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Loving it Rough

Tags: oral, anal, rough
Jane likes to take her time while having sex but on occasion she also likes to go fast. Her favorite way to have sex is rough. She can't control herself when she gets it rough. Her boyfriend even likes to give her everything she asks for. He loves to give it to her fast and rough.

Tonight she wants it everywhere and every way. Jane confronts her boyfriend and tells him just what she wants and his eyes go wide as she goes into every detail with enthusiasm in her voice.

He shakes his head in amazement at the list she has given him and asks when she wants to start. She reaches out and grabs his cock and says, "Right fucking now," with a little anger in her voice.

He pulls away from her and says in a very a matter of fact voice, "Fine." He grabs her by the arm and leads her into the bedroom and spins her around and kisses her. She tries to move away but he grabs her hair and holds her in place. His other hand is undoing her jeans and she tries to sqrim away only to get a smack on the ass. She moans at the sensation.

He starts to take her jeans off again and again she tries to move away. This time he grabs the front of her jeans and pulls her hard up against him and she feels his cock hard in his jeans. This time she lets him undo her jeans.

Still kissing, their tongues dance around each other and her nipples are hard. Jane felt his hard cock when he slammed her up against him and it made her nipples stand out even more. She loves when he has control over her. Just as her jeans fall to the floor he pushes her down on the bed and strips her panties off. She doesn't protest because she knows what's coming next. He slides his hands up her legs and stops just before her hot and very wet pussy. He gives her another hard kiss and then slides a finger inside of her.

She moans and gasps at the same time. With his finger in her she tries to rock on it but he uses his other hand and grabs her hip and pushes down and tells her no. She groans but doesnt fight it. He moves his hand up her shirt and pushes her bra up out of the way and starts massaging her breasts and nipples. He slowly slides his finger in and out of her adding another finger after a couple of minutes. Finally he moves his mouth down to her pussy and she cant wait to feel it.

He pulls his fingers out and runs his tongue up and down her lips. She arches her back in pleasure. Sucking her clit in his mouth makes her almost lose it right there. He sucks hard on her clit and it starts to swell right away. She closes her eyes and whispers to him, "Ya baby that's it just like that. Harder and harder is what I want."

He remembers that this is something that was on the list and he sucks harder and harder. Then he surprises her by nibbling on her clit and then slightly biting it. There is a little pain and she moans and squirms at the pain and pleasure. She pushes his head down more as he sucks and nibbles on her clit.

Finally he shoves 4 fingers into her dripping pussy and pulls his mouth away and slams them in and out of her. She bucks and rocks on his fingers begging for more harder and faster. Her pushes his fingers hard into her and holds them there. He can see the pleasure on her face. He feels her pussy tighten around his fingers and he takes his other hand away from her nipples and breasts and plays with her clit. It's swollen and pulsating badly. She starts to beg him to stop but he fingers her clit and hole more and more.

Not being able to take any more she grabs his hand on her clit and begs him to stop. He pulls his fingers out of her and stops playing with her clit. Quickly he undoes his jeans and pulls them and his underwear off. He grabs her hips and pulls her to the edge of the bed. She moans again and wonders what he is going to do. Her list didn't involve this.

His cock is already hard. He grabs her legs and pulls them up and holds them in the crooks of his arms. Grabbing his cock he slaps it against her soaked clit and pussy lips. She loves when he does that. Though it's not rough it still turns her on. He grabs her shoulder with one hand and lays the head of his cock with his other hand up to her hole and shoves hard into her pulling down on her shoulder at the same time.

Not giving her time to adjust he pulls out and slams hard into her again. She gives out a little sign of pain and begs for more. He pulls out slowly this time and stops right at the tip.She tries to push herself on it but he wont let her. He slams hard into her again and this time he holds it hard into her and pulls down on her shoulder. She really enjoys this and he knows she is getting used to it.

He pulls all the way out and lets her legs go. She relaxes for just a second before he stands her up and gives her a long kiss then spins her around and shoves her on the bed again. This time she is bent over the bed. She is now really confused. This wasnt even close to her list. He grabs his cock and sets it against her hole again and the grabs her hips. With all his might he thrusts hard into her and she winces at the pain the thrust has caused. It hurt but that's just what she wanted.

He starts to pull out when all of a sudden she slams hard against his cock. He stands still as she keeps slamming on his cock. She can feel her pussy burning with a slight pain but she is enjoying herself way too much to stop. He lets go of her hips and grabs both her arms and pulls them back toward him as he slams hard into her again. This time she can feel it slam hard into her and she moans at the highly intense orgasm she is having. This is a new way for them both and she is enjoying it.

He can feel Jane's pussy throbbing around his cock and he lets her arms go and pulls his cock out of her. She doesn't move. He place the head of his cock at her ass hole and being well lubricated from her throbbing pussy he shoves hard into her not giving her time to react to what is about to happen. Jane gives a slight wince at the pure pain that shot through her. Now that was on the list, she thinks. Finally something she really wanted.

He pulls out and slams into her ass hard again. She puts her arms up wanting him to grab them again and pull her back on his cock. He grabs them and pulls hard on them just as he slams his cock in her ass. She moans loudly and he knows she is having another orgasm. She leans her head back and yells, "OH BABY FUCK MY ASS HARD PLEASE?" He holds her arms behind her and just starts slamming harder and harder into her.

Finally she feels his cum flow into her and she knows her fun has ended. He pulls out and lets her go. She stands up and turns to face him. She gives him along slow passionate kiss. Pulling away from him Jane smiles and says, "Thank you, baby. Though that wasn't my entire list that WAS just what I needed."

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