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Lost Love

A totally new story of George and Anna, if they met a few years later as young adults.
 During the summer of twenty-twelve, Anna missed her goody two shoes Christian school. It was an insane thought that drove her to decide to re-visit the old school. She’d been there once, about a year later after she left seventh grade. Being nearly twenty-one now, she wanted to see her former teachers, like Mrs. Gradle, Mrs. DeJohnson, and Mr. Howard.

When the summer of twenty-thirteen finally rolled around, she squared her shoulders and made up her mind. After her mother’s reception party in a Hotel about twenty minutes away, she hopped into her car, and headed down an all too familiar road.

She was wearing black pantyhose with flashy white pumps and a sparkling knee length dress which was also white. It had about an inch thick strap on both shoulders with a slightly dipped collar. She loved the way the dress hugged her in all the right places and felt down right sexy. Anna had gained some weight over the last year and had purchased the dress on a whim without realizing just how fantastic it made her look.

Her mid back hair was pulled into a low side pony tail and clipped in place. Her well-manicured index finger twisted a large curl around itself, her mind lost in thought. As she pulled into the parking lot, she gave herself the once over in the mirror. She was only wearing mascara and her usual plugs. She fidgeted with them a moment, ensuring they were really staying in place.

The last thing she messed with before she stepped out of her Father’s yellow Ferrari was the Hello Kitty ear clip on the upper lobe of her ear. She loved the stupid little thing and idly wondered why she loved it so much.

Anna walked across the lot and to the entrance of the school. Though it was the summer she knew it should have at least a few teachers inside. (Wasn’t like she called or anything…)

Opening the door, she stepped into the very cool air conditioned building. She shivered like she had done as a young teen the first time she’d come here. The first person she spotted was Mrs. Gradle coming down the hall that leads to the principal’s office.

“Anna Black? Is that really you?!” The heavy set teacher whom had barely aged advanced towards her former pupil, embracing her in a tight hug.

“Yes, it’s me. You look beautiful Mrs. Gradle. You haven’t changed a bit.” Mrs. G was hardly a beautiful person on the outside, she was overweight and wore oversized clothes, but she always kept her nails and hair looking nice and her glasses were normally the newest design. Her personality shown through her smile as she patted Anna’s back.

“It’s so good to see you again, how have you been doing?” Anna was about to answer when something caught her attention. From the corner of her eye she saw a very tall man. Though it was only a glance she saw his broad chest and lean shape, noting his choice in shoes (Lord only knows why she would look down.)

“Oh, George; Just the man I needed to see, please see that Miss Rottweiler gets a hold of these papers.” The name sent a cold chill down to Anna’s spine, she refused to shudder, old memories of her high school crush flood back. In a silent prayer, she begged the Lord almighty that this wasn’t the same George.

To her glee and dismay, it was him. She bit her tongue to hold back the little gasp that wanted to escape from her lips. His blond hair was combed up with gel, just like when he was a kid (She called him a kid when he’s almost two years older! Ha!), he had some facial hair which made him look rugged; it was shaved in a triangle on his chin and a small amount on his upper lip.

He looked the same, just taller and… manly. Pushing the thought aside she plastered the best smile she could muster across her plump lips.

“Hi, George.” While she had been sizing him up, she hadn’t realized he was doing the same, Mrs. G still rambling on about something.

“Hello, Anna.” He then turned his attention back to Mrs. Gradle, nodding and answering her few questions. When Mrs. G finally left, Anna and George were alone. An old memory of him rejecting her flashed through her mind, they had been alone, right outside the lunch room.

She swallowed a soft sigh, her big brown eyes meeting his pools of blue.

“How’ve you been?” He stammered, a large hand running through his hair.

“I’m fine. Just wanted to see my former teachers and what not; didn’t think you’d be here?”

“I’m working for the school part time, I’m striving to be a teacher and they hired me as an intern.”

“Oh, I see. Well, I don’t want to get in your way…” though before Anna could excuse himself, George shook his head.

“No, no, you’re fine… Did you want to see someone in particular?”

Anna couldn’t help the suspicious glare in her eye, her head tilting to looking at him, giving him another once over. He was wearing a blue long sleeved sweater with the sleeves pushed up to his elbows, his arms were …. Amazing, though she refused to dwell on that thought too long; with that he was wearing khaki’s and black dress shoes.

“Mm… well. I did want to see Mr. Howard?”

George simply nodded, his eyes lingering a moment too long on her lips. “Okay, we can take the elevator.” He walked passed her and briefly stopped, looking as if he was in thought, though really he was trying to control himself after inhaling her sweet aroma. She smelt like strawberries and pine, and somehow that was the sexiest scent he’d ever breathed.

She hadn’t really noticed his pause, following him like a lost puppy, which nearly enraged her right there. Anna was almost twenty fucking years old and she was STILL hung up on this guy? A guy she never even dated let alone kissed?

Once in the very small elevator, Anna was surrounded by George’s scent. Her nose flared as she tilted her head down. He was wearing cologne by Axe, though his natural scent was something like new leather and … roses? That was the closest she could guess. It was intoxicating and would have probably passed out if the elevator door hadn’t opened.

Stepping out onto the second floor first, Anna made her way down the right side of the hall way, her long legs sauntering… Suddenly George realized he was staring at her, fantasizing about shoving her up against a locker and …

“Do you know if Mrs. DeJohnson is here today?” Her voice was soft and almost delicate, he hated looking down at her but he was 6’1 …

“She might be, but I haven’t seen her today. She was here yesterday though.”

Anna had no reply to his statement and merely entered Mr. Howards class room. It was empty but set up exactly the same with stuffed rabbits still on the window's ledge and couch to the left of that window.

A small smile played across Anna’s face at the familiar row of desks. She almost, almost, wished she was a student again, but then her gaze turned to George. Her smile dipped into a frown at her high school years, which mostly revolved around her George obsession and his rejection of her.

“What is it?” He questioned, his brow furrowing tightly. “Nothing...” Her voice had a slight edge to it though she hid it well enough. George gave a slight nod as she stepped into the room and away from the door frame he was leaning against.

“Which seat was yours?” He asked, moving through the desks to be only a few feet away from her. “This one...” Her nails tapped at the third chair from the right in the front row. He guessed she must have really enjoyed literature, so did he.

“That was my desk, too.” Being nearly two years apart, George was a grade above her and the small Christian school provided only one class per grade per year.

“Oh, well….” Anna had nothing to say, she felt dumbfounded by the thought. Giving him her back so she could think, she leaned herself against the desk, her right palm behind her.

As George watched her expression, he knew she was thinking. He himself stared at her, remembering how cruel he had been, simply stating he didn’t want her. He was a stupid kid; her would have grumbled and kicked his own ass if it wasn’t for her being within arm’s reach.

“Anna.” His voice was barely a whisper, their gazes locking as he gave a deep sigh. “I’m sorry… I wasn’t a bright teenager and looking back… I realize I must have really hurt you.”

She stared at him for a long moment; she said nothing and barely took a gasp of air, before she even realized what was happening he was standing in front of her, embracing her tightly to his chest. She hated to say how much she loved it. His strong arms wrapped around her back, chiseled chest being crushed into her own, his hands rubbing her back. Giving into the long time fantasy, her arms wrapped around his waist, a little sigh escaping her lips as a silent tear escaped from her glazed eyes.

Anna didn’t realize it, but she was inhaling his scent, over and over she breathed him in, wanting to remember every detail of him for when this was all over.

George rests his head on her shoulder, breathing deeply against her throat. Without giving it much thought, he unclipped her hair and ran a hand through it, her dark chocolate locks were soft and smelt freshly washed.

Sighing, he barely put an inch between them, resting his forehead to her own. They stared into each other’s eyes for a minute or two before George cupped her face and pecked her lips. She was statue still and looked incredibly shocked… and almost pissed off.

“I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have done that…” His apology went on, but Anna wasn’t listening. Her lips felt blazing hot and she knew only he could put out the fire.

She wrapped an arm around his neck and pulled him into another kiss; it would have been soft, if only she hadn’t started to make those little whimpering noises. George couldn’t contain himself; he kissed her more forcefully, his hands wondering slowly along her sides though his mouth was moving much quicker.

Anna’s whimpers became louder and George couldn’t deny her much longer. His dick twitched to life in his pants, he lifted her hips and sat her on the desk, stepping between her legs, and the tent in his pants pressing right up against her barely covered heat, he moaned into her mouth as his hands grabbed at her ass.

Somewhere in the back of George’s mind he knew that doing this on school grounds could make him lose his internship but he couldn’t find a damn to give in that instant.

George had the briefest thought about having her ride him, and that was all it took for him to scoop Anna up and take two long steps to the couch. He fell into a sitting position, her knees on either side of his thighs. He gave her ass a squeeze as he leaned back, her body now being able to be a few inches above him in this position.

Anna had let out a little whine as he lifted her from the desk, instantly that whine turned into a moan, the feeling of his manhood pressing up between her hot and wet thighs. She knew he could feel her excitement from his touch, which only spurred on her desire; he finally wanted her.

Though she was a virgin, she knew what a man liked; she was grinding her hips against his tented slacks, moaning into his ear as her fingers trailed through his hair. George was gripping her waist as she pressed against his throbbing dick, he felt like he might cum in his pants and he very well could if she kept up her pace.

George groaned as she bit his ear, his hand trailing up her back, pulling the hem of her short dress up with it. He dipped his hand into her panties, squeezing the bare flesh of her butt. She gave a little whimper as she sucked on his ear lobe, her fingers moving under his shirt.

He couldn’t help it, he instantly knew he was going to cream his pants. There was nothing that could stop her grinding and by the look on her face as she leaned back, she was going to cum, too.

Anna moaned his name a few times, her hand on his shoulder squeezing as her hips gave a few more rough thrusts over his dick.

He pulled her head down to his, their eyes meeting before he ravished her mouth with his, George’s tongue slipping past her lips and into the moist cavern of her mouth.

As the kissed continued, they both moaned into each other’s mouths, both climaxing at the same time. For George it was amazing, and though he was still fully dressed, it felt almost as good as sex itself. He wasn’t sure if that was because this was Anna or because his lust had simply gone into over drive from lack of sex and lack of beautiful women (inside and out).

Anna was panting, her body slack against his. Her eyes were closed as a light layer of sweat began to stick to her skin. She knew they had cummed, and hoped he’d want a real round one.

“Want to go again without any clothes on?” His voice was soft but coated with lust. It sent a shiver down her spine, her own lust re-kindling.

She had sat up, mouth opened as she was about to answer when a male voice called “George? Where are you?” it sounded like Mr. Vax and Anna did not want to see him again, let alone while she was in such a position with George.

He gave her a sad look as he quickly pecked her lips and slid her off his lap and onto the couch beside him. He whispered “Stay here.” And adjusted his clothes, brushing a hand through his hair as he quickly made his way out of the room; Anna herself stood up on shaky legs and fixed her dress, re-did her hair and crossed her legs, feeling the wetness between her thighs beginning to stick.

Anna waited a few minutes before George returned, still a bit of sweat beading down his forehead though it was a rather cool class room.

“I’m… sorry.” He wasn’t sure what to say, he felt as though he just assaulted her, after all his little peck turned into so much more in the briefest of moments.

“Don’t be sorry. I’m an adult and I wanted to pursue what we were doing just as much as you.” Although she seemed calm and pulled together, her mind was a wild field of “Oh, my God, what have I done?!” and “Shit, shit, shit! This is wrong!” and last but not least “Please tell he wants to more…”

George could see in her eyes the way she was torn between wanting more and be raiding herself for a bad choice. He simply nodded as he offered her a hand to help her stand. She bit back a whimper as she stood, her knees giving out as she fell against his chest. She mumbled a soft apology and he shook his head, silently pressing his lips over her mouth, swallowing the words down.

Anna was tearing, a few small tears rolling down her cheeks, though before she could really pay them any mind, George kissed each one away. He pressed his nose to her ear, inhaling a soft gush of air as he whispered, “I want to see you again.” Anna felt herself begin to tremble, her arms winding around his lower back as she nodded, unable to form a response.

She didn’t know why she was agreeing to see him let alone why he seemed to be attracted to her. His fingers trailed along her spine, hugging her tightly against his chest. Anna sighed inwardly, almost screaming to herself that she really was still that same stupid fifteen year old girl.

To be continued.

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