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Long Tall Woman

A story of unexpected desire for a young college woman
Just a few weeks shy of my 31st birthday my professional life was taking shape. I had just completed a 6 month project that kept me busy and out of trouble. I had earned some well-deserved R&R. First up was my best friend from college (Ryan) wedding, then a week of sun and sand at Padre Island.

As I got close to Austin my phone range. It was Ryan’s fiancée Kara.

There was a sense of frustration in her voice. “I need a favor from you. My goofball of a cousin who is in college missed her flight this morning. She had to take a later flight but I can’t pick her up now I am getting ready for the rehearsal dinner. Please pick her up for me. I have made reservation at the same hotel as yours. Just make sure she is there on time, please.” Not wanting to upset the bride to be I obliged to her wish.

“How will I know who she is?”

“She is very tall, 19 and cute. She would be easy to spot.”

Kara was right. After a couple of drinks I saw an elegant, long frame striding boldly to the bar area where Kara knew I would most likely be. She was very tall nearly 6', and lightly tanned wearing a light brown sun dress. She had a way she walked that after you finsihed looking at her body you were impressed that a 19 year old kid would have that air about him or her. 

“You can only be Samantha, I am Tom.”

“Hi Tom please I prefer Sam. Thank you so much for doing this my cousin is not very happy with me for missing my flight.”

Her face showed off her youth but her beautiful body and poise gave the air of a woman in her mid to late 20s. I am 6’4” so when I walk I well out pace a girl of normal height. As we walked to my car her elegant strides matched step for step. I could not help but notice her perfectly pert breasts bouncing effortlessly as we both walked hurriedly now. Then what happened had to be so obvious she noticed. Man after man she walked past literally would stop in his tracks grazing purposefully at this young mystery woman. Her poise showed through again. Likely used to being ogled she breezed past them as if she had an invisible boundary that would shield her from their lustful gazes. Her focus was clearly on getting to the hotel. Mine had shifted from her breasts to her long legs. She was so unfazed; unpretentious about the situation I admired her poise. It was incredibly intoxicating. I could not help but get an erection.

Once in the car I noticed she was struggling some with a headache. “Had a rough Night huh?”

She laughed. “No. A great night! I got drunk and got laid. Why do you think I missed my flight?” Then she laughed and sighed “yeah I had a great night.” Then she winked at me. I was totally flush and my cock was throbbing now. I knew she knew it too. Coyly and lightly she traced a couple fingers over her cleavage as if to reminisce about last night. Sensing my eyes her on breasts she asked if she knew if our hotel had a pool. As far as I know it did but I had not checked in yet.

“A relaxing swim and a margarita would lift my headache.”

I reached across her into my glove box and pulled out a bottle of aspirin and handed it to her.

Once we got to the hotel I grabbed my bag and hers and we walked to check in. We got out room keys and she grabbed her one bag.

“I can walk that up for you.”

“Thanks but you have been so nice already. I need some me time to relax and relieve my headache. I will see you at 6 so we can be on time for the dinner.” With that she smiled and touched her palm to my chest and walked ever incredibly away to her room. The red was back on my face and the older female attendant in the hotel lobby looked at me as if to say shame on you.

From my room window I had a perfect over look of the pool. There I saw Sam slipping out of her sun dress and now wearing nothing but a very skimpy two piece bikini. My cock now standing at full attention I could not help but play with myself as I watched her swim. After several laps she used the steps in the shallow end to walk out. Water pouring off her toned body she rang the water from her hair and tossed it over her left shoulder. I began to stroke more furiously as I stood at the window. She walked to a chair where she had left a towel and dried herself off. The top was so revealing I could see her nipples were hard and aching. I so wanted to taste them. As she finished drying off she readjusted both her top and bottom wrapped the towel around her waist and cupped her hands over her breasts for one more adjustment. I was close to climax. She bent down to pick up her keys, the towel fell off her and I got a great view of her taught ass through the wet and skimpy bikini bottom. I lost control as I pleasured myself and my cum hit the window. I stood there shocked at myself, my lust for this young girl. She walked away; I had time to control myself before I saw her again.

After collecting myself I cleaned up the mess I had made, and took a cold shower. Before putting on the suit I decided to take Sam’s cue and ordered a margarita from room service. They brought it up and I must say the young woman had a point it did make me feel better. I got about half way through it and began to get dressed. I then called room service and ordered two more. Once I had those in my hand I left for Sam’s room 15 minutes early. Holding one drink in each hand I saw a hotel attendant and asked to be “let into my room”. A little white lie would never hurt anyone. She did let me and I walked into the room quietly. No Sam? Where was she? The bikini she wore in the pool was placed in a chair and on the bed was a vibrator. Guess I was not the only person having self pleasure this evening? The she walked out of the bathroom. She was wearing that sun dress but I had to assume nothing was on underneath it.

“Hi. I brought you a margarita.”

“Thanks! Very cool!” and she smiled a glorious smile. Then she saw her vibrator which was clearly visible to me and now the blush for the first time was on her face. She meekly walked over picked up her toy and stuck it in a drawer.

“Whatcha’ been up to Sam?”

She sat on the bed and sipped my frozen alcoholic gift and smiled. “Ok ok ok. Obviously I could feel you gawking at me today and so I just wanted to tease you and mess with your mind so I overly flirted. It did turn me on in and I took a swim but I was still very horny. I got back to my room and had some fun with myself. I thought I had a little more time to hide the evidence. You are early I am not even dressed yet.”

“I knew you were messing with my mind & it worked. I did watch you swim and in the spirit of your honesty I had some fun with myself while I watched you.”

“Wow.” She took another drink of the margarita. “Kind of hot isn’t it?” She took one more sip as did I and I felt my desires roaring again. “Did you cum when you watched me?”

I walked over to her and she stood up to meet me. “I came very hard.” Then I place my hands on her face and leaned in for a kiss. Our lips met perfectly and sweetly. She placed on hand behind my neck and the other around my waist as we explored our desires with each other for the first time. The kissing picked up in intensity as she unzipped my pants, the strain of my erect cock could not be held by my boxer shorts. She grabbed it and ran her thumb over the tip of my cock already secreting some pre cum. I ran my right hand up her left leg till I found her bare ass and grabbed it. She pulled back from the kissing and pulls my body on top of her as we fell onto the bed. One strap from her dress fell off and exposed on of those beautiful 32C breasts I had thought of while watching her swim. My mouth fell to the breast and kissed it passionately. My teeth went to the hard nipple and I pulled at it lightly as she sighed her approval. Her legs wrapped around my waist as I enjoyed her perky breast. She pushed my pants and boxer down to my ankles and spread her legs high in the air. Filled with lust instinctively I entered Sam without ever seeing her amazing pussy. Her’s was so warm, wet and inviting I sighed out “oh yes” as I filled her. Her hands lightly traced the sides of my neck.

“Fuck my deep” she whispered as I slid all 8 inches of me inside her. I slid in and out and took her hands above her head and pinned them to the mattress. My cock stroked in and out her amazing pussy and with every thrust inside her head rocked up and back to match my rhythm. Our bodies then got closer her legs wrapped tight around me and my arms tightly around her back and over her shoulders. My pace quickened and she ground her hips into my cock to match my pace.

I told Sam she felt amazing. I loved every thrust. Her breathing was quickening sighing turning into panting. She proclaimed her enjoyment by imploring me deeper, deeper please. We let out intense moans at the same time we were both close for sure. My anticipation to hear and feel her climax was sweeping over my body. I did want to cum just yet, I focused and my thrusts and looked down as I slammed in and out of her soaking pussy. Her hands grabbed my ass as she cried…. “Oh God so close, so close.”

I wanted to see her expression. My gaze returned to her face and I whispered out to her to cum for me. She whimpered with, “Yes baby.” With 5 more deep thrust I felt her body go limp. Her left leg began to twitch under my body, her head snapped back mouth opened wide and three long, loud, and hot cries came from her mouth. Her legs spread off me and to the bed. She stretched her arms high above her head and my body fell softly on top of hers. Still hard my thrusts were now slow and soft as my chest ground over her exposed and now rosy breasts. I moaned softly in her ear as I neared my climax.

“Your turn sweetie. Cum inside me please.” With two more deep thrusts I filled her with my hot cum. From the smile on her face I knew she felt me. I fell totally exhausted and satisfied on top of her body. Now only half hard my cock stayed inside her. I wasn’t ready to pull out she felt so good.

She ran her fingers through my hair and laughed. “You know Tommy it is all your fault now. I am going to be late for my cousin’s rehearsal dinner.” With that I slowly pulled my limp cock out of her and smiled. She slid a finger to her pussy to feel the combination of her wetness and my cum. The she tasted her finger. We got off the bed and she kissed me on the cheek. Then walked to the restroom and closed the door behind her. I put my boxers and pants back on. Straightened myself up best I could and Sam walked out of the bathroom naked. We had just had sex but it occurred to me I had not really seen much of her body outside of one breast and she had not really seen much of me naked.

She grabbed her luggage bag and found a black sheer thong, a sheer bra, and bottle of body lotion. I watched this beautiful 19 year old do the opposite of what I had been thinking of all day. She was getting dressed right before me. She slid on her thong and bra and rubbed a little body lotion over the top of her breast and over her thighs. She walked over to the closet and grabbed a black dress for the evening. She slid into it just as elegantly as I had seen her do anything all day.

“Ready?” I asked rhetorically.

“Yeah how late are we going to be?”

“Well I bet we are going to make quite the entrance.”

As we walked out the door of the room our lips met for another great kiss.

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