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Lost Trail Cabin (chap. 4)

Romantic Getaway
Lost Trail Cabin (chapter 4)

As the sun rises in the sky, its golden rays dance through the cracks in the blinds, Jake awakens with his arm still draped over Nancy. Jake slips out of bed, careful not to wake Nancy, and then heads out into the kitchen to make some coffee. As he passes through the living room, he notices their robes scattered on the floor, empty wine glasses tipped over, the empty wine bottle. A smile crosses his face as he thinks back to the passion they shared just a few hours ago.

After starting the coffee, Jake heads back into the bedroom, picking up their robes as he goes. He lays Nancy’s on the foot of the bed, then slips his on, moves up and bends over and kisses Nancy on the cheek, and whispers “I love you”.

Jake moves away from the bed and watches Nancy sleep for a few minutes, then heads back to the kitchen for his much needed cup of coffee.

Jake pours himself a cup of coffee, heads over to the dining table and sits down. Looking out the large window he can see a small herd of elk feeding in the meadow. He notices that after they arrived back from dinner last night, the area received a light dusting of snow.

As he sits enjoying his coffee, watching the elk, Nancy moves silently up behind him. Waiting until he’s placed his cup back onto the table, she moves closer behind him, wraps her arms around him, and begins kissing his ear “Good Morning honey”

“Morning baby, sleep well?” Jake replies as he turns to kiss her.

“Yes, very well thanks.”

Jake rises from his chair and offers it to Nancy. “Here, sit down, would you like a cup of coffee?”

“Yes, please.”

Jake goes over to the counter and pours Nancy a cup, and refills his own, then moves back to the table to sit with Nancy. “Do you see the elk out there grazing?”

“Yes, they’re so beautiful”. They continue to sit and watch the elk while enjoying their coffee.

Jake gets up to refill their cups, throws a couple of Danish in the microwave, then heads back to the table after the microwave is finished.

As they enjoy their Danish, Jake says “I’ve got a surprise for you today”

“Oh?” replies Nancy.

“Yes, how would you like to go skiing?”

“Oh, Jake, yes of course! But we don’t have any clothes”

Jake now grinning ear to ear says “Oh yes we do, you remember the big blue bag we brought?”


“Well that has everything we need in it”

“Well how did you know?” Nancy asks.

“You know I am quite resourceful when I need to be” replies Jake his grin even larger.

Nancy gets out of her chair and moves over and sits down in Jake’s lap, wraps her arms around his neck and starts kissing him. As Nancy kisses Jake, he slides a hand inside her robe and begins to fondle her breasts… teasing and pinching her nipples.

She whispers in his ear “Easy there big boy, let’s go get ready. Save that for later”

Smiling Jake replies “Ok fine, just be that way” Jake gets up, with Nancy still clinging to him, heads of to the bedroom to get ready.

Nancy heads into the bathroom, drops her robe, and then steps into the shower.

Jake following her, drops his robe, and then moves to the sink to shave. As Jake continues to shave, he keeps peeking into the shower, watching Nancy lather up her golden tanned body.

Jake can’t seem to keep from ogling her naked body. So much in fact he’s become fully aroused. As he finishes shaving, he takes another quick look at Nancy in the shower.

She’s standing under the flow of the shower, washing her hair, the white soap suds trailing in contrast over her tan body.

Jake opens the shower door and steps in with Nancy…

Nancy shivers from the cool air that rushes in when Jake enters the shower. Turning to face Jake she falls into his arms as he leans down to kiss her. Nancy slides her soapy hands down Jakes body, toying with his nipples as she continues downward.

Taking Jakes manhood in her hand she begins stroking it slowly. She looks up into his eyes, kisses him, and then lays her head against his chest as he wraps his arm around her. She continues to stroke Jake as the water from cascades down over them.

Jake slides his hand down Nancy’s back, cups a cheek in his hand, then slides his hand between her legs, teasing her lips by slipping a finger in and out.

As Nancy continues stroking Jake, Jake continues his teasing, then leans down and kisses Nancy, their tongues doing their playful dance.

Jake stops teasing Nancy long enough to pull Nancy’s leg up, giving him an opening as he turns his body towards her, grabbing her ass with his other hand he lifts her up and pulls her onto his throbbing manhood.

They pause for a moment as one, letting the water cascade down over them, enjoying their moment of closeness.

Nancy wraps her arms around his neck as she lifts and wraps her legs around Jakes back. Nancy’s movement catches Jake by surprise almost causing them to fall, but Jake recovers quickly and supports Nancy with both hands on her cheeks.

Nancy slowly starts grinding her pelvis in to Jakes, rubbing her clitoris against his pubic bone, giving her the much needed pressure to send her over the edge.

Jake moves toward the shower wall and eases Nancy against it. The tiles are cool against her skin in contrast to the warm water cascading down between them.

With Nancy somewhat supported by the wall Jake begins to pump his throbbing manhood in to Nancy, pausing slightly at the bottom of his stroke to grind against her clitoris. As he pulls back the water from the shower flows down over their bodies, teasing Nancy’s nipples and her love button.

Jake realizing that the flow of the shower is helping him; he adjusts the shower head in order to provide more direct contact.

Jake can tell Nancy’s getting close, he can feel the flush of warmth in her ass cheeks, he can see the flush coming to her face, he can tell by the way she is grinding against him as he reaches the bottom of his stroke.

Nancy also knows when Jake is close, she can tell by his eyes, she can tell by the swelling of the head of his manhood. She can actually feel it grow larger as he nears orgasm.

She feels it now as her own orgasm is fast approaching and begins to grind against him as he begins picking up the pace.

Nancy looks up into Jake’s eyes, and seeing the tell tale sign of his impending orgasm, she reaches up and begins kissing him passionately, their tongues dancing furiously as the waves of their passion crash over them.

Jake pulls Nancy hard against him as he fills her with his passion as her own passion floods over him.

They finish their shower, and get dressed. Nancy is impressed at the ski wear that Jake has brought along. Matching outfits for both of them.

As they get in the car, Nancy leans over and kisses Jake on the cheek.

As they get to the lodge, they notice the turn for the ski area. Jake takes the turn and they wind their way up into the mountains to the ski area. Once they arrive and park, they walk into the rental office.

After filling out their paperwork they are taken over to be fitted for their equipment. After getting setup with their equipment, Jake and Nancy grab a couple of trail maps and head outside.

Once they have donned the boots and skis, and Nancy has fallen on her ass a couple of times, they glide over to the lift. As they wait in line for their turn to get on the lift, Jake leans over and gives Nancy a little rub on her ass.

“Hope it’s not too sore honey, I’ve got plans for it later” Jake said with a wicked grin on his face.

“Oh you do, do you?” replies Nancy with a little attitude.

“Yes I do, as a matter of fact” Jake smartly replies.

“Well we’ll just see about that” quips Nancy.

As their turn to get on the lift arrives, they slide over in front of the chair as it swings around and scoops them up. Heading up the mountain Nancy is busy taking pictures of the view, of Jake in the chairlift beside her, and a couple of corny self pictures of them both leaning together.

Jake takes the camera from her to take some pictures of her.

About half way up the hill at the midway drop, they decide to get off and start there, since it had been awhile for both of them since they’ve been on skis.

As they glide away from the drop area, Jake miscalculates his distance and gets his skis crossed and tumbles into the snow along side the trail.

Nancy, not missing this opportunity starts snapping pictures of Jake lying in the snow bank. Laughingly Nancy quips “Now who’s sitting in the snow?”

Jake looks back at her and retorts, “Yea, well we’ll see who’s on the ground the most by the end of the day”

“Yes we will” replies Nancy as she heads off down the hill.

Jake pulls himself up and then heads off down the hill after her. Catching up to her, they continue to ski down the mountain leisurely with no further instances. As they reach the bottom, they ski back over to the lift to get back in line.

It’s a perfect day, not much of a crowd today, so they don’t have to wait long before they are on their way back up the mountain. They decide once again to get off at the midway point only this time they head off in the other direction. This trail is more of a secluded trail through the pines as it falls off into a small bowl, then drops back down towards the bottom.

Jake notices this trail seems to have had little traffic today. As they head off through the woods, he stops at a small opening in the trees that has a couple of benches and a picnic table.

Removing their skis, they head over to the table. Jake takes off his backpack, grabs a couple of wine coolers from it and hands one to Nancy after opening it for her. Opening his, he lifts his bottle towards Nancy and says “To Nancy, the hottest woman on the mountain!”

Tapping her bottle against his Nancy replies back “Thank you, and to the hottest hunk on the mountain!” Looking at each other they take nice healthy swigs from their bottles.

Jake moves towards Nancy, grabs her and pulls her to him and kisses her passionately. “How about let’s take some more pictures honey?” Jake asks, Nancy looks up to see that mischievous little grin he has across his face.

“Why sure honey, anything for you” she replies as she steps back and unzips her coat. Dropping her coat on the table, she starts slipping the straps of her bibs off her shoulders as Jake starts snapping pictures.

As Nancy slides her bib straps off her shoulders, she reaches down and grabs the bottom of her sweater and starts lifting it up. Further up she lifts, exposing her naked breasts, much to the delight of Jake.

“Surprise” says Nancy grinning at Jake.

Jake continues to snap away and mumbles “mmmmm” as the cool air makes Nancy’s nipples begin to harden.

“Come here” Jake says reaching out to Nancy, pulling her towards him, his mouth attaching itself to her left breast. He sucks it into her mouth, pulling the nipple into his mouth as far as he can, then letting go, so that he can repeat the process.

Nancy feeling the heat from Jake’s mouth melts further into him as he continues to administer to her breasts.

Nancy pulls away from Jake and as she pulls her sweater down, slips her bibs back on, then looks at him slyly, and says “Well what about me? How about letting me get some shots of you? Can’t I have a few of you naked in the woods?”

Jake shyly replies, “Well I suppose I could let you take a few” as he hands her the camera.

Backing away he starts by unzipping his coat as Nancy snaps away. Removing his coat and throwing it on the table, Jake mimics Nancy by slipping his bib straps seductively off his shoulders.

Nancy is giggling as he’s attempting to mimic her. As his last strap falls, he grabs the bottom of his sweater as Nancy had and starts to pull it up over his shoulders, exposing his muscular chest, his nipples also hardening in the cool air.

Nancy lets out a couple of “woo hoos” causing Jake to blush slightly, although it has caused him to become a little aroused. “Well come on there big boy, let’s get on with it!” says Nancy as she starts snapping pictures again.

Jake quizzically looks at her, thinking to him self ‘surely not’.

Only to have his suspicions confirmed, by Nancy’s “well?”

Jake goes ahead and reaches down and slips his bibs further down past his hips.

Nancy continues taking pictures despite giggling at the sight of Jake standing there, his sweater up over his shoulders, his bibs down around his knees, standing there in his underwear.

His excitement is obvious. “Well how about it big boy? Are you going to show the goods or not?”

Jake sees no way out, so he reaches down, slips his fingers in the waistband of his underwear, and begins to slide them down while Nancy continues to snap away. As Jake works his underwear down over his now full erection, it pops free out into the cool air.

Nancy lets out a low “mmmmm, nice” as she continues to snap away.

Nancy moves over to Jake and drops to the ground in front of him, taking his swollen manhood in her hands. Jake jumps at the touch of her cool hands, and then looks down at her to see her smiling face looking up at him as she opens her mouth and slips his erection inside.

Nancy slips Jake’s erection about half way into her mouth as she continues to look into his eyes. Cupping his balls with one hand, grabbing his shaft with the other, she continues to orally stimulate his pulsing head with her hot mouth.

Jake is startled at the contrast between the heat of Nancy’s mouth and the cool touch of her hand, mixed with the cool breeze on his skin.

Nancy continues sucking on Jake’s manhood as she continues to manipulate his balls with her hand. Nancy pauses to look up into his eyes occasionally as she slides his erection deep into her throat, and then back out again.

She senses that Jake is getting close. She can feel the head swelling in her mouth. She also notices that it seems to be pulsing more than usual. Nancy slips the head between her teeth, biting down on the shaft right behind the head, getting Jake s attention.

As Jake looks down, he sees Nancy looking up at him as she slides his manhood deep into her mouth. The sight of her eyes filled with love, looking into his eyes, as she slides his penis into her mouth sends him over the edge.

His head pulses, his knees get weak, then he erupts deep into her mouth, as she works his shaft and balls getting every last drop from deep within him.

Nancy gets up and kisses him, letting him taste his passion. Jake returns her kiss slipping his tongue teasingly between her lips. Breaking the kiss Nancy helps Jake get his clothes back in order.

As they gather up the rest of their gear they hear another group of skiers approaching. As the group of skiers pass by they wave and shout “hello”.

Jake and Nancy return the greetings while looking at each other and smiling.

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