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Lost Trail Cabin (chap. 2)

Romantic Getaway
Lost Trail Cabin (chapter 2)

As they drive up the mountain, they come to a lookout point. Nancy perks up at the view, “Jake, let’s stop and take some pictures.”

“Sure, honey” Jake replies as he looks into her eyes as he pulls into the parking area. Jake gets out and goes around helps Nancy out of the car. As she gets out the car, a gust of wind comes through opening her still unfastened blouse exposing her golden breasts. The cool breeze tickles her nipples into hardness. She giggles as she pulls her blouse together. Jake grabs her sweater from the car and wraps it around her as they walk over to the railing along the canyon edge to take in the view.

As they admire the view, Nancy takes some pictures… “Oh Jake, it’s so beautiful”

“Yes it is, isn’t it?”

Nancy moves over next to Jake as he wraps his arm around her pulling her close to him. He leans down as she turns and looks up at him and kisses her gently. He looks into her eyes… “Let’s take some more pictures” Nancy looks at him quizzically, and then he winks at her. Taking his cue, Nancy slips away from Jake and drops her sweater on the hood of the car. She opens her blouse seductively and playfully shows some of her ample cleavage. Jake begins snapping away, capturing her erotic playfulness.

Nancy moves over closer to the railing, placing the distant peaks in the background, lowers her blouse over her shoulders further exposing her golden breasts. As Jake continues to snap away Nancy slips her blouse off completely and flips it through the air in Jake’s direction. Standing there naked in front of Jake, Nancy feels so alive, so free. Nancy’s nipples are now hard, in part because of the cool breeze flowing across her naked skin, in part to being naked and taking pictures with Jake in the mountains.

Nancy seductively puts her hands on her hips and tosses her hair back with a nod of her head… the breeze tossing her hair about her face. As Jake continues to take pictures, she moves her hands to the front of her jeans and begins to unbuckle her belt, then unfastens the button and starts pulling down the zipper. Slowly she pulls on the zipper, folding open the front of her jeans revealing the top of her panties, and then she slides her jeans down past her hips. Jake stops taking pictures for a second to admire her beauty together with the beauty of their surroundings, then resumes taking pictures.

As Nancy stands there next to the railing, her jeans slipped down low over her hips, she slides a hand inside her panties. She slips it further between her legs, teasing her lips, surprised at how wet and excited she has become. She removes her hand and brings it to her mouth and seductively starts sucking the finger that she had just teased herself with as Jake captures the moment on camera.

“We better get going” Jake says as he brings her blouse and sweater to her. “We still have a ways to go”. Nancy slips her blouse back on and Jake wraps her sweater around her, pulls her close, kisses her longingly, and then whispers, “I love you”.

“I love you so much” she whispers back as they walk back to the car and get back on the road.

Nancy curls up next to Jake and dozes off as they continue the drive. After topping over the mountain pass Jake winds his way down the other side of the mountain into the valley as Nancy continues to doze next to him. Nancy stirs just as they take a sweeping turn into the bottom of the valley. The road meets up and follows a large river; on the other side of the road is a mountain meadow with the mountains rising up from there.

As Jake follows the road he slows somewhat so they can take in the scenery. He tries to roust Nancy from her dozing. A few miles further up they come to the turn off for The Lost Trail Cabins. As Jake makes the turn Nancy is now fully awake and taking in the scenery as Jake follows the road towards the cabins. Rounding another sweeping turn is the drive for the cabins. Jake turns into the tree lined drive and follows it up to what appears to be the main lodge. He pulls up in front and parks. Jake and Nancy both get out of the car, stretch and as Jake rounds the car to her side and they intertwine their arms and walk in through the door of the main building.

The main lodge itself is a lot larger than they first thought from the outside. The lobby is massive, three stories tall, lots of rustic paintings and décor, along with the standard mounted wildlife scattered tastefully about. As they approach the desk off to one side of the room, Nancy squeezes Jake with her arm. The clerk says, “Good afternoon, how may I help you?”

“I’m Jake Smith, and we have a reservation for one of your cabins”.

“Let’s see, ah, yes here it is sir, we have you for 3 nights in one of our deluxe cabins, is that correct?”

“Yes, I believe that’s correct”

“Ok then, May I see your credit card and identification?”

“Sure” Jake replies as he hands her his credit card and license.

“Please sign here and here and initial here, and you’ll be set” the clerk says as she hands him back his cards.

Jake signs the sheet, hands it back to the clerk and she hands him his keys and gives him directions to their cabin. As they walk back out to the car Nancy slips her arm around Jakes waist. As they arrive at the car they pause to take in their surroundings. Looking out from the lodge is a wide meadow with the river running through it, the mountains rising up on the far side. On the far side of the river is a herd of elk that have come down to feed.

Off to their right the river bends back next to a drive that leads to the cabins scattered and nestled into the trees. Looking at the map to their cabin, Jake determines that their cabin is at the end of the road to the right. Jake helps Nancy into the car and down the drive they go.

Arriving at the cabin, Nancy bolts from the car and up onto the porch, twirling around in circles, jumping like a young girl at Christmas time. “Oh, Jake it’s beautiful! I love it!” Jake heads up to the porch, grabs Nancy, then gives her a long kiss. “Let’s go inside and see what it’s like”. They walk through the door into a large, yet cozy living area, stairs to the left leading up to what appears to be a loft, a kitchen and dining area through a door to the right. There’s another door at the back of the room that leads to the bedroom.

As they continue to explore their surroundings they discover a door off the kitchen that leads out to a small porch with a view of the meadow. Back inside they move to the back of the cabin through the door to the bedroom. There’s a fireplace, a king sized rustic four poster bed, with lots of pillows, and plush comforters. Off in one corner is the bath area, sunken whirlpool tub with an attached shower behind. On the other side of the room is a door that leads out to a private porch. Going out onto the porch they discover a hot tub, outdoor fireplace, a couple of rocking chairs. The view appears to be of the far end of the meadow. There are a couple of elk grazing at the far side just inside the tree line.

They return back into the cabin and head up the stairs to the loft. There they find a nice sitting area with a couple of plush chairs along with a TV. As they head back down the stairs into the main living area. Jake say’s “I’ll go get the bags, see what’s in the kitchen”. As Jake heads out the door Nancy heads into the kitchen to browse around to see what’s available. On the counter is a welcome basket with fresh fruit, a bottle of wine, some crackers and cheese that they missed somehow.

Jake brings in some of the bags then heads out to grab the rest of their bags. Nancy slips out and grabs a handful of snow, packing it into a nice tight ball, then waits until Jake gets the final bag from the car and turns towards her. Just as Jake stands fully upright and heads to the house he’s met flush in the chest with a snowball!

Jake looks up towards the cabin and there’s Nancy standing with a big mischievous grin. “Why you little stinker, just wait until I get my hands on you! You’re going to get a spanking for that young lady!” Jake drops the bags and grabs a hand full of snow, but before he can launch a counter attack, Nancy has struck again, this time in the leg.

As Jake lets fly with his snowball, Nancy ducks as it flies over her head, then rising she takes cover behind one of the chairs, then lets loose with another volley, hitting Jake in the back as he turns to seek cover behind the car. Jake takes a peek over the edge of the car as a snowball from Nancy hits the roof and slides off. Jake maneuvers around to the front of the car. Surveying his options, he sees an opening to where he can slip across without too much danger of getting hit with another snowball.

He decides to make his move. He rounds the front of the car and then heads off towards the bushes beside the porch. Nancy was busy watching the backside of the car, not thinking that Jake may try to go around the other way. As Nancy was making a couple of more snowballs, she thought she heard something off to her right. Turning that way she saw Jake hop up onto the porch, letting fly with a snow ball. As she turned and ducked it caught her right in the middle of the back, then seconds later Jake had her in his arms. Struggling to get away, but unable to, Jake hauls her into the cabin.

Once inside the cabin Jake maneuvers her to a chair and he sits down and pulls her across his lap. “I warned you young lady that you were going to get it!” as he lets fly with his hand across her buttocks.

“Ouch!” cries Nancy as Jake lands another hand across her backside, then another.

“Maybe this will teach you not to through snowballs” as he lands another one, this time a little bit harder. Jake can feel the warmth radiating through her clothes as he gives her a couple of more swats for good measure. “Have you learned your lesson young lady?”

“Yes” Nancy whimpers.

“Good, now get up here” Jake says as he helps her into his lap where he wraps his arms around her then kisses her gently, biting her soft lips, teasing them with his tongue.

As they sit cuddled up in the chair kissing each other, Nancy pauses and says “I’m getting hungry”.

“Actually I am too. Let’s freshen up and go see what we can find, then come back and unpack”.

As Nancy gets up from his lap she says “well you have to finish getting the bags in here first”.

“Do you think you have learned your lesson and can behave yourself while I do that?”

“Yes sir”

“OK then” Jake replies as he heads out the door. As he gets to the car he hears the front door close, and looks up just in time to duck as another snowball flies by. Looking towards the cabin, he sees Nancy’s head retreat back into the cabin giggling like a little schoolgirl. Jake retrieves the bags then heads back inside.

Nancy is back in the bath touching up her makeup and fixing her hair. “Jake, how about starting a fire so it will be ready when we get back?”

“Sure that sounds good” Jake heads back outside to grab some kindling and firewood. He gets the fire going just as Nancy comes into the room, dressed in just a matching bra and panty set, loosely covered by a satin cover-up.

“What should I wear tonight?”

“I think one of your sweaters and jeans will be fine” Nancy retreats back to the bedroom to get dressed as Jake watches her cheeks moving from side to side peeking out from under her cover-up. Unable to resist he lets out a wolf whistle, to which Nancy adds a little extra shake to her walk as she disappears around the corner.

As Nancy is getting ready, Jake goes through the welcome book describing the amenities available on site. “Hey honey, there’s a couple of grill type restaurants on site we could go and grab a bite to eat at”

“That sounds good; it would be quicker that way”

“They even have a market; maybe we can grab a few things to bring back here.”

“That sounds good too” replies Nancy as she enters the room. “I’m ready if you are”

“OK then let’s go”.

As they head out the door Jake wraps his arm around Nancy’s waist as they head off up the lane they had drove in on. “Aren’t we going to drive?” Nancy asks.

“No, it’s just up around the corner, let’s walk”

“OK” she replies as she snuggles closer to Jake and wraps her arm around his waist. As they turn the corner in the lane, the lodge comes into view. They enter into the lodge and head off towards the row of different restaurants. Nancy spies one about halfway down, and says “How about that one over there?”

“Sure, that looks like it will work” replied Jake.

As they enter Diamond Lil’s Saloon, Jake spies a table for two over in the corner and heads that way. As they sit down the waitress comes by and asks to take their order for drinks. Jake orders a pitcher of margaritas. As the waitress walks away, Jake admires the view. Nancy catching him looking kicks him in the shin, “Stop that!” then winks at him.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it”

“Now who’s being bad?”

“Well she is kind of cute, and that outfit… I bet you’d look hot dressed in a saloon girl outfit”

“Well perhaps if you behave yourself, I might get dressed up in one of those”.

“OK then, I suppose I’ll have to behave myself then” says Jake as the waitress returns with their drinks.

“Here you go guys, enjoy! Are you ready to order dinner or do you still need a few minutes?”

Jake replies “I think we are ready” Jake gives the waitress their order as he pours each of them a margarita. Lifting his glass towards Nancy he says, “Here’s to a great weekend”

Nancy lifts her glass and touches his and says “And too many more”.

The waitress reappears with their order and asks, “Can I get you folks anything else?”

Jake replies “No I think we are fine at the moment”

“Great, enjoy your meal, I’ll be back to check on you in a bit”

“Thanks” says Jake as she walks away. As Jake and Nancy finish their meal, the long day, the altitude and the very potent margaritas begin to take their toll. Nancy is giggling like a little schoolgirl, and Jake is trying hard to keep his hands off of her. He wants her so bad, he’s not sure if he can wait until they get back to the cabin. “I think it’s time we get you back to the cabin honey”

“Oh come on Jake, let’s have another one”

“I think you’ve had enough Nancy, we can grab something at the market and take back with us”.

Reluctantly Nancy says “OK” as Jake signals the waitress for their check.

After paying their check, they leave the saloon and head over to the market. They purchase a few snack items, a couple of bottles of wine and some breakfast items. After paying for their items they head out back to the cabin. Night has fallen while they were having dinner and as they walk back down the lane towards the cabin, it begins to snow. Nancy moves closer to Jake for warmth as well as for support. She didn’t realize that the margaritas had affected her this much. The night is quiet… except for Nancy’s occasional giggling.

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