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Sex for the first time
This story is part reality and part fantasy, I hope you enjoy.


I am a 49 year old woman, petite in great shape and have been told that I am attractive. I work out a lot and take pride in my looks. But I also work a lot of hours and don’t really have the time to date much and well, I am tired of that. I am highly sexual and using my toy is getting old. I really want the real thing. Yes I have dated men here and there but nothing has lasted too long for various reasons. I am at a point in my life where I would really like to meet someone nice, adventurous both in and out of the bedroom and who loves me for who I am and for who I am not.


I noticed him at the gym one day. I had not seen him before and tried not notice his handsome face and nice arms. Our eyes met but being shy, I looked away embarrassed that he caught me looking his way. One evening while working out in my group I noticed he was talking to my trainer. I did not think much of it because everyone talks to him. Later that evening I received a text from my trainer. He said that Joe was interested in me and would it be okay to give my number to him. I knew exactly who he was talking about but responded with “Who is Joe?” He told me and I responded with yes, yes of course.

The following evening I noticed Joe again but this time I looked his way and held the eye contact. We were leaving at the same time and ran into one another in the café. He said hello first and I about melted. He was even hotter up close! We introduced ourselves while we waited for our shakes. Heading for the door he asked if he could walk me to my car. I was a little taken aback but agreed it was a nice idea. He told me that he had been watching for the past few weeks and commented how impressed he was at how hard I work out. I thanked him and commented that he was looking pretty good himself shyly. He said he was the one who asked for my number and asked if we could meet for dinner and drinks soon. I was ready to burst at the seams! This man had me SO hot just over a conversation, what would dinner and wine do to me?

Over the next several months he and I spent a lot of time together. We worked out together, made appearances at parties together and even went on a weekend getaway together. He was a gentleman and wasn’t trying to get into me into bed which was good and bad. I was obvious we were very hot for one another….but we both agreed that it had to be the right time.

After a long week at the office for us both we decided to stay home one Friday night. He has a large home, a private back yard with both a pool and spa. The full kitchen outside was nice for cooking on those hot summer nights. Before cooking we took a nice swim in the pool, our bodies meshed together kissing and caressing one another. I wondered if tonight might be the night that we share our bodies. It was romantic, fun and refreshing to be alone. After our swim we changed into dry clothes and began cooking together. I opted to slip into a short sundress and purposely forgot my panties. I wanted him and I know he wanted me and maybe just maybe it would be tonight. A couple of times during our cooking, Joe came up behind me and caressed my flat stomach while he pushed his pelvis on my ass. I could feel his hardness and I was dripping wet. I wanted to jump on the island, spread my legs and demand that he eat my pussy but I didn’t. My submissive side got the best of me. We cleared our plates and cleaned up the kitchen.

Joe took me in his arms and said

“I have a surprise for you darling.”

“Oh” I said

“Yes, yes I do.” “Give me 15 mins and meet me in the master bedroom.”

You can imagine there were a million things going through my head. We have been together long enough that I knew I could trust him but what is this all about I thought.

I made my way to the master suite. The room was full of candles, soft music flowing from the surround sound. I walked in and didn’t see him. I followed the candles to the bathroom where the tub (big enough for 4 people) was. Standing in the door way he greeted me with a glass of champagne, kissed me on the lips while grabbing my hand to lead to the bath area. I was in shock, there were candles everywhere, a bucket of champagne and the tub was filled with rose petals, and I gasped, I didn’t know what to say. He took my glass and placed it on the counter and looked at me with that sexy look.

He asked me if I was ready to take our relationship to the next level. I looked at him and said “Yes, yes I am.”

He reached down to the hem of my dress and said “then you won’t need this.” as he slipped it over my head.

Standing naked before him I was a little shy but not for long. He stepped back to admire me while reaching for my breast, massaging one then the other and pinching my already erect nipples.

“WOW “is all he said “You are beautiful my darling” He was still dressed but I could see his big erection. I wanted to touch him, suck him, kiss him but I let him lead. He led me to the bath tub and helped me in. My ass was exposed to him as I crawled in and he could resist the opportunity to give me a nice little slap.

“Watch it sweetie I like that” and winked at him.

It didn’t take long for our hands to explore each other‘s bodies while passionately kissing, licking and sucking nipples. I stood up so that my pussy was right in his view and began touching myself for him.

“Oh baby you’re so sexy, put your fingers in your pussy and let me taste it.” He said.

My fingers began working my pussy for my lover but not for too long because I wanted him to taste me. I removed my finger and rubbed his lips with my juices and told him to lick his lips then I slipped my finger into his mouth for him to suck on. I sat in one corner and spread my legs wide still playing with myself for my lover. He moved my hand out of the way and said “my turn.”

His fingers deep inside of me and his tongue dancing on my slit I came pretty quickly but he didn’t stop…in fact he added a finger and moved them in and out faster and faster while his talented tongue continued licking my clit. He brought me to another orgasm and when he did he brought his mouth to mine so that I could taste my juices.

He leaned back and said “Wow that was hot princess.”

I wanted his cock so badly in my mouth, in my pussy and yes eventually in my ass…but not all in the first night, well maybe. He took my hand and helped me out of the tub.

I said wait, “What about you?”

He said “Don’t worry darling, there is plenty of time for that.”

Is this man for real? I thought. Laying on his back on the bed his erection was a high as the sky…he was well endowed and I couldn’t wait to suck his big cock. I wasn’t waiting another moment. I slid my body between his legs and spread them.

“My turn” I said.

I took his cock in my hand and slowly worked it up and down before putting it into my mouth. I licked and gently sucked his balls before I took just the head into my mouth. Slowly my mouth and hand worked his cock and I could hear him moan with desire. Inch by inch I took as much as I could to the back of my throat slightly gagging. I began moving up and down a little faster and each time I gagged the juices of my mouth dripped down his cock. It was time…I could feel him almost cum but not yet…..I stopped.

I positioned myself on top of him; I wanted to feel him deep inside of me. I wanted him to hold my ass, spank me and spread my ass cheeks open and he did just that. I rode him slow and steady at first until the first hand met my cheek, then another. I rode him faster and faster and again another hand on each cheek.

“Oh this is so hot I yelled, “Yes baby fuck me” he said.

My cum was dripping out of my pussy as he spanked me and pushed his cock deeper and deeper until I collapse on his chest. He held me for a moment and said

“Why did we wait so long?” I said

“Because it wouldn’t have been so hot and erotic if we hadn’t.”

“Are we finished princess?” he said,

I replied “No sweetie just taking a break.”

I moved onto my hands and knees, my ass high in the air and said

“I am yours, please fuck me again.”

The oil dripped between my ass cheeks as he massaged my ass. I knew what he wanted and I wanted it too, really bad! His hands massaged my tight ass with an occasional spank on one or the other cheek. His finger slid ever so slowing into my ass as I moved to meet the penetration, then another finger sliding in and out of my sweet ass. The other hand was spanking me gently, I wanted him so bad. His cock now in my pussy slowly, inch by inch he was deep inside of me both fingers inside of my ass. We moved faster and faster, his cock in my pussy and his fingers in my ass. I wanted to feel his cock in my ass but was I ready for this, was I ready the first night we are together.

“Oh, yes baby, fuck me, fuck me with your big cock.” I begged.

And before I knew it his cock was at the base of my ass. The head of his cock replaced his fingers. I moved to meet him; gently he pushed the head in inch by inch, by inch his cock was inside of my sweet ass. He stopped for a moment to make sure that I was comfortable. I said

“Slow baby, slow.”

He spanked me again and again moving his cock in and out of my ass until I was comfortable. Finally comfortable I spoke

“Fuck my ass now baby.” “Fuck your little princess.” I said.

For the next five or so minutes he fucked me, spanked me and I came multiple times. Finally I could feel he was ready to release.

He yelled out:

“I am coming baby; I am coming now inside of your hot ass.”

We collapsed onto the bed and held one another. We talked about how incredible our first night was and made our way to the shower.

The following morning when we woke we made love in a standard manner. We had a party to attend that day and both agreed that we would rather just be alone. Joe called our friends with an excuse why we wouldn’t be attending. We spend the next two days completely naked, swimming, cooking and having the most incredible sex ever! We shared our sexual fantasies which include me wanting two men. Much to my surprise he commented he would love to share me with another man but just once. Surprisingly he doesn’t want to be with two women, he said it was better to just please one….and only one, ME!

Comments are welcome. The next story will be about Joe and his sexually deprived and hot friend. Stay tuned.

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