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Love's Awakening

I wake up in hospital to a very pleasant surprise
This is the third and final part of my story about my unexpected love for my beautiful neighbour. Links to the other parts are available on my profile page as usual.

Love's Awakening

A warm wetness was working it's way up my legs. Although I knew I was dreaming, I savoured the sensation as it paused. Roughness followed on from the slippery heat and in my dream, my skin tingled. Again the wetness, higher this time it caressed my thighs both inner and outer. I could feel small fingers grasping behind my knee to lift my leg for access to the underside of my thigh. Again the rough sensation and now I recognised a towel chafing at my skin to scrape me dry. The dream was strangely sensual and unlike most dreams there was no visual element. I expected to wake at any moment but the dream continued like this, various parts of me being moved and washed, then dried, for I now understood that this was what was happening.

After a time the small hands worked their way to my genitals, lifting my balls and penis tenderly to wash the crack between my buttocks. I felt myself becoming aroused as a slight flush of blood suffused my sleeping cock. My balls contracted and I thought I heard a small gasp and the fingers stopped moving. It was the first sound I had heard in my strange dream, but with it there came other sounds. Footsteps receding behind a door somewhere, a quiet pinging noise nearby. The fingers that had stopped now resumed their work, the hot flannel brushed gently upwards to clean my scrotum. Once again my penis stirred and again the fingers paused in their work. I tried to stay asleep, I didn't want this dream to end. It seemed an age later that the warmth continued along the increasing length of my penis. The hands behind the flannel moved oh so gently along my length, then back down again.

I could feel the head of my penis emerging from it's foreskin as the flannel slid back down. Again that small gasp and again a pause, after a moment someone spoke in a hushed voice. As often happens in dreams I was unable to move for myself and I longed to open my eyes, but nothing happened when I tried. My limbs too felt heavy and immobile, almost like they were tied down.

"Do you see that? Are they meant to do that?" The quiet voice belonged to a young female. "Is he waking up do you suppose?"

"I don't know, do it again and see if anything else happens." The second voice was louder and more confident somehow.

"No way! You do it, what if know..."

"Fine!" Footsteps near me and a new set of fingers wrapped around my tumescent cock, warmer and longer than the previous ones. "It's not like he's gonna complain is it? If he wakes up it will be worth it."

The fingers began moving up and down my length and I started to tense up with the pleasure. I could feel the border between dream and reality starting to break down and a dull red light seemed to suffuse my brain. The fingers continued their work and I heard another gasp, this time very close to my ear.

"I think it's working," the quiet one said. "His eyes are starting to move."

The fingers renewed their efforts, moving faster on my penis. A hand held mine and this added stimulus fuelled my passion still further, I squeezed back at the fingers. The light suffusing my mind became more concrete and now I began to doubt this was a dream. I felt my balls contract and moments later I groaned as I felt myself ejaculating. My body became mine to control again and I arched my back against the mattress beneath me.

"Oh my God Kathy," the young one sounded shocked, almost horrified. "You made him shoot!"

Once again I heard the sound of hard heels clacking against a smooth floor.

"Hello?" The authoratative one this time. "Mark? Can you hear me?"

Cool fingers brushed against my cheek and lifted my eyelids. I found myself in a small well-lit room, staring at a white ceiling. The fingers gently nudged at my face, turning my head to face their owner. I spent a moment focusing my eyes, which seemed reluctant to work properly at first. A pretty nurse was looking down at me, vivid green eyes framed by almost black hair transfixing me. She smiled showing perfect white teeth and as she did so her nose crinkled cutely.

"Hello Mark," she smiled. "Welcome to North Wing hospital, I'm Kathy."

"He..," I croaked, then tried again. "Hello. What am I doing here?"

"You suffered a head injury," she pointed toward my head. "Try not to touch the bandages, I am going to get a doctor to come and examine you. You've been out a fair while Mark, so we need to make sure there is no permanent damage. Cristy, clean this up please, no point telling anyone what just happened is there?"

"Uhh, sure, I'll just, umm..." A red-headed and younger looking nurse blushed prettily as I turned my head her way. "Sure, leave it to me."

I smiled, then closed my eyes feeling oddly tired considering I had apparently just woken from a long sleep. Kathy moved around the bed and opened the door which closed slowly squeaking slightly as it did so. I started to drift off again but Cristy shook me awake.

"You can't go back to sleep Mark," she sounded worried. "At least not until the doctor has examined you."

She had found a roll of blue paper and was trying to clean up the mess on my bed. I raised my head to watch her as she dabbed at the strings of white cum that had strewn themselves over both me and my bedclothes. Her face was a mixture of fascination and prudish horror.

"I'm sorry I made such a mess Cristy," I said. "I thought I was dreaming."

"It's OK," she smiled at me. "It was a bit unexpected is all, I've never seen a man do that before. It certainly does get around doesn't it?

She finally finished cleaning up the last of my semen and pulled the bedclothes up over my body. She dropped the paper into a plastic bin which was attached to one end of a trolley standing near my bed.

"I was just supposed to be giving you a bed bath, I could finish that off if you don't mind?"

I nodded wearily and tried to pull myself up the bed slightly, but my muscles didn't want to obey me.

"Don't try to move Mark, you've been out a long time and will need a while to regain your strength." Cristy pulled down the bedcover from my upper torso. "We had finished the lower half, just your upper half and face to do now."

By the time Cristy had finished bathing me I was starting to feel better and the doctor arrived shortly after that. He declared me fully awake and ordered that I be given a light meal which I was still eating as my parents arrived. My mum had tears in her eyes as she entered the room, and even my father was clearly relieved to see me awake. Eating had made me realise I was ravenously hungry and I continued to stuff food in my mouth as I greeted them.

"Hi mum," I waved my fork in their general direction, "dad. How's things?"

I won't go into massive detail about what we said, suffice it to say they spent long enough there that I was relieved when they finally left. A different nurse popped in to introduce herself and take some readings which she recorded on a chart at the foot of my bed. I asked about the others and was told they had gone off duty. A little later a different doctor arrived, some kind of consultant, and he explained that they wanted to keep me in for at least one more day, just to be sure I was OK. Apparently I had burst a blood vessel in my head when I fell, the consultant had operated to remove a blot clot that had formed and I had been unconscious for almost a week. He told me it was OK for me to sleep now and I fell asleep shortly afterwards.

The following morning I awoke feeling much refreshed and was greeted by Kathy as she began doing my checkups.

"Good morning Mark, it's lovely to see you awake."

"If I had known you would be coming in, I would have waited for you to wake me up again." I grinned cheekily at her. "I could stand to have you wake me up every day."

"Well," she winked at me. "That was a one-time only special occasion. I'm pretty certain your girlfriend would have words with me if I tried it again."

"Girlfriend?" I was mystified. "I don't have a girlfriend."

"Well," Kathy finished writing something on the chart. "She's been here every morning since you came in, so I guess she thinks you do."

At that moment I heard a small knock on the door which Kathy opened, admitting someone I had not expected at all.

"Mark!" Kaylee threw herself at me. "Oh thank God you're OK! I was so worried, don't ever do that again!"

She buried her face in my shoulder and began half laughing and half crying. I had a lump in my throat and just held her close until she turned her blotchy face up to mine and smiled. I smiled back and wiped some errant hair from her face to get a better look at her beautiful brown eyes.

"Well, I guess I shall have to go through my diary now I suppose, and remove all those dates when I had planned to get comatose for a week."

She laughed and punched me playfully.

"You dam well better." She looked a little more serious for a moment. "What happened anyway?"

"I don't really know," I avoided making eye contact but Kaylee either missed the lie or ignored it. "I must have banged my head or something."

"Well, thank goodness it wasn't anything more fragile," Kaylee looked meaningfully at my crotch. "Or important!"

I kissed her then, and we laughed and talked together for hours. Kaylee left as my lunch arrived after promising to come and see me as soon as I got home. My parents arrived with some clothes for me and after lunch the doctor came to discuss my outpatient treatment with them. I was discharged after much waiting about and finally got home after 5pm. Kaylee was as good as her word and came over as I got out of the car. She gave me a hug and my mum looked at me with raised eyebrows whilst my dad simply winked.

"Don't get his blood pressure up," my dad teased Kaylee, who blushed. "He's still supposed to be taking it easy you know, so no hanky panky!"

"Dad!" I tried to look exasperated, but was too glad to be home. "We're not silly you know."

"If you're not it must be the bang on the head that changed you," my mum chipped in. "You were never that sensible before!"

Kaylee and I retreated upstairs to my room and once again we chatted and touched as if we had been together for years instead of just a few days. Later that evening I asked her if she knew what had happened after I blacked out in my room. I was worried Shauna might have said something about me trying to spy in on her window and what we had done afterwards. Kaylee thought for a moment then said, "Shauna noticed your front door was open and thought it was odd. She found you up here on your seat completely starkers!" Kaylee giggled. "She's such a proper little madam, I bet she almost had a fit seeing you naked like that. She called an ambulance and your parents on your mobile phone and waited with you till it got here. When she came home she was so quiet, it must have upset her. Well, we were all shocked you know?"

"I guess so." I was relieved that Shauna had said nothing, yet I felt guilty about not telling Kaylee the whole story.

"Do you remember how you hit your head at all?" Kaylee looked at me like she could see right through me. "What's wrong? Is there something you're not telling me?"

"I can't....." I turned my face away from her, "I'm sorry, I can't tell you. It's not for me to say."

"What do you mean?" The colour had drained from Kaylee's face and she stood up to look down at me as I sat on the bed. "Who am I supposed to ask then? Why were you naked anyway? Is there some other girl I should know about?"

I was feeling more and more trapped by the way the conversation was going, and for some reason her question made me angry.

"Even if there was another girl, what is that to do with you?" I felt sick inside even as the words tumbled out of my mouth. "I had no idea I loved you until yest....whenever it was, last week. What right do you have to come in here accusing me? Why don't you ask your sister what happened, she's the one who should say, not me!"

Kaylee ran out of my room with tears streaming down her face and sobbing. I heard the front door slam and moments later my mum entered the room.

"What was that all about honey?" She came over to my bed looking concerned. "You're not supposed to get stressed, I suppose you realise that includes not having a huge lover's tiff?"

"Mum! Just..." I turned away from her. "Just leave me alone will you? I don't want to talk about it."

After she had left the room it finally dawned on me that I had told Kaylee I loved her. I knew it was true, but felt certain she would not have noticed it in the middle of my angry tirade. I know it's not a manly thing to do, but I cried then, feeling such a sense of self pity and blackness engulf me that I thought it would never end. I must have cried myself to sleep because I don't remember anything else until the following day.

I saw nothing of Kaylee or Shauna on Tuesday or Wednesday and eventually my mum caught me looking out toward their house across the street.

"They've all gone away for the week," Laura said. "Won't be back until Friday night. So you can stop mooning about her now if you want. Why don't you tell me what happened sweetheart? You've never tried to hide things from us before."

This was too much for me and I poured it all out to her. Making love to Kaylee in the park, trying to reach her window. Even the things that Shauna had done to me in my room, although I left out the part about Shauna being a lesbian. When I had finished my mum just sat there for a while looking at me as the tears rolled down my face.

"Oh baby," she knelt down by my seat and hugged my head to her chest. "You did nothing wrong. You have to tell Kaylee everything, if she really cares about you she will understand."

I said nothing, just hugged her closer and let some of the pain drain out of me.

On Friday morning I went to the hospital where they removed the last of my bandages. My head was entirely bald and the scar from my operation was still red and sore, but they told me I would be able to return to work in a week or two once my strength was fully returned. I was feeling fine physically, but the empty hole inside me was still as big as ever and I wasn't looking forward to seeing Kaylee. I was sure she would be ignoring me and the thought of seeing her without being able to hold her was torture. When we arrived home I noticed their car was back on the drive and I longed to get a glimpse of her, but there was nobody at any of the windows.

I was sitting at my computer later that evening when the doorbell rang. Sure it would not be for me I simply continued playing my game.

"Mark!" My dad yelled up the stairs, "someone to see you. I'll send her up shall I?"

My heart missed a beat and I switched off my monitor. I stood slowly as the footsteps approached my door and a small hand, the fingernails painted red, reached in to switch off my light. Then she opened the door and stood there, silhouetted against the dim light from the living room downstairs. The black leather duster and that same black bag made it obvious Shauna had come back to finish what she had started the week before. I staggered backwards with my hands up trying to ward her off as she stepped into the room.

"Please Shauna," I pleaded. "Not again. I never told anyone, I never will, honest!"

She moved inexorably toward me and began to remove the leather coat, still not saying anything. The coat dropped to the floor and I could see the dim light reflecting off shiny leather boots and corset. My legs hit the bed and she moved closer, then gently pushed me backwards onto the quilt. She stepped to my bedside cabinet and flicked the switch on my table lamp and turned to smile at me.

"Hello Mark," said Kaylee, in a seductive voice. "Like my outfit? Shauna lent it to me."

My mouth dropped open and a tingle went up my spine.

"Kaylee?" I could scarcely believe my eyes. "What, how?"

"Shauna told me everything that happened. She's been through some awful stuff since she left home and this whole thing with you helped her get it all out in the open. We can talk about that later."

"Right now though," she looked at me with a playful gleam in her eyes. "What did you mean when you said you loved me?"

"Ahh," I squirmed a bit. "You noticed that did you?"

"You bet I did." She knelt over my prone body on the bed. "You better have meant it mister or I may have to use this baby on you...."

From behind her back she produced the riding crop that Shauna had used on me to such great effect before. I squirmed then melted as she leaned down to kiss me deeply. Her tongue invaded my mouth, darting in and out as her lips glued themselves to mine. Every so often she would release me from the kiss to rub her leather clad breasts against my chest. Then she would return once more to my mouth, invading and possessing me each time. I could sense that she was getting more turned on and sure enough, after a few minutes of intense kissing she ripped my shirt off and began fumbling with my jeans.

"Let me." I moved my hands down to remove the obstruction and admired Kaylee as she removed the corset to free her exquisite breasts.

Kaylee leaned forward once more to kiss me, this time her naked breasts and erect nipples pressed into my chest as she squirmed above me. I wrestled her over and knelt above her looking down into those sultry brown eyes as I held her hands above her head. Leaning forward I teased her, gently tickling her cheeks and chin with my lips, always staying just fractionally away from her mouth.

"Don't force me to hurt you!" she hissed at me through clenched teeth. "I've done Taekwondo you know!"

"I better kiss you then hadn't I?"

I paused just a moment longer to let her pout some more, then kissed her the same way she had been kissing me. Releasing her hands, I slipped one arm beneath her back to pull her up to me and cradled her head in the other. She moved her hands to pull me down and we melted together for what seemed like an eternity. My lips were going numb and I felt completely intoxicated by the time we pulled apart again. Once more I looked down at her beautiful face and marvelled at the fact that she was here with me.

I leant forward once more, but this time I merely grazed her lips with mine. I kissed gently down her face and nibbled at one of her earlobes causing her to arch her back and squirm. After doing the same on the opposite ear with similar results I began gently kissing down, feeling her downy neck hair with my lips as I went. She sighed and arched her head away, exposing more of her neck to my touch and I obliged her by gently nibbling and licking at the base of her neck, eventually working my way down to the hollow of her throat.

Moving further down I took one nipple in my mouth and used my tongue and lips to tease it into full erection. Then I repeated the same thing on the other breast whilst watching the reaction on her face. She was watching me at work, her eyes bright and alive as she enjoyed my mouth on her. I continued to look up at her as I trailed my tongue down her soft white belly. My fingers replaced my mouth on her breasts as my tongue slid slowly down to her navel. She took in a sharp breath as I teased her belly button and gently pinched her nipples.

Moving my hands down to overtake my mouth, I slipped my thumbs into her panties and she lifted her hips as I slowly slid them down. I lifted my head up to watch her light bush come into view and could see the dampness of her juices on the material as the panties parted from her red pussy lips. I slid the lacy panties down her legs slowly and teasingly as I followed them with my face, just grazing the surface of her pubic hair with my nose and inhaling the sharp, musky smell of her inflamed pussy. I continued to follow the knickers down until my face was level with her red stiletto shoes, I worked the panties over her feet and dropped them on the floor.

Grasping one ankle I began to slowly kiss and lick my way back up her leg, teasing her and drawing things out a bit more. Kaylee whimpered as I traced my path up her inner thigh. She drew her legs up and out to spread herself before me and the temptation to stop teasing her was almost too much to bear, but I resisted the urge to plunge my face into her womanhood. Instead I took the other leg and repeated the process of slowly tracing a line of kisses and nibbles up this side as I had done before.

"Oh my God," Kaylee moaned. "You are such a tease!"

"Is something wrong?" I said, as I kissed her thigh just inches from her aching pussy. "Am I going too fast for you?"

I made as if to miss her pussy again, taking my tongue around it.

"Oh no you don't!" Her tiny hands pushed my face down onto her mound. "You damn well better stay there or....."

She broke off as I ran my broad tongue up her crack from bottom to top in a long sweeping motion. I then teased her clit with my tongue and reached up with my hands to once more play with her breasts and nipples. Alternating between her clitoris and the honey filled hole below it I tongued her until I felt her body begin to quiver beneath me. Her breath was coming in ragged gasps and I knew she must be close to orgasm so I slowed down. I teased her for a time, keeping her at the edge of orgasm for what seemed like ages.

"Pleeeease let me come!" Kaylee pleaded with me, her voice desperate. "Please Mark, I have to come!"

I relented then and brought my right hand down to join in the fun my mouth was having. I coated two fingers in my own saliva then coaxed them into her pussy, slowly working them in and out until they were completely enveloped in her soft flesh. Feeling upwards I found the area of slightly roughened skin inside her vagina and worked it between my fingers and my tongue which was maintaining pressure on the outside of her sex. As I did so she began to writhe uncontrollably, moaning in what sounded almost like pain. I tongued her clit as my sensitive fingers felt the first throbbing of her G-spot and I rubbed my fingers against it. She bucked beneath my face crying out in ecstasy as her orgasm throbbed against my fingers. The orgasm seemed to last for ages but eventually I felt the pulsing in her vagina cease and I relaxed the pressure I had been maintaining inside her.

"What the hell did you do there?" Kaylee was looking down at me in shock. "I've never felt anything like that."

"I may have looked some stuff up on the net," I grinned mischeviously. "Just in case of an occasion like this."

"Well thank goodness for the internet!" She was still looking at herself, as if uncertain what her body had been up to. "Just so you know, you can do that any time you want to."

"Well," I responded. "I'll think about it, but right now I have a much bigger problem to deal with."

I was dressed only in my boxers at this point and my penis was relentless in it's efforts to escape their scant confines. I stood up to show off the tent that I was sporting in my nether regions.

"Oooh," Kaylee's eyes opened wide. "Do let me see what you have in there."

I slid my boxers down and stepped out of them as my penis sprang out pointing almost straight up.

"I'm sure I've got a cure for that problem." Kaylee patted her pussy suggestively. "Why don't you bring it over here and see if I'm right?"

I didn't need a second invitation and was on the bed in a moment causing Kaylee to giggle at my enthusiasm. Putting her legs over my shoulders I spread her pussy lips with my fingers and guided my fat penis into her love channel. I groaned as her warmth enveloped me and savoured the sensation as I worked myself slowly in and out of her, going deeper each time. Before long I was at full depth inside her, my balls slapping against her buttocks each time I thrust in. I could see her face looking up at me from beneath her bunched up body. I watched as my penis slammed into her and the erotic sight filled my vision until nothing else mattered. Her tightness and the sight beneath me conspired to bring me to an explosive orgasm in near record time. Despite which Kaylee also convulsed in orgasm just seconds after me, her pussy milking every last drop of cum from my still throbbing member.

We collapsed on the bed for several minutes, then as I lay there feeling the sweat beginning to cool on my skin, I heard a small voice beside me.

"I love you too, Mark Candless," she breathed in a whisper. "Always have."

The End.

Thanks for reading, please feel free to leave constructive criticism or comments. I am keen to learn more so I can improve my writing.

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