Love to Live - The Sex Shop

By Freyja

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Julie finds a sex toy i deal for the job

My boss Ray was paying me well over the odds for the extra work I was doing for him in the evenings. And so he should, I was providing home pleasure the like of which he had to admit he had never enjoyed at home. Sex between us was so exciting, we fucked anywhere we chose; on his desk, in the men's toilets, in the women's toilets, the copier room, even in a filing cabinet.

Even my husband benefited from my illicit sexual activities as I was so damned horny with the excitement, that I was, as David put it, 'a hot 'n horny little cow'. Not that he complained.

Now I devised little treats for him and to that end one day I visited a sex shop in a neighbouring town. This was my first ever foray into the world of so-called sex aids so I wanted to avoid the prospect of being seen there by anyone that I knew.

I was surprised to see at the counter a female assistant, although I had never considered it, I had always assumed that only men served in such places. She looked up from the magazine she had lying open on the counter, smiled and returned to whatever held her interest. So females wandering in off the street unaccompanied was not unusual; I felt instantly more at ease.

The shop itself was of tiny proportions with shelves around the walls and one double-sided display in the centre. In the corner stood the girl behind a make-shift desk opposite a doorway covered by a black curtain. The shelves held a myriad books, magazines, all sizes of colourful boxes and the occasional unpacked item for closer inspection.

Enormous plastic phallus were grouped on one shelf, and I was inevitably drawn there. One in particular caught my attention and I grasped it marvelling at the length and girth but too at a number of protuberances that had me wondering as to their uses. Unable to resist I furtively pressed what I suspected was a button to operate the monster. My squeal as the phallus burst into life vibrating, buzzing and flashing bright lights caused the assistant to look up in my direction, she smiled an all-knowing smile of someone for whom this was not the first time this had occurred.

Walking towards me I noticed that the girl was absolutely appropriately dressed for such a shop; a low-cut garish yellow crop top below which there was a hint of unrestrained boobs; low on her hips the tiniest band of red plastic serving as a skirt, and as she walked the crotch of bright yellow panties peeped. On her feet plastic three inch platform straps with heels so high that she barely kept her balance. I adored it, I wanted the same! In fact I felt way overdressed.

She called me Honey and asked if I needed any help, taking the phallus from my shaking hands and turning it off. We stood close to one another and her cheap perfume almost made me dizzy with the amount she had on. On her bare belly I noticed that she had a tattoo of a flower with the petals surrounding her navel. I made a mental note that maybe, just maybe I, Janice would look good with one too.

I told her that I was just looking on behalf of a friend and she looked me straight in the eye and grinned; there was a lie she had heard countless times. As the assistant turned to return to her magazine I saw that at her waist, above that red skirt, a tattoo of what I could only guess was some kind of foliage on her back, instantly I wanted one.

My eyes fell on a device of two soft plastic rings with a small bullet-shaped item between the two and it intrigued me because I couldn’t work out how I could use it if I bought it. I called the girl back and asked how I… that is, my friend... would use it. She giggled and by poking her fingers through the rings explained that it was for a guy to wear: one ring around his balls the other around his cock, the bullet was a vibrator which would give the guy pleasure but would also vibrate on my clitoris. Her arm gently encircled my waist as she told me that it helped a man to prolong activity before he finally orgasmed, giving a girl far more enjoyment. Now David was not one to cum too soon but a girl has to aim for the highest of pleasures, so I asked the assistant if it was a sure thing as I didn’t want to spend money on something that didn’t work.

The girl looked at me hard and long before suggesting, almost in a whisper, that she could arrange for the purchase to be modelled if I so chose. My eyes must have lit up as I grinned and nodded for she laughed lightly, took my hands in hers and led me to the curtained doorway.

Beyond the curtain was impenetrable darkness, at least until I had taken off my shades and my eyes had grown accustomed to the dark. The girl left me with a whisper to stay where I was and she would return; the place felt strangely eerie. It seemed an eternity before two shadows moved through the gloom towards me, one small and slim the other taller and more bulky. Once again the girl held my hands. She whispered that the bulk by her side was called Anton and that he would model the rings that I wanted to purchase. I agreed but asked that she show me how to fit the toy.

For an instant my hand recoiled at the touch of an unmistakably naked cock on my palm, I reached forward and my hand touched the bare muscular flesh of Anton. I used both hands to discover that he was totally naked then grabbed at the cock from which I had foolishly withdrawn my hand. It was not small, indeed far bigger than any I had previously held so I took a moment or two to explore it from tip to tight balls and back.

Yes it was easy to apply although it took me several attempts to master the technique and the guys didn’t seem to mind at all. But, although simple to attach would it do as claimed and make his erection fuller and last longer? The girl said if it helped Anton would demonstrate its qualities. A hot flush raced through my body and my pussy almost pushed itself towards the guy. There was no question about it I demanded a demonstration. My body shook with excitement as I contemplated the big cock that I had just held opening up my tight but oh so wet and ready pussy.

Once again the girl slipped her soft hand into mine as the couple led me through the room. At a door we stopped as the guy unlocked it, whist he did I heard a rustle beside me as the girl busied herself with something. The door opened and the bright lights hurt my eyes so much so that the assistant had to help me into the room. As my eyes became accustomed to the light I was shocked to see that not only Anton was naked but so was the girl.

On a couch in the centre of the room the girl placed her hands and bent forward, her tight, naked ass and neatly depilated, pink pussy pointing toward me. Legs apart she waited as Anton adjusted the cock rings then with just a sigh easily took his tool between her labia allowing the thickness and length to open her wide. Oh how I wanted to be her. Anton wasted no time at all, but began to fuck the assistant hard and fast. The girl moaned and sighed as her pleasure mounted and in no time at all made know to me her first climax.

I knelt by the pair intent on seeing how the device worked, one hand desperately trying to hold Anton's balls, the other exploring the first ever pussy other than mine that I had touched.

Again and again the girl expressed her enjoyment of successive orgasms. By now my panties were on the floor, my dress above my waist as my fingers tried feverishly to bring an orgasm to my body. During their long fuck I succeeded more than once.

I was sold on my new purchase, its qualities proven by the couple who now enjoyed the after glow of their vigorous fuck; she sucked from his cock all that had entered her pussy together with the result of her orgasms.

As I paid for the sex toy the girl held out the panties that I had discarded and forgotten. I reached to take them, but she asked in a whisper if she might have them as a souvenir. Of course I agreed, knowing that she and I would meet up very soon.