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Love for our military men

I show my appreciation for our military folks the only way I letting them in my panty
Memorial Day is a day when we remember the services of our armed men and women in protecting our freedom. It is a day we show our gratitude to our military personnel. I wanted to do my part in showing my appreciation to them. My friend Julie's elder brother Andy is in the army. He is 27, 6'2" and 180 pound of muscles. I have always liked him but he has always had a steady girlfriend or someone he was dating seriously. He has been out of the country a lot too so it has been tough for him to keep his relationships going.

Andy was expected to be in town for Memorial Day on holiday. I also knew he was not seeing anyone seriously. I so wanted to have my fun with him that I ended up blurting out to Julie how much I would like to ask Andy out on a date. Being the lady I am, I did not want to appear desperate. So Julie agreed to organize a get together where I could meet Andy and let the game play out from there. By the way, Julie is totally aware of my sexual history as she has been part of it too ;)

On Sunday, Julie had some of our friends and hers at the neighborhood pool for a party. It was a hot sunny 90 degree day and we had the ideal pool party arranged. Beer, margaritas, hot bodies, sun and the pool, we had it all. I had my sexiest string bikini on. Deep cut on top to barely cover the tits and a narrow V in front to show a lot of area around my pussy. The back was narrow too so show a lot of skin on my ass.

There were about 11 of us at the party. 4 girls and 7 guys including Andy. He looked good. He must have had some sun as he showed a great tan. I hugged him when I saw him and talked about the days when we all used to see him a lot. He was happy to see me as he held me long enough and on my toes as we hugged. It sent a shiver down my spine just feeling his body next to me. The pool was surprisingly left alone to us 11 people except for a couple sun bathing at one corner.

We were playing in the pool, sun bathing , drinking and laughing and getting drunk. Normal conversations soon turned to sexual conversations and the boys were dared to show their cocks. Worried about the couple at the pool, the boys agreed to show them if we bared our tops. We girls were in and soon the boys formed a circle around us and one by one flashed their cocks. Most were hard with the sexual energy at the pool. Andy pulled out a good 7 inch cock. Julie laughed and said he had seen him naked all the time growing up and she knew Andy was very proud of his size. We all kidded, specially pointing out Joseph's cock which was a good 10 inch long.

Regardless I was turned on and I knew my bikini bottom was not wet from the pool only. When it was our turn to bare our top, Andy refused Julie from doing so. To get the tension down between brother and sister, I took the lead and pulled my top off. My perky tits were in full view of the guys. They were hard too due to all the excitement. The other girls soon had their tops off and when Julie pulled her top off, Andy lost it a little. He stormed back to the house.

After giving him 5 minutes and all girls back with their tops on, I went to the house to talk to Andy. I knew that would be my best chance to get Andy alone. Once in the house, Andy was fixing himself a drink in the kitchen. I asked why he was so angry? He said he did not like his sister going topless in front of his friends. I asked him if he liked me going topless? He nodded yes. I then spent 10 minutes talking to him that there is no difference between me or Julie doing that and him having different standards is not fair to his sister. I showed him how much he wanted to see the tits of the other 3 girls and how that was double standards on his part.

Here I thought I was doing a great job of making him understand. Little did I know Andy and Julie had another plan hatched behind my back. As I was talking, Andy moved in and gave me a deep kiss. My lips parted and our tongues found each other. Andy held me in a big embrace lifting me off the ground as I felt his cock get hard against my body. We were kissing and soon Andy had his hands around my ass as I wrapped my legs around his waist still kissing. After what seemed a long time, we broke the kiss and Andy threw me down on the sofa. He had this wicked smile on his face.

He asked me if I liked his cock? I nodded. He smiled and told me that Julie had advised him that I had the hots for him. And he came to the house based on a plan they had that will bring me to the house alone, and here we were! I loved how the brother sister played it. I was ready for Andy and I was glad we were alone in the house.

Andy pulled down his trunks to show his hard cock. He walked to me and I took his cock in my mouth. Andy moaned with my lips locking around his cock. His hands were soon in my hair and he was face fucking me while standing naked. I was playing with his balls, stroking his shaft and sucking him good. I wanted to give maximum pleasure to him. Andy was loving it and moaning and calling me all sorts of dirty names.

5 minutes later, I had Andy pull out of my mouth. I stood up and removed my bikini. Andy saw my shaved pussy for the first time and started to touch me all over. His fingers ran the length of my slit and soon a finger found its way into my pussy. Andy was smiling when he realized my pussy was all wet. He finger fucked me for a few minutes while we stood. I was moaning, feeling his hands all over me. I wanted to feel his cock in me and asked him to bend me over and fuck me. He grabbed me, moved to the kitchen table, turned me around, made me go on my toes and shoved his cock in my dripping pussy as I used the kitchen counter as a support.

His cock slid all the way in. He was fucking me fast and furious while we were both moaning. He was leaning back, holding one cheek of my ass with one hand watching his cock disappear in my tight pussy. One hand would soon find its way to my tits. I loved him fucking me nice and hard in the kitchen. Andy would tell me while he fucked me that way how much he has watched me over the years and wanted to fuck me and how excited he was getting me finally. It really turned me on that he always had the hots for me. I asked him to make sure he did not cum till he has made me cum. He agreed and continued his onslaught on my pussy.

Soon the hard fucking did its trick. I started to cum and I was moaning loud enough for anyone outside the door to hear. Andy was enjoying the sight and slapped my ass as he watched me cum. No sooner had he pull his soaping wet cock out of my pussy, I felt him trying to push that well lubricated cock up my ass. I wanted to take a break but he bent me over the counter even more and slowly managed to push his cock in my ass. Wow, he was good. I hung on the counter somehow while Andy fucked my ass. He told me he wants to cum in my ass. I asked him not to as I wanted to see his cock erupt the hot jizz on my face and tits. That got Andy really excited.

Andy picked up his pace fucking me. After a few minutes he was ready to cum. He pulled out and I went down on my knees and opened my mouth wide to have him explode all over my face. Andy stroked his cock furiously and with a grunt let out a stream of hot cum, spewing from his cock and all over my face and mouth. Mmmm. He tasted great. He emptied his balls all over my face and mouth and some dripped on to my tits. Once empty, he grunted one more time and sat down on the bar stool, his manhood hanging. I crawled over to his somewhat limp cock and started to suck it.

I looked up to him and said if he wanted to fuck me more, I can see him tonight. He was so excited with that idea and we ended up fixing a date for that night. Jumping forward to the date, I made sure I was dressed naughty for him. My sexy thong, no bra, short summer dress and heels. At the bar and restaurant he was all over me, even fingering me in the car ride. I gave him a show on the way back to my place. While he drove, I pulled my dress up, pulled my thong down by my knees and played with my pussy. I played and moaned till I came right in the passenger seat. Andy loved the show I put on for him.

Once in my bedroom, I had him naked in a second, his cock in my mouth as he lay enjoying me sucking him. I asked him to cum in my mouth while I sucked him. Andy told me how much he liked a girl who would give a blow job to completion and then swallow. And so I did. Made sure I emptied his balls in my mouth. After a little break and drinks and walking around my place naked, we were ready for the next round. This time I wanted him to eat me and Andy did. His tongue was wonderful and he made me whimper as he made me cum with his tongue.

Then we were off to the races again. I was in doggy style and Andy was behind me doing the familiar thing from the morning. God he was amazing. He fucked me slow first. Then hard. Then slow again. We changed position and I rode him like a cow girl while he played with my tits. Then we did missionary style kissing and fucking. Finally, when he was ready to cum, he got behind me in a spoon position, and entered me, his hands playing with my clit. He did that because I have a huge mirror next to my bed and that position made for great viewing. Him behind me spooning me and fucking me and both of us facing the mirror made for a hot sexual scene. He fucked me that way till we both came.

He fell asleep and in the morning I woke him up with his cock in my mouth. He loved waking up to that view and within minutes he was fucking me with his morning wood. Mmmm. I loved that weekend of fucking and I will fuck him when he is back in town again. I am sure Julie will appreciate my taking care of his elder brother too.

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