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Lovely Neighbor

Love thy Neighbor
Jennifer, along with her two older sisters and mom, was my next door neighbor. We lived upstairs in a quiet apartment complex. She was 17 at the time and a senior in high school. Jen was a free spirit that loved to dance, always had a pleasant smile for you or a compliment. She was tall and thin. She had great legs from dancing and smallish breast. I was currently dating my wife at the time. She was out of town visiting family back east.

On many occasions Jen or her sisters would come by to use my oven. Theirs has been out of commission for a while. This particular night Jennifer came over in a robe and asked if she could put a casserole in. I said of course! I asked her if she was cooking for her boyfriend. She said that he was out with his friends. She had taken a shower and was going to curl up, watch TV and eat some comfort food.

Jen decided to hang out and chat for a while. I was busy picking up my apartment and having a beer. I was about 21 at the time. I didn’t offer any to her because of her age. We talked about high school and immature boys. We shared that we each had only been with our current partners at the time. As my relationship was looking pretty serious, my girlfriend could be my only. Jennifer expressed how much she was in love, but regardless wanted to know what it was like to be with another man at least one time. Tim was limited to what he knew because of his age and lack of experience. She mentioned that he did not like oral sex or anything outside the realm of basic sex. That raised my eyebrows a bit and she caught my expression. I told her that I understood how she felt. My girlfriend was on the shy side and limited sex to what I consider “plain”. With that, the timer went off and Jen ran next door to get oven mitts. When she returned, I invited her to stay and eat dinner with me so she would not be alone. As she accepted my offer, she leaned forward and placed the casserole on the table. She saw me looking down her robe and getting a sexy shot of her bra covered breasts. I turned around quickly and got a couple plates and tableware. I know I was caught. It was so freekin hot having this young thing sitting at my table in a robe with nothing on but a bra and panties beneath. Halfway through dinner, her phone rang. She got up and left to take the call. While she was gone, I started clearing the table and doing dishes. She came back and insisted on finishing them up. She told me to sit down and have another beer. I loved sitting there watching her from behind. I was staring at her ass and I think she knew it. Our conversation returned to sex and asking each other questions about what we had experienced so far and what we would like to try. While she was reaching up putting dishes away, I noticed that she had no panty line. I remember seeing it when she first came over. She must have removed them when she went to answer the phone.

One of her remarks was that she really wanted to experience oral sex. Tim was okay with her giving him blow jobs but did not like the thought of muff diving. I told her that was a shame. My girlfriend was okay giving head, but did not like me down there. Jen said that I must be halfway decent in bed because her room is right next to mine and she had heard us on several occasions. That’s a bit embarrassing. She said not to worry, she would lay there and try and picture what we looked like. It was then that she stood up and dropped her robe. What an amazing body. She took my hand and said she wanted me to show her what goes on in my room.

As we got to the doorway, she stopped and turned to face me. Our eyes met and we instantly went into a lip lock. Our tongues swirled around each others. My hand slowly went down to the small of her back as she pushed her mound into my pants. I pulled her ass in and held her tight. We could feel the heat off each other’s groins. We continued to kiss and I could hear light moans from her. I slowly walked her backwards to my bed and laid her down. I took off my shirt and dropped my pants and shorts. She had a great smile when she saw my cock standing up and out to the left a bit. She had that look of wanting to get her hands on it. I climbed onto the bed next to her and slowly made my way down. I planted soft kisses on her neck and worked down to her breasts. As I licked and kissed her belly, I almost came in anticipation. I was finally between the legs of a woman that wanted to be eaten. I was ready to stay there all night. I licked and flicked my tongue all around. I teased her and sucked on her inner thy tendon. I ran my tongue up and down her tan lines. I was in heaven. After about twenty minutes I focused on her honey pot. It was warm, musty and dripping. I watched her nectar drip down the crack of her ass. As I licked it up, my tongue brushed across her bum hole. This made her squeal! I again turned my attention to her mound. As I began to lick and suck, she exploded into the most amazing orgasm I had ever witnessed. Her head went back to the pillow; she arched her back, and raised her mid section off the bed. I had my mouth on her and just as I was going to move away she pulled my head into her tighter. I took this as a sign and tongue fucked her as fast as I could. When she finally came down, she looked at me like a wild animal. She simply said, “It’s your turn”.

I lay back on the bed and told her that I didn’t think I would last very long. She said not to worry and that she had read how to prolong a man’s orgasm. When asked if it worked, she said she didn’t know because her boyfriend was always in a hurry to cum. I was in for the time of my life. She first started off by deep kissing me. She tasted herself for the first time. She worked her way down and stopped at my nipples. She gave them a tongue bath and then flicked them as she moved down further. As she swallowed my member, she looked me straight in the eyes. I am not huge. She could get most of my cock down her throat. She pulled off and gave my balls light kisses and licked them until they were soaked. She made me spread my legs and worked herself under my balls. She said that she wanted to flick my rose bud and to my delight it made my cock jump. Doing that made my cock swell and she knew I was about to come. She put a little pressure beneath my balls and the sensation went away. She knew we were both ready to fuck.

Jen crawled back up to me face to face. We kissed romantically for about a minute and a half. At that point she simply said, “Fuck me please”. I rolled her on her back and slipped my cock into her. It was the most awesome feeling. As we kissed, I pumped in and out of her for thirty seconds and both came at the same time. My cock spewed rope after rope of hot sperm deep inside her. We continued to grind slowly for another minute until I slipped out of her.

The evening ended with a shared hot shower and the promise to do this again….soon!

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