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love at the Reservoir

couple make love for first time at a Reservoir

Love At The Reservoir


The atmosphere in the car was electric as they drove across the moors that sunny August afternoon. They had been together for a short while and the offer of a night in hotel overlooking the Yorkshire moors and came as a bit of a surprise but in her eyes a welcome one.
She wanted him and had done for over a week now but he had taken things very slowly but now it was finally going to happen. After they had unpacked their bags, he suggested a walk round the near by reservoir. She readily agreed, as it was lovely early evening sun that shone through the windows.

They slowly walked round the reservoir taking in the sites and sounds; it was like a different place entirely. There was not a soul in site and the tranquilly or the place was fantastic. It was all so special the setting the softness of the grass the smell of the fresh air.

He stopped and turned her towards him and asked you having a good time, she could not help her self she kissed him passionately; once she had stopped he said presume that means yes then. She needed to feel his tender lips again and gently kissed him he responded with an urgency that surprised her. But though urgent the kiss was soft and sensual, in a way she had never been kissed before

and she felt she was on fire.

She moved her leg so as to get a little bit closer to him and inadvertently brushed his groin, she felt him trough his jeans the gentlest of brushes but he let out a soft barely audible moan. His hand was moving up the material of her flimsy cotton blouse, and he gently cupped her breast, and she responded by pulling him closer, he was massaging her breast through the material, of the blouse.

Her nipple was so hard could he not feel it could he not see what he was doing to her. He gently took the nipple between his fingers and brushed it, she let out a soft whimper as the touch excited her even more.

He unbuttoned one of the buttons on her blouse. As he slipped his hand inside the blouse she felt cool touch of his hand on her bare skin felt, he took the breast in his hand the touch through the lace-felt fantastic.

She suddenly realised how turned on she was, and the fact her lips were starting to swell with pleasure, and she was starting to feel very moist. Did he not know what he was doing to her, or did he not care, he started to run his fingers through her long soft hair at the same time he was kissing and gently nipping her neck with his teeth.

Not enough to bruise but just enough to make the moistness she was feeling grow stronger all the time.

He then ever so gently walked her into the longer grass, and removed his jacket and laid her down on it ever so gently. So that was why he had a jacket on. He had this planned, should she be offended and frightened in case they got caught or excited, and willing, as to what may about to happen.

The touch if his lips on hers made her forget the question he was kissing her but ever so gently there lips barely touching but when they did the feeling was so sensuous. She couldn’t stop her self now even if she tried.

His hand was on her blouse again gently unbuttoning it all the way, he laid her blouse open and started to kiss her down her slender neck, and on to her shoulders. He was than at the breasts, and was sucking her nipple through the lace. She had to respond to how he was making her feel, she needed him to know how he made her feel.

She placed one hand on his inner thigh and slowly worked up to the crotch, she could feel his erection through the material. And gently massaged it, he didn’t seem to notice in any way. Any other man would have been moaning with pleasure, so she massaged harder.

He stopped kissing her nipple and gently nibbled her ear lobe, and whispered to her if Don’t massage me there will be plenty of time for that tonight. At this moment I just want to concentrate on you, and you doing that breaks my concentration to say the least.

She took her hand away and started to run her fingers through his hair. He continued to suck her breast through the lace, but at the same time she felt his finger gently tracing small patterns up her stocking leg. She felt the finger touch the skin at her stocking top and he took a sharp intake of breath.  

That was a nice surprise he said, and kissed her passionately. His finger was less than an inch from her lips but he was only brushing her bare thigh.

Then a finger brushed her crotch with the lightest briefest of touches, it was like an electric shock she could not help but let out a gasp of pleasure, and he was sure he heard her say “bastard” under her breath. He was having trouble controlling him self now as well, he wanted her so badly but knew it was not the place. She felt the tip of his finger start to massage her thought he lace of her panties.

She was on fire for his touch, and he knew it he started to kiss her more passionately than before, but at the same time he was, making very small circular patterns on a very swollen very responsive spot. She was moaning with pleasure and it happened before she even knew it was coming. She came with a shudder that surprised her and excited her all at the same time.

One was all he said; she asked “one” he said you will see. He moved between her legs and started to rub against her with his bulging member still in his jeans, she wondered for a second what the point was. And then she knew he was making love to her dry as it was known,

she had wanted to try this before but her ex partner had not had time for it. It felt so good she moved her legs into abetter position so she could feel him better, and she realised she was coming again. Two he said. And kissed her, she responded with a passion she did not know she had inside her anymore as it had been buried for so long.

He was moving off her now and she knew it was over for now at least, but then he reached down and removed her panties; he was going down on her, so it was not over yet. She tried to concentrate on the bird song and the soft white clouds above her. But nothing made a difference at all he was good and she was enjoying too much she was going to come again. She felt the shudder building in her it started in the pit of her stomach and slowly grew; it was just about to reach a crescendo when he stopped.

What was wrong was somebody coming. He said don’t worry no one coming well almost no one any way. He had stopped purposely so she wouldn’t come. Sorry he said but when you do come it will be good trust me. Trust him she wanted to throw him down and impale her self on him.

He was kissing her inner thigh again slowly moving towards her moist waiting lips, then he was there and ever so gently licking her clitoris, his warm moist tongue, gently probing and making small patterns over and round it. He was so good, she just did not want it to end, and then it started again the slow build in her stomach racing down to the pit of her stomach,

And then she came as she did she arched her back with pleasure, and satisfaction but it was not like ever before she just seemed to keep coming for what seemed like an eternity. Her fully body seemed to be on fire her nipples ached with pleasure.

As they lay on the grass in each other’s arms, he said to her I am sorry I intended to kiss you and possibly lay on the grass hence the coat, but I did not intend for that to happen. She assured him it was all right, it was more than all right. She asked him why did you not make love to me, No that is for tonight, and to save you wondering it will always be like that, you will always come at least twice before I make love to you.

And then it was time to return to the hotel for the meal and BED !!!






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