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Lost from the walking group

A couple escape from the walking group to have a bit of fun in the countryside.
We all met for a ramble around the local lakes. It was the local walking group's third meeting, and we were the youngest two in the group by a long margin. We'd got chatting at the last meeting, and the group kept having to wait for us to catch up, the stern gent scowling at as we laughed at the back.

You'd joined because it looked like something a bit more adventurous to do to get you away from your home for a few hours. We'd exchanged numbers, and you'd texted me a couple of days later, saying how much you couldn't wait for the next walk (which made my heart flutter a little), so I knew we were both looking forward to this walk.

The sun is out, the sky is blue, and there's a gentle breeze blowing in from the coast. You see me, and walk over, and shyly you say, "Hi," expectant, hoping that the spark from the last time is still there. I give you a big smile, it's great to see you again. You're wearing a black top that shows off your curves in all the right places, and your practical leggings let me glimpse the line of your lacy panties hiding underneath. It feels wrong of me to be looking, but my imagination tells me that you're wearing them for me.

I'm wearing a checked summer shirt and walking trousers, that to you, show off my tight bum. You feel a little stirring in your chest as I take your hand, and with a laugh, say, "Come on, the rest of the group are leaving... we don't want to get told off again!"

It's unexpected, but you grip my hand tightly and smile at me, so we walk at the back of the group hand in hand, chatting about what we've done the last week, and our plans the rest of the weekend. As we drop back again, engrossed in conversation the group's leader says, "If you don't pay attention, you'll end up getting lost!"

We look at each other and burst out laughing - the gent scowls again, and keeps going. As we pass a small path off to the side, leading between some bushes, you say, "Let's see if he actually notices if we're lost...", and we head into the thicket.

It's a bit overgrown, and we have to push through, I hold back some of the thornier branches for you, and eventually we break into a small clearing, with some luscious grass below and blue sky above. You look at me with a twinkle in your eye, as something deep within you starts to stir. You say, "Let's just sit here for a bit, and see if they come and find us."

We sit together, quiet, listening, but there's no sound apart from the sounds of nature. You lean towards me, and as we look into each other's eyes, the longing within each of us desires release, and our lips meet, gently tasting the other. We part, but as we do, we know that we need more, this time, our lips meet and our tongues touch, exploring, tasting, deeply. You feel a gentle tingling growing through your body, as we embrace, your breasts becoming more tender, alert, and between your legs you feel the familiar sensation as you moisten with lust.

My body is also responding to your kisses, hardening, inside my trousers, itself getting moist at the tip as it anticipates what might come. My hand makes its way to your breast, feeling your erect nipples that are sensitive to my touch, sending sparks of electricity between your legs with each brush and nip.

You place your hand on my erect pole, still hidden inside my clothing, and smile. You lift your arms, and I remove your top, exposing your gorgeous breasts and shapely curves to nature, moving my head to suckle on your erect buds, each flick of my tongue makes you moan, as between your legs you feel your lips full and sensitive, desiring touch. You unbutton my shirt, and feel my chest, your hands touching, hungrier now, more insistent as you tug at my belt and unbutton my trousers, exposing my now throbbing erection, ridged, ready for you. Your clit is erect now, wanting, needing touch, still encased in your lacy panties that are now wet with your juices.

You don't need to say anything as you turn around, on all fours, with your curvy bum pointing at me, you look back, smiling, knowing what's coming, as I slide your leggings down and run my hand over your cheeks, feeling the soft material of your underwear.

The breeze blows gently between your legs, and we feel the sun beating down on us as I slide your knickers down to your knees, seeing for the first time your secret puckered rosebud and your opening moist hole, smelling your musky scent as you feel the longing in the pit of your stomach. I put my head down and breathe deeply, as my tongue begins to explore between your legs, my hand reaching up parting your cheeks more as my tongue licks up and down, flicking your clitoris, tasting you and spreading your glistening moisture around your most secret area. You wiggle your bum in reaction to my tongue's probing, as you feel the excitement building inside, wanting to feel me deep inside you wet, open channel.

I lean over your back, my chest touching your skin, and I'm on my knees. My hard cock, with its red tip damp and glistening, touches your slit, and you move to welcome it. I wrap one hand under and between your legs, sliding my fingers around your clit, not touching it, just teasing as you push yourself back against me, desperate now to have me inside you, and my cock finds your warm entrance, nuzzling, widening your hole as your muscles wrap around my erect skin. The grass beneath us is getting damp from our sweat as we push against each other, my fingers on your clit, dipping into your hole as my cock emerges from each thrust inside you.

The tension is building inside you, and you moan audibly, the excitement heightened knowing that we are outdoors and someone could find us, as we pump together. Your senses acute, feeling every ripple of my skin as it pushes in and out of your dripping pussy, my fingers more insistent, forceful now against your clitoris, sending sparks of energy deep into you, and as you lose yourself in the moment, thinking about my tongue's exploration, and feeling my hardness deep in you. The explosion bursts through you, sending pulses of pleasure through your body, contracting around my cock, which jumps in response, seemingly growing bigger as it erupts inside you. This feeds your orgasm. You shudder again as the waves of pleasure flow over your body. Weak now, you lay down, bringing me down on top of you, as we laugh, entwined, slick with our energy, me inside you, throbbing as the climax subsides.

We hear noises in the distance, and you turn your head, with a look of panic. It's the walking group, looking for us. I roll off, with one final kiss on the back of your neck, making you shudder as you pull up your underwear, and hurriedly we dress. We get up, and push back through to the main footpath, as the walk leader spots us, slightly disheveled, and says, "See, I told you you would get lost - now keep up!"

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