it was something else of his in my mouth.

He pulled away, his eyelids slid closed as he desperately took in air. My own chest was heaving as I desperately attempted at forming a coherent thought. His hands were sliding up under my shirt and I moaned quietly, my body visibly shaking as his hands trailed higher and higher.

"Just take it off."

My voice was shaking as I stared at him, extremely fearful for what was about to happen. He smiled down at me before following my orders, slowly sliding my shirt off my body. My body wracked with a tremor at the change in temperature. I slid my eyes closed as I felt his lips slowly lock onto my shoulder. His supple lips made their way across my shoulder and down my chest slowly, I was gasping repeatedly. The sensations that were overpowering my body were completely new to me.

His long fingers made their way around my body to the clasp of my bra. My teeth sunk into the soft pink of my lips as I waited impatiently for him to slide the soft cloth off my body. My head came to rest on his shoulder as one by one he slowly undid my bra. When it was done I pulled away, slowly allowing the garment to flutter to the ground. I clenched my eyes shut, silently waiting for him to quit scanning my body.

He reached out, carefully cupping my C cup breast in his hand. I gasped quietly at the warmth of his hands against my skin. His thumb traced over my hardening nipple, immediately causing shocks to fly down my body as well as finishing the hardening of my nub. A smile spread across his face at the obvious proof of my want for him. He reached out, massaging my other breast and repeating his actions. My jaw dropped as I focused solely on the sensations that were overtaking my chest.

I reached out blindly, pulling his shirt off his body. He obliged, happily raising his arms to assist me. My eyes ran over his body as my tongue snaked out over my lips. He was perfect, warm, beautiful, stunning. This man was the object of my every desire, and to have him so close caused me to forget everything I had waiting at home. My fiancee was not in my thoughts, my school was not part of my mission, all that existed was this stunning man in front of me.

Frantically I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, yanking them down his legs along with his boxers. I moaned, staring at the throbbing erection that was waiting for me. He was watching me, analyzing me, waiting impatiently for me to make my next move. I reached out, tenderly taking his large cock in my hands. He jumped slightly at the moment of impact. I slid to my knees, slowly running my hand up and down his erection. I stared at awe in every detail of his hard on. A small detail wove it's way back into my mind, something he had told me once. I grinned, twisting my hand carefully. I was rewarded with the feeling of his cock jumping and twitching in my hand, along with a quiet moan leaving his lips.

My mouth was watering as I remembered the taste of his neck, knowing that once this member was in my mouth I would be tasting something even better. Ever so carefully I flicked my tongue out, carefully drawing a figure eight over his balls. His scent was overpowering, his taste toxic, as I carefully sucked and licked at the warm orbs. My hand continued its slow movement up and down his length, twisting once every few moments.


His voice was almost pleading, bargaining with me. I obliged his need and slowly ran my tongue up the underside of his shaft, making sure to drag it over any veins within reach. I finally reached the head of his cock and sucked it into my mouth slowly. He was warm, soft, and I sucked hungrily. My hand continued it's rapid movement up and down his shaft, for this moment all I wanted was the delectable head. I was rewarded with the taste of precum pooling onto my tongue. I swallowed it hungrily, suddenly desperate for the real deal.

Ever so slowly I began taking more into my mouth. I could feel him seem to swell more within the warm confines of my mouth, as his tip began to slip down my throat. I gagged and pulled back, severely frustrated that I couldn't take more. I swear I could hear him chuckle slightly and I growled. He wouldn't be chuckling for long. With a new vengeance I focused, breathing through my nose only when necessary. Inch by inch it slipped in before making it's way down my throat. I moaned, causing my throat to vibrate around his hard shaft.

I heard him moan and felt his fingers form into a fist within my hair, he began to tug lightly. I took this as an encouraging sign and began to suck, while carefully rolling and rubbing his balls with my hands. I made sure to cause no pain, but only the highest amount of pleasure. I must have succeeded as he definitely swelled up within my throat, and squirt after squirt of cum slid down my throat. I clenched my eyes shut, focusing on keeping him within me as long as possible.

Eventually he pulled back and regretfully I let him out of my mouth, releasing his delicious cock with a pop. I looked up at him, flashing the cute smile he loves. His breathing was rapid as he stared at me, seemingly in awe. Maybe I would be the best... maybe.

He reached down, helping me up. I wrapped my arms around him, crushing my breasts and hard nipples against his chest. His hands were on my hips, his fingers teasingly slipping under the band of my denim jeans. I shivered, closing my eyes and moving my hips backwards, allowing him space to unbutton my jeans. His finger slid the zipper down and I wiggled my hips, helping him shimmy the jeans slowly down my legs.

I knew he would be pleased when he looked up, my wet pussy was covered in what was fresh, new panties. I knew now that they would not appear so new as they were completely soaked through with proof of my arousal. I sat him back on his bed, standing in front of him giving him a slow show. I was no professional, and I'm sure my performance was laughable. None the less I stood in front of him, slowly running my fingers under the elastic band of my panties.

My pointer finger teasingly danced across my clit under the fabric, I moaned his name quietly before pulling my fingers out and turning around. I made sure to wiggle my little round butt at him, bending over slightly to make sure he had a clear view of just how wet my pussy was. Finally I walked forward, straddling his lap and began an assault on his neck once again. My left hand carefully rubbed the other side of his neck as my lips began licking and nipping at his skin again. This was one of his hot spots and I had to make sure that he got the best fuck of his life from me.

My free hand went back to rubbing his cock, carefully helping him reach a full erection once again. Not surprisingly, it wasn't long before he was hard and roaring within my grasp. I stood up and slowly took my panties off. Anxiety was building within me, and I was scared of how far he would stretch me with that large cock. His hands pulled me down to him again and tingles filled me. I wasn't scared anymore... he truly had an effect on me. I looked into his eyes, immediately knowing what he wanted.

I crawled over him, slowly getting on all fours and spreading my legs seductively. He had complete access to all of my most intimate places. I hung my head, breathing heavily. It seemed like an eternity, and I was wondering if he was regretting our actions. Then I felt it, his hand carefully brushing over my clit. I gasped, instantly thrusting back against his fingers slowly. I could almost sense his ego filling the air as he came up behind me. His hard cock pressing between my legs.

I gasped quietly, up until this very moment the only feeling I had ever had was that of rubber. Condoms had always been used with me, and now, that was changing. I had a man taking me the way he wanted, covering my body. This was a man's erection against my leaking pussy, I shivered harshly, nearly cumming at the thought that now I would feel a hard cock fill me truly for the first time.

He slid forward, slowly pressing into my tight confines. I groaned, immediately tightening around the large intrusion. It was a completely different sensation, like joining a new realm of the sex world. Nothing between me and the warmth of a throbbing cock. I was full, like I never had been before. Complete lust was taking over as I thrusted back against him, despite the pain of being taken so fast. He groaned, picking up his pace as he thrusted.

I clawed onto the sheets in front of me, gasping. My mind was racing, remembering everything that had gotten me to this moment. The first hello, the playful fighting, the first time I saw his picture, and the first time I saw his gorgeous smile. It all came up to this moment, I could feel his fingers on my clit again as he thrusted into me repeatedly. His balls were smacking against me, along with his pelvis as his movements became rapid. I began to moan his name as if it were a cuss word, I gasped with every thrust in, and a tidal wave was coursing over me. I couldn't hold back a scream as I went into the deep end. My whole body trembling as complete ecstasy took over my every fiber. I could no longer fee, see, hear, or think. All I could do was shake and tighten repeatedly around his cock.

I came down just in time to hear him groan my name as he exploded, releasing string after string of his viral cum deep inside my pussy. I moaned quietly, thinking that at this very moment he could be impregnating me. I collapsed beneath him and felt his body lay on top of mine. I felt so abandoned as he pulled out of me. I could feel the tears pricking at my eyes as I curled up against his chest. The need to have him in me, to complete me again was more than I could stand.

We sat there in silence, not many words had been exchanged between us at all. But words were not necessary, we both knew this would happen the day I booked the flight. I curled up like a lost child against his chest and he held my trembling form against his strong torso. I was urgently wishing that I would never have to go home to the real world, that I could spend forever escaping it all here in his arms.

"I'm hungry now."

He spoke in near urgency and I couldn't help but burst out with a laugh. I knew that he often was hungry after he came, but hearing him say it was something new. All I could do was laugh and shake my head, knowing that even if I did have to leave. I would always have my friend Kris at my side.
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