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Lost Trail Cabin (chap. 3)

Romantic Getaway
Lost Trail Cabin (chapter 3)

Once back at the cabin they put their groceries away. As Nancy goes back into the bedroom to put something comfortable on, Jake opens a bottle of wine and grabs a couple of glasses and heads out to the main room, turns down the lights, lights a couple of candles, then lays down on the rug in front of the fireplace.

Nancy comes in from the bedroom wearing a robe.

Jake pours them each a glass of wine, hands one to Nancy as she gets down on the floor with him. As they sip their wine in silence, Jake sits his glass off to the side, reaches over and takes Nancy’s glass and places it next to his, then leans over and begins kissing Nancy on the neck.

As he moves from her neck to her lips and back it seems like Nancy is melting from his attention.

Nancy kisses back when Jake gets near her lips, teasing his tongue with hers, then playfully biting his when he tries to slip his tongue into her mouth.

Jake reaches down and unties Nancy’s robe, then slowly pulls it open to reveal that she has nothing on underneath…

Jake leans down and kisses Nancy, then trails off to the side of her neck, nibbling gently. Trailing down her throat he kisses his way between her golden breasts. Moving to the left one he sucks the nipple into his mouth, gently biting it as it passes between his teeth. He moves his hand down to Nancy’s belly, teases her navel, then slides his hand slowly between her legs as he moves his mouth to her other breast to repeat the attention to her nipple.

Nancy parts her legs slightly as Jake tries to move his hand further between her legs. Jake sucks on Nancy’s right nipple deeper into his mouth causing Nancy to let loose with a little gasp.

With the gasp, Nancy’s legs open just a little more and Jakes hand slips between them, feeling her excitement on his hand. Jake traces the outline of her lips as he parts her moist lips with a finger gently teasing her excited little button. As Jake continues to orally stimulate Nancy’s breasts, he works on her moistness, teasing her love button, slipping a finger inside her wetness, and then retreating much to her dismay.

Jake pauses from kissing on Nancy’s breasts and moves up to kiss her passionately and deeply, their tongues playing and teasing with each other.

Jake slips his finger deep inside Nancy’s wetness as he cups her womanhood in his hand, pressing against her love button with the palm of his hand. Sensing Nancy’s heightened excitement he increases his pressure as he inserts a second finger inside her, moving them together in and out.

As Nancy nears the peak, Jake slides his tongue into her mouth and as Nancy takes his tongue she arches her back as the first wave crashes over her.

Jake lets up but still keeps pressure on Nancy’s wetness as her orgasm rushes over her.

Kissing her gently he helps he back down from the height of ecstasy. Jake gets up and retrieves their glasses of wine. As they sit cross legged facing each other, Nancy’s robe gaped open, Nancy says “Why are you still dressed?” as she leans towards Jake to start unbuttoning his jeans.

As Jake pulls away and rises “Hold it right there, I’ll be right back” then heads off to the bedroom.

A few minutes later Jake returns to the room clad only in his robe loosely tied, his muscular chest peeking through the top, his semi rigid manhood trying to peek its way out.

As he nears the rug Nancy reaches up trying to grab his manhood, but Jake swiftly sidesteps her reach. “Hold on a second there, young lady!”

“But Jake, please” she pleads.

“In due time my dear, in due time” replies Jake as he gets back down on the floor. He grabs a pillow and lays it on the floor. “Here lay down on your stomach”

As Nancy moves to lay on her stomach, Jake grabs her robe and slips it off her.

Jake reaches into the pocket of his robe and pulls out a bottle of Pina Colada scented massage oil. He flips the top open and pours some in the middle of Nancy’s back. Jake slips off his robe, and then straddles Nancy as he begins to work the oil into Nancy’s shoulders and back.

Jake reaches down between his legs, grabs his now swollen manhood, rubs some oil onto it, then lets it lay in the crack of Nancy’s tight ass, as he continues to work the oil into her back.

As Jake’s hands get lower on Nancy’s back he slides further down her body, his erection now between her legs as he works the oil into the small of her back and her buttocks.

Taking his time, Jake kneads Nancy’s cheeks with the oil, teasing the crack of her ass with his finger, occasionally slipping a finger deep between her legs into her wetness, then pulling back to continue massaging her cheeks.

Jake slides further down between Nancy’s legs as he begins massaging her thighs. Using one hand on each thigh, he works the oil into her smooth skin.

Moving his hands up and down her thighs, he teases her lips as he moves his hands to the top of her legs, then back down. Moving to the side of Nancy he begins massaging each calf one at a time.

As he feels her tension slipping from her body, he moves back down below her feet and slowly begins to massage each foot one at a time. Teasing the bottom of her foot with his fingers, she wiggles and lets a giggle escape her lips.

He pulls her right foot to his mouth gently taking her big toe into his mouth, then the next toe, then the next, licking between her toes as he goes… reaching her little toe, he sucks it into his mouth, bites gently, then lets it slide from his mouth, then trails his tongue down the underside of her foot.

He lets her right foot drop to the floor then picks up her left foot and repeats the same process. As he finishes her left foot he lets it drop to the floor, and then begins working his way back up her legs with his hands.

As his hands move up Nancy’s oiled body, he straddles her legs, his rigid manhood lying between her legs. Straddling her knees, he begins to massage her cheeks again, pausing to slip his oiled hands between her thighs, playing with her wetness.

Jake teases her lips with his fingers, dipping a finger between them, then sliding it further inside, then pulling it out and slipping it further under her to tease her now swollen love button.

Nancy lift’s her hips up a bit giving him easier access to her wetness.

Jake continues to tease her button with one finger while sliding another inside her. Jake removes his finger from inside her causing Nancy to let out a little whimper of disappointment.

Jake leans over and kisses her on the back of the neck then rises back up and moves his other hand between her legs, where he uses one hand to massage her swollen love button, while using his other hand to probe her hot wetness.

As Jake continues to massage on Nancy’s womanhood, she begins to push back and start riding his hands.

Jake’s manhood is throbbing now. He’s finding it hard to concentrate on the task at hand. As he continues to work on Nancy, he pulls one of his hands from between her legs, and begins to stroke his throbbing erection, lubing it back up.

Nancy lets another whimper of disappointment escape her lips as she continues to ride Jake’s hand. Jake slides up a little further, his erection now right below Nancy’s round little ass cheeks, touching his arm still buried between Nancy’s legs.

Sensing Nancy is once again close, he slips his hand from between her legs, causing her to cry out “no…”

Jake slides up just a bit further, his erection laying in the crack of Nancy’s hot ass once again. He takes his manhood in his hand and teases her crack with it starting from the top, and then sliding it down further between her legs.

Nancy senses him getting close to her wetness and tries to rise up and pull him inside her, but Jake catches her movement in time to pull away.

Jake continues moving his erection up and down the crack of her well oiled ass.

Nancy again tries to use her muscles to pull it inside of her, yet Jake beats her to the punch again by withdrawing and sliding it back up the crack of her ass.

As Jake slides his manhood back down the crack, he pushes with more pressure. As he nears Nancy’s wetness; she tries once again to move her hips allowing him to be pulled inside of her.

This time Jake beats her again, only this time he pushes forward, burying his manhood deep inside her causing Nancy to cry out “Oh god yes!”

Jake responds with “Oh fuck yes, you’re so hot!”

As Jake straddles Nancy’s ass, his manhood firmly and deeply inside Nancy’s wetness, he pauses to enjoy the sensation of her hot smoothness.

Nancy close to the edge wants to rush over and begins to move her hips, working Jake’s erection in and out.

The angle of his entry is putting pressure on her G-spot and the back of her love button. As she nears the edge she begins pushing back harder against his manhood, trying to get him further inside of her.

As her movements pick up pace, Jake realizes he himself has come close to the edge.

He adjusts his position to where he is on his knees and pulls Nancy up to hers as he grabs her hips and begins to slide into Nancy with more force and pace.

As Jake grips Nancy’s hips and pulls her tight against him, his manhood deep inside her, Nancy feels Jake spasm and empty his passion deep inside her as she grinds back against him, pushing herself over the edge as her passion mixes with his.

As their passion subsides they both collapse onto the floor where the combination of the long day, the altitude, the drinks, and their heated passion consume them and the drift off to sleep in each others arms.

A few hours later Jake is awakened by Nancy snuggling closer. Jake is suddenly aware that he is cold. He thinks Nancy must be cold as well and that’s why she’s snuggling closer.

Jake notices that the fire is mostly just embers now. He gets up, and lifts Nancy into his arms and carries her off to the bedroom. He struggles to get the covers pulled down while still holding Nancy.

As he gets the covers pulled down, he lays Nancy in the bed and then crawls in beside her, covering them both up. Kissing her shoulders, his arm draped over her, he drifts back off to sleep.

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