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Lost Trail Cabin (chap. 6)

Romantic Getaway
Lost Trail Cabin (chapter 6)

Since they are dressed up tonight, they drive to the Saloon. After parking Jake moves to Nancy’s side of the car to open the door.

As Nancy moves to get out of the car, she gives Jake a little tease by pausing with her legs apart. Just long enough for him to notice her panties, and then she moves her legs back together as he helps her out of the car. Jake was quite aware of Nancy’s actions, as he felt the familiar stirring between his legs.

Nancy playfully asks, “Did you like what you saw?”

“Of course, what do you think?” replies Jake as he playfully takes Nancy’s hand and moves it to his crotch.

Nancy playfully squeezes his semi hard erection, looks up at smiling at Jake, pecks him on the cheek and says “Now remember what I said earlier?”

“Yes” replies Jake as they head into Diamond Lil’s. At the hostesses counter, they let the hostess know they are meeting another couple.

Nancy peeks around inside and spies Ted and Barb back near the dance floor. “They are already here” Nancy says to the hostess as she takes Jake’s hand and moves toward Ted & Barb’s table.

“Hey guys how are you tonight?” asks Ted as he stands and reaches out to shake Jake’s hand.

“Fine thanks” replies Jake shaking Ted’s hand, then holding the chair for Nancy.

As Nancy sits she asks “Barb, how are you this evening?”

“I’m fine thanks”.

As they pick up their menus their server approaches “Evening folks, I’m Crystal and I’ll be your server tonight. Can I get you something from the bar?”

Jake looks at Nancy and asks “well?”

“I think I’ll stay with the wine tonight”

“Sounds good to me, can we see your wine list?”

“Sure, I’ll go get it for you” replies Crystal as she turns to leave.

“Ted, what are you all drinking tonight?”

Ted looking at Barb says “Wine will probably work for us as well.”

“Here’s our wine list” Crystal says handing a copy to Ted and Jake, “I’d like to recommend the 2006 Pinot from the Paso Robles area.”

Jake reviewing the entry for Crystal’s recommendation says “sounds good to me, what do you think Ted?”

“That’s fine, let’s give it a go”

Looking at Crystal Jake says “bring us a bottle and four glasses”

“Coming right up” responds Crystal as she turns and heads off to the bar.

As they review the menu and decide on their choices, Crystal returns with the wine. Uncorking the wine she offers the cork to Jake, then pours him a little in his glass.

Taking the glass, Jake in his best wine connoisseur imitation sniffs, swirls and tastes the offering. “Perfect, this will do nicely.”

“Great” replies Crystal as she pours wine into the remaining glasses. “So have you all decided on your dinner yet?”

“Yes, I believe so” reply Barb and Nancy in unison.

“I’ll get this order in for you” replies Crystal after taking their order.

As they sit there chatting about the day and enjoying the wine, Crystal returns with their orders. After serving their order Crystal notices that the bottle of wine is empty “Can I get you another bottle?”

Jake looking at Ted responds “Sure.”

Crystal heads off for another bottle. When she arrives back with the bottle, after uncorking the bottle and topping off their glasses, she asks “can I get you all anything else?”

“No I think we are good for now” replies Jake.

Nancy asks “When does the band start playing?”

“They take the stage around 8:30”

“Sounds good, thanks”

“Well let me know if I can get you all anything else” says Crystal as she heads off to wait another table.

As they finish their dinner, Crystal returns to remove the plates, “Did we all save room for dessert?”

Collectively grabbing their stomachs and moaning in unison they reply “No, not tonight, sorry”

“That’s ok; the kitchen is open until midnight if you change your mind. Enjoy the band, and let me know if you need anything else” replies Crystal as she finishes clearing the table, then walks away.

“Barb, I need to go to the ladies room, how about you?” asks Nancy.

“Yes I could stand to freshen up a bit before the band starts” They get up and head off to the ladies room giggling.

“They seem to have hit it off pretty well don’t you think?” asks Ted.

“Yes it sure looks like it” replies a smiling Jake. As the girls return Jake looks at Ted “I guess it’s our turn now” and heads off towards the restroom himself with Ted close behind. As they return the band is beginning to set up for the evening.

They continue to watch the band set up, while making idle conversation, listening to the music from the jukebox.

Crystal comes by to check and see if they need anything.

“I think we’re ok still”

“Well let me know if I can get you anything” says Crystal as she turns to walk away just as the band finishes their final sound check.

They head off to the bar to grab their drinks before starting. As they return to the stage, they stop and thank Jake, Nancy, Ted & Barb for hanging around.

The band starts its first set with a really upbeat dance tune from the 70’s. As they get into the song, Nancy and Barb are moving back and forth to the beat of the music.

Nancy looking at Jake motions with her head towards the dance floor. Jake reluctantly gets to his feet with Nancy and head to the floor. Grooving to the music, they are soon followed by another couple, then another.

The band acknowledges the dancers as they head into another song as Jake heads back to his chair, only to be pulled back by Nancy as she recognizes the next song. As they move in unison to the music, Ted and Barb join them as a host of other couples as well.

The four of them stay up for the next couple of songs. Jake heads back to the table with a reluctant Nancy in tow for a drink. As they catch their breath they watch Ted and Barb dance around the floor.

At the end of the song Ted and Barb join them at the table, just as Crystal comes up checking to see if they need anything.

Jake says “we’ll take two more glasses of wine for us, Ted, you guys want anything?”

Ted responds “sure bring us two of the same”

“Coming right up” says Crystal as she heads off to place their order.

The band starts into a nice slow bluesy number and Jake grabs Nancy and pulls her up to the floor. Wrapping his arm around her, they get real close and start moving and grinding to the beat of the music.

Barb grabs Ted and joins them, and soon the floor is suddenly crowded with swaying couples. As Jake and Nancy continue their seductive grinding to the beat, Ted and Barb dance by. “You all need to get a room!” says Ted laughing as they dance off.

Jake looks at Nancy as they bust out laughing at the comment. Nancy grinds herself against Jake as the music ends and Jake dips Nancy towards the floor and kisses her much to the delight of the other dancers. The lead singer announces that they are going to take a short break and to be sure and hang around.

The four of them return to the table to find Crystal has been by with their drinks. Ted says “You guys look good out there, do you all do much dancing?”

“Thanks, we get out as often as we can” responds Jake.

“Will you guys excuse us” asks Barb as she looks at Nancy and motions towards the ladies room.

“Sure” they answer in unison as the girls get up and head of to the restroom.

The girls return just as the band is taking the stage for their second set. As the band gets into to the set, the four of them are up dancing almost every dance. The rest of the crowd is for the most part up dancing as well. It seems like no time but the band is announcing another break as the group heads back to the table.

Crystal is back again “Can I get you anything else?”

“I’ll just have a glass of ice water, Nancy what would you like?” responds Jake.

“I’ll take another glass of wine” replies Nancy.

“I’d like another glass of wine myself” says Barb.

Ted pitches in with “I’ll just have water.”

“OK be right back” says Crystal as she returns to the bar.

Crystal returns with their drinks and heads off to wait on another table. Jake raises his glass “I’d like to make a toast, to good friends, good food, good music, and good times”

“Here, here, to good friends, good food, good music, and good times” as they raise their glasses to toast.

The band takes the stage for their last set, and breaks into another sultry blues number and before Jake can grab Nancy, to head to the floor, Barb has grabbed Nancy and up to the floor they go.

They are getting into the song and each other much to the delight of the band as well as the rest of the crowd, but nothing compared to the delight that Jake and Ted are experiencing. Jake is totally mesmerized at the sight of his beautiful wife dancing seductively with another beautiful woman.

Jake looks towards Ted with a puzzled “What gives?”

Ted replies, “I think it’s just the wine, no worries.”

Sensing the vibe in the room, the band moves into another sultry number. Barb looks toward the guys and gives them a “get your asses up here!” look, motioning them up with her finger.

Not to miss out, Jake and Ken both get up from the table and head to the dance floor, coupling up with their respective spouse. It seems the rest of the room has now gotten up on the floor as well as the group collectively bumps, grinds and sways to the music.

After the band ends its last set the crowd begins to thin out, leaving the four of them still sitting at their table. Jake looking at Nancy says “What do you think Honey, shall we head for the house?”

Nancy leaning into Jake looks up into his eyes and replies “Yes I think we probably should, it’s been a long day”

“What about you guys?” asks Jake.

Barb replies, “Yes, I’m ready to hit it too” as she wraps an arm around Ted.

“See you guys tomorrow maybe?” Ted asks.

“Yes we should run into each other at some point I’d think” replied Jake.

“We’ve got each others numbers, we can call if we haven’t hooked up yet” said Ted.

“Good night”

“Good night”

With that they all headed back to their cabins.

Jake wraps his arm around Nancy’s waist and pulls her close as they walk out to the car.

He opens the door for her and helps her in. Jake gets in and closes his door and as he starts the car, Nancy leans over and grabs his head turning his face towards her and kisses him deeply.

Breaking the kiss she whispers in his ear “I need it now!” as she slips off her panties and lays the seat back. Jake looks on in amazement as Nancy is laid back in her seat, her dress hiked up around her waist, her womanhood shimmering in the moonlight.

Nancy grabs Jake’s hand and pulls it between her legs. Jake instantly feels her heat as she places his hand between her legs. “I said I need it NOW!” Nancy says again, this time working Jake’s hand between her thighs.

Jake slips two fingers in easily and begins to work them in and out as her rubs her swollen clit with his thumb. Nancy holds his hand tight against her as he continues to manually satisfy her.

Climbing closer to the edge Nancy pushes Jakes hand away as she grabs him with her other and pulls him towards her. Nancy pushes his head down towards her moistness. “Eat me good!... please” Jake complies as he slips his tongue between her legs, taking in her aroma, savoring her juices as he teases her clit with his tongue.

Nancy thrusts her hips upwards as she lets a moan escape her lips as Jake pulls her clit into his mouth while slipping two fingers deep inside her. “Yes, baby, that’s it, Yes mmmm”

Jake continues his oral and manual assault, bringing Nancy closer and closer. As Jake bites down on Nancy’s swollen button she pushes him away by pulling his face to hers.

Kissing him she tastes her own juices as she teases his mouth with her tongue. Jake teases back with his tongue only to have her bite it as it slips between her teeth. “Get over here and fuck me baby, I need your cock now!” cries out Nancy as she pulls Jake on top of her, helping him to free his cock as he hovers over her.

Nancy grabs Jake’s ass and pulls him towards her, his manhood sliding into her hot wet opening. She pulls him closer, grinding herself against him as he thrusts against her.

Sensing her rush to the edge Jake picks up the pace, and then teases her by stopping as he pulls almost all the way out.

A cry out of “nooooo” escapes her lips followed quickly by “Oh god yes!” as he slams back into her hard, and then repeats a few times, each time with the same resulting cry’s of “nooooo” and “Oh god yes!”

Feeling his passion welling up inside his balls, he starts a fast rhythmical stroking, bring them both quickly to the edge and over as she grabs his ass and pulls him tightly against her as his first groan and pulse of seed flow forth.

Jake lays gasping on top of Nancy… looking down at her, he kisses her softly, then whispers in her ear “I love you baby that was hot”

Nancy replies back “Yes it was, I love you too baby. Now take me home and make love to me”

Jake slips off of her and maneuvers back into his seat and heads back to the cabin. As Jake drives down the lane he glances down at Nancy still laid out in her seat, her dress around her waist.

Nancy’s hand is between her legs slowly working her self towards another orgasm. Nancy catches Jake looking at her and for his benefit; she takes her hand from between her legs and slips it into her mouth, licking their juices from her fingers and then slips her hand back between her legs.

Jake glances back at the road, and then back at Nancy just in time to see Nancy’s hand coming towards his mouth.

Nancy holds her fingers in front of Jake “well?” she asks. As Jake opens his mouth to reply Nancy slips her coated fingers into his mouth. As Jake licks her fingers tasting their passion, a moan escapes Nancy’s lips.

Pulling her fingers from Jake’s mouth she returns them to her moistness, working herself back up the slope towards another orgasm, her breath coming quicker as she gets closer to the edge.

Jake pulls into their cabin’s drive and slips the car into park. As he shuts off the engine, Nancy grabs his arm, “wait, I’m almost there, watch me” says Nancy as she turns her legs and hips slightly giving Jake an unobstructed view of her fingers satisfying herself. Totally mesmerized at what he is watching, Jake just sits there as Nancy brings herself up and over the edge once again.

After Nancy has somewhat regained her composure she mumbles “OK let’s go in.” Jake gets out of the car and comes around to help Nancy out of her side and then up the steps into the cabin.

As Jake shuts the door, Nancy has headed off towards the bedroom, kicking off her shoes, slipping out of her dress, it hitting the floor where she wriggled out of it, followed by her bra. Jake follows her leaving his own trail of clothing.

Nancy jumps into the bed with Jake close behind her. Facing each other, Jake gently begins stroking Nancy’s hair and face, while kissing her face softly. Trailing his hand down Nancy’s back, massaging her lower back gently, and then moving further down gently caressing the cheeks of her ass, and then down the back of her thighs.

As he reaches the end of his reach he begins his way back up the front side of her legs, pausing to tease the area between her legs, then up her belly, circling his finger around her navel, then walking his fingers up her belly until he reaches her breasts. He gently teases one of her nipples by rolling it between his thumb and finger.

Jake playfully squeezes her nipple harder as he slips his tongue between her soft pouty lips, where her tongue slips out to dance with his. Jake lets go of her nipple and wraps his arm around Nancy, pulling him towards him, pressing her breasts into his chest, cupping her ass, holding her tight against him.

Nancy let’s out a little contented moan as she snuggles further into his body. As Nancy snuggles closer Jake can smell her hair, the scent of her shampoo mixed with the intoxicating aroma of her perfume.

Kissing her softly on top of her head Jake takes in her amazing scent. Nancy lifts her head up to look into Jakes eyes, kisses him softly, her soft pouty lips glistening and says “Make love to me.”

Jake releases his hold on her as she rolls over onto her back. Jake rolls over with her, propping himself above her with his arms, his pelvis resting against hers, his manhood resting between her legs.

He can feel the heat of her excitement as she reaches up and begins caressing his back with her fingernails. Fully erect now, Jake raises his hips and moves upward just enough placing his throbbing manhood at Nancy’s hot, wet opening.

Jake holds his position for a few seconds, teasing and tormenting her.

Nancy wanting to feel him inside her, moves slightly raises her hips in an attempt to pull Jake into her just as Jake releases his weight and slides into her as he settles down onto her.

Jake lets Nancy get accustomed to his weight before he starts moving slowly in and out, pausing at the top, his head just inside her opening, then sliding slowly back inside her, then slowly back out. While slowly stroking in and out, Jake alternately caresses Nancy’s breasts and body, teasing her softness with the back of his fingers lightly.

Jake kisses her gently on the lips, her cheek, nibbling softly on her ear as he continues to caress Nancy’s body, teasing her lightly, almost tickling her at certain spots with the light touch.

While Jake is slowly caressing Nancy’s body, she is returning the act by also slowly caressing Jake’s back and ass with the back of her fingers, also causing Jake to shiver with the light tickling touch in certain spots.

As Jake returns back to her lips for another soft kiss he’s met by Nancy’s dancing tongue as she parts his lips with it, searching for his tongue. Opening his mouth slightly Jake lets Nancy’s tongue in to dance with his. Teasingly they dance back and forth as Jake continues to stroke his manhood slowly in and out of Nancy’s wetness, pausing at the bottom to grind himself against her swollen button.

Jake senses Nancy begin to climb up the slope again, by her actions as she as picked up her speed in trying to increase his tempo, as well as he can feel the warmth emanating from her skin. Jake begins to stroke a little faster now, adding an extra little grind at the bottom making sure he hits the spot and gives it the attention it wants.

As Jake picks up the speed Nancy matches his every thrust as she senses his climb up the slope.

Jake is pumping into Nancy now in earnest, his hands clasping her ass cheeks giving him a different angle as well as more leverage. Nancy moves her hips to gain the full effect of the different angle of contact, bringing her to the edge.

As she reaches the top she slips her hands between them and begins stroking Jake’s swollen balls, sending him up and over the edge with her. As Jake crashes over the edge, another loud moan escapes his lips as he pulls Nancy to him and lets his load flow deep inside her.

Collapsing on top of her, Jake then slowly rolls off of her, and pulls her towards him as they snuggle together, then drift off to sleep…

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