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Lottie (Part One)

The tales of an upper-class nymphomaniac.
Charlotte Moore, to the prying eyes of outsiders, was a strange girl. Aged just about twenty years old, freshly dropped out of university and working on reception at an insurance company, she acted much older than how she looked. She never went out, much to the dismay of the long queue of boys and men that had taken one look at her pretty face and would have given anything for just one kiss from those dark, rosebud lips. She was always either at work or shut away in her parent’s house and nobody seemed to know anything about her. Not many people had even heard her voice. It was quite impossible to even imagine her having any form of personality. She was dark and mysterious to all whom had set sights on those frosty blue eyes and the fiery red curls that wound their way right down her back and rest just above that perfectly round arse. To the very few insiders, Lottie was even more bewildering…



Lottie snapped out of her daze and became suddenly aware of her mother’s stern gaze that burned through the icy atmosphere and bore into her skin from across the dining room table.

“Yes mother?” she responded quietly, slowly swirling the soggy bits of cereal round in her bowl with her spoon. She didn’t like to look her mother in the eye, under any circumstance. Patricia Moore was the only person in the world who could bring shame upon Charlotte, and she knew it. One glare and she could shrink her daughter right down to size.

“Father and I will be leaving town for a week or so… I realise that it is short notice, but we will be departing today, at around 12 o clock.”

Lottie couldn’t help but feel one side of her mouth lift slightly into a sly smile. Unfortunately, Patricia saw it.

“No funny ideas girl,” Mrs Moore snapped, dropping her own spoon into her bowl and getting up from her chair. “You didn’t seriously think that we would leave you here all by yourself?”

“Mother, I’m almost twenty-one years old, I’m perfectly capable of handling myself-”

Patricia laughed and tossed back her fluffy blonde curls and placed her chubby hands over her plump hips, her high heeled shoes clacking onto the laminate floor as she began to wonder around the table towards her daughter. “Doctor Reynolds said that you are not to be trusted alone, and even if it wasn’t medical advice I wouldn’t trust you.” she bent down, her powdered face a mere few milimetres away from Lottie’s. “You act like you’re so quiet, so innocent,” she whispered into the girl’s ear, “but don’t forget, I know you.”

Lottie rolled her eyes and dropped her own spoon, though she didn’t dare turn her head to face her mother. “So what have you arranged? A babysitter?”

Patricia suddenly stood upright, taking Charlotte by surprise as she briskly walked away, picking up both breakfast bowls from the table as she went. “Your father suggested a babysitter, but then we’d figure you’d probably fuck them… male or female.”

Charlotte shrugged, unable to think of something clever to say in response. “So… so what will happen?”

Patricia had disappeared through the doorway into the kitchen, and was carelessly throwing the bowls into the sink for one of the servants to wash up. She returned to the doorway about three minutes later, a bright lipsticked smile spread out onto her face. “We have finally made the decision to have you sectioned.”


“Admitted to the hospital for some intensive therapy for your illness.”

“Mother… I’m not ill. Please don’t-”

Patricia interjected, “nothing you say will change my mind Charlotte. Just remember the last time that you were left here by yourself…”

She was right, what had happened when she and Mr Moore had last been on a business trip and left Charlotte at the house by herself would make any parent weary. Lottie sunk back into her chair and couldn’t help but smile slightly as she remembered. It had started right away, almost as soon as her parents had left.

It had been a warm day, and the Moore’s had a massive back garden with a pool and sun loungers. Charlotte had waved her parents off, kissing them both on the cheek and promising to take good care of the family pets before racing up to her bedroom and stripping off her t-shirt and jeans. She always liked to watch herself in the mirror, fascinated by her own petite, slender frame and delicate pale skin. Underneath her clothes she wore her favourite plain black bikini, that looked absolutely perfect on her tanned arse. Her boobs were never her best asset though, Lottie had had to admit. They were only tiny A-cups, barely even two natbites on her pale chest, dark red nipples dotted perfectly in the middle of each one.

It was innocent, Lottie thought to herself as she hurried out of her bedroom in her swimsuit, a bit of sunbathing never hurt anybody, as long as she remembered to take her medication there should be no problems whatsoever. The girl grabbed her ipod off of the stand in the kitchen before going out into the warm sunshine and slumping down on one of the luxury sun loungers. Across the neighbour’s fence, Lottie could just about to see Mr Granger- one of her father’s dearest and oldest friends. He smiled and waved at her with a gloved hand and then quickly went on with his gardening. Lottie smiled back, but was somewhat hurt that he had taken longer to perv over her half-naked body.

The sun baked her, though her white skin never burnt or even tanned. She didn’t care, she just enjoyed feeling the warmth on her legs and stomach, it made her drowsy and soon enough she had fallen asleep.

She was awoken about 3 hours later. The sun was still out, and she could still see Mr Granger working on his garden just a few yards away. Alarm and dread filled Lottie’s heart and it began to beat heavily against her chest. She hadn’t meant to fall asleep, and she certainly hadn’t meant to forget her medication. It was as if this crazy beast inside her had taken over and was controlling her movements, and she already knew that it was too late.

Her nipples were so hard she could feel them trying to rip through the material of her bikini top. The tops of her thighs were soaked in warm wet and goosebumps rippled onto her arms and legs as her heart began to race. “Fuck.” Charlotte hissed to herself, squeezing her eyelids shut and pulling her skinny legs apart. “Fuck.”

“Charlotte,” Mr Granger called over the fence, concern in his voice. “Charlotte, are you okay?”

“Yeah,” she called back, her voice a little higher than it normally was, her breaths sharp.

“Are you sure?” she heard his gardening boots crunch against the soil in his garden as he stepped closer towards the fence. “Marge has just made fruit punch, your welcome to come over if you’re feeling lonely over there!” his voice was friendly and good-natured, he was like an Uncle to Charlotte and had been since she was born.

She swallowed and opened her piercing blue eyes, fluttering her dark eyelashes. “Um… yeah, yeah sure.” she grinned, getting up from the lounger and shuffling towards the fence. She expertly climbed over it, as she had done a million times before. Alarm bells rang in her ears and in her head but her feet kept on walking, as if there was a strong magnet in between her legs.

Mr Granger smiled warmly, “look at you, been laying out there in that sun for hours and still the lightest shade of white!”

Lottie sighed as she felt his eyes on her body. He was old, probably older than her father who was now sixty-five years old. He was skinny with thinning dark hair on his head and a moustache. She loved a perverted old man.

They wandered through the Granger’s elaborate back garden that was decorated with all kinds of bright flowers and ornaments, and entered the conservatory. Lottie sat in the familiar brown arm chair that had always sat there, where she had used to play with the Grangers’ daughter, Ellen. “Hey, where is Ellie?” she asked as the memory floated into her mind.

“She’s still at uni, Oxford, don’t you know?” winked Mr Granger as he dropped his shovel on the ground and kicked off his gardening boots. “She’ll be back in a few weeks I expect.”

Charlotte smiled, trying not to seem bitter that she had failed her degree at Ellen still prospered.

Mr Granger seemed to take the hint as he quickly said, “don’t be hard on yourself about dropping out Charlotte, hardly anybody with your disease even ends up going to college at all!”

Lottie raised her eyebrows, “my disease isn’t that bad you know.”

Mr Granger didn’t seem to hear her though and had left her in the conservatory, shouting out for Marge as he went.

Charlotte was left alone, half-naked in her neighbour’s garden. She could feel tingles in between her legs, tingles that made her want to moan and rip off her bikini altogether. She swallowed, desperate to distract herself as she frantically searched the room for something unsexy. Her eyes landed on the magazine rack across the room, filled up with boring gardening brochures. She leapt up and hastily picked one up, taking it back to her chair as she flicked it open. Some stupid article on gardening equipment. She licked her lips and turned to check the doorway that Mr Granger had disappeared through. She dropped the magazine and wondered over to the spot on the floor where he had dropped his shovel.

Running her petite hands and fingers over the smooth wooden handle, she carried it back over to the chair and sat down on the chair, spreading her legs wide open and positioning the handle on her bikini bottoms, pressing it gently onto her clit through the swimsuit. She groaned at even the smallest touch as the tingle rippled through her body like an electric current, her nipples swollen and more erect than they had ever been. Charlotte ran a hand through her red hair, brushing it back off of her face and then rubbing at her right nipples. She moaned again, closing her eyes this time. It was too much to bear, she had decided that she didn’t give a fuck if she got caught any more. Craziness.

Charlotte expertly undid the tie holding her bikini top up around her neck and let the material flap down so it was just tied around her back, fully exposing her delightfully tiny tits. The air on her nipples felt amazing, and Lottie sighed again as she pushed both hands down her bikini bottoms. With one finger she pulled the knickers to one side, and then spread her soaking wet lips apart, gasping as the cool breeze met her bulging clitoris. “Fuck…” she gasped, grabbing the shovel’s smooth handle again and positioning it just outside her hole.

Swallowing, the girl slowly inserted the long probe into herself, shivering uncontrollably as she penetrated herself with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other.


Her eyes flashed open as she saw Mr Granger appear back in the doorway, a look of horror splashed all over his wrinkly old face. She couldn’t help but moan, despite him being there, fucking the handle of the spade as quickly as she could, desperate to come before he took it away from her.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” he shouted, anger in his voice.

Suddenly, Charlotte stopped, reminded of the times that Mr Granger would scold her and Ellen for playing in the flower beds when they were younger. He might be old, but he was a scary old man when he wanted to be. She sat upright and stared down at her feet, ashamed of herself as she started to tie her bikini back up.

“Please don’t tell mother and father,” Lottie whispered quietly.

Too frightened to look up, she quivered as she saw Mr Granger wonder towards her out of the corner of her eye. “Get up,” he said gruffly. She did as he said and began to shuffle out of the conservatory back into the garden. He followed her, and slapped her on the arm when she tried to climb back over the fence.

“Where’d you think your going Charlie Bear?”

Lottie looked up at him, meeting his eyes as he used her childhood nickname. He was staring at her intensely, hunger and greed in his squinty brown eyes. “Get in the shed.” he stepped close to her and pulled away the material from her right breast, yanking her nipple and pulling her in the direction of the wooden cabin that stood at the bottom of his garden.

“Owch,” she protested, though he didn’t let go and Charlotte felt a fresh gush of her juices running down her leg as he did it. “W-w-what are you doing?”

He smirked to himself until they reached the door of the shed, which he opened and then roughly pushed her inside. “Take your clothes off,” he instructed as he made sure that the wooden door what shut securely behind them.

Lottie’s eyes widened as she gazed around the shed. Stacks upon stacks of gardening tools and equipment, hung up on the walls and lining the floor, covering every surface apart from a small wooden work table in the centre.

“I said, take your fucking clothes off. You little slut.”

She spun back around to gaze at the man she thought had been her innocent family friend, her childhood best friend’s dad. “M-m-mr Gr-”

He interrupted her by pushing her forwards onto the work table, and climbing onto her, straddling the bottom of her back and her arse. She shivered, terrified but also throbbing with want and lust as she saw his hand reach out to the nearest surface to pick up a pair of thick, sharp looking gardening scissors. Without another word, he quickly cut through the strings of her swim suit, cutting both the top and the bottom free of her body. Getting off of her petite frame, Mr Granger slapped her arse hard, moaning slightly as he did so.

Lottie gasped, she loved having her arse smacked.

With his big, worn hands, Granger flipped the girl’s body over, their eyes meeting again just before he absorbed her perfect naked body that was laid out in front of him. Hungrily, he leant over and latched onto her nipple, his body pressing hard between her legs. He bit and suckled furiously on her tit, while his hand squeezed and cupped the other. He hadn’t even gotten to her pussy yet and already Charlotte felt as if she were just about to come.

Unable to control herself, Lottie discreetly slid her own hand down her belly, towards her throbbing clit. Just as her fingers were about to rub her plump little cunt, Granger stopped what he was doing and roughly grabbed her skinny arm and wrenched it up behind her head. “Keep your hands to yourself you filthy little slag,” he growled angrily. He reached out again to another surface to grab a reel of what looked like a type of wire. He cut off a length with his teeth and swiftly tied Charlotte’s skinny wrists together behind her head.

“You know,” he laughed slightly, as he sat back and stared at her naked body squirming on the wooden table, “I remember when your old dad told me about your diagnosis.”

Charlotte swallowed again, pressing her legs together, crossing them for good measure.

Granger put his hands on his hips and leant on the table, “he came to me when night and he said… Charlotte’s been kicked out of university…. he wouldn’t specify the exact reasons though he told me whatever you’d done had been a result of your hypernymphomania.”

Lottie’s cheeks flushed bright red at the idea of her father discussing it.

“You know what I was thinking in my head?” Granger asked, almost demanding an answer.

“...that you wanted to fuck me?” suggested Charlotte.

Laughing, the old man shook his head. “Nope, I thought to myself… hypernymphomania? I thought, BULLSHIT. Disease? BULLSHIT. That girl just can’t keep her filthy little cunt to herself, always has to have a cock in her mouth. But… she’s got no disease.”

Lottie Moore raised her eyebrows, “you know what, old man? I’d like you to fuck me before my parents get home, so how about you get a fucking move on before my pussy dries up.”

Granger suddenly stopped laugh and furrowed his heavy black eyebrows, he was feroucious. “Your pussy would never dry up….” he said faintly, as he gripped Lottie’s skinny thighs and pulled them apart roughly, exposing her perfectly pink cunt. Warm juices leaked out of her slit, and the smell of sex clung to the air like a disease. Keeping a firm grip on her legs, Granger gazed at it for a few moments. When he was sure she wouldn’t fight it, he dropped his hands from her legs and prised her lips apart to get a better look at her hole. Just as he expected, it was tight. It was more than tight, it was tiny. Which was more than could be said for her long labia that hung down from her swollen, pink clitoris. With his fingers keeping it prised apart, he pushed his thumb lightly against her clit, rubbing slightly.

She gasped loudly, a shock running up her body as her arse lifted up from the table. Granger felt his dick rise and harden in his overalls, for the first time in about five years. He lowered his head between her legs, shaking with anticipation as he couldn’t wait to taste her juicy pussy.

“Eat my cunt… please” she groaned, rocking the table as she tried to feed him her clit.

He didn’t need asking twice as he launched forward and began to suckle on her giant lump of a clit, the salty fluids erupting in his mouth as he explored her with his tongue, chewing delicately on her labia and even flicking his tongue into her hole.

“Uhhhh, uhhhhh, uhhhh” squeaked Lottie as he fucked her with his tongue. With his hands he pulled her legs further apart, as far as they would go so he could get further and further into her pussy.

His tongue travelled downwards, and met with her tight pink arsehole, even more delicious than her cunt. He fingered her pussy and sucked on her arse, right up until she climaxed, her juices spraying him in the face as she squirted, squirming uncontrollably on the table as she screamed and begged for more.

And then a tap, a loud shrill tap on the small foggy window .

Charlotte snapped out of her flashback. Yes, last time her parents had left her home alone, she had fucked herself with a spade and then fucked her pensioner neighbour and been caught by his daughter, who also happened to be her old school friend. “Ellen hasn’t spoken to me since,” she sighed sadly.

“And can you blame her? You screwed her dad and broke up a forty-year long marriage!”

Lottie grimaced and stared at her mother. “So… who’s taking me to the hospital.”

Patricia grinned again, “Margery.”

“But… but mother!” protested Charlotte.

“Face up the consequences of your actions Charlotte, only then will you start to repent.”
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